the causes of the oil lamp on the neck


  • Symptoms Wen, which appeared on the neck
  • Folk remedies for Wen
  • Surgical removal of Wen

We all strive to be beautiful and healthy, but sometimes there are troubles that we do not interfere too much, do not hurt, but really spoil our appearance. Such diseases include talc. Sometimes there is a wen on his neck. How to get rid of them? And what are the symptoms of their occurrence can be detected at.

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Symptoms Wen, which appeared on the neck

Wen on the neck are due to blockage of the sebaceous glands, so daily washing with soap is necessary.   And the neck is no exception. Yet it is necessary to use the scrub for the neck, which you treat the person. And we must not forget about the baths, where the skin is cleaned as well as possible. When he appeared, the treatment is inevitable. Symptoms Wen is not difficult to recognize. Wen usually appears in the form of a tumor, it does not hurt, it does not prevent, but may grow in size.

The tumor is usually benign, but do not let it go. Look at his neck, felt. Are there any on the skin of some seals can be, with your fingertips, you will feel slight swelling. If no redness to swelling and it hurts like a pimple, it signs Wen. It is best to consult a doctor, it will not be difficult to get rid of a small lipoma. But you can try treatment and folk remedies.

 garlic to treat Wen

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Folk remedies for Wen

Treatment of folk remedies can start with balm "asterisk". Wen this balm is opened after some time, and as soon as it will be revealed, should be within a few days to squeeze it slowly, until all the liquid has come out. So you can completely get rid of it. More from Wen helps, strangely enough, the chicken wrap.

We need to take plenochku of egg and apply it directly to the lipoma. You may see red - do not panic, as shown therapeutic effect. As soon as the red pass, take another plenochku. Applied to such films as long as wen not resolve. More from Wen makes cinnamon, it should be taken orally 1-2 teaspoons daily. Another interesting recipe that will help get rid of lipomas, - a fat with garlic. The fact that garlic has an antiseptic effect and fat serves as a link. Garlic should be crushed and then to heat the fat with garlic, turned to mush. Then the slurry must be imposed on the tumor, and roll up the scarf. Soon wen to pass.

There are a few interesting ways to get rid of lipomas. For example, it can help ordinary onions. It is known, as well as garlic, has antiviral and anti-inflammatory actions. A bulb should be crushed to a pulp and apply to the area of ​​the disease. It is best to also roll up a place on the neck of some scarf. Treatment is carried out over several days. Knowledgeable people say that in this way you can avoid surgery.

Another excellent defender against Wen - is aloe. This plant is often used in folk medicine, because it not only kills the germs and prevent infection, and gently lubricates the wound its juice.

In cosmetology, it is often used. Treatment proceeds as follows. We need to take a leaf of aloe vera, cut it lengthwise, and then attach to the right place. You can wrap the neck with a bandage to a sheet held. So you need to apply it every day for the night. After two weeks, while continuing such treatment talc must pass.

The last ingredient that I want to recommend - is a red pepper. It is also necessary to put the spoon on the wen, and then apply the top cloth soaked in alcohol solution or regular vodka. It helps the blood to the patient quickly come to the site that will appeal to the rapid disclosure of the tumor.

 Wen removal laser

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Surgical removal of Wen

If wen exceeded 5 cm in size, these tumors should be removed surgically. But we should not so much afraid of it. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, so you will not feel anything. This operation lasts about 20 minutes. Now modern hospitals are in trouble is removed by laser. This new solution, to remove the talc without consequences. Now, such operations can be done even in beauty salons, especially if you wen is not very big and does not bother you. If the wen has grown very large, it is better to go into oncology. This is a paid service, but health is not worth saving.

You should always remember that a benign tumor can develop into malignant, and so lightly for such a little trouble as lipomas, is not necessary. Be sure to treat your body and if something appears, then immediately consult a doctor. Because wen very easy to remove, but serious illness that can occur if tightening with this problem often lead to disastrous consequences, after which need serious treatment.

 Methods of dealing with Wen

 causes valgus deformity


  • Reasons deformity: where does the illness?
  • Treatment: from physiotherapy to surgery
  • The distal and proximal osteotomy
  • The period of rehabilitation: how quickly you can recover after surgery?
  • Contraindications and potential complications

Valgus deformity of the big toe - is familiar to many and a rather unpleasant disease when the side of the foot begins to appear the build-up, followed by tenderness. From a medical point of view, the deformation of the finger bones of the foot over the limit, ie, metatarsal bone moves away from the rest of the fingers to the side. It requires a long, complex treatment, as otherwise may be inflammation, pain when walking.
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Reasons deformity: where does the illness?

Causes of deformation of the thumb the most diverse, often a pathological pressure on the area of ​​the thumb, wearing incorrect, tight shoes, high heels, which do not give stress on the leg distributed correctly. Most susceptible to disease such professional dancers and dancers, is very important factor gene.

