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"In the dream, a person spends a third of his life! "; "Poor quality mattress can make you disabled! "; "The most recent space technology - only in our mattresses! "- What slogans did not come up marketers and retailers in the fight for our hard-earned money with you. Because of different firms and producers - like mushrooms after the rain, and they lured loud slogans and super - new developments in the mattress industry. A fight is for what - because no one will save money on the things that are not purchased for one year and on which people indulge in pleasant experience. That comes to no surprise that the mattress five or even seven thousand dollars.

Let's try to understand the flow of information that is dumped on us sellers, separate it from the truth is not quite the truth, and to decipher the terms that are frequently used.

"Orthopedic mattress. Actually mattress means "for the treatment of any deformation of the body and their compensation" (Gk. Ortos - straight correct and pedia - education). You do not suffer from scoliosis? You okay with the spine? Then the mattress you do not need. But if you do decide to buy a mattress, you should be treated only in specialized shops and offices.

"Anatomic" mattress - a mattress, which is trying to take the shape of your body - but why buy a mattress that does not?

The beautiful word "polyurethane foam" - a banal and familiar to all from childhood foam, but it sounds impressive. "Synthetic latex" - a polymer, the chemical composition is very close to the polyurethane foam, ie foam rubber.

"High-quality upholstery fabrics: pray Damascus Jacquard" - this is a serious argument to raise the price, but not all the same, it looks like a mattress under the sheet?

The most important thing in the spring mattress - this spring. Just because the manufacturer of springs is much smaller than the mattress manufacturers. Then what is the difference between the mattresses of different manufacturers, if they use the same spring? The number of springs and wire thickness absolutely nothing. Because a large number of springs, but a thin wire in the end give the same stiffness as the thicker wire and fewer springs. Well, hardened steel, which are made of spring - it's just great, just check it out, you can only gutted and given a mattress spring on metallographic analysis. You're not going to do it?

Guarantee. If you have any problems with the mattress - in the first month of using it, you can return it to the manufacturer. 10 and 20-year warranty - no more than a marketing ploy.

Technology "Winter / Summer". In fact, you sleep on the sheets. Does it matter content of wool and cotton upholstery under the sheet?

"Aerating" help to ventilate the mattress. And why should it be ventilated?

Material "memory" or memoriks, like a little. Despite the fancy name is nothing more than clay. Do you like to sleep in clay? Especially because it is nothing like foam impregnated, worth big money. "Natural materials." Yes, mattresses made of artificial materials can theoretically produce harmful substances. For the natural materials that are much more expensive could theoretically serve as food for various bad bugs and germs. So why pay for real?

 Myths and legends of mattresses

 How to choose a refrigerator


  • Dimensions
  • Freeze-thaw
  • Architecture
  • Office
  • Additional functions
  • Price
  • Lifetime Use

Oh, how familiar to us this picture! Tall, slender, handsome, as the selection! And this is good, and the beautiful, and the third all perfection! And we rush from one to another, and do not know how to choose the right one that will be a worthy companion of our lives. Yes, do not be surprised: this way, it is a companion. Because modern life is unthinkable without it. Is it possible to do without it now, without such a necessary (and beloved) refrigerator? You can not! Here we are tormented, wondering how to choose the refrigerator, because the choice is not just huge, but we can say is limitless!

Sure, "unlimited" - it is a strong word. Still, we are limited in the choice of not only financial resources but their own ideas about what should be a refrigerator for the home. A presentation of these often very blurred. Therefore, let us define those requirements which must meet this indispensable household unit and how to select it to the refrigerator for a long time and served us right. The criteria that determine the choice of the refrigerator a few: the size, model, capacity, functionality and additional features. Let's start from the beginning.


Dimensions define the scope of the refrigerator, and therefore capacity. The greater the number of households, which purchased the refrigerator, the more vestimo it should be. Compact refrigerators - is mostly low (one meter) single-chamber model with refrigeration chamber and the freezer. The small size of these models - a great advantage for small apartments with few inhabitants. Unlike their predecessors, modern single-chamber refrigerators do not yield a volumetric model. They also ergonomic, have sufficiently high power and equipped with a system to prevent the formation of ice. Even the appearance of such babies is consistent with modern requirements for the design of household appliances.

A more solid models reach a height of nearly two meters and consists of two cameras (with separate doors) refrigerator and freezer. Wherein the first chamber has an even temperature and a zone of zero (preservation of freshness) and full defrosting only needs freezer. Work such refrigerators can be from one or two compressors. The first option is considered to be the most economical, while the second makes it possible to defrost one of the chambers, leaving the second included. These models are suitable for a small family (three or four) and a medium-sized kitchen. It is these refrigerators are considered the most "running", given the demographic situation and the living conditions of the majority of Russians.

