how to attract a man in your life


  • What women like men?
  • Psychological barriers
  • Useful additions

Do you know the essence of the theory of two halves? This is a very beautiful story that once all men were androgynous, ie they combine both male and female part. Their lives are going incredibly happy: all day they gathered fruit, strolling along the seashore, listening to bird song. But one day the gods were angry with them. Whether irritated their human happiness, whether they feared an attempt on his authority by the androgynous, but it so happened that they were all divided into two halves. Since then, every man is doomed to sorrow and anguish as long as he finds his companion.

It does not matter whether it was all so real or not, but the fact remains - no woman is comfortable in solitude. Accordingly, she starts to think about how to attract a man in her life. Naturally, he did not limp calf, which can be easily controlled. However, in order to increase your chances, you can easily take steps in this direction.

What women like men?

In order to understand how to attract a man in your life, you need to begin to deal with what is considered attractive, and what is not. Of course, all the guys are different, but despite this, it is possible to allocate some more or less precise contours of the ideal to which they aspire. At least, this applies to the charges against the men. So what attracts their feminine qualities?

  • Beauty

    The man loves his eyes - or at least, so he falls in love. Accordingly, in order to get his attention, you must be at least aesthetically appealing. And best of bright and beautiful. Many women misunderstand this idea of ​​making a fifth the size of his chest, pumped up with silicone lip or flashy makeup. But the opposite is true: among the generation of young women, similar to Barbie dolls, the owner of the sensual natural beauty is much more advantageous look.

  • Supports

    This concept is extremely multi-faceted! At the beginning of dating may provide support to the delight of women by men. They like to feel important and cool. Furthermore, it can degenerate into support in difficult situations, when a woman gives advice to the man and said to him kind words. And, of course, the notorious cooking. What else could it mean but women care? That is why men are so greedy for delicious home made soup and cutlets.

  • The mind

    A woman should not be smarter than men - at least it should not be felt in their communication. But it is important that he was interested in her. This can be achieved by common tastes and trends. And sometimes a woman can surprise your partner what some unknown facts or anecdotes. A sense of humor also plays a big role in the issue of communication, and it largely depends on the level of intelligence.

  • Flexibility

    Men like to feel in charge. They decide how things will happen. After a quarrel, they will never approach the first tolerated. Accordingly, they are attracted to girls who do not stand in the position at every opportunity. On the contrary, a wise woman will find a way to adapt to the tastes and opinions of his men, without losing yourself in the process. She knows how to smooth the conflict, gently stroking his arm and whispered something in your ear. She knows that and at what point you need to do to support the masculine energy of the elect. With it, he feels like a king of the world.

  • Softness

    Now the fashion for women "warriors" who know how to stand up for themselves, and get nasty curse. And someone they even bite, but a normal man is always to push! Femininity and softness can transform any: gestures become easy and unhurried gait - a smooth, appears in the eyes shine. Woman becomes like a flower that begins to unfold. And why a man wants to be with her.

 how to attract a man in your life

Psychological barriers

Above, we have described is what girls are most attractive to men. But life is not only a plus, but a minus. Unfortunately, many of us are unhappy owner of a variety of psychological barriers that hinder the construction of a harmonious relationship. What is it expressed?

Self-doubt - the first and most important obstacle to love. What man would be interested in a woman who herself does not like? Perhaps you present some drawbacks. But you are a living person, and there are shortcomings at all! There are two ways in front of you - get rid of them or else be reconciled to their presence. But to live with the knowledge of their own inferiority - incorrect. You are beautiful as a woman no matter how you look and what you are doing. It is important to catch this inner sense and energizes him, and along with her man to bestow it.

Full version of the self-doubt - it is complex. Usually they do not arise from nowhere, and based on some traumatic experience. For example, school girl has bad skin, for that it is very teasing, and since then she considers herself ugly. Or my mother all his life told her how awkward it is, because then nobody will marry. This is a very bad thing to be got rid of it with the help of a specialist who will develop for you special psychological exercises and will give the necessary support.

Each of us have our own stereotypes about how the world works. For example, all employees FMS - harmful aunt. So our mind works when there are some strict scheme, it helps us not to expend energy every time to the study of the situation, and just think in pre-known categories. But sometimes it also happens that some stupid stereotypes begin to interfere with us. Perhaps our readers have faced male meanness. And after that I want to hang a label on all men: "Goats! "And proudly walk with him through life! Only here, in this case it is likely that a) men really behave with you as you expect them to; b) because of the stereotype that you do not make out someone really worthy. Therefore, from these stereotypes, particularly for men, it is necessary to dispose.

Lack of knowledge of male psychology - another obstacle to women's happiness. Often we just do not understand what's going on in their heads. But those from whom we are to love and understanding! So why not learn how to understand them? For example, a woman complains of a long man, and received in response to dry Council on the situation starts to get angry and accuse him of spiritual callousness. Or he says that he earns little. All these examples show just how badly women predict the consequences of their actions and do not know the specifics of male behavior. Get rid of this you will be good books on male psychology and the view from the inside of the male friends, who are able to reveal to you some of the secrets of his soul.

 attract a man in your life

Useful additions

So now you know what attracts men, but that does not allow them to come into your life. This does not mean that it is necessary to redraw the fanatical self. But think about what prevents you from being feminine, will not be superfluous. Now it is time to be more specific. We offer you useful practical advice, the use of which will inevitably attract a guy in your life.

  1. Realize your desires

    You should not rush into the pool with his head, and fall into the arms of the first comer men. It is likely that your call will be to respond to many, but you need to determine the order of man you want to see next to him, and to abandon those who does not suit you. So be sure to draw in his mind the image of someone who is attractive to you. Avoid excessive demands, but pay attention to the really important for you to quality.

  2. Visualization

    Once it becomes clear what a man you want to attract into your life, start a simple but effective psychological exercise. Each evening, imagine the desired future: your partner than you do with him as he treats you, your reaction to his behavior. And all of this should be traced in your imagination in every detail. The more of them will be - the better. You know one of the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming? Talk about the desired future as if it has already occurred. Behave in accordance with this. And it is sure to become a reality.

  3. Think positively

    Do not focus on possible impediments to implementation in the life of your dreams. Fill your mind optimistic and light installations that the world is perfect and just, and you are worthy of love. Believe it really. Yes, it will be difficult, but the belief in a better ability to lead you to your dream of love. No man wants to be gloomy and sad woman, so try to get rid of your own negativity. It is very beautiful and bright contribute to a love story.

  4. Proceed

    Of course, you can do any number of psychological exercises, but the miracle did not come until you do not help him to come into your life. So the world works - the man is a conductor of the supreme will. Therefore it is useless to sit on the couch and wait for fate itself will bring you love on a silver platter. Most leave the house and smile. Try to dress up and look attractive. Meet the men without unnecessary fears and thoughts about where this will lead. Be spontaneous and trust the process, but without the hassle.

The happiness of each person is in his own hands. You can change your life for the better. What is happiness for a woman? My favorite man near and well-being of the family. You deserve this - believe and act in the right direction. Then the result will not be long in coming.

 How to attract a man in your life with the help of practical psychology