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  • The lipoma is dangerous to the human body?
  • Removing wen from the body
  • Traditional recipes from wen

Lipoma is one of the most common types of benign tumors that are derived from fat cells.

The most common places are soft tissue lesions with the presence of adipose tissue. Typically, this underarm, breasts, groin area, face and other body parts. Getting rid of Wen - common question in dermatology.
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The lipoma is dangerous to the human body?

There is a kind of lipoma - swelling in the skin, which has a jelly-like consistency and a movable structure. In most cases, these tumors have no symptoms, painless on pressure, rather slow increase in size, so the removal takes place at the request of the patient, if they interfere with actively moving or detracts from the appearance of man. It is often confused with talc inflammation in the lymph nodes. But in the second case, on palpation there are painful sensations.

The main cause of lipomas is a poor diet. Modern products and semifinished products, which used to eat a normal person, contain large amounts of harmful substances. They gradually accumulate in the body and naturally derived only part of the toxins. Also negatively affects the health of a sedentary lifestyle, as many processes in the body start to slow down. Entering into foods do not have time to disintegrate, so in this way are deposited in various parts of the body. This is called slagging, which leads to clogging of the sebaceous glands.

Benign tumors in rare cases degenerate into malignancies. Still, the risk of a mutation is present. You need to know how to get rid of Wen. As a rule, escalating into oncology encapsulation occurs when the internal Wen, when conditions are favorable for the pathogenic microflora changes. Before you remove the lipoma is necessary to study it, to understand the nature of the occurrence. If you fail to remove the tumor, may begin the abnormal growth of fat cells.

 celandine treatment of lipomas
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Removing wen from the body

There are quite a number of methods to get rid of Wen. In each case, it is expedient to individually select a method of treating, as this should be taken into account many factors. Drug removal is surgery. Small cosmetic surgery in seconds eliminates external fault, but it can leave a scar, which gradually decreased in size. It should be noted that large talc was removed under general anesthesia, and after the operation requires supervision of medical staff in 1-2 days. Also, the technique can be selected based on the structure and type of human skin.

The second method of drug removal Wen is the introduction of a special drug inside tumors. This leads to the gradual resorption of the tumor, after which it disappears completely. This method is often used in small amounts lipomas. As a rule, the result can be seen after several months.

 Wen removal laser Body
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Traditional recipes from wen

If the question arises Wen removal, it is advisable to use the methods of traditional medicine. But only after examination and consultation in the field of dermatology. Independently permitted only remove benign tumors that are not pathogenic changes. Some recipes are absolutely contraindicated in the presence of certain diseases and disorders in the body.

The simplest method of getting rid of Wen lotions are from a sheet of Kalanchoe and mother and stepmother. Kalanchoe applied meaty side, mother and stepmother - face. Repeat the procedure to practice daily at bedtime for 7-10 days. Lipoma begins to decrease gradually and then completely disappears from the surface of the skin.

  • Mutton fat. For treatment required teaspoon of fat that should be pre-melted in a water bath. Then immediately put on wen and rubbing movements rubbed into the skin. The temperature of the fat should be sufficiently high, but you should first check on the skin as a hot medium can cause burns. The course of treatment is 2-3 days, after which the tumor disappears.
  • Wheat lotion. For its preparation must be thoroughly chewed a small amount of wheat grains, after which the slurry is spread out on a piece of gauze and applied to Wen. Secure the wrap with plastic wrap. After 2 days, remove the bandage and apply a new composition. The effect starts after complete softening Wen, when through a small hole to give off liquid. Treatment ends after complete healing.
  • Red clay. With the addition of yogurt or sour milk, and salt to prepare a cake, which should be attached to a lipoma and cover with polyethylene. Leave the bandage at night, morning remove. Repeat until complete disappearance.
  • Poultice of garlic. Crush few cloves of garlic and mix with vegetable oil. The resulting composition applied to the affected area and rub it thoroughly, being careful. This procedure helps to soften fabrics and resorption wen.
  • Celandine. In the absence of the affected area of ​​hair can be lubricated regularly wen fresh juice of celandine. But it must be applied with great care, not exposing healthy skin tissues, as a means quite toxic. Skin contact expression of human happening. Therefore, it is advisable to use a small Wen pipette for applying one drop is enough.
  • Onion. Small onion first need to bake in the oven, then mince. Rub a small amount of soap and add to the onion mush. The composition is applied to the tumor and locked tight bandage. Change bandage recommended 3-4 times a day, this leads to a substantial improvement.
  • Honey and cream. To prepare the composition for removing wen require an equal amount of sour cream, honey, and salt. All components mix and apply on steaming skin (advantageously carried out after a bath). Leave a composition for 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat the procedure every day until complete removal of the lipoma.
  • Alcohol wraps. A small amount of vodka mixed with the same quantity of vegetable oil. The resulting solution is used as a compress, which are applied to the affected area. Damp cloth top is covered with polyethylene and warm bandage (such as a scarf or towel). Held each day until complete recovery.
  • Hirudotherapy. This procedure involves the use of medicinal leeches, which positively affect the function of internal organs and the external condition of the skin. However, this procedure should be carried out by experienced specialists to get the health benefits, not harm your body.

