causes of acne on his temples


  • The formation of spots on the temples: what it is
  • Causes and prevention
  • Reasons related to health

Spots at the temples is probably the most common problem in our time. Acne can appear only in two cases. The reasons are as follows:

  • people neglect personal hygiene, in this case, clogged pores and forms a pimple,
  • There are problems associated with the health of the internal organs.

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The formation of acne on his temples, it is

Our body produces fat secret that covers all of our skin.

Bold secret differently, sebaceous glands, protects and moisturizes the skin. When changes consistency and becomes greater than normal, then appear on the skin inflammation.

Inflammation - a dwelling bacteria, which in turn lead to the appearance of pimples. When coming out of the duct, sebum gets dark, the black dots are formed, from which so hard to get rid of. In frequent cases, the sebaceous gland is stuck inside, and because of this there is a solid white ball, which can become inflamed. Most of these spots are formed on the sides. They can appear anywhere on the face, whether it is the forehead, nose and chin. In no case should not squeeze pimples at the temples, as the skin at this place is considered a very delicate and difficult recovering from acne.

 steaming the face for the treatment of acne

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Causes and prevention

How can I get rid of unexpected spots at the temples

In any case, need to consult a specialist to determine the cause. Through various tests, you will be able to find out exactly that. If their appearance is due to natural changes in the human body, it will help deep cleaning. Facial cleansing is best done in a beauty salon. Currently, there are 2 ways:

  • Steaming the face then followed by cleaning using the gel.
  • Peeling faces with the appropriate scrub.

Most people have the impression that facial cleansing involves manual cleaning, namely squeezing with different cosmetic tools. Nowadays it is practically not used, because there are more modern face cleansing, which include physical therapy, exfoliating and cryomassage.

To effect after a trip to the beautician lasted a long time, do not run your face, continue to take care of him every day. In the salons you recommend suitable creams and lotions for the future care of your skin. This foam cleanser and moisturizing creams, cleansing lotions and much more.

If you did not reveal the causes of pimples, then you should reduce the consumption of fatty, spicy and sweet food.

It is better to focus on a correct and healthy eating. It is advisable to wash twice a day, flushing extra protective layer of the sebaceous glands.

 exfoliating mask for acne
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Reasons related to health

Most often, the appearance of pimples on his temples and any other part of the body signals the violation of one of the functioning of internal organs. According to experts, one of the most common causes is the lack of work of the spleen. Therefore, to know the reasons why you were spots on the temples, you need to seek professional help, to pass various tests to pass the necessary examination, to find out the health of your body and be sure to check the condition of the spleen. Most often a dermatologist (or cosmetologist) sends his patients to be examined by physician or gastroenterologist.

No less common cause of inflammation is considered to be poor diet, which can be detrimental affect on the skin. Most people know that malnutrition in 40% is considered to be the main cause of acne that appear on the sides. It is desirable to eliminate all acne flour, savory and sweet products, any carbonated beverages (preferred to drink mineral water without gas).

Many people who work in the office of the table, there is a bad habit to prop up the head with his hand, that contributes to acne at the temples, as the dirt with it gets on the skin. If self-control in this case, it is possible to avoid the fact that there are pimples. It is also desirable to touch her face in her hands dirty during the day, it is best to use a damp cloth.

 Where there are spots on the temples

 causes of belching and heartburn


  • What causes heartburn
  • Causes of heartburn in pregnancy
  • What causes belching
  • What types otryzhek
  • Treatment of heartburn and regurgitation

Heartburn, belching - this is probably the two most common problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract. Almost everyone has an idea about these problems, and every other at least once in his life faced with these ailments.

In fact, heartburn is quite up to its name and is just a burning sensation, mostly in the chest. Heartburn, despite the prevalence found is not at all and is manifested in different ways. Some of this problem occurs after consumption of a low-quality product and kept for a few minutes. For others it can occur only after a binge. Some suffer from heartburn more often, for example, after every meal, and it appears much stronger.
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What causes heartburn

For heartburn responsible food pulp, if it is sufficiently weakened, then there is a threat to the problem of education. But there is another factor that influences its appearance. The fact that in the case of when gastric secretion is increased, there is heartburn. Given these two factors the acidic fluid contained in the stomach begins to enter the esophagus. In connection with this phenomenon heartburn experienced differently, depending on how high the acidic liquid rose up to its mouth in emissions. Sometimes, when heartburn is stopped only when the chest is not very strong stage and there is a burning sensation.

Often the causes that trigger the appearance of heartburn - a chronic disease that occurs in the stomach, such as ulcers, etc. This problem often occurs during pregnancy or after the surgery, etc. Not to mention the obvious factors such as the deterioration of the general condition of the patient and his life, heartburn can be dangerous for its complications. If treatment is constantly postponed, as a consequence, there may be ulcers, bleeding, erosion, etc.

Problems with heartburn in the future are global problems with digestion.

