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  • What is a lipoma?
  • What can provoke wen?
  • Is it possible to remove the lipoma popular recipes?
  • When you need surgery?

The word "lipoma" comes from the Greek words "liposomes" and "ohm", which translates as a tumor of adipose tissue, hence the common name - wen. Recently, talc merely "pursue" people they meet every fourth resident of Russia. This is not a new formation of cancerous tumors, it can not be held for a no harm.
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What is a lipoma?

Wen looks a bit like a lymph node. It is soft to the touch, able to move when pressing a finger at him, has definite limits. And tactile sensations reminiscent of a small ball (pea), the size of which over time will inevitably increase.

Introduced lipoma on the human body can go unnoticed for a long time, because it does not cause an increase in temperature and other major changes. Not in a quiet position, no pressure-sensitive wen is absolutely not cause any pain. It can be placed on any part of the body where there is fat tissue, literally "from head to toe," the body can be subjected to the appearance of Wen. There are even cases when these tumors appear in the abdominal cavity.

No harm shall not be a lipoma, except that unsightly appearance. Lipoma swell on the surface of the body, and if you can not cover up this place clothing, it looks unattractive.

 Wen compress treatment of raw eggs
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What can provoke wen?

There are several known factors that affect the skin:
In our time, the food is not as good and useful as we would like. Most of the ingredients and additives of synthetic origin, which leads to stagnation of the process of cleansing the body.

Failure to comply with the regime of the day, an unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, giving up sports, a lack of oxygen (if you are constantly in the room) - all of these seemingly innocuous and quite nestrashnye problem wen provoke the appearance of the body. The fact is that these factors lead to a decrease in gastrointestinal motility (gastrointestinal tract), breakdown products do not have time excreted from the body, so they fall into the so-called "nooks and crannies" of the body and the peripheral zone, where, in fact, is the adipose tissue . There accumulate all sorts of "slag" and when they accumulate to excess, it is simply blocked sebaceous glands.

At first glance, wen, although harmless, but there are cases when it is not remote in a timely manner seriously mutated tumor. This is due to the fact that the long-standing internal encapsulated talc (as they are not available to protect the antibodies) and become a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms rapidly.

Radical self lipomas using piercing and extrusion are not welcome. You are, at best, can easily infect the skin, and in the worst case - causing abnormal development of the structure of adipose tissue.

 getting rid of Wen infusion of mother and stepmother
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Is it possible to remove the lipoma popular recipes?

Yes, indeed, the only treatment Wen folk remedies should do as soon as possible. It is necessary to use tools that increase blood circulation at the place of the oil lamp.

Consider some examples of known means:
Treat lipoma is possible by means of compresses made from freshly picked Kallis fragrant (the people - golden mustache). The compress is applied to the swollen place tight bandage and leave for 10-12 hours (it is more convenient to do it at night, and to great effect to wrap the film).

The affected area of ​​the body can rub daily gruel of garlic, diluted with vegetable oil.

To rapidly enhance the flow of blood to the place of occurrence of lipomas, advised him to make a compress of film raw chicken eggs. This device works immediately. Once you see redness and slight swelling of the skin, remove the wrap and allow the skin to recover. Continue the procedure is after the complete restoration of the skin (when redness and swelling will disappear completely).

If wen appeared on the skin, devoid of hair, you can try to cure him with the help of celandine. Sprinkle on the affected area of ​​the fresh juice of the plant. As you know, the poisonous juice of celandine. Once on the skin, it "eats" a hole in the Wen. Then, remove the content by using the ointment Vishnevsky, baked onions, freshly picked aloe leaves or plantain (mashed into mush).

Pulp Kalanchoe help remove wen if using a patch to attach it on all day, every day changing bandages. After a week you will see results.

You can put the leaves mother and stepmother face to the tumor. We carry out the procedure 7-10 days. After this time, you will see the result.

If wen appeared on the head, remember, most of the tools can injure the skin. In this case, use mutton fat. Melt 1 teaspoon of oil and apply on the affected area. Intensive massage the tumor, rubbing means 10-15 minutes. After the first massage effect is already noticeable. And if you continue to process more than 4-5 days, the tumor and not a trace remains.

Wheat grains also help. They need to be chewed in the mouth to form a slurry. The resulting mass wrap in cheesecloth and apply to lipomas. This should be further compress wrap cling film. Wear it all day to be changing in the morning. After 4-5 days wen will be opening a flowing liquid. Keep doing wheat wraps until the complete removal of the tumor + 1-2 days "just in case."

If wen inflamed, you can make him a cake made of red clay with the addition of yogurt and salt. This wrap also wrapped the film and leave overnight, changing every day until complete removal of the tumor.

During treatment is recommended to eat every day wen 1-2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder. It can be added to coffee, tea, milk, as well as in cereals and soups.

