how to choose carpet for home

This question arises in everyone who is faced with an abundance of modern building materials market. It used to be our task was to "reach out and buy it." And now the problem is different, but no less difficult - to choose and buy. As for the need to choose everything related renovation and interior design, including flooring. And if you have finally decided to lay flooring is carpet, you must know how to choose the right carpet for your home.

Well-matched carpet visually adjusts the space gives it a style that adds comfort, reduces noise and makes the house warmer. Therefore, choosing a coating, it is necessary to focus primarily on the requirements that you are going to show him.

What parameters should determine your choice?

  1. Functionality (what part of the premises will be paved surface).
  2. The quality (of any materials produced coating).
  3. Colour and texture (the appearance of the carpet).

For starters, let's see what happens in general carpet.

Types of carpet

Depending on the method of production of carpets can be:

  • woven,
  • tufted,
  • needle felt,
  • flocked.

Woven carpets - a carpet on the basis of jute. They are the most expensive but also the most durable. Do woven carpets in the same way as conventional carpets. It looks like the foundation of the carpet mesh. Designers recommend to use a cloth to cover the children's room and in the bedroom.

Tufted carpeting. The top of the cover consists of a pile or loops of. On the reverse side is covered with tufted carpet latex. This tufted carpet with a short nap suitable for the living room.

Needle-punched carpets are thick fibrous substrate, which is pierced with special needles. Needlepunched coatings have high wear resistance and a relatively low price. This carpet is good for the kitchen or hallway.

Flocked PVC coatings are the basis on which fixed trehmillimetrovye villi. In the bathroom it would be the most practical flocked carpet.

Choosing a carpet for your home you need to take into account the material of which it is made.

Materials for carpets

Carpeted Floor can be made from natural and synthetic fibers.

Natural materials: flax, sisal, cotton, paper, jute, coconut (vegetable), wool, silk (animal). Of course, the most valuable - a woolen carpet. It perfectly absorbs moisture and keeps the floor warm. This carpet oplavitsya not through casual contact with fire. At the same time, woolen carpet can be a great treat for a moth or a breeding ground for mold. Also, the lack of wool coating is Electrostatic

Synthetic materials: polypropylene, polyacryl, polyamide, and polyester. These advantages include low price, bright and resistant paint, flexibility, and wrinkle resistance. In addition, the dirt on synthetic carpets less noticeable.

Answer the question: what to choose and what kind of carpet to choose, and the type of help you pile selected coverage.

 and what kind of carpet to choose

Type pile carpet

Loop. Loop pile carpet is a whole loops (one or different heights). The comfort of this coating determines the height and density of the pile. By coloring loop coverage are monophonic or melange. The main advantage of loop carpet - practicality and low cost.

Split pile - a cut loop of the same height. Rugs are made with sliced ​​pile of twisted yarn. On the colors of such coatings are solid, melange, or with printing drawing. The main advantage to the carpet pile sliced ​​- high durability and comfort.

A variety of coatings to split hair - velor. Such coatings are characterized by high density and low height of the pile, which creates a uniform, velvety surface. Velour cover unpretentious care.

There is also coverage with a combined pile. They differ quite interesting texture can be either self-colored or multi-colored.

Choosing a cover with one or another type of pile must be remembered that, firstly, the loop covering more wear-resistant, but less comfortable, and secondly, the denser the villi adjacent to each other, the longer the carpet retains its original appearance. Buying coverage for your home, also consider which room you are going to lay it.

Floor area

The most active floor marking in the hallway (or corridor) and on the stairs (if available in your home). For these places, it is desirable to choose carpet with low and thick pile. In addition, coverage for the hallway and stairs should have high and dirt-repellent effect. The best thing here is suitable coating on the latex-based adhesive or a carpet or a modern printed design.

The kitchen and dining room - space for dining and cooking. There flawless look of your carpet threatens the emergence of all kinds of spots. So, for these rooms suit cover with stain-resistant and waterproof properties. Ideally, fibers should be of such a coating is also insusceptible to any dyes.

Living room - also actively used by all people in the household and guests. Coverage for this room must be resistant to soiling and creasing. It is appropriate (and convenient) artificial carpet medium nap and elegant design.

Bedroom - a place of rest. Cladding for sleeping should have primarily antistatic properties. Designers recommend to choose for this room with high coverage and not very thick pile.

Children's Room is designed for the most active and mobile home residents. To counter children's irrepressible energy and playfulness, carpet Children should be non-staining and easy to clean.

