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  • How to clean the refrigerator?
  • Folk remedies for the removal of odors
  • Odor absorbers
  • When all else fails ...

Unpleasant odors can cause a decline in mood and even the appearance of a headache. Especially the presence of undesirable extra flavors, where the food is stored. Before proceeding to the question of how to remove the smell from the refrigerator you must find out why there is manifested "flavor." Sometimes unpleasant smells new refrigerator, in such cases, you need to rinse it in any way below, and leave on for a few days. The main thing is not to raise panic, sometimes a nuisance, this can happen even if refrigerators are released well-known manufacturers.

You should not be stored in the refrigerator, which has an unpleasant odor, which either products, many of them, especially dairy, absorbed the undesirable flavors and then become unfit for human consumption, or at least enjoy their taste and flavor will be spoiled.

How to clean the refrigerator?

If the refrigerator is not new, and the reason there appeared flavors become spoiled food, remove from it all that is possible: the food, shelves, drawers. After that, well washed out the fridge with a disinfecting cleaning solution, and all of the products, the quality of which calls into question ruthlessly discarded. It is also necessary to wash well shelves and drawers of the refrigerator, and the entire surface, using all the same detergent.

Folk remedies for the removal of odors

Sometimes it just is not enough to wash the fridge, the smell, though not as sharp, still remain. What to do in such a case? Will ordinary vinegar. It is necessary to dilute it with water at a ratio of one to one, and clean the entire inner surface. You can also use vinegar in a different way - in a disconnected refrigerator place a container of boiling vinegar solution, close the fridge and leave until morning. Vinegar vapors rising settle on surfaces, including those that are difficult to clean, and will be removed raunchy smells. Once the refrigerator is washed, it must be allowed to dry completely open.

As the cleaning means, "fighting" with the refrigerator, which began to smell bad, it is possible to use conventional and baking soda solution, in one liter of water, dilute tablespoon soda and the same amount of ammonia. Wipe all surfaces of the resulting solution.

 how to remove the smell from the refrigerator correctly

Odor absorbers

As you know, the problem is always easier to prevent than to fight it. To avoid unpleasant odors, once a week remove the products from the refrigerator and throw away those that have started to spoil, and to arrange "spring cleaning" of the refrigerator is necessary every 2-3 months. After washing, you can use special substances, so-called odor absorbers.

In a purely washed fridge put absorbent that can absorb odors, it can be used for this special tools from the hardware store, but you can also use homemade recipes. Well absorb odors following products: a crust of bread, citrus peel (orange or lemon), coffee beans, saucer with rice, an open pack of soda, cat litter.

Another excellent odor absorber becomes activated carbon which must be pre-calcined in an oven heated to 180 degrees, for fifteen minutes. If the smell is very persistent, then calcined coal and put it in the refrigerator should be daily until the extra flavors disappear.

When all else fails ...

Sometimes, even after all the measures taken to remove the smell, the problem remains unresolved. Hence the reason for failure in small refrigerator, such as a blockage in the system defrost or clogged drain, then to solve the problem can only call the repairman or, in the worst case, buying a new unit.

 How to remove the smell from the refrigerator? Very simple!

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 Why sweat the plastic windows

Of course, such as the acquisition of new windows, greatly facilitates the management of the household. They look aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable accommodation make and retain heat well, and eliminate noise from the street. In short, in many respects do household care easier and more beautiful house. But with the onset of cold weather there is such a nuisance as the fogging windows. And cry our windows do not matter, that the producers did shalturili this product is of poor quality, although the reason for this is not excluded. Reason window "tears" rather banal and often easy to handle. Let's find out why the plastic windows are sweating, and how to get rid of this trouble.

So why sweat the plastic windows? Look closely at the misted window. What do you see? Typically, the small droplets of moisture appear at the top window (at their edges is greater than in the center). These small droplets combine into larger and under its own weight roll down. Well, if along the way they have time to dry out, but often these "tear" streams drain directly on the window sill, leaving a small (and not so small) pools. The result is not only the wet and murky window, but the wet windowsill.

Supervisory hostesses and meticulously observed that this process proceeds unevenly and appears fogging in different ways:

  • box sweats only in the cold season;
  • window (or all windows) mist in the morning hours only;
  • window "crying" in one room, while other windows remain dry;
  • box dry, and the water appears on the window sill.

Despite such different manifestation of the window, "tears", their nature is exactly the same. It is understood that the windows themselves can not allocate moisture. Then where does it come from?

All the matter in physics

Ever since school physics course for all of us familiar with the notion of the condensate. This transition of water (which is contained in the air) from the gaseous state to the habitual and familiar to us liquid state. And the bitter tears of our plastic windows or that it is this very condensed. And the reason for it - increased air humidity and the temperature difference between the windows in the house. The colder glass in the window, the more likely that the vapor in the air settles on its surface in the form of water droplets.

But if you do not fog up the windows and do not always, it is likely that the appearance of condensation caused quite harmless objects or obvious reasons. What can cause condensation on the plastic windows?

 Why sweat the plastic windows

Home provocateurs

Potted flowers on the windowsill. As is known, plants breathe and thus abundantly recovered moisture that accumulates on the cold glass. As a result - misting windows. To eliminate this cause enough to remove the pots of flowers from the window sill.

Battery heating, overlapping sill. The window sill above the battery can completely isolate the flow of warm air, which warms the glass. As a result, the window cools and collects condensate. In order to ensure free circulation of air is enough to reduce the width of the window sill and put closer to the window, an additional heater.

Poor ventilation in the room. It may be caused by clogged air vents, which are poorly taken humid air from the room. As a result, the effect of humidity provoke weeping windows. To eliminate it is necessary to clean the dust lattice or replaced. It is also worth to check for clogging ventilation itself.

Inadequate room ventilation. Alas, this seems to be a useful quality of plastic windows as the leak can also cause them sweating. High humidity increases the sealing room air and as a result cause the accumulation of condensate. To resolve this is reason enough to ventilate the room more often (3-4 times a day for 2 minutes).

Unexpected benefits of thrift and negligence

Double glass pane, where you save money when buying windows. It is noted that these are the packets collected condensate is much more likely to warmer glass panes. Two out of here. Additional heating or window replacement glass (not the window!).

Errors of fitting. Negligence builders install windows or slopes can lead to blowing that unnecessarily cooled glass. By eliminating these mistakes (and close up the gap) can be eliminated, and the effect of fog.

Winter window mode. If your hardware plastic window has the ability to daylight savings (and you did not know about or have forgotten), the window must be translated into winter mode. This will provide greater thermal insulation glass pane, and less likelihood of condensation.

Manufacturing defect. This is the most unpleasant reason, because to eliminate it without replacing the window is almost impossible. If all of the above tips do not help to cope with the problem of misting, it's likely you have purchased a defective product and can safely make a complaint to the seller (manufacturer).

But first, still try to find out by experiment, why sweat the plastic windows in your home in the winter. Maybe the reason is not so serious, and it is easy to fix? Try to start just ventilate the room more often. Perhaps this will be enough to make your windows look at the world unclouded eyes, and droplets of moisture on them would have been a drop of rain or melting snow.

 Why sweat the plastic windows? We find out and eliminate the cause