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  • Why there are white spots on the head?
  • Acne in children 13-16 years
  • Tighten the treatment in any case can not be
  • How to cure acne on his head under the hair folk remedies

Acne on the scalp is still bothered by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Egyptian pharaohs and the Roman patricians were thinking about how to get rid of this strange disease. This defect in the skin may occur in people related to a completely different age groups. Pimples rather unexpectedly.

This disease causes not only physical but also psychological diskomfort.Neestetichny kind of scalp very few people like. But look - not the worst. Caring for hair very uncomfortable constant itching begins to disturb the slightest touch comb. And if you try to scratch their heads, the itching and pain even worse. A vicious circle and constant torment.
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Why there are white spots on the head?

This question is certainly of interest to all people suffering from acne.

The reason could be absolutely any malfunction in the body. Often boljuchih pimples under the hair on his head, appearing in adolescents, pregnant women or in women before menstruation, indicate that the body's hormonal failure occurred. To determine why there were spots on the head under the hair, is to conduct a full examination by a specialist, because the causes can be much more serious and signal an illness.

But there are also domestic reasons for the appearance of acne on his head. These include the failure to comply with basic rules of personal hygiene, in this case, small purulent pimples literally dot the entire scalp, causing itching and redness.

Acne originate follows

As you know, our skin is at the cellular level of 3 layers: the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis, - each layer has a specific function. Thus, the dermis (connective tissue) contains sebaceous and sweat glands. These glands are located on the face and head. If skin cells has excess fat, it penetrates through the pores to the outside (with later). Human skin hydrolipidic film is coated, it protects the organism from excessive loss of moisture and ingress of bacteria from the surface of the body and the environment. If the lipid layer of broken or malfunctioning, the bacteria still overcome him and penetrate into the pores, and then becomes inflamed. In this process, there are red and painful spots.

Children also face this problem. Why are babies, which contain almost sterile, too, there are spots in the hair on his head?

Causes of acne in children are quite different. In infants acne can be caused by poor nutrition nursing mother. And the children a bit older, they are the result of allergic reactions to certain foods, skin care products, medicines, and even low-quality toys. Parents should be especially careful to treat acne on the head in children, because this is often the first sign of a baby chicken pox. The child should be evaluated immediately to hospital pediatrician and dermatologist.

 Treatment of acne on his head
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Acne in children 13-16 years

Teens are one of the most risky age groups. At this age the subcutaneous fat begins to produce more intense than before. Companion acne often become purulent and white spots.

What else is the reason for the appearance?

It is possible that the appearance of such spots provoked incorrectly selected shampoo and other care for the scalp and hair. Maybe you have too much or, conversely, too seldom wash your hair. Remember: you need to wash your hair every other day at least, and if hair is oily, if not every day, so as not to appear acne.

Malnutrition is also quite often causes acne. Harmful products, in particular, a large number of sweets is sure to affect the state of your skin. In this case you should visit a nutritionist, who will appoint a special balanced diet. It is possible and to eat properly, remember General rule: in the morning - porridge for lunch - fruit, in the afternoon - the first and the second dinner - mostly protein foods. If you can not give up sweets, then give preference to natural delicacy, which should be eaten in the morning. Adhering to these rules, you will not only get rid of the hated acne, but also improve the overall tone of the body, speed up metabolism, which is important in the fight against acne.

Why are there pimples, although health and hygiene, all right? Less common causes of acne on his head - stress, neurosis, menstrual irregularities. But they, too, should pay attention.
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Tighten the treatment in any case can not be

To get rid of acne, provoking itching and peeling, you should immediately start treatment. Do not self. There are several types of skin, and a man not versed in dermatology, will not be able to choose the right medication, the right to him. After all, the causes of acne are many, and to assign the proper treatment, you should consult a dermatologist to avoid complications.

It has long been known to get a little to soothe itching and pain, should take sulfur baths with the addition of a small amount of sea salt. After this procedure, the scalp is a little "dehumidified" inflammation and itching gradually pass. Only here sulfuric bath in our time - it is unreal. Of course, can be added to a bath agent containing sulfur and sea salt, the effect is supposed to be the same. However, many agents are based on natural products, are virtually inaccessible.

But there are a lot of good modern drugs based on synthetic components. They will help to quickly get rid of annoying acne on the scalp. For example, special shampoos dried spots and contribute to their disappearance. This is the most "harmless" means, and if the spots just appeared, such a tool should always be on hand to at the first sign of illness you can immediately neutralize it. Treatment of such means is not carried out for more than 2 weeks. If the shampoo does not help, you should again consult a dermatologist for help.

Treatment of acne on the scalp: popular media

  • Antibacterial ointment. If you have appointed it is, do not forget to follow the instructions and apply the cream in small portions to washed and lightly dried hair.
  • If the ointment does not help, you should try ihtiolku. It needs to be spread thin slices directly on the pimples. Change the bandage should be daily.
  • Around every pimple skin wipe salicylic or camphor alcohol. Be careful not to Strive not to burn the scalp.
  • And the most extreme measure in the fight against acne on the scalp is antibiotics. A more effective means of pharmacology has not yet. But as you know, use of antibiotics can lead to dire consequences, so this method should be used against acne on his head under the hair as a last resort.

Please note that the popular media, such as Chatterbox Skinoren or apply only to remove acne on the face. For the head, they are simply useless.

Pustules on the head hair in any case can not push and pick, even if the itch does not give you peace of mind. Bear, otherwise their actions, you will only aggravate the situation and condition of the skin deteriorates markedly.

 rinse hair folk remedies
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How to cure acne on his head under the hair folk remedies

Such tools may well help, but they should be used only after a visit to the doctor and, therefore, with his own consent.

  • Apple vinegar. Prepare a solution for this, mix the vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Freshly washed hair is rinsed with this solution. We are waiting for 5-7 minutes, then rinsed head under running water.
  • Tea tree oil - an excellent antiseptic that can soothe the itching and redness. Oil may be added to mask or a hair shampoo. Such an agent can not only treat the acne, but also used as preventive.
  • The mask of cinnamon and honey. Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of honey after shampooing apply the mixture on the problem areas of the scalp and leave for 20-30 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. Making such a mask 2-3 times a week.
  • Do not forget about proper nutrition, because an excess of junk food is bad for your skin and body as a whole. It is necessary to include in the daily diet of wheat, rhubarb, plums, cabbage and fruit. Eat porridge, especially useful buckwheat, oats and wheat. Give up pastry. As the drink is best to use milk products, green tea, mineral water and juices.

By following simple guidelines, you will cope with pimples on his head by the hair and never know what the itching and flaking.

 How to cure acne on his head?