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  • Growing milk mushroom
  • Care milk mushroom
  • Properties of milk mushroom
  • Kefir fungus - an excellent remedy for skin care
  • Contraindications for the treatment of kefir fungus

Every year, milk mushroom is gaining popularity. He is firmly entrenched in the everyday life of people who value their health and want to preserve their youth and beauty for a long time. Thanks to its natural ingredients can cure many diseases. Milk mushroom found application in many health problems. The only condition, of course, is its correct dosage. And then the result of the miraculous properties of milk mushroom is evident.
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Growing milk mushroom

For useful drink fungus needs no larger than a regular table spoon. It should be placed in a glass jar, cover with 250 milligrams of milk. Tara with a mushroom to place on a window sill, which is not exposed to direct sunlight. The room temperature must be from 18 to 24 degrees. During 16-20 hours the milk turn sour in the bank and acquire useful properties. Carefully strain the milk through a sieve and rinse with cool water milk mushroom from the remnants of leaven. After water procedures it again can be filled with milk. It is best suited for this purpose the average fat content of the milk.

Milk mushroom with the right care is growing very fast. Therefore, in the past month, he may take 1/3 space liter cans. It should be shared and made available to all who wish to be given a cure at home. Collect or attempt to accommodate all the small dishes are not worth it.
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Care milk mushroom

Like any living organism, milk mushroom requires constant care. Therefore, the daily wash with cool water will ensure that the fungus will feel comfortable. Otherwise, it may acquire a brownish color and die. Healthy mushroom identical color milk.

It is important to remember not to wash the milk mushroom hot and warm water, as it can burn. The Bank, which is a fungus should remain open as a living organism constantly breathing. If you want to get away for a few days, you should take care of beforehand, "family doctor." Put the mushrooms in a three-liter glass containers, you must fill it with 1, 5 liters of water and 1, 5 liters of milk, and then put on the usual place. Upon returning the resulting infusion can be used as washing and for receiving the baths.

 healthy milk mushroom use
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Properties of milk mushroom

Among the most useful properties of milk mushroom should be highlighted:

  • reconstitution of the immune system and maintain its active work;
  • anti-allergy effect;
  • normalization of metabolism and restore the lipid balance;
  • wound-healing effect;
  • normalization of the intestinal microflora;
  • increase in sexual activity;
  • providing choleretic action;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antispasmodic properties;
  • the ability to improve memory and others.

If you look at all the properties of milk mushroom, it turns out that it is virtually a cure. The only thing you should know about is the correct application in the healing of specific illnesses. Before drinking milk drink, you should consult your doctor. There are over 20 diseases for which treatment is recommended milk mushroom.

  • Atherosclerosis

Generally it occurs in older people. This happens as a result of lipid metabolism and wall thickening arteriosoedinitelnoy tissue, aided by the deposition of cholesterol. In order to begin an active struggle with atherosclerosis, milk mushroom is used as follows.

1 week - to use the infusion of fungus once a day for an hour before bedtime 150 mg. There after use is not recommended.

2-4 weeks - to use the infusion of fungus twice daily 150 mg: in the morning (after waking up) on an empty stomach and in the evening (before bedtime). During the month course of treatment is not recommended to drink alcohol. After completing the course to make a four-week break, and then should start to second rate subject to the same recommendations for use.

  • Alcoholism

Treatment of chronic progressive disease with the help of milk mushroom is recommended after medical treatment, coding or clear awareness of man's desire to get rid of dependence. It is important to make a tincture of the fungus more acidic. For this period, its total acidification should be increased to 24-30 hours.

1 month - receiving infusion 3 times a day 300 mg: in the morning after waking up an hour before lunch and in the evening before bedtime. 2 month - receiving infusion 5 times a day before meals. The volume of alcohol consumed must not be less than 1 liter per day. After the 2-month course should a break at 8 weeks and again proceed to treatment of the above scheme. Due to its properties the mushroom helps remove decay products after taking alcohol and drug treatment.

  • Hypertension

Increased blood pressure - a fairly common problem plaguing the majority of older people. People suffering from hypertension, milk mushroom will bring real benefits when used correctly. In this case, all as is done in stages.

Step One. Purification of clogged pores. For this is the best fit bath or sauna. A reasonable dose of stay in the steam room will qualitatively clear pores. To be in the bath / sauna hypertensive patients need no more than 5-7 minutes. Then abundantly pour cold water, jump in the pool or take a cold shower. During the rest of the pores should be well cleaned, for that perfect hard sponge or rock salt. Rubbing salt rock not only cleanse the pores, but also bring the excess water from the body and increase the flow of oxygen into the blood. It has an excellent effect and herbal tea drunk during a stay in the dressing room. You go in the steam room should not be less than five.

Step Two. It starts a month before the course of treatment with the fungus. Two weeks to eat in the morning and evening for 2 small slices of lemon and honey.

Step Three. Within 2 weeks of yogurt 150-200 mg should be carried out in the morning (after waking up) and in the evening an hour before bedtime. In the following two weeks of yogurt should be carried out in a similar way with an increase in dosage to 250 mg. After a month break, the course can be repeated again.

  • Cholelithiasis

Education in the gall bladder and ducts leading to disruption of metabolic processes. The infusion of fungus promotes dissolution of stones. An additional element for an effective treatment should be the cucumber juice. Within a month, an hour before lunch you should drink 1 cup cucumber drink. Before going to bed to drink 150 mg infusion of fungus. After a month's course should take a break in treatment. For complete dissolution of the stone course to be repeated up to 3 times in a similar way.

