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  • Diagnosis of moderate myopia
  • The recommended treatment of the disease
  • Living with moderate myopia

Myopia or nearsightedness is a very common form of eye disease. This man is well to distinguish objects at close range and can even be read without difficulty, but does not see distant objects. Moderate myopia can lead to more severe vision loss and other undesirable effects, so early diagnosis of myopia in children and proper treatment of this disease are important factors.
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Diagnosis of moderate myopia

Myopia is characterized by an average degree of visual acuity - to -6.0. At the same time for the comfort of the patient is prescribed two different pairs of glasses: one with lenses to give full correction, and other reading and working with lenses to 1.0-3.0 diopter less. Moreover, in these cases it can be applied bifocals for continuous wear, in which the upper region of the lens is designed for viewing distant objects, and the lower - for a close space.

In addition, the disease may progress with time. It is noted that, in some cases, in the event of short-sightedness in adolescence with the cessation of growth of the organism, the development of myopia can be stopped, and terminated. However, there are progressive forms of current continuously and reaching quite high levels - 30.0 diopters or higher. At the same time there is a strong deterioration in the ability to see with various complications, up to malignancies.

Myopia in both eyes with non-progressors moderate easy to korrigirovaniyu, ie revision of using lenses or glasses. As a rule, stationary refractive myopia is when the refractive power or a large "picture" of the object appears to the area of ​​the retina due to the inability of the eye muscles to focus correctly. There are in addition, axial myopia, in which the image can not reach the retina eye due to elongation of the body. This further extension of the area of ​​the retina can cause tearing and delamination.

 eye exams by an ophthalmologist
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The causes and factors of disease

The appearance of physical disability due to several factors, among which are the most common causes:

  • Genetic predisposition. Many parents with children with this disease are born with a congenital disease;
  • Mental stress reading, work for a computer monitor. This is particularly clearly seen in these groups of people engaged in work with a constant inclination of the head. It is believed that while there is an additional pressure on the area of ​​the retina, which greatly weakens the muscles of the eyes and the ability to focus the eyes at different distances;
  • The adverse environment;
  • Congenital deficiencies, such as the weakness of the eye muscles;
  • Injuries at birth. A lot of cases, atrophy of the eye tissue in preterm labor when a child is placed in a chamber with an oxygen supply. The excess of this element may cause unwanted effects;
  • Various infectious diseases and side effects of certain medicines in individual cases;
  • Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene for the eyes.

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The recommended treatment of the disease

In myopia of the second degree with progressive forms depending on the flow rate of the disease may prescribe a conservative method, in which the vision is corrected by glasses and physiotherapy exercises for the muscles of the eye and procedures in a medical office:

  • Laser therapy;
  • Classes on various programs on your computer;
  • Magnetic therapy;
  • Electrical stimulation.

Moreover, the conservative treatment involves performing exercises at home for both eyes, and various exercises with objects, specially designed for this purpose, for example, "label on glass" and others.

Treatment with surgery at a given degree of myopia is carried out only in order to halt development, but visual acuity is not improving. Operational scleroplasty method is called, and it is aimed at strengthening the pole of the eye, located at the rear of the field.

 exercises for the prevention of myopia
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Living with moderate myopia

Myopia of an average degree severely limits the rights in the various activities.

But it is impossible to lift heavy objects and limit contact with the harmful substances (dust, chemicals, fertilizers, and other). For people with this disease is better to choose a profession that does not require of sitting at the computer.

For people with fixed myopia sports circle is much wider than the emerging shape. Thus, at a constant myopia can be engaged pentathlon, skiing, motorcycling and sledding, and football games with handball.

When developing moderate form of the disease can be swimming, fencing and sailing. But it is not recommended to engage in games that require a strong mental effort, for example, chess and other puzzle games. This is because in this case the apple in both eyes excess pressure arises, especially when a person is not able to relax the muscles of the face.

Moreover, women with the disease during pregnancy undergo special examination and treatment, it is recommended Caesarean section, because when vain attempts blood vessels may be damaged and the eyes appear more serious complications, such as retinal detachment.

At moderate myopia in both eyes is mandatory regular medical examination.   Every action that can lead to vision loss, such as the reception of a medical product, labor activity, gymnastics, it is better to discuss personal health doctor. In addition, you need to observe good personal hygiene, to take the prescribed treatment and maintain optimistic attitude, in this case, the quality of life with the disease will be in a fairly good level.

 Eye Treatment for myopia

 right glasses for myopia and hyperopia


  • Educational program for nearsightedness
  • Factors contributing to myopia
  • Educational program for hyperopia
  • Factors contributing to the long-sightedness
  • How and where to treat the disease?

Today, we look at the world with eyes wide open, not everyone can. The reason for that may be common eye diseases: nearsightedness and farsightedness. According to the World Health Organization, more than 50% of the adult population suffers from one of these illnesses. What are the causes of diseases that contribute to their development, how to treat the disease? Let's try to understand.
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Educational program for nearsightedness

Statistics on the disease sad: the number of children suffering from illness in the preschool years is doubled during his student years. Myopia is called a disease of the eye in which the object image is focused in front of the retina, because of what appears smudged only those objects that are far away. If one looks at objects close itself, then there is no problem. In this case, doctors ascertain change the shape and size of the eyeball, Thus, the eye becomes an oval shape, although it should be perfectly spherical.

Reduced distance vision is the surest sign of short-sightedness. Man sees things clearly, vague and starts to squint. But the disease can only be diagnosed by the ophthalmologist with special equipment. And if you think you have myopia, the first thing to go see a specialist.