If you do not want to add to the usual food cinnamon, then take it before eating, good drinking water.
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When you need surgery?

If wen launched and reached sufficient size, it is difficult to cure, using a "granny" methods. Removal of possible methods to carry out surgery.

If a lipoma has not yet reached 2 cm, it can be removed without cutting the skin (no scars will remain). The doctor injected under the skin a special solution, which causes the absorption of content.

If the size of lipomas than 3 cm, then require surgical removal. It is done under general anesthesia. After such an operation remains a small scar, but it's better than sticking wen.

A relatively new technique - laser removal of lipomas in the clinical setting. This operation is performed under local anesthesia. Time it takes a little healing occurs rapidly, the defects of the skin remains.

And the conclusion suggests itself: the sooner you notice appearing wen, the easier it will get rid of him. Do not put off a campaign to the doctor.

 How can I remove wen folk remedies?

 Symptoms of breast-local papilloma


  • Symptoms of intraductal papilloma
  • Intraductal papilloma Diagnostics
  • Treatment intraductal papilloma
  • Preventive measures

Intraductal (or Intraductal) papilloma of the breast - a benign tumor that arises in the milk ducts.

Its dimensions are usually not exceed a few millimeters, but sometimes the tumor grows to several centimeters. In addition, the papillomas are single and multiple, the latter more inclined to develop into malignant. This tumor is hormone-dependent, so often the symptoms appear after 40 years, when the woman's hormones begin to decline. Papillomas referred to as a precancerous condition, so treatment it should be mandatory. Let us consider, how to recognize and treat this disease.
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Symptoms of intraductal papilloma

Often the tumor is detected by chance at the dispensary and preventive examinations. But it is possible and independently to suspect the presence of papilloma. Here are its main symptoms:

  1. Discharge from the nipple. They can be of different nature: transparent, whitish, greenish, brown or bloody. Dark and greenish discharge suggest that infection is now, in this case an urgent need to start treatment.
    Please note that during pregnancy the appearance of transparent and whitish discharge occurs normally, so expectant mothers should not panic too soon.
  2. Lace, tangible palpation (feeling) of the nipple or areola peripapillary. Lace the elastic, somewhat painful. Intraductal papilloma probe can be used only if it is in one of the main ducts. Exerting pressure on the area of ​​the node can cause the appearance of discharge from the nipple. When inflammation of the papilloma or surrounding tissue edema of the mammary gland area - then you can test the more dense formation.

If you find yourself these symptoms (or at least one of them), you need as soon as possible to see a specialist, mammologu qualified for the survey.

 detection of papilloma of the breast
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Intraductal papilloma Diagnostics

Competent mammolog not be limited to inspection and palpation of the breast. Symptoms characteristic of Intraductal papilloma, also inherent in malignant tumors, so it is necessary to make a smear of discharge from the nipple to be sent to cytological analysis. In addition, there are a number of instrumental techniques that allow to help with diagnosis.

  • Ductography - X-ray of the breast after filling its duct contrast agent. On Ductography papilloma will look like a defect contrast. This method is the most informative, as it allows to assess the general state of the milk ducts, to determine the size of the tumor and its location. However, if the results of smear found abnormal cells, then holding Ductography absolutely contraindicated.
  • Mammography reveals papilloma only if she has a size of more than 5-7 mm.
  • Breast ultrasound does not allow to consider the channels, but it helps differentiate papilloma from cancer or other tumors vneprotokovyh.
  • MRI is used mainly for the same purposes as the US.

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Treatment intraductal papilloma

If the results of cytological analysis of the tumor shows no signs of malignancy, and the patient is predisposed to cancer, it is possible to carry out medical treatment. In this case the treatment can be carried out antivirals immunopodderzhivayuschimi drugs, vitamins (especially C, E and A) can also be used homeopathic remedies. If papilloma inflamed it happened joining infections need to be treated with antibacterial drugs, otherwise the consequences could be very unpleasant.

But still the preferred method of treatment of intraductal papilloma is surgery - sectoral resection. Modern techniques allow surgical treatment with minimal damage to the breast in which the shape and size of the cancer is usually not changed. Recovery after surgery takes approximately 5-7 days. After the treatment is necessary to have continuous monitoring of mammalogy - it will identify possible recurrence or time to prevent them.

 treatment of papilloma breast Drug
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Preventive measures

As already mentioned, papilloma of the breast - a hormone-dependent diseases, so early detection and treatment of hormonal disruption of the body, as well as inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive organs are the best measures of prevention of this tumor.

It should be regular visits to the gynecologist and mammalogy. In addition, the initial symptoms of the disease can be detected in the breast self-examination to be conducted themselves every woman.

 Symptoms and treatment of intraductal papilloma