But apart from the invoice without significance and the color of carpeting for the house.

Colours carpet

Unlike coatings neutral tones, dark and very light carpets will look very impressive. However, in such spectacular dirt floors will be more noticeable. For the "masking" of pollution is better to choose a carpet with a pattern or ornament.

Gray has the property of increasing the visual space. It is suitable for flooring in small rooms and in rooms with ultra-modern interior haytekovskogo.

Quiet and nice blue color will look good in the bedroom and in the living room. You can use green cover (natural and very quiet too) color.

Warm colors, yellow and orange are suitable for rooms with poor lighting. They will add them to the light, warmth and comfort.

Carpets brown will look harmonious in the office or a room to rest.

But this is only common characteristic colors. And when choosing a cover for your home should be guided not only by them. Focus on your own color preference. It's your home and live in it too you.

So, it is the color, texture, and a carpet to help you make your choice. But for a successful solution is not only important to know how to choose the carpet, but also be able to look after him. However, modern appliances much easier the second condition.

So choose, buy flooring. Let your choice of creative ideas and justify the financial costs, and all efforts will be only pleasant.

 How to choose the right carpet for the house?

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 crafts for the garden with his own hands


  • The decor of tires
  • Plastic bottles as a material for a holiday art
  • Wooden decorations for the infield
  • Other ideas for garden decor

Farmland and garden for many inhabitants of the modern metropolis, regardless of their age, are often the only opportunity to plunge into the quiet country life and enjoy the tranquility in the lap of nature. It's so nice warm May morning to go to the porch favorite garden, sit in a wicker chair and slowly savor the fragrant invigorating coffee, anticipating some pleasant moments of the day. But a country house and a small garden plot - is not only a great opportunity to spend time with your family in the open air, but also a wonderful occasion to do something with their hands, giving the court the identity of the individual and the particular chic.

We women love to live among beautiful things, so happy to improve any space around them, using the most original ideas. This applies to the design and cottages, which we are pleased to ennoble their own hands. Often the range presented in specialized stores of goods for the garden and dacha interior is disappointing as the appearance and relatively high cost. Not happy, and the idea that these outdoor decorations and serial products can be in almost every yard, because we so want individuality throughout.

In this case, you should pay attention to how you can diversify the familiar landscape of cottages and gardens with their hands, using a minimum of resources and the sea of ​​fantasy. Materials that many umelitsy used to create their unique crafts, affect the simplicity and cheapness. After all, they are often right under our feet, making it difficult and pylyas vain. But the results are pleasing to the eye of creativity, benefit and make their own hands to implement all new ideas, coming up with unique ornaments for the garden.

So how do you make the look of your favorite garden more beautiful? How else to surprise the neighbors? As decor garden plot turn of the standard in the creative? Answers to all these questions have long been craftsmen. Crafts for the garden, made with their own hands - it is not just the unique garden decor. Such hand maid does not restrict the flight of fancy, an opportunity for self-expression and the unusual use of virtually worthless material. From what modern hacienda owners carved garden ornaments? With some primitive material obtained interesting products for the infield and garden?

The decor of tires

These worn out car parts gain a second life, becoming an excellent material for decorating garden with his own hands. What could turn the former wheel? These simple crafts like curbs and small klumbochki of tires - this is not it. But the idea of ​​a designer pots - it is something worthy of attention. The circumference of the drive wheel is an old zigzag slot. The tire is turned inside out and turns into a bizarre flower. A little paint work and the original cottage garden flower pots for the ready!

Small in size garden plots require unconventional solutions. The limited size of the territories do not allow them to grow to a large number of colors, and we always face a difficult choice, because you want to land and one another, and the third kind. The way out of this situation can be layered beds from old tires. His appearance, these artifacts resemble a cone or pyramid with rounded edges, they look very impressive, but their hands are very simple.

You will need three different tire diameter and a small plastic or wicker container tops. In each side of the tire are removed, then the most extensive of which is set in the selected location for future flower beds and stuffed the ground. Top placed second and so on. At the top of the structure should be placed a plastic bowl or a round wicker basket. Now your improvised bed ready for planting plants or seeding. To view this garden crafts was more aesthetic and beautiful fit into the interior garden, it can be painted in any color to your liking or even turn into a cheerful rainbow.

