how to get bedbugs

Oddly enough, but the question of how to get bedbugs, remains relevant even in our civilized age. Not only that it is relevant, sometimes it becomes a question of an edge, leaving us little choice: either we have them, or they us.

Pets bugs - this is not the lesser brothers, we are happy to keep in your home. But the bugs do not think so. They settle in our homes and live in our furniture, drink our blood (literally), and at the same time feel fine. For us, this neighborhood is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. What bugs are dangerous, where they come from and how to get the bugs out of your home? Let's face it.

Who are the bugs, and how are they dangerous?

Home, bedding, furniture or bed bugs - all names for one species of parasitic insects which settle in a person's home and feed on its blood. They are small, flat, oval, brownish insects that live and breed in warm, inaccessible places where there is little light and fresh air. They mainly make their nests in the furniture, in cracks and crevices, behind baseboards, under the wallpaper and even in the folds of mattresses and upholstered sofas. Live bugs on average two years.

On the hunt, they go out, usually at night, but can attack their prey, and in the light of the day. By the way, the bedbugs bite not only humans, but animals: dogs, cats and even rats and hamsters. Bug bite itself is not felt, but after a while the site of the bite blisters and severe itching. Many people in the bites of bedbugs are allergic, but some klopinyh bites did not notice (or maybe they just do not bedbugs bite?). Nevertheless, these parasites dangerous.

Bedbugs can carry serious diseases such as tuberculosis, anthrax, leprosy, smallpox and plague. However, this is only theoretical data. The main danger of bugs - is itchy bites that deprive us of normal sleep, cause irritability, and allergies. Panicking at the bug bite is not necessary - it is not deadly, but measures to eliminate the bugs should be taken immediately.

Where are the bugs?

Bedbugs do not start at home by themselves, they come back (on their own or with the help of a person). Therefore, no house is safe from visiting him these intruders. They can be brought together with the purchase of furniture (even new!), Clothing and any other things, trapped in your home. In addition, the bugs can get into the home on clothing or bag any man, if he previously sat on the infected bugs furniture. Unfortunately, the bugs can stay in the house and renovated that you did the master of the near abroad.

Sometimes it is enough just to throw furniture infested with bedbugs. However, often this is not enough (and it is a pity furniture). So after all these parasites have to withdraw all available means.

It is not necessary to fight bedbugs

Of course, methods such as begane the apartment with a shaman drum, reading conspiracies and lubrication furniture cucumber will not help you. Though there are tips when it comes to how to get the bugs out of the apartment. It will not help, and freezing, as in the case of cockroaches - bedbugs are not afraid of the cold (even in the warmth they feel better and multiply rapidly). Trying to starve the bugs hunger, in the hope that they will go out of your home in search of other food, also not worth it. Bedbugs can easily endure prolonged starvation. In addition, the hungry bugs are low vulnerability to the means of combating them.

Such hygiene as chlorine or potassium permanganate also did not help. Bedbugs, of course, prefer to unsanitary conditions and do not like the smell of cleanliness. But even overcoming disgust, they continue to live in areas favored by, and drink the blood of their victims. Artificial lighting is also not bring the desired result. One night or two bugs still tolerate included in the night light, but hunger is not my aunt. The hungry bug ventures out to hunt and light. All sorts of "dauber" is not a panacea. Bedbugs it will not the mosquitoes - whatever you smeared, bite still be. So the only effective way to get rid of bed bugs - that's their destruction.

 how to get the bugs out of the apartment

How to fight against bedbugs

When destroying bugs apply different ways: mechanical, physical and chemical. The mechanical method - the most ungrateful. Collect these insects by hand or vacuum, sweep or push useless - nothing will. Throw furniture - yes, maybe help if bedbugs have not been able to move to other places of your home. Incidentally infected with bedbugs electronics will likely have to do so. Display bugs living in the computer or the television can not be without prejudice to the technology (but you can try).

