how to choose a hood for the kitchen

"Pulls-pull, pull can." I do not want to have this saying would be an appropriate response to the cooker hood, which is designed not only to decorate the interiors (as some believe), but also to fulfill its intended purpose - to clean the air in the kitchen. How to choose a hood in the kitchen? On some models stay? The guide the choice? Let's try to understand.

Lineup hoods

All cooker hoods can be divided into several types according to their shape and the type of installation.

Flat hood (suspended) are mounted on the wall directly above the stove. These hoods are separate constructions without departing from the ventilation. Hanging drawing module consists of a housing, a fan and filter. The advantages of these models hoods - low price, stylish appearance, easy installation. Disadvantages (well, as without them!) False hoods - high noise levels, low suction power, the need for frequent replacement of the grease filters.

Recessed hoods are mounted above the stove in a special hanging cabinet that conceals the outlet pipe. Built-hood can be fully placed in the "camouflage" the closet, but may also have a drawer. However, the extractor becomes visible only during operation. This type extracts considered to be more qualitative than with suspended models, but the price is much higher embedded extracts. However, in the case where the vent hole in the kitchen is too far from the plate, drawing recessed completely solve the problem.

Dome (fireplace) hoods. This is perhaps the most modern type of models of kitchen hoods. They fit perfectly into any kitchen interior, they have fashionable and even ergonomic design and do not need replacement filters. These models cooker hoods can be completely metallic, and may have different insertion and finishing of glass and wood. By way of installation, they can be wall-mounted or island (mounted to a ceiling). Models dome hood not only differ in size, shape and color. They also have different technical characteristics. Despite the fact that this type of hood is the most expensive, he at the same time and is the most common. Most likely, this is due to excellent and the quality of these models and the high capacity and the possibility of remote control.

However, giving preference to one or another model, it should take into account not only the characteristics of its appearance and matching the general style of cuisine, but also technical parameters: power, quiet, long life,

Power and performance hoods

Performance cooker hood - the amount of air that she can clean per hour. Naturally, the higher the suction power, the higher the performance. However, a very powerful extraction does not necessarily place such as a small-sized kitchen. How to calculate the required power for rooms of various sizes?

This can be found by multiplying the volume of the kitchen for ten (to find the volume, multiply the floor area to a height of flow). For example, for the average kitchen (the area of ​​8 square meters) normal city apartment (ceiling height of 2 m 70 cm) is quite suitable extractor capacity 216 m3 / h. This power we obtained by multiplying 8 by 2, 7 and 10. However, the number obtained as a result of such calculations - the lowest figure. Ideally, the performance of the kitchen hood should be no less than 600 m3 / h.

Noise hoods

The higher performance of the hood, the more powerful it has a motor, and the louder she works hood. However, for comfortable work in the kitchen extra noise (particularly loud) at all desirable. So you need to choose a hood that would not distract his mistress noise. However, current models of cooker hoods (even powerful enough) are equipped with anti-vibration pads and noise absorbing units, which solve the problem of excessive noise at work drawing. However, choosing the model you like, check it, and the volume of the sound during operation.

Hood Filters

 how to choose a hood for the kitchen
 Types of filters in the cooker hoods have a significant impact on the service life and the quality of its work. If the filter is a high quality, it is able to neutralize almost all the nasty (and fun too!) Odors, and with them, soot, fumes and fat slurry in just five minutes. To select a kitchen hood with quality filter, you need to know that they can only have two kinds of filters - coarse filters and fine filters.

Coarse filters are also called fat (cyclone grease) filters. They are designed to catch and of even the smallest fat particles that become airborne during cooking. Moreover, the filter in the cooker hoods are not only cleans the air, but also protects the motor and the inner walls of the air, which greatly extends the life of the hood.

Grease filters may be made of metal, and acrylic nonwoven. Metal filters - reusable. For the good work they are sufficient to wash at least once a month. Grease filters from nonwoven fabric and acrylic - disposable. That is, after the filter is clogged with dirt and grease, it is simply discarded, replaced by a new and clean filter.

Fine filters called coal because they use activated charcoal. The main purpose of fine filters - to capture and neutralize (adsorb) odors. This removable filters and frequency of replacement depends on the intensity of use of the kitchen hood.

Operating modes and control methods

Modern cooker hoods are capable of working in any of the two modes - air exhaust and recirculation mode. There are also models that combine both options hoods. These modes are significantly different in the work.

When the extractor hood is working in a mode of removal, it takes the air out of the room, and outputs it to the outside through the ventilation. Installed in such models filters primarily to protect the internal mechanism from the hood grease and dirt, but not clean the air.

Recirculation takes the air purified by the filter and then release it into the room. It is in the extracts from the recycling system work and additional grease filters clean the air of fat burning, soot and dust. However, most modern models of hoods are capable of working in any of these modes, and therefore suitable for any kitchen. Therefore, the question of how to choose a hood in the kitchen depending on how clean the air is not so relevant.

For many housewives important factor is the choice of a method of controlling exhaust hood (on or off). This is understandable, since any hood (even the most complex models) to be controlled easily. The most common forms of controlling the operation of the hood:

  • e - light panel and LED indicators;
  • push-button - the button-psevdosensory, turns on or off various functions of the hood;
  • A slider - mechanical slide switch located at the base of the hood.

The principal difference in all of these ways of management there, so talk about any advantages or disadvantages, too, is not necessary. Focus on your own habits and ideas about comfort.