It is interesting and unusual look of the tire-beds, located on different levels and lined with decorative stone. The creation of such crafts to give will take longer because you have to work with cement mortar. But as a result you will get a very beautiful flower beds, the appearance of which it does not remind you of the fact that they are based on the usual old tires. That's just your hands and create a unique interior garden cottage.

Many skilled workers using old tires of large diameter create small picturesque ponds, and some even manages to make a mini-pool. It all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to spend on the transformation of the suburban area, with which it would prefer to work the material. If you get help from a man of your family, then that company will afford and manufacturing garden furniture of the same old tires. Chairs with their own hands to make very simple: cut the bus in half and the bottom of each part confers resistance, screwing his plank bolted to. The resulting furniture crafts can be painted and used for gatherings in the garden.

And the tires can be transformed into swans! Such products of their execution is very simple, so easy to make your own hands every Summer Resident. Just something and work that make cuts in the right places and rubber, again, turn it inside out. Another tire convertible, a little white paint - and your garden birds inhabit two haughty. Yes, what a beauty! All guests will definitely want to arrange a photo session near the miracle of garden design, thus they will appreciate the your original and interesting idea.

Strictly speaking, this technology can do, and other crafts with their hands in the form of birds and animals: elephants, donkeys, giraffes, parrots, turtles, crocodiles. The sculpture garden is not? And it is possible to adapt the old tires under the swing, I make my own flower bed, flowerbed on the leg and even a hammock, which can be used for relaxing in the garden, do not fear the rain, hot sun or evening damp irreparably spoil its appearance.

 crafts with their hands Garden

Plastic bottles as a material for a holiday art

Where it is to us Europeans! They carefully put the used bottles into special bins. And we do not throw them in there - we are them are putting their crazy hands. And what we get as a result? We appear unusual crafts for the garden: hanging flower pots, borders for flower beds and vegetable beds, almost crystal balls and pyramids, exotic palm trees, a mosaic of bottle caps, as well as miniature beds, hedgehogs, piglets-beds and flower beds in the form of birds.

Love of swans have long been inherent in people, because these beautiful proud bird can not leave anyone indifferent, ranging from kids, happy to listen to fairy tales Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling", and ending with the adults, for whom loyalty Dall couple is a symbol of pure and sincere relations. Perhaps that is why many crafts for the garden, made with his own hands, look like swans. The previous section describes how to make these pots of tires, and now you will learn how to create such of the five-liter plastic bottles, and the simplicity of the idea surprised and ease its implementation. Making garden personality with an unusual and very romantic flower beds - it's not difficult.

So, from the materials you will need:

  • several plastic bottles volume of five liters,
  • a metal rod or a thick wire, three times the retinue,
  • metal grid,
  • putty,
  • a transparent plastic film,
  • spatula
  • medical bandage,
  • sandpaper,
  • clean brush to paint
  • primer
  • enamel paints (white, orange and black).

To get started, take a plastic bottle and turn it into a container, which can then fill the earth and plant flowers. To make it easier to use a knife or clippers, cutting off one side of the bottle. Get the workpiece should be given a more rounded shape that she found similarities with the body of a swan. To do this, fill it with wet sand. Now take a rod or wire, flex so that came the likeness long neck, and insert into the bottle, make a hole in the lid.

Now dilute part putty, laying it on the polyethylene layer pyatisantimetrovym. Set the bottom of the workpiece on the resulting mixture, a little push from the top, and the remnants of smudge on the outer walls of a rubber spatula dipped in water. To give shape to the swan's neck, you should roll out putty roller, push them into the metal rod or wire and strengthened by wrapping wet bandages. After Fashion a head and beak of a swan future, estimate the proportion of the neck. If you want to make a thickening at the site of transition in the trunk - it will give Garden products resemblance to this bird.

Now cover the entire workpiece putty completely, smoothing irregularities brush and hands soaked with water. A layer of the mixture should be quite thick, because it must push pieces of metal mesh, which will be the basis for the wings and tail. Make the necessary form will help them putty applied in a uniform. That's all on this main part of the work on the creation of author crafts to give over. You can start making a second bird figurines (for pairing).

Now coat should dry well. This will require two or three days, and you should put the product in a well ventilated, but protected from direct sunlight place. When the drying process is complete, sandpaper gives the figure smoothness. Before painting swans primer coat - the so-enamel lie straighter. Then draw the eyes and beak of birds, instead of sand sprinkle the ground and plant your favorite flowers. Here's a swan couple will be a real highlight of your garden. And it's nice that it is made with your own hands!

