Care furniture

How nice pleases the eye all households emergence of new furniture in the apartment! To this joy lasted as long as possible, you need to periodically take care of the furniture. Very simple, basic rules of handling with the interior will help you significantly increase their service life. In every house there are very different kinds of furniture, and each of them has individual ways of care.

Caring for wooden furniture

Daily care of wooden furniture is wiping the surfaces with a soft cloth, which is necessary to moisten and squeeze out well before use. After this procedure is repeated, using the already dry cloth. Perform these actions are necessary, eliminating the possibility of water ingress into any cracks and joints of the furniture.

Furniture, which has a laminated surface is more resistant to moisture. But here, too, should pay special attention to the lack of water in cracks and joints. To maintain the surface gloss, you can use special polish, the main purpose of which is to care for wooden furniture.

Fingerprints with polished surface can be easily removed, carefully wiping them with talcum powder. Spots that appear from time to time on such a surface, you must remove the special spray, then it must grate flannel or plush material.

Scratches on the polished tabletop or other furniture can be masked with beeswax. Next on the hot cup easily removed if rubbed on the surface of the table a solution of alcohol and vegetable oil before the complete disappearance of the spot.

Care furniture

The elementary rules of regular care of furniture are as timely cleaning her vacuuming, dusting, elimination of stains and maintain silky shine upholstery material. And be careful with the new upholstered furniture, trying to avoid mechanical damage, rupture of the upholstery, the fastener breaks, etc.

To remove dust from upholstery, there is one clever way: you must cover upholstery wet sheets and dislodge the dust. If you wet the sheet light vinegar solution, the colors on the upholstery materials will be much brighter. When cleaning this furniture should pay particular attention to the seams, because in these places is going to a lot of dust.

Caring for leather furniture

Caring for leather furniture is a simple and enjoyable process that is sufficient to carry out only 2 to 4 times a year. However, there are certain rules that will help permanently preserve a luxurious look of leather furniture:

  1. To remove dust and dirt from the leather surface you must use a soft flannel cloth soaked in water. When very dirty you can use a weak solution of neutral soap. Friction and sharp movements are extremely dangerous for the leather surface, so the furniture should be cleaned with smooth circular movements.
  2. Caring for leather furniture does not allow the use of chemical stain removers, solvents and abrasive pastes and powders, which can damage the surface and color of the furniture. You should also avoid contact with surfaces that contain color pigments, such as soft toys, blankets, etc.
  3. Do not use a hair dryer or other heating devices to dry your leather furniture. You can use a clean, dry cloth, which quickly absorbs moisture. On the leather surface should avoid direct sunlight and exposure to heat from heating devices.
  4. To care for leather furniture you need to buy emergency means of removing impurities. When you purchase this means you need to become familiar with the testing instructions and method of application.

To care for leather furniture has become easy and enjoyable, you need to advance funds to buy skin care products: a soft cloth or sponge, special shampoo, water and dirt-repellent wax balm concentrated stain remover means to restore color.

If you follow these simple rules enough care of furniture, you can permanently save the life of your headset. For years, visitors of your home each time will be surprised how well you have purchased furniture, which in its original form, it serves you for many years.

 What is the care of the furniture?

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 how to choose a mattress for a bed

If you examine the evolution of the mattress, we can see their rapid progress in the last hundred years. In place of bag with hay, wool or feathers came dozens of varieties of mattresses that are designed to make the dream magic. This choice is able to confound the most sophisticated consumer. For anyone who prefers to sleep in a comfortable environment, the question is: how to choose a mattress? - Is not idle.

How to understand the amount of spring, latex, vacuum and even a waterbed? For a start will have to choose the right search direction, and decide - for which purposes the need that element bed. This will be the first step in answering the question: how to choose the right mattress?

Mattresses for children

Suppose that we need a mattress for a child. We must start with the fact that before going to the store, you need to make measurements of a berth, where it is supposed to put. If no preference is given to the bed, and the sofa with a good orthopedic characteristics of a berth, it is necessary to make a measurement space, which he subsequently takes.