Additional functions

In addition to its primary function - air purification - cooker hoods and are often equipped with additional functions. For example, the lighting. Since the hood is positioned directly over the stove, it is very convenient to have it on it the light source of the workspace. Illumination has almost all modern models of hoods. The only difference - the type and power of illumination:

  • halogen lamps (20 W);
  • fluorescent lamps (9W)
  • compact filament lamp (power 20-40 W).

Halogen bulbs have one indisputable advantage - the most accurate color reproduction in artificial light. And because the color of the products and preparing meals without significance for any cook, then maybe this kind of illumination is most suitable for the kitchen hood. If this is for you is not critical, then pay attention to the location of fixtures, angle and area lighting. Still, the light over the stove makes cooking not only quality, but also much nicer.

You are inclined to the choice of a particular model can equip fact hoods or latticed glass shelves for storage of kitchen utensils. But even if the model has no such amendments, ask about the possibility of optional equipment.

By the way, the opportunity provided by many manufacturers of kitchen hoods, and the necessary household appliances can be dokomplektovan or, conversely, dismantled in accordance with your wishes. And after that, how to choose the kitchen hood you still will be able to remain a successful choice to rejoice and enjoy the fresh air of your kitchen.

 How to choose a hood in the kitchen?

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 choose a sofa

It is hard to imagine a modern house, where there would be a sofa. And if there are such houses, it is very rare. Most residential necessarily sort of Baron von, soft and comfortable, handsome, where you can sit and lie down, and if necessary, turn it into a trivial bed.

That's just such a need and makes us choose the sofa, which during the day acts as a normal place for family get-togethers, and a short rest, and at night is magically transformed into a place to sleep. The magical power of this transformation - the transformation mechanism, which have a sofa bed is different. And to the choice of the sofa it was a success, and the transformation has not caused unintended (or, conversely, anticipated) difficulties, it is necessary to know the principle of operation of these mechanisms. Let's understand that what are the three main types of sofa bed, "clamshell", "book" and sofa with roll-out mechanism.

Roll-out sofa

The best-known representative of this type of sofa bed - a traditional sofa, familiar to us from the Soviet era. This couch sleeping area extends (rolls) from its bottom. This is usually just enough to pull a special loop. As already mentioned sofa on the lower part of the advanced by the sofa cushions stacked, folded on the couch who serve as his back.

The modern model of withdrawable couch - "Flash". In it, unlike the sofa, the back cushion is not made, and the whole of the soft plane. When unfolding the couch to put forward such a part and laid back and the seat. Corner sofa withdrawable called "dolphin." It has a complex structure, consisting of three elements. Its transformation mechanism operates as follows. The seat is a part of the angle is completely pulled out and turns into a rectangular sofa bed.

Sofas bogie mechanism has its pros and cons. The clear advantage of these couches is a spacious bed and compact size when folded. On the other hand, roomy sleeper sofa makes this cumbersome when it acts as a bed. Therefore, for small rooms sofas with roll mechanism can hardly choose.

 folding sofa

Flat-screen clamshell

The very mechanism of the folding couch folds and unfolds along with the mattress. When folded the couch it is hidden under the seat, and to expand it, you must remove the seat cushions and pull the mattress up and down. The mechanism of transformation of sofas, clamshell allows manufacturers to create diverse and original models. The most famous of them - "accordion", "miksotual" (French bed), as well as American, Italian and Belgian rakladushki.

For example, "accordions" are arranged on the basis of an accordion. Once the seat is lifted, the very bed (extremely easy) travels forward. These sofas are very compact assembled and thus have a full bed. In addition, "accordions" are considered reliable enough for frequent use. French clamshell takes place in three stages. American clamshell - two Italian clamshell (the most expensive) - a double shifter that converts the back.

The disadvantages of sofas, cots can be attributed somewhat tedious process of transformation, and the fact that they have not provided a box for storing bed linen.


This sofa has the simple folding mechanism. And acts as the name suggests, on the basis of the book. In order to spread out a sofa, you need to lift the seat until it clicks, and then just drop down. Enhanced analog of the "books" - a mechanism of transformation "click-clack". Its design provides an intermediate (optional) provision of the back, which gives the opportunity to be on the sofa in half-sitting position (or reclining).

Flat folding "book" is not considered to be the most reliable model. Locks folding mechanism it quickly wear out, the mechanism of "click-clack" much more reliable. However, despite the simplicity of the mechanism, these sofas have significant drawbacks. Firstly, free running back can not be positioned close to the wall. Secondly, a sofa bed do not differ a variety of design forms. But the price for them too small.

The main and indisputable advantage of any folding sofa (regardless of mechanism) is the possibility of its transformation. If the sofa is purchased for use as a permanent berth, it is necessary to give preference to domestic producers. By its reliability and durability of the mechanism (oddly enough), they are far superior foreign analogues. The reason for this is probably the tradition of excellence of Soviet times, when the simple design and ease of design were the key to longevity.

Folding sofa imported more "representative" or elegant, but not designed for frequent unfolding. They are more suitable for use as an additional (guest) bed. Therefore, choosing a sofa, consider not only the principle of operation of its mechanism, but also the intensity of the proposed operation.

And what kind of sofa: a corner sofa, a traditional dimensional compact or "Baby" will take place in your home will depend on the amount of living space and your personal preferences. The main thing that the sofa was comfortable, safe and durable. The choice is yours!

 How to choose a sofa?