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  • What is HPV and how to fight it
  • How are papilloma
  • Where there papillomavirus and why
  • What are the papilloma
  • Diagnosis and treatment of papillomas
  • Removal of papillomas laser
  • Traditional ways of treating warts

Modern man pays a lot of attention to their appearance. Of course, this is true, particularly, with respect to fine floor. The abundance of all kinds of cosmetics and beauty experts in the field do their work, self-care more accessible and comfortable. However, deteriorating environmental conditions, the mass of stress factors adversely affect the general health of the person. Participation of the development of various tumors of the skin the best proof. Often a person has papillomas on the neck.

Often a person does not think that the emergence of those or other foreign matter on the skin - a kind of signal to the body, evidence of malfunction of the internal organs in general.
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What is HPV and how to fight it

HPV - human papillomavirus - today one of the most common types of tumor. This tumor is classified as benign, which develops from the squamous epithelium. Why is there such growths? Causes of papillomavirus - a virus genus Papillomavirus. Today, science knows more than 60 varieties of these viruses, among which are considered dangerous to humans for more than half.

Catch a similar virus can be relatively easy, it is transmitted through everyday contact and because of micro skin. Transmission of the disease can be realized by means of sexual contact between infected and uninfected person during childbirth manupulyatsy. Chances appearance of warts in people, leading Unregulated sex, alcohol abuse and smoking.

In recent years, the virus infected more enough young people. The appearance of warts can cause some internal turmoil of the body, long-term use of drugs, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, acute viral infection.

Papillomavirus can also occur when you visit the pool or the beach, when the skin is almost no protected.

 At the doctor's treatment and disposal pappilom
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How are papilloma

When injected into the human body the virus can not manifest itself over a number of months. Then, getting into a favorable environment for them, they suddenly appear, causing considerable discomfort carrier. Regardless of gender, people infected with this virus is equally, but especially dangerous papilloma for women. Apart from the purely aesthetic discomfort, they can provoke bleeding, cause itching and irritation.

Papillomavirus are small wart-like bulges on the original stem of up to 1-2 centimeters. Their color varies from white to dark brown. These growths are many forms - they can resemble a cauliflower or cockscomb.
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Where there papillomavirus and why

Papillomavirus can also appear on the mucosa of the larynx, which may lead to disruption of the voice or respiration. In any case, if they were, it is a chance, leaving all his affairs, seem immediately to the doctor, because only timely and prompt treatment can help prevent the severe consequences associated with this type of virus.

In particular papillomavirus grow in a very favorable environment for him: in the mucous membranes of the genitals, in the anus, armpits or under the mammary gland. Papillomas in the neck deliver a lot of trouble especially for women. Although a direct correlation not, but many doctors attribute the appearance of papillomas at risk of developing cancer in females. Neck women traditionally devote a lot of attention.

This is not surprising, because it is an opportunity to wear a deep neckline, all kinds of jewelry and other revealing clothing. Not only the neck or face may be subject to attacks of such viruses. Women need to know that a lot of warts can appear where the skin is exposed to the greatest friction, such as under a piece toilet as a bra.

 Diagnosis of HPV
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What are the papilloma

There are different types of warts, some of them may take a completely asymptomatic, others may provoke the appearance of warts, a relatively small part of them can be a cause of cervical cancer. In some cases, the body can very effectively deal with the virus, while others can be effectively treated. It must be clearly aware that overnight to remove papillomas, especially if they are multiple, is unlikely.

The most common ordinary (vulgar) papilloma. This small hard bumps that are often located on the hands, especially in the fingers. In children, these formations can be seen on the knees. Plantar papilloma like form on the soles of the feet. They can deliver great discomfort a person walking. From time to time, such papilloma disappear (in particular this applies to children), but most require surgery specialist. The peculiarity of this type is that around the first core is formed a series of small papillomas.

