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Well-groomed hands - the card of any self-respecting man. There are times when even the existence of a perfect manicure does not save the situation. One of them - an allergy on hand in all its forms. People are increasingly turning to the doctor with this problem. Its causes, as well as methods of treatment, a few. Different symptoms and reactions, it all depends on the individual case.

The immune system reacts instantly to the appearance of the body's various types of stimuli, it is immediately reflected on the skin. Hands are protected from the harmful effects of the environment is much less than other parts of the body. So first of all dermatitis appears on the hands. The main forms of its manifestation - is itching, swelling, redness and dryness of the skin, rashes, blisters and other lesions.

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Causes of allergies

Skin rash basic sign of contact, allergic and chronic dermatitis, which may occur in varying degrees of severity.

The most common reasons for the emergence of dermatitis on the skin are cleansers, low-quality perfumes and cosmetics, and drugs. Constant stress, fatigue, diet, or overeating are a catalyst for rashes on the hands. All this is accompanied by discomfort, burning, and pain.

The appearance of painful blisters on the spot which later formed moist cracks, greatly complicates the treatment of the disease. Especially if the ulcer formed in the fingers, in the immediate region of the fold. Highly allergic to running his hands turns into eczema. A drug can cause serious complications dermatitis on the heart, liver and kidneys.

If you are inattentive to their health and earn chronic eczema, the classic allergy symptoms will manifest themselves in a more severe form. Itching and burning intensify, cracks in the skin will become deeper and more painful. There may be insomnia, and nervous disorder. So do not delay treatment of dermatitis at the first signs of its appearance.

The rash that occurs as a result of mechanical, chemical or physical effects on the skin, is a manifestation of the contact form of dermatitis. It may appear on normal skin, but usually is hereditary. Treat this dermatitis should be based on this fact.

Disorders of the nervous system and hormonal imbalances are also possible causes of allergy on the hands. This form is known as atopic dermatitis and has all the same symptoms manifestation. Most localized to the elbow and fingers, accompanied by severe itching. The disease is chronic, requires constant monitoring and personalized treatment.

Fungal diseases - another reason in which the rash appears. Symptoms of the disease is virtually the same as in allergy. Redness, painful blisters, oozing cracks - it looks unsightly. The fungus first appears on the toes, and then goes on his hands. In the event of such a disease should seek immediate medical attention.

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How to cure allergies

Before you start to treat allergies, it is necessary to determine the degree of its severity.   In the case of contact dermatitis easy enough to identify and eliminate the source of irritant on the hands. If the disease is manifested in a more severe form, this is no longer enough. Consultation dermatologist who will choose the individual treatment.

During treatment, prescribe antihistamines, which relieve symptoms such as itching and swelling, if necessary, connect a sedative. At the same time, we recommend taking medication excretes allergen. To treat dermatitis without the use of external ointments, creams, herbal baths, or lotions fail. They help relieve pain, improve skin condition. Nonhormonal ointment is safer for the body, but are ineffective if too severe skin allergy. In such cases, it is not necessary to object to the appointment of tools based on the hormone.

The rash is caused by a fungal infection should be treated with antibiotics, antifungal drugs and ointments. It should be remembered that the rash of this nature is not only unpleasant for others of its kind, and is highly contagious. Therefore, it must be treated strictly observing the rules of hygiene.

 How to win an allergy to the skin of hands

 causes warts


  • In appearance and localization can distinguish the following types of warts
  • Where are warts?
  • How can I cure warts?

Many believe that the wart - it is a little trouble, and nothing more. And in fact, most warts can be carriers of papillomavirus. It is a viral disease transmitted through casual contact with an infected person or animal.

Where are warts? No one is safe from infection papilloma. The virus quickly multiplies in the skin. As a result, you can buy a few days growths on the feet, subungual warts, flat growths on the face, on the genitals papillomavirus in men and most common - viral warts on fingers. Less frequent Papilloma on the internal organs, bladder or the mouth.

Warts are more prone to children and adolescents, since the degree of risk of infection depends on the immune system.
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In appearance and localization can distinguish the following types of warts

  • The most common papilloma- verruca vulgaris. It is found in 70% of cases the infection. This may appear as a wart on the mucous membranes and on any part of the body, though they are most often formed on the hands.

Why do I get warts and why his hands are most often "favorite place" for these tumors? And all because hands are constantly in contact with the external environment, whether it is work or play in adult children.   Besides the children, not realizing the danger, try otkovyrnut stsarapnut or a tumor in her arms, thus helping the infection to penetrate healthy skin.

  • Another type of wart - verruca plantaris. They occur in 5% of cases. They are most often on the legs, in parts subjected to pressure: the heel and metatarsal area.