From plastic bottles and other items carved in the form of decorative dragonflies, butterflies and bees, make bird feeders and ceiling lamps for lights. Who at that lacks imagination. Some of these containers make flower pots and a bogey for the birds, and someone does handicraft oasis with palm trees. All these plastic crafts made with their own hands, acting as copyright elements of garden decor. The competition they constitute except decorations from the tree.

 articles made of wood with their hands Garden

Wooden decorations for the infield

If a summer resident designer friends with carpentry tools, he is able to create more traditional decorations for the garden. This is all kinds of wooden products: fences, trellises, flower boxes, benches, decorative trolleys, houses, windmills and wells. And if he is a true master, and then build a beautiful gazebo, since this structure must be made for any garden. But this applies more to men, because to deal with a plane or saw us, the fairer sex is very difficult. But to become a designer and generator of ideas, we are quite capable, if hard work will take on a spouse.

Option easier - wickerwork. However, for garden decor often use is not true vine, and suitable for the purpose of any branch of the tree. Of these, constructing fences, planters and baskets. But only on that decorators, enthusiasts do not stop coming up with more and more new products designed to diversify the infield any garden, giving it individuality and bring the traditional rustic elements.

Embody the most simple ideas for garden decor of wood and the strength you need. You do not need to have great physical strength or special skills carpenter. Cope with the task will be able to virtually every woman. It is only necessary to show a little imagination, and old products of wood and vines, a pile of junk gathering dust in the basement, still serve as a beautiful setting for your garden.

Certainly in the house there are many wicker baskets of different sizes. Once they were used to gather mushrooms and berries, but with time in some places there were holes and a broken handle. So why not use this junk to create a cascade of unusual flower beds of various sizes? To implement this idea into practice, you will need to choose only place resembling, it is desirable to have the basket to the ground on a hill, so they will look more beautiful. You can paint your improvised stand in all colors of the rainbow, making the interior garden fun and festive.

Do you have old chairs made of wood? Well, a little refurbish them with varnish, and they serve as an excellent stand under the big planters, it is appropriate to give and garden. To do this, cut a round hole in the seats required diameter and insert them in containers with plants. Such a construction of wood will not only unusual element of the decor, but will also provide the convenience of watering and care of flowers. This is how will look updated and improved chairs, is just take some time to implement such a simple idea.

 crafts in the garden with his own hands

Other ideas for garden decor

You should not overlook the other options for holiday decor. For example, a scarecrow in a garden ceremony becomes interesting sculpture. The original figures (turtles, ladybugs) become suitable for large stones form. It is only necessary to paint them accordingly, and interesting decorations for your yard ready to testify. Wooden churochki wearing the bowls represent a giant seven-porcini mushrooms. From the round, long and pointed upward brevnyshek can build original decorative fence. If you paint it in different colors, it will turn out funny pencils.

Coloring can transform and household metal or plastic barrels. By simple manipulation and simple design make them into funny bears. It will have just to modify certain elements. Other interesting ideas for suburban landscape - the use of foam as a material for sculpture, an old shoe as a flower pot or flower bed under the kitchen sink. In the first case, you can do hedgehogs and turtles, and the second option will be a wonderful decor to decorate the garden paths and steps of the porch. Old sink in a flowerbed growing her bright colors will delight the eye, and not to annoy their unsightly appearance.

If you have children, you have built for them a bright and safe sandbox of tires. You can easily make and tunnel-caterpillar: it needs each other to dig into the ground a few larger tires, paint them in bright colors and draw muzzle funny insect pasted on top of the horns, or sticking wires. All kids love to play "in fishing." Make them happy with a small pond of tires, which can be placed plastic fish with magnets of the most popular sets. Imagine the joy of a child, which is a hot summer day would be happy to play outside of the makeshift pond.

In addition to the methods described above to diversify the garden near her house, there are lots of interesting landscape improvements, and quite simple, and very interesting. After the well, which is constantly updated and renewed creative ideas Truckers-builders is truly inexhaustible. Fantasy and enthusiasm are boundless creative people. And most importantly - crafts in the garden, made with his own hands, bring an incomparable pleasure from the realization of their dreams and the process of working on them.

There is another important plus in makeshift street decorations, which consists in the fact that the materials used are abundant in any country site, so you can not be afraid to experiment. You would not mess up anything worthwhile, but will be able to fully realize their creative potential, aligning the rest in the bosom of nature with an interesting job.

 Crafts for the garden with his own hands: interesting ideas and unusual design