As already mentioned, for reasons related throwing gastric fluid into the esophagus, it may serve as a weakened sphincter, which in the case of its normal operation of tracking (or rather prevents) reflux. Heartburn can occur in a healthy person having no abnormalities in the gastro-intestinal tract and not subject to any diseases. There are cases when heartburn - a response to therapeutic agents, they often include anti-inflammatory agents, such as aspirin.

 cause of poor digestion are belching and heartburn
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Causes of heartburn in pregnancy

During pregnancy heartburn arises in otherwise healthy women. What is the reason? Causes of heartburn during pregnancy is very simple. The fact that all the women in this state is accompanied by toxemia, during which they develop nausea and vomiting. As a result of that nausea occurs regularly occur irritation of the stomach and as a consequence, there is heartburn. Maybe another reason during pregnancy.

Sphincter can interlock tightly enough in the second half of pregnancy due to the fact that there is an additional movement in the abdominal cavity due to the increase of the uterus. All pregnant heartburn arises at different stages. Some of it appears by the twentieth week then mostly toxicity was not the problem associated with some food and its effects on the body. By the thirtieth week of pregnancy is already one-third of women complain of heartburn, the thirty-eighth almost everyone suffers from it. Also, in women during pregnancy heartburn can occur in response to some specific kinds of food, for example, after the adoption of starchy foods, sweets or jellies.

After pregnancy and after restoration of normal eating habits Heartburn often disappears by itself.

If heartburn is intense and persistent, you should consult your doctor. Treatment of heartburn is often associated with proper nutrition. The diet excludes those dishes, which often provoke heartburn. They are spicy, fatty, sweet foods, and involves receiving food in small portions. Because very often overeating contributes to heartburn. It is necessary to exclude the treatment on their own. So, for example, soda, which encourages traditional medicine, does not relieve heartburn. The only thing that is advised to treat it - is alkaline water Shungite. Everything else may appoint a doctor.

To determine that the patient is heartburn can be as a result of taking certain medications. For example, if after taking antacid medications pain and burning disappear, then this is exactly heartburn. Very often when patients gastroenterology heartburn, it occurs in conjunction with the belching.

 Heartburn during pregnancy
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What causes belching

Everyone knows that belching - this is quite unpleasant phenomenon. It assumes under a gas outlet. They pass from the stomach and esophagus, along with a characteristic odor and unpleasant sound. Causes of regurgitation can be very diverse. From banal ingestion of large amounts of air while eating and frequent consumption of carbonated drinks, to real diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Belch, usually occurs after a meal, and may occur in otherwise healthy people, in such cases it is not necessary to treat. Naturally if a person is healthy, then belching - this phenomenon is periodic, it happens from time to time and is based on the most trivial reasons. Thus, to avoid the appearance of it, is to reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks, and devote more time taken food not to capture a huge amount of air during feeding.

More complex grounds for burping that are needed to cure them are the various diseases of the stomach and intestines. How do they manifest themselves? Belching may be acidic, then it indicates the occurrence of elevated levels of gastric acid. This is likely due to various diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It is with a touch of acid regurgitation is characterized by poor function of the food pulp, as well as increased secretion of gastric juice. At the heart of these two ailments are illnesses of the stomach.

Sometimes belching with a bitter taste, it has a negative ground. In such cases there is ingress of bile into the oral cavity. Such ailments result from gland diseases, such as pancreatic and liver disease. Bitter belching is often a sign of cholecystitis. Belching, which has an unpleasant odor indicates stagnation of food in the body and decrease the output function of the stomach. Treatment of these types just need to belch.

Apart from diseases of the stomach, it is worth noting that there is burping with nervous disorders. When there is tension, decreases the activity of the diaphragm and thus hampered the process of air intake into the body. As a result, it may be belching. In addition, belching more common in people who smoke, and quite a long time. And also those who frequently eat foods Air consistency, like a souffle, milkshakes, etc. Some foods aggravate belching, are eggs, milk, nuts, chocolate, etc., they have an impact such as allergens.
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What types otryzhek

Belching come in two forms: periodic or episodic, she said that the whole man, with whom she appears, has no problems with the stomach. And the second type - constant belching, which means the real problems with the digestive system. In the latter case, the disease to be treated. In some cases, as a result of regurgitation may experience nausea. What can testify to the very advanced stomach diseases. Nausea belching may, in addition to provoke heartburn.

As with almost all the rest of complaints of this kind, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the causes that provoked belch. To determine them should always consult a doctor. Only he can correctly diagnose the causes of belching and assign them based on the correct treatment. The doctor is required to prescribe various medications that eliminate the disease. Self should not engage in the selection of the correct medication. But in addition to medical treatment, the doctor usually appoints and general recommendations properties.

 yogurt with heartburn
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Treatment of heartburn and regurgitation

In other words, in addition to taking medication, prescribed a special diet. Adoption of the food shall be appointed in small portions and often. Diet implies the elimination of a variety of products, which further provoke belching. These include soda, nuts, dairy products, eggs, chocolate, etc. Smokers smoking ban. Thorough chewing of food is an important attribute of the treatment. Diet implies the removal of fatty, spicy and sweet. After eating prescribed walks at a slow pace.

It is important to take care of their digestion. And in the case of regurgitation, and in the case of heartburn is to remember that these are the first signals that the body has failed. They reveal a violation of the gastrointestinal tract. Before taking any self whatsoever drugs should take care of your diet. And in fact, if a rational and proper nutrition will not improve the condition, should immediately consult your doctor in order to prevent more significant complications.

 How to deal with heartburn and belching