reasons for the sharp smell of urine in the morning


  • Dangerous diseases accompanied by a certain smell of urine
  • Unusual odors of urine
  • Less life-threatening diseases associated with unpleasant smell of urine

Probably a lot of people in my life encountered such a thing, as the foul smell of urine, which bring a lot of trouble to man, and some still suffer with this problem, not knowing the true cause of its occurrence. Moreover, frequent bathing or systematic shower does not help get rid of it. It is true, because it does not depend on the pollution of the body - the reason lies within the human body. Sometimes sour, sweet, "fishy" smell, the smell of ammonia and so on. And each of them tells about a certain disease.

So what causes this problem? In fact, they are different from normal cystitis to more serious diseases.

A healthy chelovekamocha has blurred, specific, well-known smell.

Considered normal color from light yellow to bright yellow. But then you must also take into account the fact that people consume in food, as, for example, after taking vitamins, it has an intense yellow color, but if a person ate the day before the beets, then it will be bright red. That is, color variation depends on the products or consumed medicaments. Search disease appoint a treatment in this case is not necessary. But the smell of the process is not affected, and so if there was an unpleasant smell of urine, it is necessary to pay attention to what he is associated, as well as its appearance: it should be clear, without blood, without the presence of flakes.

 consultation with a physician due to the sharp smell of urine

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Dangerous diseases accompanied by a certain smell of urine

For example, an unusual odor present in mouse genetic diseases such as phenylketonuria. In this disease varies chemical composition of urine and blood by phenylalanine metabolic disorders in humans. This pathology, in turn, leads to the central nervous system and cause abnormalities in protein metabolism by the accumulation in tissues and fluids of this enzyme and its derivatives are toxic to the whole organism.

In the study of urine Felling she painted in blue-green color, and a blood test shows an increased concentration of phenylalanine. Usually this disease is manifested in the newborn period, children, and so if the child has urinary mouse smell appeared, it is necessary to eliminate this genetic disease, as reasons for the change in the urine may be covered in this. Treatment of this disease is under the strict supervision of a doctor who is required to prescribe not only the administration of drugs and diet.

Sometimes a person finds a sharp smell of urine, which is associated with ammonia or acetone. If this happens in the morning, this ammonia odor may indicate stagnation in the kidneys. Very often, there is stagnation of urine of pregnant women who consume enough liquids, including people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Treatment in this case is not required, only one - you need to adjust your fluid intake, and make time urination. Often the smell of ammonia is present in the urine in diabetes. If there is a strange smell of urine and this is combined with symptoms that are characteristic of the disease, the urgent need to donate blood for sugar.

Ammonia odor can speak and the presence of infection in the genitourinary tract: kidney, bladder, urinary system. This change in the urine can be seen not only in the morning, that is, if the ammonia throughout the day, then there is need to pay attention to the appearance of urine, and general condition. If urination is accompanied by pain, sharp pains, the reasons for it lie in it.

Bad sign, when present in the urine blood fragments. In the case when the blood appears at the beginning of urination, this means that the initial part struck urinary system, and if at the end, the inner. The presence of blood in all urine samples indicates a serious kidney disease. In all these cases, an urgent need to be examined and the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. In this situation, sit and ponder why this is happening, in any case impossible - there may even need emergency assistance.

 Analysis of urine
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Unusual odors of urine

Some wonder why they have a fishy smell when urinating, and strong. It turns out, if it appeared, this suggests such a disease as Trimethylaminuria. Causes of this disease are not fully understood, but it is known that due to the dysfunction of the liver enzyme system in the body accumulate trimethylamine, which is excreted in the urine, and gives it the smell of rotten fish.

Sometimes, the body of a man so badly smelled that "flavor" fish is felt even at a considerable distance from man. This rather unpleasant smell of urine gives a person a lot of trouble, from lack of personal life to psychological disorders. Treatment of this disease is to eliminate from your diet foods that are converted to trimethylamine: eggs, meat and fish, beans. But this diet provides only a temporary effect, and the cure for this disease has not yet been invented. Therefore, the pungent smell will accompany the patient's life.