Physical methods of extermination of bedbugs known since ancient times. That they were used by our ancestors to remove bugs. To exterminate the parasites (and are still) hot steam, hot water and all kinds of cool burning liquids such as kerosene, turpentine or denatured alcohol. For example, in pre-revolutionary Russia to fight bedbugs were made even special steam device - such containers with long nozzles which produce hot steam.

When the chemical destruction of bugs using various poisonous drugs. Of course, for a successful and safe handling of your home chemicals should be invited professionals. However, if due to any reasons you can not do that, then we can try to bring their own bugs. To destroy the bugs are used as special preparations, and folk remedies.

Home remedies for bedbugs

How to bring bedbugs folk remedies or without the assistance of the Medical Service? It is difficult, but possible. The most accessible (and effective) means to deal with bedbugs at home remains denatured alcohol. They simply poured nest of bedbugs, after which the insects die. After this procedure is necessary to ventilate the room until complete disappearance of the smell of methylated spirits. By the way, marks on furniture this fluid does not leave.

Here are a few popular recipes:

  1. Pour all habitats bugs boiling water;
  2. All seal the cracks in the floor and walls and 2-3 days to arrange the room saucer with a solution of ammonia;
  3. A solution of naphthalene (5 g), benzene (20 g) and methylated spirits (75 g) is also not the same term in a flat plate arrange the room;
  4. Mix 10 g of naphthalene with 100 grams of dried leaves or flowers of chamomile chrysanthemums, pour it all near the nests of bugs;
  5. Brush soaked in a solution of 100 ml of kerosene, 5 g of naphthalene and 50 ml of cresol grease habitats bugs;
  6. Promazhte brush pockets of bedbugs, using a solution of camphor (5 g), turpentine (100 ml) and ethanol (100 ml) and 30 g of green soap, 100 ml of water, 15 ml of kerosene, and 10 ml of turpentine.

The treatment of such compositions is repeated for several days until all insects.

However, these funds may not have the desired effect. Then use poisons (but remember that they are dangerous for you!). Malathion, trichlorfon, dichlorvos, or special sprays and liquids can be purchased at hardware stores or garden. From professional chemistry is just not a safe means of Bed Bugs killer Pro (Klopoveron), but in view of the deficit to get him pretty hard. When using these tools is required to wear rubber gloves and a dust mask! Leave room closed at least for a day, and do spend this time elsewhere. After the treatment, do not spend a thorough cleaning and a well-ventilate and perestirayte all linens. A week later, the processing re-swipe (a must!). And another important point: the need to handle all the rooms in your home, including the kitchen and bathroom with toilet.

And yet the most effective method - the work of experts. They know how to get bedbugs, apply for that special preparations and possess certain skills. You just have to prepare for their arrival. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Spend cleaning, disassemble the rubble and provide easy access to all specialist confined areas;
  • Hermetically pack all the products and dishes;
  • Isolate children's toys and clothing;
  • Make sure that the room is not being treated were pets (even aquarium fish).

That will need to be done after the pest control experts will instruct you, whom you invite to handle.

Bedbugs bring difficult. But as you know, in the world there is nothing impossible. So do not be discouraged and will make every effort to get rid of this bad neighborhood. But best of all, to the knowledge of how to bring their own bugs or inviting employees of special service, you will not have to put into practice!

 How to display bugs have settled in the house?

We advise to check: are allergic to cats

 warming of the loggia

Loggia - a very interesting area of ​​our home. Somehow, for its intended purpose (outdoor seating area) we rarely use it and transform into a warehouse or rubbish (which is a pity to throw away), or try to use the area of ​​the loggia or a balcony with maximum benefit: glazed, insulated and ennobling.

Now that winter is not far off hard frost, it's time to come to grips with the preparation for the cold. And an important component of such training should be warming loggia. Because, it is insulated, we and the heat in your home to save money, and storage space for the summer of stocks prepare. And anyway, what to disappear without the need of usable space?

