diagnostirvanie mixed gastritis


  • Causes and symptoms
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mixed gastritis
  • A diet with mixed gastritis

The set of occurrence of multiple forms of gastritis are called mixed.

The problem of proper diagnosis and treatment of this disease is that it is often this kind is very difficult to determine. Since the simultaneous presence of hemorrhagic, hypertrophic, and erosive surface shape does not give a clear picture of the disease.

 cream soup with gastritis
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Causes and symptoms

The main cause of the disease is an infection of the body by the bacterium "Helicobacter pylori". The way her infection can be both fecal-oral and contact-household. The primary stage is characterized by inflammation of the surface layer of the stomach lining, and the further course of the disease is gradually moving to the next chronic.

When changing the type of surface to the erosive already visible damaged sections of the walls of the stomach - erosion. The acidity of the gastric juice in this case is not important as they may appear at elevated or at reduced secretory function of the stomach. This form has a lingering chronic.

The next state is a complicated form of hemorrhagic gastritis mixed. At this stage, blood vessels located on the walls of the stomach, lose their toughness and become brittle. The result is that there are point erosion and small foci of hemorrhage.

Last form of hypertrophic gastritis is characterized by the presence of mixed thickened gland, which in turn lead to a modified state of the stomach wall - the emergence of nodules, adenomas and cysts.

The combination of 2 or more forms over a prolonged period determined mixed chronic gastritis. The main symptoms of the disease:

  • discomfort in the epigastric;
  • in the pit of a strong sense of "sucking";
  • a feeling of fullness;
  • nausea, the consequence of which may be vomiting;
  • decreased appetite;
  • periodic dull or sharp pain radiating to the left hypochondrium or back;
  • periodic belching;
  • bloating.

 boiled eggs with gastritis

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Diagnosis and treatment of mixed gastritis

The effectiveness of treatment often depends on the correct and timely diagnosis. For this and spend a gastroscopy procedure EGD (fibrogastroduodenoendoskopiyu). EGD is the main method of determining pathology, which is using the probe inspects the inner cavity of the stomach. After the diagnosis is determined regimen. In severe cases, patients were followed immediately by several specialists: therapist, doctor-gastroenterologist, infectious disease specialist and toxicologist. First of all, treatment is aimed at eliminating the factors that provoke disease (poor diet, infection). Then the selected products and light diet

The methods include medical treatment with antibiotics, the type of which depends on the forms of the disease. Also prescribers antiprotozoal and normalizes the secretory function. If necessary, treated with antispasmodic, astringent and enveloping means, enzymes and drugs, accelerating the healing process of erosion.
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A diet with mixed gastritis

Equally important on the road to recovery is a diet, which feature is the refusal of many foods that irritate the stomach lining. Be prohibited use of salty, sour, spicy dishes, as well as tobacco and alcohol. Moreover, food to be boiled or steamed. Completely excluded from the diet of fried, smoked, oily, cold and too hot food.


  • Fatty, fried meat, bacon.
  • Rye bread, fresh pastries.
  • Beans, lentils, barley, barley and millet porridge.
  • Sour cream, cheese.
  • Mustard, horseradish, various sauces and condiments.
  • Red and black pepper.
  • Chocolate and sweets.
  • Strong tea and coffee.

In compiling the dietary ration for patients with chronic gastritis, should focus on foods rich in vitamins and proteins. The disadvantage of the first leads to the slow recovery of the stomach, and proteins are essential building blocks of its cells. When cooking soups better not to use meat and vegetable broth and serve in a shabby. Kashi should be greatly tenderized or be mixed with vegetable puree and fruit in baked form and free from seeds and peels. The softer the food is, the more effective treatment will be.


  • White Meat, poultry, veal and boiled fish (protein).
  • Sunflower and soybean oil (Vitamin E).
  • Buckwheat and oatmeal (Vitamin C).
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, cream.
  • Scrambled eggs.
  • Pumpkin, squash, tomatoes (remove the peel), beets, carrots, young peas, spinach.
  • Strawberries, raspberries, apples, wild rose fruits and other sweet varieties.

Correctly made diet not only promotes rapid recovery, but also the elimination of repeated relapses. In addition, a separate and regular meals, do not overload the stomach, it is a major prophylactic to prevent chronic gastritis.

 The main symptoms and treatment of mixed gastritis

 causes warts on the face


  • Description tumors
  • The reasons for the appearance of tumors on the face
  • Treatment of modern methods tumors
  • Traditional methods for treating tumors

Warts on the face are benign tumors and they appear on the skin when ingested human papillomavirus, or HPV virus.