When buying a mattress for children is very important age of the child. If the child up to three years, it is better to stop the choice on a fairly firm mattress with a natural filler. Only dense and smooth foundation bed will contribute to the proper formation of the spine in a child at this tender age.

For older children and pupils fit mattresses without springs, they also do not belong soft. And the spring can select an option, but it should not be too flexible. Children up to the age of adolescence, according to doctors do not recommend sleeping on a soft surface, as this may adversely affect the condition of the spine.

And if there is a question of choosing a mattress for a bed child, unequivocally - it should not be soft. In addition, special attention should be given to its content, including its anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties. It is desirable that the filling was natural and environmentally friendly.

Teens tend to already have their own preferences in terms of comfort of a berth, it is recommended to take them into account, but all also have to give up too soft mattress options, as well as a variety of exotic species: vacuum, water and other novelties.

In the case of children, it is better not to focus on the characteristics of the advertising producers, who would extol their goods, and their own common sense and recommendations of doctors, especially in diseases of the spine: scoliosis or kyphosis. Therefore suitable for teenagers mattresses with different content.

How to choose a mattress for the bed?

For information on how to choose a mattress for a bed, it is impossible to tell in a few words. They are so well presented that even sales consultants are not aware of significant differences of all kinds. So the choice is likely to be reduced to two characteristics of the mattress: the quality and convenience. The best way to buy a good quality version - it is to take the recommendations of friends or relatives who are in such a mattress for a long time and are happy to use.

If such examples in the environment there, the important point is to choose a good manufacturer. It should be noted that his famous name does not guarantee perfect quality, but it is in any case better than the nameless clandestine workshop whose products are well represented on the market. At least in the case of problems with the goods with a serious manufacturer can ask for the absence of the respective characteristics.

As for convenience, it is a relative term. Each person has their own concept of comfort, so ideally - it is desirable to lie down on a mattress, which is expected to buy to feel all of its features.

The best are mattresses with independent springs, so they tend to adapt to the shape of the body and do not create additional loads to the spine during sleep. They are sufficiently resilient to keep the body, but not too rigid to create a pressure on it.

Before you buy a mattress with independent springs have to weigh in because the stiffness of the spring is selected depending on the weight of people who plan to sleep on it. Only then will provide the desired degree ortopedichnosti and sleep on it comfortably.

Good properties are and latex mattresses. Especially prized natural latex mattresses. It's not cheap, but very strong material with high wear resistance. The latex thus can be used with a variety of natural ingredients: coconut fiber, wool.

Mattresses with interconnected springs are durable in use but do not have such high orthopedic characteristics, at the same time, if there is any problems with the spine, then sleep on them it is possible.

The downside is that if a double mattress and sleep on it two people, with the weight of a significantly higher weight of other, easier to slip into a heavier person. This is due to the fact that the springs are bonded to each other. This time it is necessary to take into account when buying, so as not to have problems with sleep and recreation.

The characteristics of high-quality mattress

A good mattress should be the case with a zipper, to be able to take it off and wash. Desirably, it was sewn from natural cotton based fabrics. This material is breathable and provide an opportunity to "breathe" mattress.

Producing cheap mattresses, manufacturers skimp on quality materials and therefore immediately spring to put polyurethane foam. Naturally, after a short period of time, it forced the spring and begin to dig in the ribs during sleep.

Therefore, it is better to abandon the cheapest options and try to look inside the mattress, to see for its content. The good mattress directly on the springs can be seen not batting or foam, and felt or coconut fiber impregnated with latex.

The quality mattresses two sides differ from each other. One of them is winter. This means that under the cover is a layer of natural wool. In winter it will be warm, creating a pleasant feeling.

If we remember that the people in the dream spends much of its life, about choosing a mattress should reflect and give the matter sufficient attention. In any case, should not buy the first available option, because comfortable sleep - a pledge not only a good mood, but also good health.

 How to choose a mattress for the bed?

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