Valuable bear fat for health


  • Preventive action
  • Bear fat in cosmetics
  • How to apply correctly?
  • Contraindications to the use of

Bear fat - is one of the most popular natural treatment and preventive tools, which are used for centuries. Its composition is unique, it includes proteins bronholaminy, nucleic acids, panaksozidy, tsitaminy, polyunsaturated acids, and more. Properties bear fat allow its use for the treatment of various diseases, it has an effective preventive action.

When asked from what helps bear fat, you can safely answer - from almost everything! Colds and bronchitis, burns and lesions of the skin, circulatory disorders and problems with blood pressure, liver disease, and reproductive system. Today, it is a natural remedy can be considered universal to many disorders and diseases.
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Preventive action

Medicinal properties of fat are unique. Furthermore restorative effect, it allows you to treat a variety of diseases. Also, at home it is easy to prepare a variety of mixtures based on it that will aid in different situations. The composition of natural fat helps to cope with problems such as lowering of immunity, improvement of mental, physical performance, activation of tissue regeneration, hepatoprotective action to protect against toxins.

Most frequent topical application bear fat, particularly for the treatment of pain in muscle, spine and in the healing of various wounds and burns.

The treatment of cough, colds, diseases of the lower airways - all of this is easily accomplished using the most common rubbing on the basis of unique natural bear fat.

So from what makes fat? Everything is very simple:

  • to eliminate pain in the muscles, ligaments during heavy physical exertion;
  • the healing of scars, wounds, burns all;
  • dermatological diseases. Fat treats herpes, eczema, psoriasis, abrasions, bedsores, trophic ulcers, stretch marks, cuts, cracks. Recommended alternate external medical procedures and internal use.

But the most effective in the home is still considered the treatment of cough almost any origin, although it is still recommended to see a doctor for the purpose of complex therapy or control of the state. Cough treatment can remove the symptoms, but often the problem is much deeper, so do not neglect the advice of experts.

Internal application

Use internally bear fat recommended for a variety of diseases. Doctors prescribe funds for its basis during the course of radiotherapy, chemotherapy. Elderly useful fat to enhance immunity, prevention of various age-related diseases, to improve all metabolic processes. He Treats circulatory disorders of the brain, psycho-emotional, neurological disorders that may be associated with impaired blood supply to various parts of the brain.

So what is useful bear fat in internal party? It is great help in liver damage after long-term use of antibiotics and other medicines for exhaustion, malnutrition. Today, experts often recommend starting treated using bear fat dystrophy, anorexia, rickets.

 the use of bear fat pain in the muscles
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Bear fat in cosmetics

Used oil and in cosmetics, the first mention of these funds date back to ancient Egypt. To make the skin shine ointment used on the basis of body fat, and for natural perfume small pieces of bear fat impregnated with extracts of flowers and invested in hairstyles (the fat melts in the sun, exuding a subtle floral aroma).

Today it is used in the manufacture of tools for smoothing skin rejuvenation, returning elasticity and tenderness. Masks on the basis of bear fat is very effective if the skin was dry and start to crack heavily shelled. Before going out on a cold, windy day is recommended to use creams that are based on the fat. They allow you to create a thin face, a protective film that prevents weather-beaten skin.

Use cosmetics based on bear fat can be for preventing hair loss. To do this, set up an effective mask that also return the hair shine, elasticity, making them strong and healthy.
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How to apply correctly?

Note the use of bear fat depends on how the (internal or external) to use this tool. For internal use in the prevention or treatment is necessary to take it twice a day, about an hour before a meal. Duration of treatment-and-prophylactic course of a month. Such treatment, which uses a grease, may be carried out two or three times per year, making breaks at least two to four weeks.

Himself fat must be melted before use (only naturally), you can simply put the package with the fat and keep it at room temperature (manual prohibits the use of warm oil before applying artificially).

Adult single dose is one dessert spoonful (mixed with honey - one table spoonful).

For children it is necessary to take fat, depending on their age:

  • from three to six years - a third of a teaspoon;
  • from six to twelve years - half a teaspoon;
  • from twelve to sixteen years - full teaspoon.

In order to take the bear fat was not so unpleasant (after all, taste it is not the best), you can mix it with warm milk (one glass per dose), jam or honey (the proportion in which you can take the product with honey is three to one).

For children up to three years, it is not recommended to take, it can only be done rubbing the back or chest for colds.

 bear fat used in cosmetics for use in masks for face
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Contraindications to the use of

But this is not always useful tool, there are contraindications to its use. In any case, need to consult with the attending physician.

Contraindications to the use of bear fat include: pregnancy at any stage of breast-feeding your baby, children's age (up to three years to give it to the baby internally is not recommended), idiosyncrasy. Particular attention to contraindications must be paid if there is aggravation of biliary tract diseases, including cholelithiasis.   During pregnancy, doctors recommend to abandon the cosmetics, which is composed of bear fat.

It has unique healing properties, even in the ancient world, its application has been recommended for a variety of diseases, including the common cold, the strong weakening of the body, reducing the male power. Often it is seen use in burns, wounds. Today is a unique natural remedy as bear fat is used not only in medicine, but also in the manufacture of various cosmetics.