The competent physician with higher medical education will be able to determine the cause of the disease, and possibly even the vigilance can be saved with the help of medication.

But if you go immediately to the optics, only worse, because only an optometrist is trained to pick up points, but not to diagnose the disease and treat it. So take care of yourself and do not be lazy once again to stand in line at the district hospital.

By the way, the treatment of myopia is divided into two stages: Correction and immediate treatment. Corrections are made with glasses, lenses and new laser techniques. Of course, each method has pros and cons, but they are united by one goal - the retina compared to the image. For example, laser surgery can return to you a hundred percent vision. The procedure does not last long, as the recovery period. Treatment also includes medication and physical therapy techniques. The main purpose - to improve the circulation of the eyeball and train the eye muscles.

Of course, the issue of the treatment of disease prevention is central. Doctors strongly recommend to carry out proper vision correction, take special vitamin complexes, train the eye muscles with the help of chargers for the eyes and special glasses, special diet, and, if necessary, carry out the procedure scleroplasty.

 eye exams by an ophthalmologist
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Factors contributing to myopia

Today, doctors are the following reasons for the development of the disease:

  1. Heredity (studies show that parents of healthy children, only 10% buy the illness, but if the father or mother can not boast of a healthy eye, their child will be a 50% short-sighted);
  2. Most often the person gets myopia in school or college years, and all because the eye during this period experiencing heavy loads at close range (explain this phenomenon may be a simple physics);
  3. Very often, the wrong vision correction worsens the situation, so it is important to carefully choose the glasses or lenses with a doctor first, and then in optics optometrist with a doctor's prescription, and follow the rules of their socks;
  4. Often caused by circulatory disturbance of short-sightedness of the eyeball;
  5. Malnutrition, lacking essential vitamins and minerals can cause irreparable damage to the health of the eye.

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Educational program for hyperopia

In contrast to the short-sightedness, far-sightedness - a very insidious disease, for a long time the problem is not suspected. With a weak degree of disease and vision at the same time into the distance, and near good. With an average - close only slightly worse than the distance. And only when severe vision both near and afar bad, respectively, require corrective eyewear.

The only complaint in this period are headaches and eye fatigue. Hyperopia is characterized in that the object image is formed behind the retina of the eye. An interesting fact is that doctors do not worry if a child diagnosed with hyperopia up to six years. Indeed, in this period, the eye is in the growth stage, then, the problem of the child can easily escalate.

Treatment of hyperopia is performed using methods of vision correction. First of all, it points - the most affordable and widely used means of farsightedness. But the person, especially without a long habit of wearing glasses deliver a nuisance, despite the obvious benefits. They always fall down, get dirty, and rubbed his nose.

Therefore, the use of contact lenses can relieve correction period (another physicist at the school helped us to know their structure and function). The only drawback may be contraindications that they have. But you can get used to them pretty quickly, but then you are free to live an active life, without fear of break points. Laser correction is used only in patients older than 18 years and provided a stable form of farsightedness. The procedure is simple and short, but the patient is regaining perfect vision.

Of course, no prophylaxis is not necessary to speak about healthy vision. First of all pobespokoytes a well-lit work space. Table lamp should be on the left side, and evenly distribute the light to the eyes did not feel the extra load. During the long hard work distracted by short breaks to relax your eyes could: simply close your eyes or focus on one aspect - albeit view slides freely. It is also appropriate at this time to do non-durable eye gymnastics.

Ophthalmologists argue that taking vitamin complexes, visual exercises and the use of physical therapy apparatus (for example, goggles Sidorenko) give a positive result. All of these methods can improve blood circulation, relieve tension in the eyeball and train the eye muscles. Ultimately, this will lead to recovery.

 both nearsightedness and farsightedness
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Factors contributing to the long-sightedness

Identify the causes of the disease are not so simple. But indirect signs can tell you the time when you need to consult an ophthalmologist. If your child gets tired quickly, learning bad, bad sleep capricious, and often it is necessary as soon as possible to show it to the doctor. In adults, long-sightedness can appear eyestrain when working in close proximity, the small letter "float", and wants to move the book away.

Only an ophthalmologist can diagnose the correct farsightedness and its degree. This is important in order to avoid complications and stop the progression of the disease, because otherwise impaired outflow of intraocular fluid, increases intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma. Because it is important to take measures to advance the treatment of this disease.

The causes of hyperopia are the following factors:

  1. Too short axis of the eye;
  2. Astigmatism is not enough;
  3. Deep-set lens to change its shape and refractive power;
  4. Spasm of accommodation, which appears when myopia is often the culprit for both farsightedness;
  5. Increased intraocular pressure.

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How and where to treat the disease?

Restore Sight everyone dreams. But when choosing a doctor and hospital should pay attention to a number of important factors that affect your health if you're diagnosed with nearsightedness and farsightedness. A place where to treat, and the person who will carry out all the procedures and make an appointment, choose slowly, thoughtfully and analyzing responses. An ophthalmologist and medical institutions shall be irreproachable reputation, modern equipment and a comprehensive approach to treatment. This will allow you not only to carry out the correction at the highest level, but also to obtain excellent results and high quality glasses.

Remember to perform all prescription, do not be lazy to do gymnastics, which is only at the very beginning is a problem, choose a normal diet enriched with useful products for the eyes. This meat, eggs, dairy products, cranberries, apples, pears, grapes, cabbage, carrots, blueberries, avocado, salmon, kiwi, pumpkin. Take vitamin complexes. If you are focused on results, and to make every effort, you probably will achieve this goal.

 Problem vigilance: are looking for cause, select Points