  • Adiposity

Obesity - a problem the new generation. Improper diet, alcohol abuse and sedentary lifestyle lead to the formation of excess fat tissue. The process is fairly difficult to control, but to cope with it will help us ordinary and familiar milk mushroom.

Treatment with the fungus is based on the division of power on 5 receptions, strict compliance with the schedule. As in a normal diet, eat food after 18.00 is not recommended. The exception is a late bedtime. In this case, it is possible for 4 hours before bedtime.

Before the diet recommended that a fasting day. Pre-clean the intestine using an enema. Importantly, in the diet, there are some limitations, not only in food, but also in the liquid. If the menu is not indicated to take the liquid, the application should be reduced to 0, 5 liters.


  • 1 day. 400 g potatoes in their jackets and 0, 5 liters of mushroom infusion. At each meal to eat 100 grams of potatoes, which is recommended before taking to drink 100 mg of buttermilk. An hour before sleep drunk another portion of yogurt.
  • Day 2. 400 grams of cheese and 0, 5 liters of milk infusion. Admission is like the first day.
  • Day 3. 600 g apples and 0, 5 liters of milk infusion.
  • Day 4. 400 g of white meat and 0, 5 liters of milk infusion.
  • 5 day. 600 g apples and 0, 5 liters of milk infusion.
  • Day 6. 1, 5 liters of mineral water unsalted.
  • Day 7. 600 g apples and 0, 5 liters of milk infusion.

If compliance with these restrictions is problematic and evenings overcome acute attacks of hunger, you can take an additional one serving of yogurt. All the more so, hold on a similar diet for 3 days, the body gets used to the limitations and hunger pangs will recede over time. The main thing - to organize a meal on time. For a week, and similar restrictions using milk mushroom can throw up to 8 kg. If you wish to improve results if you need it, is to spend 1 week of rest, and to sit on such a diet.

  • Diabetes

The lack of insulin and the consequences caused by it can be prevented in time to begin treatment with milk mushroom. Basically similar technique helps in treating insulin-independent form in the initial stages of the disease. An important consideration in the treatment of fungal extract is that through its beneficial effects it restores insulin-producing cells (normalization of the pancreas).

The treatment is designed for 20 days. It is recommended to drink a liter a day of infusion. As soon as an acute attack of hunger, should take 150-200 mg of yogurt and 20 minutes to eat food. After some time after the meal you can drink herbal tea. After the whole course, as in previous cases, it is necessary to make a two-week break and undergo treatment again, respecting all the recommendations.

  • Cholecystitis

Inflammation of the gallbladder - is not a pleasant condition, but the use of milk mushroom helps in this case. The combination of oatmeal and milk infusions yields excellent effect. To apply you will need oatmeal drink 0, 5 kg of oats pour a liter of boiling water for about 2 hours. An hour before the meal should drink 150 mg of oat broth (morning and afternoon). In the evening, before going to bed is recommended to drink milk infusion 250-300 mg. The course of treatment for a period of one month. Repeat it should not be, because the correct observance of the recommendations allows completely cure cholecystitis.

  • Stomach Ulcer

Chronic disease in periods of exacerbation delivers a lot of hassle. To reduce pain and heal ulcers is quite possible, if you follow the right advice and a half months.

  • 1 week. After waking up drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of acacia honey. Breakfast porridge, cooked in the water to form a mucous consistency. Before going to bed to drink 250 mg of mushroom infusion with divorced him 20 mg of olive oil. In the case of untreated olive oil to add anything not worth it.
  • 2 week. After waking up drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of acacia honey. Half an hour before dinner drink cabbage juice 100 mg before bedtime - 250 mg of buttermilk.
  • 3-4 week. After waking up, as well as pre-dinner drink 100 mg of cabbage juice. At bedtime 250 mg yogurt.
  • 5-6 week. After waking up and an hour before bedtime to drink 250 mg of buttermilk. If a peptic ulcer is not passed, the next course is recommended that pre-season period of exacerbation.

 milk mushroom application to the skin

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Kefir fungus - an excellent remedy for skin care

Infusion of kefir fungus better than any expensive creams and masks can make the skin face and body velvety, radiant, relieve fatigue, wrinkles and remove minor skin rashes. It can be used both individually and in combination with cosmetics.

Inflicting infusion kefir fungus on the face by holding on the skin for 15 minutes, you can significantly whiten her for a while and eliminate unsightly dark spots. The effect of the mask is stored up to three days, after which the procedure is recommended to repeat. Thanks to medical and nutritional substances in the mushroom infusion, wrinkles are smoothed, and the dermis becomes radiant appearance. An important indicator is the activation of the blood circulation, whereby the flow of oxygen to the tissues is activated.

Rubbing milk mushroom tincture into the scalp can strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, to enhance growth and improve the skin. Bath with the addition of infusion of fungus perfectly tones and nourishes the skin. Note that the use of such funds should be dosed to avoid backlash.
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Contraindications for the treatment of kefir fungus

The main contraindication is lactose intolerant, as the application can cause severe allergies. Children up to three years to use milk mushroom is also not recommended. During pregnancy from taking milk mushroom is better to abstain. During lactation reception of the fungus is allowed a specific need.

Treatment of milk mushroom implies a complete rejection of the use of alcohol. Fatty and spicy foods are also banned. Applying milk mushroom regularly, you can get rid of many problems. He is the guardian of the health and beauty of their owners, providing a daily positive impact on your whole body.

 All of the milk mushroom: how to store and apply it