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  • Causes of boils
  • Self-treatment of boils
  • Why boils appear under the arms
  • As should be treated
  • Traditional methods of treating boils

The inflamed area of ​​skin with purulent content is called a boil. Boils may be of different sizes and may be located in different places. Most often it is the place with the hair, especially those where there is friction: the neck, chest, armpits, groin, lower back, and so on. In the definition of the diagnosis must take into account the fact that the boil under his arm is very similar to gidradenity (purulent inflammation of the sweat glands).

Gidradenity called the formation of ulcers in the axillary area, inguinal folds and anus.

You must be able to distinguish boils (sometimes called chirii) of erythema nodosum, skrofulodermy, deep trihofitii.
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Causes of boils

The most common culprits are the occurrence of boils infectious bacterial agents that penetrate into the hair boil and provoke the formation of the inflammatory process, which is characterized by severe pain, swelling and redness.

Because of the accompanying discomforts the first signs of the disease is very difficult not to notice. At the initial stage the appearance of boils may have a fever. When a red stripe, leading to the lymph nodes, severe pain when a man boils an urgent need to consult a doctor to find out the causes of boils and heal him.

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Self-treatment of boils

Self-treatment and autopsy boil contraindicated, since it can lead to serious complications, one of which can be spread ulcers all over the body of man, and even blood poisoning.

The inflammation spreads throughout the hair section, capturing the sweat glands and connective tissues. This contained the outbreak in the affected elastic and collagen fibers are completely destroyed. It should be noted that self squeeze chirii impossible, as it could lead to a break kollagenizirovannogo ring. And it is a bundle of fibers prevents the penetration of the body growing infection.

Most often boils formed in the axillary area, since that is where the skin is exposed to permanent deformation. This area has high sensitivity, so any discomfort caused by the formation of the boil will cause more pain.
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Why boils appear under the arms

The most likely reasons for the formation of boils are as follows:

  1. Low immunity.
  2. Endocrine disorders in humans, including diabetes.
  3. Chronic staphylococci and streptococci within the body.
  4. Small lesions on the skin.
  5. Using other people's items for personal hygiene, including contaminated, for example, sponges.
  6. Failure to observe personal hygiene.
  7. Visiting schools with high humidity and a high concentration of people, such as public baths or saunas.
  8. Improper care of the skin.
  9. Fungus of the skin.
  10. Strong sweating.
  11. Clogged sebaceous ducts.

Very often boils occur due to high greasiness or dryness of the skin, as well as due to a shortage of vitamins and minerals needed by the human body. That is why treatment should begin with a change in diet.

The defeat comes as follows: the microorganism enters the pores of the skin where sebaceous glands root, reproduce and provokes inflammation.

In order to establish an accurate diagnosis the patient must consult a dermatologist, which is a detailed study of the flow pattern of the boil can make an accurate diagnosis and determine the cause of its occurrence.

Common symptoms of the disease is as follows:

  1. In the armpit occur discomfort.
  2. A few days touching the affected area start to deliver pain.
  3. You can find a dense fixed bundle.
  4. Around the affected area of ​​the skin becomes red shade.
  5. After three days, "pops" white head, which after a while opened and leaves a wound.

In general the human condition is in good order, it does not lose its efficiency. Without treatment, symptoms disappear in about a week, but doctors strongly recommend to conduct the necessary examination.

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As should be treated

To cure appeared chirii, doctors use a variety of methods and tools, which are chosen depending on what stage the disease is, necessarily taking into account the reasons for its existence. Treatment should include personal hygiene is necessary to limit contact with the lesion. To cure chirii, use antiseptic lotions. When the boil will reveal, the affected area will need to be treated with special ointments, solutions, not forgetting to remove the pus, to prevent the development of boils. In much severe cases, when there is a complication, can not do without surgery.

Chirii need to begin to heal immediately after their formation. The treatment process is a very difficult exercise, because there is a risk to earn a complication. Purulent sinusitis or chronic abrasions - that the consequences of delayed treatment of boils. Sufficient trouble threatens to bring any of these diseases, therefore, need timely professional help.

What to do with furuncle appeared under his arm? You need to know what is required immediate treatment. To treat a boil can a doctor. And it is worth noting that due to the fact that different armpits sensitivity chirii leave behind traces of a cure, scars, and they persist throughout life and remain forever.

To boils healed quickly, doctors recommend the use ihtiolovye compresses. They contribute to the acceleration of the development, maturation and rapid opening of boils. When opened the boil, abscess rod should be removed with alcohol soaked cotton swab. Once pus is removed, the resulting wound is necessary to disinfect by means of hydrogen peroxide. Disinfect the wound should be formed in the next few days. To avoid a relapse, you need a few more days to use compresses.
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Traditional methods of treating boils

Deciding to treat boils folk ways, should know that they are helping to remove the abscess is much faster, but the reasons for their education, they are not clean. Therefore it is necessary to take methods to complete curing. If chirii continue to appear and after treatment, it says that the disease developed abrasions. It is an acute suppurative disease manifested in the appearance of boils all over the body of man. To heal abrasions, you need to spend a lot more time than in the treatment of boils.

How to treat abrasions? To address the causes of the disease is necessary to appoint a course of treatment, which can appoint a doctor. Treat must be properly matched with antibiotics. This is the most reliable and effective way in today's time. And despite the fact that the cure abrasions still really, it is still better to try to prevent and avoid. For example, if there was a cut on the skin, crack or any other injury, the resulting wound is urgently needed to disinfect. It should try to avoid excessive overheating or overcooling of the skin. Round the clock care must be taken to consume the amount of vitamins, it is no secret that a healthy person's immunity is the best defense of the human body.

If a person were chirii armpit or elsewhere, it can be concluded that the human immune system is unable to cope with inflammation.

That is why you need to start the treatment of boils with complete recovery of the body and maintain immunity.

Treatment of any disease starts with identifying the exact cause of the disease. If the carrier is a bacterium, it need antimicrobials that are suited to a specific person. Next, you need to review the diet and adjust it, the deletion of the refined products, sweets and sugar. It is recommended to replace them with fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. It is necessary to increase the intake of water to 2 liters a day.

To help the skin, you must use the following:

  1. The affected area can be treated and chirii boric or salicylic alcohol.
  2. The skin can be lubricated with antiseptic ointment.
  3. More rapid healing of the boil contribute birch tar and liniment Vishnevsky.
  4. Better and faster healing salve helps methyluracyl.

We can not forget about the restorative treatment, which includes daily exercise, elimination of areas with foci of chronic infection, vitamin preparations and mineral complexes, as well as autoimmune blood transfusion.

Treatment man comes outpatient even medical certificate is not issued. It is needed if went boil in a complicated form and require surgical intervention. Surgical removal of the boil takes place under local anesthesia. During the operation takes place opening boil, removing pus, topical antibiotics and sutures (if necessary).

Important to remember that it is best to carry out prevention boils - personal hygiene, to handle any cuts and abrasions, do not use sharp objects, for example, for cleaning the ear canal and so on. Frequent occurrence of boils need to consult a doctor and a mandatory pass tests to identify the causes.

 How to treat boils