Unusual smell of urine is considered in some men, which smells differently from women. Many people probably understand what is at stake, since, going to the bathroom, after which remains sharp and specific "flavor". Not one woman is concerned about why men present such a sharp smell of urine. It turns out that the urine of men and women smell different because of the different content in her estrogen and testosterone. Also, there have not yet learned the fact that the unpleasant smell of urine in the stronger sex appears after drinking beer.

 unpleasant smell of urine in the morning
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Less life-threatening diseases associated with unpleasant smell of urine

If you suddenly become painful urination, for example, after a long stay in the cold, it speaks of catarrhal phenomena. This disease is called cystitis. He refers to a disease in which inflamed the lower urinary tract. Typically, this bladder. The unpleasant smell of urine while slightly noticeable.

There are primary and secondary cystitis. In the first case, it is quite a common disease that most women suffer than men. Catarrhal cystitis usually occur frequent urination, accompanied by burning, there are nagging abdominal pain and unpleasant smelling urine. In this case, usually help hot tubs, and receive antibacterials. This disease must take place within three days. Special treatment is required.

If the condition does not improve, it speaks about the secondary cystitis, and in this case must be carefully examination, as the reasons may be different, and it can manifest itself in the form of complications of more serious diseases such as pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, prostate adenoma, when spinal injuries and diabetes. Also, there are infections such as chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, which, if left untreated, can become chronic. Usually in these cases, a change occurs not only odor but also colored urine, which may be present in blood. Treatment is prescribed depending on the underlying disease.

When dysbacteriosis and gastritis is usually urine sour smell. The sharp smell of urine in these cases due to the high acidity of the body. If there is a suspicion of peptic ulcer disease, the blood clots in the urine - a bad sign, as this may indicate that the ulcer began to bleed. In this case, requiring hospitalization.

From all we can conclude that if you change the smell of urine, it may be a sign of an illness.   In various diseases of the appearance and smell of urine, in many cases, and it plays an important role in the diagnosis. In most cases, the reasons for this can be set only by physicians who prescribe the right treatment.

 In what diseases there is an unpleasant smell of urine?

 the appearance of cystitis after sex


  • The causes of post-coital cystitis
  • The main symptoms of the disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • How to avoid a repetition of the disease

Idyll intimate life of spouses can be destroyed with the advent of various diseases of the genitourinary system. The most common problem is considered cystitis after sex, symptoms of which occur within 2 hours after the act of intimacy. When seeking treatment for the disease immediately, the more it will not disturb. Otherwise postcoital cystitis will be your constant companion.
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The causes of post-coital cystitis

Cystitis after the close - a purely female disease, the cause is too short urethra, from which the infection virtually unchecked can get into the bladder. The probability of an inflammation increases in congenital anatomical abnormalities of the reproductive system. Men in this case, was more fortunate. Nature has endowed them with a long winding urethra, which is a serious obstacle to the infection.

Often, inflammation can develop because of non-compliance with the elementary rules of personal hygiene. Alternating vaginal or anal sex can also cause cystitis. Cystitis can occur after oral sex, for example, if your partner's tooth decay, and you have a weak immune system. The infection penetrates during intercourse. When the disease occurs with pronounced symptoms, it becomes a cause for seeking medical attention. Then the chances of full recovery are maximized. The situation is exacerbated by the absence of any signs of inflammation. The woman simply did not notice that she was ill. And postcoital cystitis can develop into a chronic form.

Streptococcal and staphylococcal infections, E. coli and other bacteria also cause a worsening of the disease. While in the gut, they do not harm. But getting into the bladder begin to multiply rapidly and provoke an inflammatory process.

Dangerous to women's health bacterial vaginosis, and dysbiosis. This violation of the microflora in the vagina contributes to the spread of opportunistic microorganisms. As a result of the infection of any infection transmitted sexually, in most cases it begins cystitis.

 symptoms of cystitis
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The main symptoms of the disease

For women who are intimately familiar with post-coital cystitis, intimate aspects of family life often turns into a real torture.