Let us not go to extremes and to talk about how, by removing the balcony unit, turn to the loggia of the living room. While many dare to take this step, and the warming of the loggia is one of the stages of such projects. Let the Napoleonic plans until better times, and consider how to insulate a loggia that even in extreme cold temperatures on it did not fall below zero gadusov.

General rules for thermal insulation

Getting insulation loggia necessary to have an adequate knowledge on operating procedures and on the range of the necessary materials. This is necessary in the case of independent work, and for the so-called "quality control" and to save money. Get this information from the literature or can be dedicated to the repair and construction of, or from the Internet (the experience of friends and relatives too, should not be discounted).

For warming can invite experts, but you can carry it on their own. Note that this work is not so difficult to be on forces only to men. Some ladies in this case will not only handicap the stronger sex, but also spice-builders. Start warming loggia only after it is fully glazed. Otherwise, insulation works complicate the installation of window frames.

After you install double-glazed windows (preferably reinforced plastic), you can start warming the walls, floor and ceiling. When warmed loggia works are held not only by internal structures, but also on the facade and parapet balconies. In addition of insulation materials must be used more and waterproofing. After the heat and waterproofing work is to give an aesthetic look to your updated loggia using conventional finishing materials.

Driving insulation

The scheme works on warming loggia simple. Getting this process on their own, break it into several stages. The first phase, glazing, miss, as you yourself with this hardly cope. At the stage of calculating the thickness of the insulation also will not elaborate. But the procedure for warming the floor take a closer look:

  • you first need to fill in all the foam through holes and cracks; after the foam has dried on the floor and on the lower part of the walls must be applied waterproofing (better lubrication);
  • followed engaged floor leveling using special cement-sand mixture (it's not difficult, self-leveling mixture); If you need to raise the floor, increasing its layer of expanded clay.
  • then the floor is laid out rigid plates (eg, polystyrene), and the joints are glued steam insulating tape (this will prevent the formation of mold and mildew);
  • the last layer - lightweight polymer concrete and reinforced with wire mesh.

After the turn of the floor insulation insulation of walls and ceiling (it's a lot easier):

  • first on the walls are pasted hard polystyrene foam slabs, and on top - moisture-resistant gypsum board;
  • the ceiling is insulated in the same way, and can be used in addition to gypsum board also suspended ceiling, which is hidden under which all wiring.

In addition to this scheme, it is also possible to insulate a loggia with a wooden crate, which is placed under the insulating materials. But given the small size of loggias, worth a stop on the first version, which saves precious centimeters of its space.

Materials for insulation

For warming loggia used a variety of materials. It may be mats made of mineral wool (different thickness and softness), polystyrene foam, insulation of foamed materials. The choice of insulation depends on the size of the premises, technology and finance.

In addition to the use of insulation materials required to steam and waterproofing coatings and lubricants. Lubrication is used for waterproofing of floor insulation. Film shelter wall is attached to the crate. A top-mounted wall finishing material.

As a finishing material of interior space, you can use the loggia wall paneling, plastic wall panels, laminate, linoleum and carpet. Decorating the outside of the parapet, too, further insulates the loggia. For her, using plastic siding or panels.

If for decoration and insulation loggia used wooden items, they must handle an antiseptic (for protection against rot and mildew). The most famous of them - linseed oil. He, like other antiseptics can be easily found in any hardware store.

The undesirable result of warming

Since insulation loggia made of the inside of the wall, the main by-product of the work may be the effect of "weeping wall". The wall starts to get wet, when between it and the insulation layer accumulates condensate. The reason for its appearance - the warm room air, faced with the cold wall of the house. Presence of water under the insulation may cause mold. So before you insulate a loggia, please be all the necessary materials, not excluding the vapor barrier.

If you do everything by the rules, the result will only be happy. So the warming of the loggia will be very useful on the eve of the winter cold, and you will not feel sorry for any of the funds spent or of spent forces. Warmth and comfort in your home are worth!

 Warming of the loggia on the eve of the winter cold