The largest refrigerators have two hinged doors, almost two-meter height and width of up to 1, 2 m. In these models, the cameras are not located one above the other and side by side. Therefore, they have received the appropriate title: «side-by-side» (side by side). Such overall refrigerators have a separate cell with a zero temperature zone with variable humidity, integrated icemaker, a compartment for cooling drinks (access door), and the total to eight litrov.Zadumyvalis these refrigerators to large and spacious rooms. Therefore, if you are the proud owner of just such a kitchen, the refrigerator «side-by-side» - this is your option.

 how to choose the right refrigerator


The ability to freeze (freezing capacity) of the refrigerator frequently pointed straight at his door. Maximum temperature of minus 12 degrees - the lowest power and marked it with two snowflakes. The average degree of freezing represents the maximum three snowflakes and is minus 18 degrees. The lowest temperature that can be in the refrigerator - 24 degrees, and it is already four snowflakes.

What would be the intensity of the refrigerator is not frost, and thawed it is still needed. Modern manufacturers offer us with two types of refrigerators defrost (the third has not yet invented): manual and automatic. Manual defrost does not require explanation, everyone knows what to do just need to disconnect the mains plug and allow the ice to melt. With automatic defrosting human intervention is not required. Condensation inside the fridge (on the inner rear wall) alone thaws and flows through a special chute in a tray above the compressor, where the water simply evaporates.


If this word is applicable to home appliances, it is possible to so called arrangements of chambers in a refrigerator. If there are two, then two options here, too. In the first case the freezer is at the top, in the second - the bottom of the refrigerator. Top freezer is suitable for those who often uses the freezer, preferring to prepare the semi-finished products and frozen foods. If the freezer is not used very often, then it will be easier to "mundane" location, as it does not take the upper space of the unit, making it a convenient access to the cooling chamber. However, the question of the location of the cameras - it is a matter solely of individual preferences and criteria of architecture of the refrigerator is not necessary. Therefore, choose a refrigerator in this case, only the envy of your lifestyle, but rather by way of food.

Much more important is the location of the cameras in the refrigerator, the location of the refrigerator in the kitchen. This raises the question of choice or the built-in stand-alone appliance. Embedded model is definitely more expensive, but has its undeniable advantages. It is, first of all, noise and heat insulation. Sound from the built-cooler will be much quieter, and the acoustic resonance of the furniture too will not be. Additional insulation for such models is also not required in contrast to the free-standing refrigerators, which, therefore, can not move up close to the wall, furniture or a radiator. Built-in refrigerator can be positioned exactly where it will be convenient for you.

And another advantage of embedded models - full of color and texture to the harmony of the facade of the kitchen. Agree that if you want the absolute unity of the "face" of all elements of the kitchen, it is a better option than a built-in refrigerator just did not find.


This is another optional, but an important criterion when selecting a refrigerator. The method of controlling a refrigerator until just two: electromechanical and electronic. The first method is the simplest and most well-known and long time. It enables and disables the refrigerator in this case simply by pressing and temperature regulated by a thermostat controlled manually.

Digital control panel and remote control - these are elements of the electronic control refrigerator. In this case, there is a possibility of remote control and exhibiting the desired temperature to within one degree. However, if the refrigerator with an electronically controlled digital display eating, then it is still required and a good voltage.

Additional functions

Besides the basic functions - cooling, freezing and storage of products, many modern refrigerator models have additional features. What do we offer manufacturers?

  1. The system prevents freezing ice.
  2. The system of ventilation - the creation and support for the regime of low temperature and air circulation.
  3. Level control of humidity and temperature.
  4. Feature antibacterial protection.
  5. System LED backlight, built-in shelves.
  6. The information display on the refrigerator door.
  7. The system of forced and rapid cooling.
  8. Filter preserve freshness for storing fruits and vegetables.
  9. A removable partition between the boxes, pull-out shelves and glass containers in the freezer.
  10. Cooling and heating of drinking water built into the refrigerator door.
  11. The function of the audio signal on the refrigerator door ajar.
  12. Rapid freezing mode.

And this is only part of the additional features of the refrigerator, which manufacturers try to attract buyers. Is it really you need them? Decide for yourself. But note that the more such additions, the more expensive the purchase cost.

 to choose the right refrigerator


In general, the issue price - this is often the determining factor. I would like at the lowest possible cost to get the most good results. Option, of course, a lot: you can select a cheap and simple model (the budget), but you can spend a significant amount on the road and even the elite refrigerator. However, such a purchase is considered to be a major and long-refrigerators sold for many years. Therefore, if in the near future you do not plan to change the housing and, especially if your plans include the addition of the family, it is worth to invest in a modern, high-quality model. Remember the wise saying that a miser pays twice, thinking about how to choose a refrigerator.

Lifetime Use

On the question of price is also affected by the refrigerator warranty. It is also true on the road, and more democratic model of the warranty period is short: just from one year to two years. But the longer the warranty, the higher the price.

And the durability of modern refrigerators quite impressive. Their lifespan is from ten to twenty years. Provided correct operation the refrigerator is already outdated "moral", but will continue to function normally. On the one hand it's good, but on the other ... No, it's good to either side. It is clear that the technical progress not keep up, and most importantly for household appliances - is the quality. Therefore, if the "how to choose a refrigerator for home" for you is not the issue, then proceed directly to the selection. And let your newfound companion serves you long and true, as he expected.

 How to choose a refrigerator?

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