than to bring grease spot

It is a nuisance - greasy spot. Such marks of fatty sauces, vegetable, butter or machine oil, mayonnaise, cream for hands or face, clay, and more able to spoil any thing. And the mood that is at the same time, too spoiled, and say no. But it turns out, there is a means by which it is possible not only to regain a good mood, but also to revive the seemingly hopeless grease stains spoiled thing. The display grease stain? Let's find that advice on this matter, not only chemists, but also thrifty housewife. Let us not ignore the experience of the people's master of wisdom.

  Household chemicals

Any dishwashing detergent containing soluble components will be in this case a good helper. That's just in this case, you can believe the hype. For example, the notorious Fairy, which "washes grease even in cold water", will cope with this task. How to bring a spot of fat by such means? Apply the liquid to the stain and leave for five minutes. Then, boil the water and pour the boiling water over the stain. Of course, this method is not suitable for all things. For example, kitchen towels or tissues may be safely watering with boiling water, but with clothes this focus may not go through.

To use detergent to bring the stain with blouses, jackets, pants or dresses, it is necessary to put on the soiled spot (also five minutes) and then wash in the usual way. If fat is deeply ingrained, it is likely, this procedure must be repeated several times. But the way is said to be effective.

There is a soap, which is called "Antipyatin." Pre-moistened rub the stain with soap and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Next thing is just have a good rinse. Incidentally, most industrial stain removers operate on the same principle as the said means. So just read the instructions carefully and follow. And if not at hand will be a special stain remover, use of folk remedies.

Folk remedies

Very fresh grease stain can be removed using ordinary table salt. Sprinkle salt on such a spot and gently rub with a cloth or dry sponge, such as white bread crumb. Shake off the salt and repeat this uncomplicated action a few more times until the stain is gone. Spot just planted on the velvet fabric can be removed even by bread alone. In both these cases, the bread and salt act on a "blotter" just absorbing fat. Yet after such a dry stain removal, wash the thing you need. By the way, the fresh grease stains very well wash out the usual soap.

If the fabric can not be washed, you can try to bring the spot with the help of potato starch, which is also perfectly absorbs fat. For this purpose starch sprinkled onto the stain and leave it for several minutes, after which a shake. In this case (as well as salt) repeating the procedure several times. If you remove stains from clothes, then before you sprinkle it with starch, lay the garment on a flat surface, having spread a napkin under your clothes. If you draw a spot with upholstered furniture, first heat the starch, and then remove the stain carefully vacuum the treated surface.

Sugar is also known as a good stain remover. It is used to remove fat from the cotton items. For this spot to soak in hot water, soap and laundry soap thickly sprinkle with sugar, and then vigorously rub four minutes. Leave the cloth on for fifteen minutes and rinse thoroughly. Unfortunately, greasy spot to bring in such a way not always the first time, and it can not be called easy. However, aware of this possibility does not hurt.

Ammonium chloride (10%) well dissolves fat and cleans greasy stains from any fabric. However, undiluted ammonia is best to remove grease stains from synthetic fabrics. For natural fabrics, it is desirable to use a solution of one teaspoon of ammonia, and a glass of water.

A mixture of chalk and talcum remove grease stains from silk and linen. Sprinkle this mixture of spot, it is covered with white paper (normal A4 sheet) and press down the load. A day later the cargo is removed, and brush off the powder.

Dry mustard remove grease stains on dark fabrics. Its bred with standing water is not very thick slurry is applied to the stain and leave for half an hour. The dry mustard washes with things warm water.

A mixture of glycerin, water (one tablespoon) and ammonia (half tablespoon) was used to remove fat from silk. This solution wetted spot, leave it intact for fifteen minutes, then rinsed with warm water.

Gasoline is quite suitable for removing greasy stains from wool fabric. Soaked in gasoline with a tissue or cotton swab rubbed dirt. Naturally, after such a "fragrant" procedure, it is necessary to wash the thing. Generally erase all things in order to remove grease stains should be according to certain rules.

 grease stain withdraw

How to wash grease stain?

Before you send the item in the washing machine, you must:

  • sprinkle the stain with talcum powder or chalk, cover with a paper towel or school "blotter" and iron with a hot iron (except velvet and plush);
  • rub the stain with gasoline, turpentine, alcohol or acetone;
  • Entrenched spot sure to soften, rubbing it in the same gasoline or stain remover;
  • Soak a thing for a while, soaped slick soap.

