how to choose headphones for PC

An amazing invention of these headphones. They are simultaneously and to hear the sound, and to it was heard. In today's (and the world is not silent) the invention it was necessary even in daily life. And anyone with a computer sooner or later still gets headphones. And after a loss: how I used to something without them?

If you are reading this, then surely also came to acquire this essential device. Just do not know how to choose headphones to your computer. Make the right choice will help you acquainted with the headphone device and their basic characteristics.

So, headphones for computers: how to choose what is most suitable for you. Let's find out what all are the headphones. As they work. And you should pay special attention when choosing headphones for the computer.

Types of Headphones

The range of modern headphones are so varied that it is no wonder confused in all these models, types, types and groups. There are headphones for the computer, TV, mobile phone, to the player. And price dispersion is large enough. What do we offer equipment stores?

Types of headphones in design:

  • Pluggable (liners) are convenient, unobtrusive, but do not provide high-quality sound;
  • intracanal or vacuum (gag) increasingly used as mobile headphones;
  • overhead and full-size (monitor) - what you need for a home computer.

Types of headphones according to the method of attachment:

  • without mounts - cups are inserted directly into the ear;
  • with a bow, which connects the ear cups over the top of the head or on the back of the head;
  • BTE with bindings.

By way of connecting to a computer headphones are:

  • wired - connect to the computer via wires provide excellent sound quality;
  • wireless - connect to the computer by radio signal (via Bluetooth), the sound quality is inferior to them in wired headphones.

Wireless headphones are suitable for use at a distance from the computer. For example, they can listen to music, moving or dancing around the apartment. They are often easier and more when connected to a laptop. But for the computer work (especially stationary), you can choose a wired headset. Wired headphones should give preference to, and if you care about sound quality.

By way of the connection cable (wire) headphones can be:

  • one-sided, where the wire is connected to the headset with only one hand;
  • double-sided, the wire is fed to the headphones on both sides.

By design, the radiator (reproducer of sound):

  • dynamic;
  • isodynamic;
  • electrostatic;
  • orthodinamic.

The most common type of headphones - dynamic.

By type of noise insulation:

  • open type (passed outside noise);
  • semi-closed (semi-open) type (provide higher sound insulation);
  • closed type (do not let outside noise).

Headphones open type give the effect a more natural sound. Headphones closed type designed for use in noisy environments. Good noise reduction cuts off external sounds. It allows you to hear only what is played on the computer. Importantly the quality of sound insulation and to surrounding too, heard the sound of the headphones.

 how to choose a headset with a microphone for the computer

Device headphones

Ear cups - is their main component. They put all the electronics and from them depends primarily on the quality of the sound and performance of the headphones.

Bow connects the ear cups and keeps them on the head. It can be self-adjusting, pullout and cast. When you select should give preference to headphones with strong arches and simple design. This will ensure a long service life.

Ear cups. So-called special soft lining adjacent to the ears. Ear pads can be overlaid or covering. Covering the most comfortable ear cushions. They are made of synthetic leather, suede, fabrics and foam. Overhead ear pads directly adjacent to the ear. Their degree of comfort is quite controversial. Some like it, others cause discomfort.

The cable (wire). Good cable - guarantee a good sound and durability headphones. Wire headphones can be single- or double-sided, twisted or straight. Practical and convenient single-sided cable. Stranded cable is similar to telephone cable. Its main advantage is that it is not confused and not loose underfoot. It is very convenient if a detachable cable - if necessary, it is easy to replace.

With the headphone device is more or less clear. But what if you like online games or chat away via Skype. Or for other reasons you need to buy with headphones and microphone More? You can buy a microphone or a microphone on a stand, fastened to clothing. But most of all it is necessary to simultaneously use headphones and microphone, and even desirable that the arms were free. Then you have no choice but to select a headset with a microphone for the computer.

Two in one

Choosing a headset with a microphone, to set objectives. Headphones with a microphone designed for a simple communication or for professional recording. If the microphone you want to communicate on Skype, it fits a simple and compact model. For professional recording requires a microphone, clearly record speech and headphones with good sound quality. It is desirable that the headphones with a microphone are provided with a function of automatically adjusting the sound and has good sound insulation.

That said, you can try to provide the most optimal model of headphones for the computer. It should be overhead headphones with a microphone, with a firm regulated by the bow, with soft ear pads covering the ear, with a sturdy cable. But, of course, the final choice is yours. It will depend on your goals, and (most importantly) tastes.

And finally, some advice.

Shopping Tips

Choosing headphones, consider not only technical specifications, but also the design features and the degree of comfort.

Do not be tempted too low a price and give preference to recognized producers.

To headphones are not rubbed his ears, or select only the overhead monitor design.

Not to spoil the hairstyle, choose headphones with a bow behind the neck.

Prefer lighter models. Heavy headphones can cause unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations.

Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the size of the head headphones, the presence of the volume control on the wire and other important stuff.

Before you buy be sure to try out the headphones in action.

Try it at home, comfort vote. And if you feel that this is exactly what you need, do not hesitate to buy! Light your choice and successful acquisitions!

 How to choose headphones to your computer?

 autumn in the garden

Another horticultural season came to an end. Come November - the last month of the final closure. For almost all the trees dropped leaves already departed songbirds disappeared (until spring) annoying flies and cheerful butterfly. Only tireless gardeners can not rest. Autumn in the garden does not require them to smaller forces than in spring or summer. And in the final stage - even more so. The main purpose of gardening in November - preparing the garden for winter and next season. How to perform this important mission, and what needs to be done for successful wintering your garden?