Use it and anemia, dermatological diseases, wounds and severe burns, pneumonia, colitis, gastritis, and many other diseases. Doctors recommend the use of bear fat internally with rickets, a disorder of metabolism, with liver damage, impaired immunity. Store these drugs on the basis of fat necessary in a dark, dry place for example in a refrigerator. The temperature at which the tool should be stored, is in the range from plus five to minus twenty degrees, while it does not lose its beneficial properties are not spoiled.

 How useful bear fat?

 the causes of asthma


  • Treatments for asthma
  • The main drugs for treatment
  • Specific immunotherapy
  • Nontraditional methods of treatment

Bronchial asthma - it is quite a serious disease that can be caused by a variety of reasons, most often irritated allergens. Asthma medicine may be different, as well as methods of treatment, but the decision to take any means, and which are not, terms of admission, the dosage can be determined only after a doctor studies.

You can not stop taking drugs after their appointment, do not comply with the schedule for no reason, rather than appointed by medication use only the methods of traditional medicine. The patient should always carry a spray cupping. When asked what to make money, it is necessary to take into account the severity of asthma, its course, the specifics of the health and many other moments.
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Treatments for asthma

Today, using a variety of asthma drugs and treatments:

  • Basic anti-inflammatory therapy, here are often treated and means for inhalation;
  • emergency care at an attack (using the spray if an attack strong, in some cases requiring hospitalization).

There is a strictly individual methods of treatment:

  • use of immunostimulant of bacterial origin;
  • the use of allergen immunotherapy;
  • non-drug methods;
  • nonconventional methods (breathing exercises, etc.).

In deciding what to take drugs, it must be remembered that the appointment of a strictly personal, it can only be done by the attending physician after study.

 inhaled medications for asthma
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The main drugs for treatment

All preparations for the treatment is divided into two large groups:


  • bronchodilators (Serevent, formoterol);
  • hormones for inhalation (beclomethasone, fluticasone, budesonide);
  • combined hormones and long-acting bronchodilators for inhalation (Flixotide, beclomethasone, formoterol, etc.);
  • hardeners membranes of immune cells (tayled, Inta).

Funds from attacks

  • for the relief of muscle spasms (usually for inhalation is used Atrovent);
  • quick bronchodilators (berotek, Ventolin, salamol, astalin).

Today, for the treatment of asthma are used not only hormones, but also non-hormonal. One of the most popular is Intal (cromolyn sodium). Pharmacies this facility may be sold under other names. Intal can prevent allergic inflammation in the walls of the bronchi, removes it at the beginning of the process.

Many believe it is the best prevention tool that helps to avoid attacks. Intal sold in capsules, which are put into an aerosol, the so-called spinhaler where the capsule is pierced, and the patient is able to inhale the powder.

Assign the drug can only be a doctor, when used must comply with some of the features:

  • pre Intalum have to breathe any bronchodilatory drug to get into the facility could completely open the bronchial tubes;
  • it is necessary to make two or three breaths;
  • Inhalation need to throw back his head;
  • if after receiving the funds in your mouth is the taste of the powder, it is necessary to rinse your mouth;
  • dosage may appoint a doctor!
  • Intal usually does not act immediately, should take about a week to show its effect;
  • upon the occurrence of an exacerbation in the background use Intalum should immediately stop taking and consult to the attending physician.

Today you can buy not only the capsule, but also a ready-to-use spray, which is very convenient.

Also Intalum today offered drugs such as kropoz, tayled, ie the so-called cromones. When asthma is recommended to take aspirin antileykotrievye drugs for chronic rhinitis - teopek, teotard and others.

All of these drugs are complementary, they are used as a supplement to the basic therapy.

Inhaled hormones

Hormonal drugs that are issued for the treatment of bronchial asthma, include such names as Pulmicort, tayled, ingakort, berotek, aldetsin, budesonit, bekotid, beklazon. These drugs are called symptomatic, they begin to act upon the occurrence of a strong attack, a few minutes after ingestion.

Hormonal drugs are aimed at treating asthma in daily life, prevent the development of seizures.

The use of inhaled thus relieving attacks almost immediately after they started, tablets and other used on prescription scheme. They allow you to reduce the swelling of the bronchi, to remove the inflammatory processes, significantly reduce sensitivity to allergens. Specialists are usually prescribed to treat asthma corticosteroids, antileukotriene, bronchodilators. In certain cases, the appointment is acceptable biological products, but this is very rare. Most often appointed by inhalation.

 on medical examination
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Specific immunotherapy

When asked what to take for the treatment of asthma, it is often the need for controlling the therapy. Giposensibilizirovannoe This specific treatment which is required mainly to children. Particularly effective is the treatment of asthma and rhinitis, when the patient is allergic to different plants. In this case, the aerosol is not always able to help, then you want to use other means. But severe asthma the use of this treatment can be dangerous, so need constant medical supervision.

A certain period of treatment is not, it all depends on the disease. For the chronically ill be nice if every three to six months can reduce the dosage of drugs, the deterioration need immediate cancellation.

What drugs should not be used in exacerbations?