Completely determine the degree of curvature is possible only by means of X-ray of the foot. Often it recommended to perform ultrasound examination, which will show whether there is poor circulation area needed any additional treatment measures.

 wrong shoes can cause foot for hallux valgus
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Treatment: from physiotherapy to surgery

Treatment of hallux valgus always start with the selection of footwear, which should not cause discomfort when wearing, can stop the progression of the deformity. Often the pain caused by the fact that the shoe just does not fit with this disease, the foot compresses, provokes inflammation. There are special orthopedic products that help reduce the pressure on the bursa finger pads, spacer products that help shinirovat finger, remove the load on the foot.

But such treatment only helps relieve inflammation and pain to clean, build-up is still so often then prescribe surgery.

Drug treatment is injections of corticosteroids, which allow to remove the inflammatory process. That is, with the help of specially selected drugs can reduce pain during walking, remove the inflammatory processes, but to get rid of the build-up so that it will not turn.

Most injections administered prior to surgery to remove the sac.

Valgus foot defect can be treated in various ways, but the most commonly prescribed surgery. The main objectives of this treatment are as follows:

  • Remove bursitis thumb;
  • reconstruction of bone, its position relative to the rest of the foot bones;
  • balancing the muscles around the joint so that deformation is not repeated.

Most often in very difficult cases or strongly protruding cone (that is, when the maximum bending) recommended removing the build-up. Such removal is performed as follows: the skin on the leg in the build-up is cut, then the build-up itself is removed using a surgical chisel. The incision in the skin is sewn with small stitches.

It carried out such an operation in the case where there is already formation of bursitis. In some cases, an additional performance of bone reconstruction, the return of the normal angle.

After the surgery requires rehabilitation period during which it is recommended bed rest, no stress on the affected leg.
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The distal and proximal osteotomy

In some cases, you want to cut the distal end of the bone. This reduces the angle between the metatarsal bones. Operation requires only a few small incisions, all of the bones after receiving a satisfactory position attached with metal pins are disposed of within three to six weeks after surgery. Loads after surgery is not recommended, it is necessary to comply with the rehabilitation period to implement the recommendations of the attending physician.

This surgery is done as follows: the first metatarsal bone is cut at the proximal end, then the bone is reconstructed and fixed in position by means of metal pins.

This surgery reduces the angle between the metatarsal bones of the foot during the operation is carried out releasing the muscles tendons, which drives the thumb. After surgery on the foot wear special bandage. Such interference is considered a relatively gentle, the period of rehabilitation does not take much time, but still the doctor's recommendation, bed rest must be observed exactly.

 treatment of foot deformities
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The period of rehabilitation: how quickly you can recover after surgery?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia, after the intervention is applied to the feet of very dense, elastic bandage, stop at the same time should be properly recorded. Wiggle the toes is permitted only on the second day after surgery, the leg of the bed can be lowered on the third day, and walking (ie, to give the load on the operated leg) only ten days after the operation.

Full load on the foot is allowed a month after the surgery requires strict bed rest. All recommendations and regulations must be followed exactly, as it affects the proper healing. The entire rehabilitation period takes a minimum of six months, at which time physical activity, exercise, walking in high heels is strictly contraindicated. To prevent recurrence of the disease, you must wear special shoes with orthopedic insoles.

The average healing legs after surgery takes about eight weeks, at which time the stop must be fixed with the help of a band that does not injure the leg. In very severe cases surgical intervention after a period of time will have to walk with crutches. When the marked bursitis in the postoperative period is assigned to physiotherapy, shoes should be worn only with the extension before use proofreaders. Compliance with these conditions will reduce the rehabilitation period, to avoid a repetition of the disease.

 Rehabilitation after surgery on the foot
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Contraindications and potential complications

Surgery can be performed in all cases. Thus, the presence of local inflammation is a major contraindication to surgery. It is impossible to carry out surgery, if observed thrombophlebitis, pronounced edema, for women - in the period of menstruation.

In each case, the treatment regimen valgus deformity appointed strictly individually in accordance with the general health, the extent of the disease, the presence of contraindications to a particular method of combating the disease.

After the surgery you must follow exactly the mode that the prescribed, otherwise you may experience a variety of complications, which is fraught with inflammation, severe pain.

As with any surgical intervention, after surgery on the foot are possible complications. This is usually bruising, inflammation in the big toe, but they can be avoided quite easily by simply following the advice of a doctor. After the operation is necessary to observe treatment regimen, not to load the leg. In the first days after surgery in the metatarsophalangeal joint may experience pain, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient can form scars.

Bump against ugly orthopedic shoes

Many of us are faced with this unpleasant phenomenon, when the big toe starts to hurt at first, and then the side appears protruding bone. This phenomenon - one of the most common, it is a manifestation of cross flatfoot. Progressive disease provokes the displacement of the metatarsal head, that is there is the so-called deviation of the big toe to the side from the other. At this time on the side of the foot is formed ugly lump, which gives a lot of inconvenience: from pain when walking, and ending with inflammation, unaesthetic appearance.

The most common treatment is indicated for hallux valgus, it is the use of special shoes, but often prescribe physical therapy and methods, in particularly difficult cases, a surgical intervention.

 How to cope with the deformation of the big toe?