Depending on the particular tissue to which you are removing the stain, apply means appropriately and wash the thing in warm or hot water. And also use special powders and supplements pyatnovyvodyaschie not forget to carefully read the instructions to them.

Useful tips

  1. Before proceeding with the removal of stains, prepare the item by clearing the fabric from dirt. Clean the stain first dry, then wet brush. Treat the stain from the inside, placing it wrapped in a paper towel or cotton cloth slate.
  2. Clean greasy stains on the fabric is only a white cloth or a cotton pad (swab).
  3. Begin treatment with locations around the spot, gradually moving toward the edges, and only then to the middle.
  4. Any tool (industrial or national) first try on a spare piece of cloth on the hem or reserves at the seams.
  5. Do not use the concentrated solution immediately. Start with a low concentration (perhaps that will be enough), then gradually increase.
  6. Do not try to deduce grease on feather bed in a radical way (acetone, turpentine, gasoline). Entrust it to specialists, giving the jacket to the dry cleaner. Otherwise you risk to permanently damage the item.

According to the laws of chemistry grease stains appear any organic solvents. They are part of all industrial stain removers. Which of them can be available in the home? Alcohol, acetone, benzene, ether, turpentine. Salt, starch, mustard - it is adsorbents are well absorb the fat. Therefore, knowing the principle of operation of these funds use for their intended purpose: to dissolve or absorb. And then all you get!

 The display grease stain from fabric?

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 How to choose a vacuum cleaner

Oh, one of us (such beautiful and clever!) Does not love to shop? Particular pleasure gives shopping when we not only know what we want, but have sufficient funds to purchase and can choose. However, the joy of shopping is sometimes poisoned by insufficient knowledge on the subject of shopping. In particular, this can be a nuisance in relation to household appliances. Here, for example, how to choose a vacuum cleaner?

What we are guided, we are going for a new vacuum cleaner? The desire to buy something beautiful, useful, convenient. For us, the main thing that in the vacuum cleaner? To make it a good vacuum cleaner. Therefore, when the Sales starts talking about different models of vacuum cleaners, while going into technical details, it may enter into a stupor every woman. What to do?

In order to buy a vacuum cleaner (as, indeed, and other household appliances), the process proved to be not only effective, but also enjoyable, simply equip some knowledge about this indispensable tool in the household. So let's make a small technical educational program and learn all the same, how to choose a vacuum cleaner, focusing on its main characteristics.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Modern vacuum cleaners can be divided into three groups:

  • vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning;
  • vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning (cleaning);
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners.

Traditional vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning - the most famous and the most simple. Models of this type of vacuum cleaners are compact and inexpensive. They save energy and are ideal for smaller spaces. Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning clean floors without coatings, carpets and carpeting, upholstery and outerwear. These are irreplaceable vacuum cleaners for cleaning areas in the home where moisture is contraindicated (parquet, natural rugs, computer processor, the inside of the piano and so on.).

Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners have one important advantage. They can be carried out both dry and wet cleaning. Models capable of cleaning a vacuum cleaner and suck moisture and spray. They can be used to collect spilled liquid from the floor, wash the carpet and clean the furniture. That vacuum cleaners can be very useful during the general cleaning: they can easily wash the floor, windows, tile, eliminate the blockage in the sink, and even clean the air in the room. Disadvantages washing vacuum cleaners: bulkiness and weight, and complexity of the high price.

Vacuum cleaners-robots, built-in vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and other similar devices - it is rather exotic for our homes. It is hardly necessary to choose the type of vacuum cleaner for ordinary apartments. Although one undeniable advantage they still have - the minimum human involvement in their use. The robot cleaner performs cleaning itself at the appointed time you, yourself moving around the apartment and avoiding all obstacles. It will determine the more contaminated sites and process them more carefully, he would return to recharge itself in place and turn off. Fiction, and more!


How to choose a vacuum cleaner - a very powerful or not? Power - one of the most important characteristics of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners with a high suction power have (unfortunately) and a higher level of noise emitted. Therefore, choosing a vacuum cleaner, you will have to give preference to a compact and "quiet" model, or powerful, but loud vacuum cleaner.

How to understand the characteristics of the power? The figure of 300 W - power models, suitable for cleaning carpet with a short nap, linoleum flooring. Such a power would be enough to clean the furniture and clothing.