Almost everyone warts, and especially on the face, accompanied by aesthetic discomfort and various complexes.

Types of tumors on the face:

  1. Flat or youth.
  2. Filamentous or akrohordy.
  3. Senile.

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Description tumors

  • Youth tumors often occur in adolescents during puberty. Flat warts on the face are caused by the constant changes in hormone levels at this age, or the general weakness of the immune system of a young body. In appearance they are a bundle or elevation of body-yellowish irregular shape.

Such growths are not painful and do not itch, in the case of their occurrence appears only minor discomfort for the person. Flat warts do not require removal or special treatment, they usually disappear on their own, without any consequences for the skin. But still, they should be treated with extreme caution, not to mechanical stress.

  • Filamentous neoplasm or akrohordy occur on the face near the mucosal eyelids, nose and lips, and neck. These warts can occur at any age, but more common in people older than 50 years. Filamentary tumor appears on the face in the form of yellowish bumps that grows and stretches, getting an oblong shape, and as it hangs on a stalk.

Akrohordy have elastic dense texture, their length is typically 4-6 mm, but sometimes reach up to 1 cm. Near one neoplasm appear several threadlike akrohord, which subsequently fuse together. Get rid of these growths can and remove even recommended. Thread-like tumors have the same color skin, in rare cases, they are darker in color. According to research by experts akrohordy appear in the background of hormonal disorders associated with obesity, menopause and diabetes.

  • In contrast to the above applications tumors senile warts are not associated with HPV. This type of tumors on the face appears only in connection with the age-related changes of human skin after 40 years. They are acting on the integument of Education tan size of a bean, often covered with greasy greasy coating.

If the patient wants something directed to the removal of the tumor, but before that, make sure that it does not verrucosum - precancerous skin lesions. Any suspicion of keratitis, it is not recommended to attempt to bring the build-up, because it is life threatening.

 laser wart removal
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The reasons for the appearance of tumors on the face

  1. Failure of conventional sanitary requirements, that is, the daily washing your face morning and evening, as well as the use of additional cleaning agents.
  2. The presence of scratches on his face, through which can quickly penetrate HPV.
  3. Using a towel, razor with a person who is a carrier of HPV.
  4. It increases the risk of tumors in human disease such as diabetes.
  5. Causes of a woman during pregnancy or menopause different formations on the skin of the face can serve as a weakened immune system.

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Treatment of modern methods tumors

First of all, before you start treatment or to agree to the removal to get rid of the growths, should seek medical attention, to pass the necessary examinations and tests. If distance education is necessary, you should select the method that is most appropriate.

  • The laser is the safest means to remove all the tumors on his face. The main advantage of this therapy is that the removal is almost painless and safe for a few minutes. In place of the warts are small holes that go through one or two months.
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen or cryosurgery helps to successfully get rid of superfluous entities face. Treatment takes place in a manner based on the freezing of tissue formations on the first try. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.
  • Another effective tool in the treatment of various tumors is radiosurgery. The surgeon, a special radio sets tuned to a certain purity, affects fabric formation and destroys it. This method helps to get rid of warts person and eliminates the ingress of various infections.

Other treatments

In this case, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before starting to withdraw the extra education. Self-treatment is not desirable, and sometimes even dangerous to health. Remove and help get rid of warts ointment "Collomak" grouts "Ferezol" "celandine" and "Solkoderm."

But in order to remove tumors using solutions use point method. Since any of these may cause a burn healthy skin.

 ointment for persons from tumors
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Traditional methods for treating tumors

In folk medicine offers several effective ways to bring all the warts. In applying these recipes needed to remember that if you are not careful or incorrectly used, almost any means can leave burns and scars on the skin. Moreover, the desire to remove tumors without consulting a doctor can lead to malignant tumors, melanoma, or cancer in leather.

  1. Folk healers recommend a simple and innocuous means such as rubbing garlic clove formations. Remove warts helping volatile garlic, which have antiviral activity.
  2. Similar properties are even tools such as a decoction of wormwood and bulbous juice, help to bring all kinds of education in the face.
  3. A particularly effective means for the treatment of skin warts, including ploskovidnyh became celandine. In order to remove a variety of education a person requires freshly picked celandine grind in a meat grinder, the mixture to squeeze the juice, pour it in a glass dish and cover tightly. Dishes with the juice in the refrigerator for two weeks for fermentation, but every day it is necessary to open the lid to release the resulting air. Fermented juice should be wet every build-up. Such treatment is the most effective and helps get rid of warts permanently.

Keep in mind that self-injury or removal of tumors on the face can lead to more sprawl.

 Removal of tumors on the face