The life cycle of garden plants and other inhabitants of the garden dictates its conditions. For the garden there is a period of rest, and our task - safely prepare it for winter. All you need to do can be divided into the preparation of the plants, cleaning the garden and work, which is suitable rest period horticultural crops.

The November fall in the garden as follows: pruning and grafting fruit trees and shrubs; Crop and reproduction of flowering perennials and shrubs; Planting spring bulbs; shelter and insulation wintering plants; collection of leaves and autumn cleaning in the garden. Consider all this work in more detail.

Pruning of fruit trees and berry bushes

Autumn pruning these cultures affects not only the future harvest, but also on the safe wintering. Late autumn is carried out sanitary pruning of trees and shrubs. How to do it?

Patients and dry branches of fruit trees should be cut "on the ring" (removed completely on the outer annual rings at the base of the branch). Trim all tops (non-bearing vertical branches). In shrubs need to remove excess basal shoots and sprouts, dried twigs. Clean and disinfect sections (for example, a solution of copper sulfate). Sections with a large area to cover up garden pitch.

Spring grafts of fruit trees grow strongly over the summer. Therefore, the fall is necessary to replace the pegs, which are attached to the shoots to higher. It became closely tying material and should be replaced or cut.

In raspberries and blackberries should be cut all the shoots, the fruits of this year. The remaining shoots can be detached from the supports and pinned to the ground. Gooseberry and currant bushes okuchit and young berries to link (to protect against the severity of the snow cap).

Crop and reproduction of flowering plants

Perennial flowers also need to prepare for winter. Aerial parts of herbaceous perennials should be cut. Echinacea, phlox, rudbeckia, aconite cut to a height of 10-15 cm. Other colors leave "hemp" in height of 2-3 cm. Yarrow, stonecrops, Astilbe and Solidago can not cut, postponing pruning in the spring. In the flower beds and under desirable perennials to pour fresh soil.

Before the first frost is necessary to plant the bulbs muscari, crocuses, hyacinths, tulips and other spring primroses. But the bulbs and tubers of dahlias and gladiolus, on the contrary, it is necessary to dig out. Dahlias can dig up after the first night frost. Dug out the tubers should be washed, cut the damaged areas (sprinkle with powdered charcoal), dry and clean in winter storage. Gladiolus bulbs clean, dry and put in boxes.

In the winter you can also sow the cold-hardy annuals: lupine, calendula, sweet tobacco, Cosmo and rudbeckia. For sowing small seeds of flowers in his tracks (two-thirds) in the bed of the container with soil. In such containers seedlings will not be lost on the background of lush green spring.

 Preparation for the winter garden

Shelter and warming wintering plants

How to protect young plants and heat-loving crops from winter frosts? Compact bushes and saplings can completely hide a special cover material. Clematis and climbing roses to remove the poles, a little trim the lashes, and turning the ring lay on the ground. In hybrid tea roses in front of the shelter must be cut flowers and flower buds. Insulate the bushes need not earlier than the sub-zero temperatures of 8-10 degrees will be stable.

For a complete shelter of bushes for insulating materials (eg sawdust) need to pour a mound and lay on top of a special coating or conventional polyethylene, pressing the edges with stones or bricks. Especially valuable varieties is pre-covered wooden frame.

For warming the roots of young plants can be filled tree trunks compost, sawdust or dry peat. To protect against rodents can wrap the trunks of roofing material or to wind kapron stockings. From starved winter birds (if they dwell near) trees will protect tying needles pine spruce branches down.

For arborvitae, rhododendron and boxwood are not so terrible cold, as the spring sun that can burn the plants. Frost and sunlight to protect them from the wrapper matting, burlap or other covering materials except polyethylene (beneath these plants may rot). To not spoil the snow pine trees, their branches with string tie, put them under frames or backup.

Cleaning of garden

Cleaning of garden too is an important part of its pre-winter preparation. Before you prepare the garden for winter finally, it is necessary to put it in order. To begin, place the order in the trees and bushes. After sanitary pruning to remove branches and butterflies wintering nest of dried fruit. All this burn. The same fire, send the fallen leaves, cut stems of annuals and other vegetable waste. Such a fire will help in the prevention of plant diseases and elimination of pests have prepared for the winter.

In the tree trunks of trees and berry bushes dig up the ground without breaking the clods of earth. Due to this soil chilled and wintering pests die in it. With the same purpose (pest) lime trunks and skeletal branches of fruit trees. Using bark or dry leaves, Zamulchiruyte nezimostoykimi soil under trees and shrubs.

Clear the lawn of dry leaves, dead grass and moss. Cut the it. November - the best time for the last haircut: before frosts grass time to grow back to a sufficient height (6-8 cm). Higher grass can vymerznut and vypret. If the lawn places "bald", that at this time you can pour the seeds (they are no longer rastaschat ants, and in the spring before the first mowing seeds have time to germinate).

If your garden has a pond, it is also necessary to prepare for winter. From small artificial ponds most of the water to drain better. To reduce the pressure of the ice on the walls of the pond containers should put on the bottom or incomplete sticks in plastic water bottles.

For deeper ponds (especially if they live plants and fish) require more thorough preparation. Even before the frost, clean the pond of fallen leaves. Heat-loving plants in the pond baskets or pots (arrowhead, Pontedera) to move to where the water is certainly not freeze. If the depth of your pond is not less than 80 cm, it will be able to fish safely through the winter. You just have to make sure that the surface water is not completely covered with ice. For convenience, you can buy special systems that do not give appear icy crust.

So do not waste time and rush to complete all the necessary preparations before the onset of frosts. Because of how to prepare the garden for the winter depends on his health, beauty and fertility. And that means - the success of the upcoming season!

 Autumn in the garden: November, closing the season

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