Warts on the feet deliver great inconvenience of an infected person. Moving around the house barefoot, he thereby carries the infection. Also, warts on the feet are subjected to pressure during walking, which promotes ingrowth of them inside. As a result, a plurality of planet warts are going to close and form a skin on the surface of one big one. Such a virus is quite difficult to treat, because the foci of infection very much.

  • A variety of flat warts - verruca plana. They appear on the face, neck and limbs. Because of their shape, they do not exert keratotic action. Patients often take them for age spots, especially those who are subject to constant appearance of new freckles. The size of such tumors usually reach 2-5 mm. The color they come in brown, red and flesh color. External influence on the warts (mechanical failure) may lead to infection of healthy skin.
  • Genital warts - condyloma acuminata, they appear in 1% of those sexually active. Only they are transmitted only through sexual contact. The most likely to be infected are the people who at an early age began to be sexually active, do not have a permanent partner, smoke or use oral contraceptives.  Treatment of warts by folk remedies

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Where are warts?

Papilloma virus enters the body of a healthy person through abrasions, scratches and other damage to the skin. In these places, increased blood flow, and thereby quickly grow abnormally warts on the skin surface.

It also happens that the virus has a short period of inoculation. In other words, the wart grows immediately after infection. In some patients the wart grows in a week, while others - a few months.

Regression of warts is also known. That is, tumors that are not subject to treatment may disappear themselves. 30% wart disappears within 4-6 months 65% - within two years, while 75% - within three years or more.

It is important to remember that warts can be confused with other illnesses. This could include how safe the disease: corns, calluses, - and a very serious illness: molluscum contagiosum, epidermialny nevus cell carcinoma, seborrheic ketaroz. In this case, the most reliable to be tested for the presence of Wart infection.

How to recognize a wart? When the warts on the feet can be recognized by their destruction or partial destruction of the foot print line. A dermatologist or virologist can detect the presence of Wart infection using methods peroxidase staining, polymerase chain reaction or hybrid absorption.

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How can I cure warts?

Warts - this is perhaps the only disease that is so easily treated folk remedies.

The main rule of the treatment of warts - do not touch it. Most people infected with the immune system itself is powerless to fight the disease. If your body's immune system is not strong, it can support homeopathic preparations.

If too large warts and deliver serious inconvenience that they can be removed surgically, but this is a last resort to combat them.

Warts "medium size", you can remove both traditional and non-traditional methods.

Traditional treatments for warts

  • Grease 2-3 times a day with fresh onion juice.
  • Lubricate the juice of fresh or sour apples for 10 days.
  • The crude onion cook in the vinegar, the resulting solution wipe papillomavirus.
  • Mix the fat with nutria gruel of garlic in a ratio of 1: 1, add a little butter, wipe growths on the skin.
  • Grated raw potatoes (unpeeled) spread on a compress paper and tied to the wound site. Change the dressing 2-3 times a day, a week papilloma disappear.
  • A mixture of vinegar and wood ashes (1: 3), too, will help get rid of warts.
  • It can be 3-4 times a day to wipe papilloma freshly cut clove of garlic.
  • Ammonia should be wet and rub growths on the skin until complete disappearance.
  • Juice freshly cut stem celandine wipe warts every other day.
  • The mixtures of juice of dandelion roots and butter prepared in a ratio of 1: 4, treat papillomavirus 3-4 times per day.
  • Flax seed oil can help in the fight against papillomas on the soles of the feet.
  • The crushed fruits of mountain ash are putting to tumors, daily dressing changes.
  • Take a large onion, remove it from the heart, to pour salt, after a while begins to stand out juice, which should be cleaned papilloma several times a day until complete disappearance.
  • Every day for the night drip on the tumor 1 drop of acetic acid. Use an eyedropper, or get severe skin burns.
  • Grind zest of 2 lemons, pour half a glass of 30% vinegar, steep in a tightly closed container dark for 7-8 days, then strain and lubricate papillomavirus 3-4 times a day.
  • The crushed seeds of cornflower on a daily basis is applied to warts, further fixing plaster.

And now, some of the traditional methods of treatment

These methods include diathermocoagulation, freezing with liquid nitrogen, and various lubrication drugs. Solkoderm, Kondalev, Podophyllin - the most famous agent in the fight against warts.

With the help warts handle means on the basis of salicylic acid, they are made in liquid or special lotions. These funds will cost you less than laser, surgical, electrical removal. Salicylic preparations are safe enough, and you may well be able to undergo treatment at home by yourself. Only it must be remembered that such drugs should not be used on irritated skin or mucous membranes (mouth, lips, nose, genitals). This drug should also not affect the wart with ingrown hairs, moles, freckles.

It should nevertheless be recalled that the treatment of warts should start with a survey at the doctor. Then you can see exactly what you have caused the disease in the future to protect themselves from these growths on the skin.

 Why do I get the warts on the hands?