It may additionally be used and the means for internal use. For example, a brew of celandine infusion of burdock. These tools help to cleanse the body from the inside, which gradually leads to a reduction of various cosmetic defects, and overall improvement of human health.

In no case can not be self-pierce and squeeze talc. Especially, it concerns the skin on your face, because you can easily damage the facial nerve. Elementary failure to comply with the rules of sanitation flows into an infectious disease of the skin. This occurs when ingested any microbes that cause major changes in the body. In addition, self-removal leaves behind scars and rather ugly scars that require additional intervention.

 What is a lipoma: how is it treated?

 symptoms of hypertrophic gastritis


  • Symptoms of hypertrophic gastritis
  • Research and treatment assignment

For the first time hypertrophic gastritis was described in 1888 by French scientist P. Menetries. This is a special form of chronic gastritis is characterized by deep hypertrophy of the gastric mucosa, which produces a large number of adenomas and cysts. Possible causes of this form of gastritis, is currently still not well understood.

However, you can select one main reason - chronic intoxication (alcohol, lead, mercury), leading to a change in the structure of the gastric mucosa.

Secondary causes are possible reasons are typical of conventional gastritis - eating substandard products (smoked, fried, greasy, salty, etc.), lack of vitamins and minerals, smoking, infectious diseases (typhoid, viral hepatitis, dysentery ), metabolic disorders. Diet as a modern fad craze can also cause this disease. The age group of patients with this chronic hypertrophic gastritis - 30-50 years. The disease is acute, but develops gradually.

 biopsy for the diagnosis of gastritis

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Symptoms of hypertrophic gastritis

Clinical symptoms of this form of gastritis were studied in 1955 C. Fiber. The most common symptoms are:

  • aching pain in the epigastric region, accompanied by weight in the abdomen;
  • vomiting and diarrhea;
  • rarely observed stomach bleeding;
  • loss of body weight to 10-20 kg;
  • decreased appetite, sometimes reaching up to anorexia;
  • peripheral edema associated with decreased protein content in the blood.

Clinical symptoms detected in the laboratory, can be the following:

  1. lower values ​​of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which is associated with latent or overt blood loss; wherein platelets and ESR are normal;
  2. in rare cases possible leukocytosis;
  3. biochemical blood test reveals low albumin, which is also associated with loss of protein.

 products for a diet high in protein

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Research and treatment assignment

Research carried out for the diagnosis of hypertrophic gastritis, are of great importance for the physician, because They allow you to assign the optimal treatment. As is known, correctly chosen treatment - the key to success. Firstly, this X-ray examination, that can be used to detect changes inherent in this form of gastritis. As a rule, this procedure, the doctor can see the folds thickened and swollen stomach lining. Secondly, it is endoscopy. In this procedure, the doctor reveals thickened folds in addition to the presence of small wounds and erosions.

Biopsy in this case will not be reliable because when taking the material in the sample will only include cell surface, whereas the affected cells are located deeper. However, the appointment of a biopsy allows to exclude malignancy.

If hypertrophic gastritis have mild symptoms, it must be treated by conservative therapy. It involves the following:

  • diet with high protein content,
  • possible appointment of anticholinergic drugs that reduce the loss of protein,
  • the use of enveloping, binding and substitution drugs.

If the symptoms are more pronounced, ie the disease is severe - there are severe pain, extensive swelling, recurrent stomach bleeding, the surgical treatment, the so-called full or partial gastrectomy. In cases where it is impossible to completely eliminate the probability of tumor destruction, it applies only surgical treatment. After the surgery is the best treatment - is a strict diet with the exception of alcohol, fatty, salty, smoked.

Patients receiving conservative treatment with a diagnosis of "hypertrophic gastritis," must necessarily be at the dispensary. Such patients must be at least 2 times a year to pass radiological and endoscopic studies to monitor the dynamics of hypertrophic gastritis.

 A special form of gastritis