Power rating from 300 to 450 watts - a model for heavily soiled areas. If you have pets, carpets with high pile, you should opt for a more powerful model. Also, they typically have a power switch, allowing to select the desired operating mode and switch to a lower power. And do not forget that the suction power of your vacuum cleaner to become smaller as the full dust bag and filter pollution.

 how to choose a vacuum cleaner


Dust collector - reservoir, which is going to the bulk of the dust and debris. From the dust collecting device depends largely on the effectiveness of cleaning and ease of cleaning of the vacuum cleaner.

In modern models of vacuum cleaners as the dust bag often used plastic container. There under the influence of a strong air flow dust slips into a tight ball, which can then easily be removed and discarded. Container equipped with a cyclone dust collector vacuums. Their drawback - the high level of noise.

Another kind of vacuum - special bags, which can be paper or cloth. Paper bags are short-lived (they are called one-time), but they are well collect fine dust. More durable fabric dust collectors may miss small speck of dust. Therefore, these dust collectors must be supplemented by special filters. Well, in an ideal - vacuum cleaner, combined with dust collectors, which in turn can use paper and fabric bags for dust.


The filter for retaining the dust and bacteria in the vacuum cleaner, and more precisely to the dust collector. It is known that the vacuum cleaner sucks dust and dirt together with air and then air is discharged again to the outside. So the task of the filter - to filter out of the air coming out all dust particles.

Filters in modern vacuum cleaners are the following:

  • paper;
  • cloth;
  • water;
  • coal;
  • synthetic.

Filtering methods are also different. The most popular of them - cyclone. In this method, filtering dirt and dust accumulate in the dust container under the influence of a plastic spiral swirling airflow. With this method does not require replacement bags, and the container - is transparent, allowing you to control the degree of its fullness.

What's really important to know about the filter, so it's just - it is washable and replaceable. All current models of vacuum cleaners are equipped with washable filters. Aquafiltering good that humidified air and do not require dust bags. Less of the filter drain the dirty water after cleaning and filling the net - before the new harvest.

There are also models with an additional filtration system. They usually act as carbon filters or N.E.R.A. These models are ideal for cleaning the house, where there are small children or people with allergies. These porous filters are able to delay the finest dust particles, and, accordingly, harmful substances contained in it.

 How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the apartment


How to choose a vacuum cleaner, compact, lightweight and overall more powerful, largely depends on the size of your home. Small maneuverable vacuum cleaners are ideal for small apartments. They are light, they are easy to store, and mini vacuum cleaners are relatively cheap. Of course, low-powered compact vacuum cleaners, but after cleaning the area and not great. The full-size vacuum cleaners have a high capacity, usually equipped with container dust collectors can have a water filter.

Another characteristic of compactness - Parking (storage method). The most convenient way - vertical parking, in which the vacuum cleaner is stored standing up, and on top of it - the fixed tube. An important indicator of compactness - length of cord. The most optimal length - six meters. In addition, when you buy, make sure the function avtosmatyvaniya cord (this is important too), the presence of a rubber bumper to protect furniture from bumps, dust bag full indicator and automatic thermal shutdown.

Another additional feature of some models of modern vacuum cleaners - steam. This function allows you to disinfect the premises by means of hot steam. They can handle any surface to get rid of mold and allergens.


The way a vacuum cleaner equipped with optional accessories depends largely on the quality and the complexity of cleaning and ease of use by the vacuum cleaner. For example, the telescopic tube (retractable, like a telescope) allow you to select and set the desired length depending on the growth of man. Metal pipes are more stable and durable than plastic. Yet, for example, it is very convenient when the switch is on the handle tube or integrated into the lever of the foot switch.

A set of nozzles should include brushes for carpets and smooth surfaces, the nozzle for collecting dust in narrow spaces (crevice tool). And if you are among the lucky owners of pets, it's good to complete nozzles present turbo brush. This nozzle with rotating roller, which is perfectly collects lint and hair from all surfaces.

As you can see, to understand how to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment or a suburban housing, not so difficult. All variety of technologies, models and manufacturers is reduced to only a few basic types of vacuum cleaners (dry cleaning and washing, cyclone or aquafiltering). Choosing the type of vacuum cleaner in accordance with their needs, you will choose a design and brand (manufacturer). And it will be easy to do once you have passed the technical educational program. Successful and enjoyable shopping!

 How to choose a vacuum cleaner? Technical literacy campaign