Flat papillomavirus can be formed substantially anywhere on the human body and thus cause unpleasant sensations of itching, redness and inflammation of infected skin area. Thread-like papilloma more common in middle-aged and older. They can reach lengths of 5-6 millimeters and cause all kinds of comfort and inflammation. A feature of these types of education is that they do not disappear spontaneously. Genital warts are especially dangerous.

This type of virus is usually transmitted sexually and place of their dislocation - mucous genitalia and cervix. Such viruses can be a very long time does not manifest itself, but according to statistics, they often lead to the appearance of malignant tumors. Often these viruses are transmitted during birth from mother to child, provoking the emergence of neonatal anogenital warts and laryngeal papillomatosis.
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Diagnosis and treatment of papillomas

Diagnosing the disease is easy to like. The presence of warts can be detected during a routine inspection of ordinary gynecologist or dermatologist. To test their viral nature, a special technique that allows to identify viral particles in smears from the mucous membrane of genitals, scrapes, etc... After this it is necessary to hold a special biopsy. And when it detects at least one papillomavirus, it should not shelving them, delete.

Under no circumstances should one try to remove these self-education, such procedures must be entrusted only to qualified professionals and only in appropriate medical establishment. Treatment and prevention of such diseases must be carried out strictly complex. It is necessary to balance your diet, saturate it with vitamins in order to strengthen the immune system. Try to avoid a long stay in damp places, be careful with cuts on the skin and to avoid severe stress.

 removal of papillomas on the neck by laser
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Removal of papillomas laser

Removal of papillomas is often carried out using a laser, such removal is by far the most optimal. With this method of removal is carried out at any depth, and does not cause bleeding. Also, this removal leaves no residue on the skin after this manipulation. A very popular method of cryotherapy - removal of warts with liquid nitrogen. Treatment can be performed by radiosurgery.

Such treatment is carried out with a special radionozha by which removes damaged tissue site. Subsequently, these tissues are exposed to the full histological analysis. When using this technique for treatment and removal of papillomas occur painlessly and quickly.

Removal of papillomas produced by the method diathermocoagulation when such education cauterized with high frequency current. Universal methods of combating this disease does not exist. Or that the removal should be carried out only after all the necessary examinations and tests. Only after carrying out a thorough doctor may decide to remove the papilloma one or another method. Keep in mind that removal of papillomas - though it is small, but all the same operation, so the choice of a particular method can bind to a variety of factors, such as the general condition of the patient, the nature of the disease, the age of the person, etc.

After the immediate removal of warts, treatment does not end there. It is necessary to treat the entire human body. Very often, doctors prescribe treatment with all kinds of immunomodulators, which are designed to strengthen the immune system and prevent the reappearance of the papilloma virus.

 ointment for the treatment of warts
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Traditional ways of treating warts

Small papillomavirus can try to treat and remove, resorting to traditional medicine. Bring them help celandine juice, apple pomace from acid or a simple dandelion. A good effect is treatment with castor oil which contains in its structure acid that destroys the structure of papillomavirus, which in turn can bring it completely. To treat some types of warts and warts can be by applying three times a day, frozen in the ice of the fees herbs celandine, succession, and fungus. Treatment of warts can be carried out with the help of pharmaceutical products that are sold in pharmacies. This means the treatment is therapeutic and can be sick at home.

For drugs of this class include "Super - celandine," "Ferezol", "Verrukatsid" and "Kriofarma" and ointment "Viferon." Methods of application and duration of treatment can be found in the instructions to these drugs. Deciding on the admission of a medication is necessary, after appropriate consultation with a specialist. However, if the papilloma increasingly gaining space on the human body and their growth and development is systemic, the treatment must be performed only by a doctor.

Absolutely can not treat papillomavirus through dressing their string, pulling out or cutting out an independent. If so remove these formations, increases the risk of turning them from benign to malignant. Also like rash radical action - common causes of inflammation and infection of other organs. It should be extremely careful in the choice of clothes she should not scratch and irritate the lesion. Strongly should be deleted scrapes and burns these places. In order to achieve a certain effect on the cosmetic treatment it can be slightly papilloma powder or make a mask, but no more.

 Why do I get papillomavirus and how to fight them