the causes of warts on the eyelids


  • Causes of papillomas on the eyelids
  • Symptoms of viral papillomas
  • Ways to get rid of papilloma
  • Traditional treatments for warts
  • Advice from the experts

Papilloma on century - is not only a cosmetic defect, it is the present viral disease that occurs due to the ingestion of papillomavirus. Such a tumor on the skin, which in appearance is very similar to a wart (and how could it be otherwise, because the nature of the appearance they have one), not only brings a cosmetic inconvenience, but often prevents normal vision can cause soreness.

Very easy to get papilloma virus can enter the body even through a small, minor scratches, but get rid of it, especially with such awkward places, often very difficult. There are numerous ways to reduce their appearance, including the folk quite effective, but, in order to cope with the virus itself, you must consult your doctor, who will appoint the appropriate treatment.

To properly remove papilloma century on, it is necessary to understand their causes, to comply with the preventive measures apply only to professionals. Also, we do not recommend trying to remove papillomas, picks open it, use the tools to remove without consulting a doctor.

Such education - is cause for concern, therefore, to postpone trip to the hospital is not recommended.

Papilloma of the eyelids can be of two types:

  • nizkoonkoaktivny kind requires the usual treatment, the doctor may suggest a simple removal using several methods of surgery;
  • vysokoonkoaktivny kind requires consultation of the oncologist or dermatologist, treatment is quite different from the usual, used specific drugs.

That is why you must immediately consult your doctor if you have your eyes on the eyelids appeared like a neoplasm.
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Causes of papillomas on the eyelids

Before treatment is necessary to ascertain the reasons for the fact that the centuries there were such a rash. Papilloma - infecting organism is the human papilloma virus, HPV ie, forever strain gets through touch. That is enough to touch a dirty hand to the age at which there are micro-scratches to the infection occurred.

The virus itself after hit in the body may be dormant for a long time, it contributes to awakening the weakening of immunity, exposure to UV rays. At risk are mostly young people, children, the elderly, because it is they may experience some problems with immunity. But the young a better chance to cope with the disease than children and the elderly, they have the disease can be expressed not so bright.

That is, it can be concluded that the cause of the papillomavirus on the eyelids - a weakening of the immune system, stress, fatigue, hypothermia and other. In any case, if you have a papilloma, you should immediately consult a doctor.

 Laser removal of papillomas
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Symptoms of viral papillomas

Symptoms appear on century education is always the same. On the skin of eyelid formed well-marked build-up, which is very similar to the wart. It can be completely painless, but prevents blinking, looks very unsightly. This build-up can be a single, unobtrusive, but there are cases where the papilloma is growing strongly, that is, its removal is necessary, which is possible in the hospital.

To diagnose the disease is not recommended, as this can have a look and some other diseases. Therefore it is necessary to see a specialist, who ascertain the nature of the disease, the treatment will be effective and relatively quick. In addition to a dermatologist, in some cases, it is recommended to visit the ophthalmologist, since the tumor is located on the eyelids eye, often directly adjoining to it. If there is pain, bad eyes closed, skin inflammation occur, the treatment must be from the first days of the disease. Remove papilloma in the century can only in a hospital.
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Ways to get rid of papilloma

Modern medicine offers many ways to get rid of papillomas, struck an eyelid, but, as a rule, it all begins with strengthening the immune system. Removal is very similar to the surgical treatment of warts, the doctor performs a local anesthetic, and then gently removes itself from the skin papilloma. The operation does not take long, the healing may take about a week, rarely after that there are small scars.

Deposit removal can be accomplished in several different ways:

  • with a scalpel. This method is for the eyes now rarely used, since the area quite gentle century, situated near the eyes. In addition, you need to delete a very small area of ​​the skin, without hurting other organs. After such removal may remain scars, that is required for grinding cosmetic surgery;
  • using a laser to remove papilloma century easier, such an operation is considered to be more secure, it takes just a couple of minutes, but then she also can remain minor scars, almost indistinguishable;
  • cryosurgery is performed using liquid nitrogen. Such removal is the most easy and safe, papilloma simply burned under the influence of low temperatures. It was after this treatment, doctors give almost one hundred percent guarantee that the treatment will be successful, relapse is almost never seen.

It is unacceptable self papillomas on the eyes, as this may cause serious and severe complications. Many people buy in pharmacies means that are designed to bring papillomas and warts, but used them incorrectly, without consulting a doctor. Some are trying to bring new growth alcohol usual, cauterizing the affected area!

Such self leads to only one: to place a relatively small build-up, which could be quickly removed by a doctor, there are inflammation, keratitis, chronic conjunctivitis. In the most difficult cases, developing a malignant tumor, the treatment is not only difficult and expensive, but also fraught with negative consequences.

Successful treatment depends on the prevention of this disease. Observe the hygiene of the eye, do not rub your eyelids with dirty hands, do not swim in the pools and other bodies of water without special glasses.

 Treatment of warts by folk remedies
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Traditional treatments for warts

Treatment of a papilloma in the home can be done with the help of herbal, which must be mixed 20 grams of nettle, plantain 20 grams, lemon balm, horsetail and dandelion root (proportion of all should be equal). Then fill the grass warm water in a conventional enamelware, keep in a water bath for ten minutes. Insist need to collect three hours in a towel, then strain. Drink the resulting mixture should be three heaping tablespoons for 40 minutes before meals three times a day, the treatment takes a week.

You can use the other means: egg white, walnut and others. But it must be remembered that these auxiliary agents, removal is possible only in a hospital, after consultation and medical examination.
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Advice from the experts

Not so long ago it was thought that a papilloma on the upper eyelid can occur only in the elderly, and the reason for its occurrence is not only age but also the failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene, but today has proved that such tumors are the result of infection by the human papillomavirus. To get such a virus can be through any minor scratches, but the appearance of the eyelids is a cause for concern, as is possible in direct contact with the eye.

If there is on the upper eyelid papillomavirus experts recommend:

  • Do not attempt to get rid of the build-up, pull and push papilloma, as this can result in the widening of sepsis;
  • to papilloma could not continue to grow, it is necessary during treatment to protect the surface of the eyelids from injuries, wounds, scratches, it is recommended to rub eyes hands, wash should be very careful;
  • must immediately improve the immune system using a variety of means, usually a proper diet, vitamins, herbal infusions. It is possible in this case to consult with the attending physician, so he suggested exactly which products based on natural ingredients will help strengthen the body best. Remove papilloma eyelids only after visiting the doctor;
  • do not pull the time of hospital visits - papilloma affecting the eyelids, requires immediate treatment!

Papilloma can occur anywhere on the body, but it is the greatest danger on the eyelids. At the same time it can be of two types, depending on which method of treatment (simple removal of any interference with the oncologist).

 What is a papilloma and how is it treated?