On the basis of a constant sense of threat to health often develops a mental disorder. Main symptoms are expressed in pain, burning and stinging during urination. Urging go to the bathroom appear more often, while the number released at the same time fluid is significantly reduced.

Cystitis after sex can be accompanied by occasional pain in his lower back and abdomen, and in the pubic region. To change the color or smell of urine, the appearance of traces of blood. Regular cystitis should not be confused with the disease occurring after the act of sexual intercourse. Main difference in the last manifestation of the main symptoms after sex.

Painful urination active after a stormy night with alternating vaginal and anal sex is the first sign of relapse. A few days later the pain goes away, but in the case of the slightest injury of the urethra during intimate contact can all happen again. Flooring as a family, living in such conditions, it becomes a nightmare, the reason for the constant bickering and neuroses. But even in this situation, not all women are in a hurry to see a doctor and prefer to self-medicate.
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Diagnosis and treatment

When the inflammation has already begun and is accompanied by a strong burning sensation, pain and frequent urination, women start to panic. If the crotch area to put a hot water bottle, it will help to reduce the discomfort. But as cystitis can not be cured without antibiotics it does not pass, and develops into a chronic form. Over time, the disease attacks will only increase.

As soon as possible you need to visit a urologist. As a result of examination, the doctor can determine the cause of the disease. But before the start of treatment will need to be examined to make urine and blood samples to identify infectious agent. Also have to do ultrasound urinary organs, to consult a gynecologist. When does the exacerbation of chronic forms of cystitis after sex, it becomes mandatory inspection of the internal surface of the bladder cystoscopy. In the process of diagnosis reveals its degree of inflammation and condition of the walls, reduction of basic functions. In case of need can assign X-ray examination.

Treatment of cystitis begins with the selection of antibiotics for local and domestic use, runs under regular medical supervision with periodic laboratory tests. Doctors recommend to also increase fluid intake, along with warming and physiotherapy treatments. Often prescribe special exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. It is useful in the treatment process are also tools that increase immunity and improve blood circulation in the organs of the urogenital system. Transactions prescribed when the cause of cystitis is in the wrong location meatus.

There are diseases that worsen the situation, causing various kinds of complications. For example, diabetes mellitus reduces the natural immunity of the internal organs. Increase the risk of cystitis by vaginal penetration of bacteria from the anus. Detrimental to the health of long-term methods of antibacterial drugs that reduce the body's natural level of protection.

 Timely treatment of cystitis
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How to avoid a repetition of the disease

From the execution of conjugal duties during treatment, it is desirable to refrain, especially in a period of strong aggravation. Resume regular sexual relations will be at the end of antibiotic treatment. Remember, cystitis, due to the abnormal location of the urethral microtrauma due to start, because it is not necessary to renew the very active sex life immediately after treatment or surgery. As a precaution after sex take the appropriate antibiotic.

To avoid recurrence of postcoital cystitis may be subject to certain simple rules. The most important - hygiene. Before the start of the intimate pleasures sure to wash your hands and genitals, refuse alternation vaginal and anal sex. Use a condom to protect yourself from dangerous infections, sexually transmitted diseases. Do not damage the walls of the vagina, if necessary, use a lubricant during sex. Do not get too carried away the missionary position.

Try to empty the bladder before and after the execution of conjugal duties. This helps to bring out the urethra dangerous microorganisms and bacteria. If you are to illness as a protection from unwanted pregnancy using spermicidal contraceptives, now we must give them up. This method of protection can cause gastrointestinal or vaginal dysbiosis and become an additional catalyst for the development of cystitis after sex.

Strong tea or coffee, it is desirable to replace herbal decoctions or plain water, so as not to aggravate the worsening of the disease. Drink lots of cranberry juice. The berries contain a natural antibiotic, helps with inflammation and improve the microflora.

 The aggravation of cystitis as a threat to the intimate life of the couple