There are a number of drugs that are used during periods of exacerbations is strictly prohibited, as they can only aggravate the general condition. Be sure to make a list yourself, which means to take and what not, keep it handy:

  • You can not use antihistamines;
  • sedatives and hypnotics is not recommended to give the patient, even if it requires sedation. Better use of breathing exercises, which helps not worse;
  • herbal, products based on herbs, as they can cause severe allergic attacks;
  • banks, put mustard plasters are not recommended;
  • It should not take magnesium sulfate, calcium supplements, mucolytics, prolonged bronchodilators, antibiotics (if not prescribed by a doctor in the presence of bacterial infections).

Measures in exacerbations

In exacerbations of asthma apply measures that help to reduce attacks. The basis for this treatment - is the use of beta-2 agonist quick action. Used vehicle up to three times within the first hour. This is necessary to monitor not only the well-being of the patient, but also the peak flow data.

Often added anticholinergics, given a large dose of hormones in the form of a nebulized inhaled agents. It may require the introduction of high-speed methylxanthines (usually eufillin) if other methods were not sufficient. Enter drugs intravenously.

The remaining measures of treatment depends on what result will give the therapy. But after cupping of an attack should contact their attending physician: may need hospitalization. Severe exacerbations can not be taken home on their own after taking the drug to mitigate the attack, the patient should be taken to hospital. For very young children it is especially important, since the value is every minute.

For any attack should take the action:

  • stop contact with the allergen;
  • use with aerosol medicament, additional agents prescribed by a doctor in the recommended dosage;
  • If the attack is on the decline, it is necessary to put the patient to provide him rest for an hour. At this time, be sure to observe the patient, his condition should be near an aerosol. If breathing returned to normal, it can be considered an attack docked.

Be sure to consult your doctor in the following cases:

  • conventional spray does not help either removes the attack for a while. Inhalation is not enough;
  • If there are symptoms such as heart palpitations, nails and lips are blue, it becomes difficult to say, wide nostrils flaring, intercostal spaces in the skin is badly drawn. Usual inhaled enough, they do not have their usual activities. In this case, the intervention of the doctor is necessary, you should call an ambulance.

If your child's seizures are very frequent, do not forget that in addition to the ongoing monitoring, with him to be spray to alleviate the condition.

Even when properly prescribed treatment may be severe exacerbations that occur most frequently at risk for such as:

  • in patients who already had severe exacerbation in the past. Often they always carry with them means for inhalation;
  • when recently canceled hormonal drugs or when the continuation of their admission;
  • in patients who did not use inhaled hormone preparations;
  • upon receipt of more than one month in the inhaler;
  • the abuse of sedatives, sleeping pills;
  • for non-compliance, abuse treatment plan prescribed by your doctor.

 immune, tablets for asthma

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Nontraditional methods of treatment

Today offers innovative treatments for asthma, they are always expected a miracle, but how effective are they? Do they bring more benefits than assigned, for example, hormones? The problem is that so-called traditional methods is not for everyone, their effectiveness has not been proven, although they continue to be studied. Before starting this treatment, it is mandatory to be examined by a doctor to consult on the adoption of certain measures.

The most commonly recommended techniques such as breathing exercises (Buteyko techniques, yoga, etc.), acupuncture, herbal asthma treatment, homeopathy and others. Breathing exercises recommended most often, it has its many supporters, it is the primary method of recovery of the upper respiratory tract, so it is impossible to call it a panacea. Buteyko method, for example, is only effective for patients with hyperventilation (a special neuropsychiatric option for asthma), but this is not observed in all patients, so to say that it can be applicable to all, it is impossible.

Yoga is not contraindicated for asthma, but it can not replace medical treatment, but to supplement, and not in all cases. Herbal Medicine can be very dangerous if the patient is showing signs of hay fever, you have an allergic reaction to pollen. Therefore, this method is not recommended for the treatment of asthma, it can cause severe complications.

In bronchial asthma should be remembered that even natural, natural remedies can be very dangerous, lack of toxicity in this case, not only does not guarantee a cure, but also security. Therefore, if you want to use different methods of addition of traditional medicine, compulsorily consult the attending physician!   This is especially important for very young children whose immune systems are not yet fully matured.

Of all the non-traditional ways of treatments is usually recommended only breathing exercises, reducing the work of muscles. The easiest remedy is to take a deep breath through a straw to drink, dropped into a glass of water. This exercise should be done 4-5 times a day for 10-15 minutes. You can apply and exercises the diaphragm, which improves expectoration.

Excellent tool - hardening. There is a special hardening technique, which is suitable especially for patients with asthma, but in this case still needs specialist supervision as usual hardening of gradually lowering the temperature is appropriate, moreover, is quite dangerous. Do not use hardening in the presence of co-morbidities such as cardiovascular disease, nervous, urogenital systems.

Treatment of bronchial asthma - it is very responsible, complex process that must be approached very carefully. Today offers a variety of means, including not only medication, but some methods of alternative medicine. When choosing a treatment must be based on the form of asthma severity, presence of concomitant diseases. Mandatory consultation of the doctor who will prescribe the exact dosage form of the drug. Only in this case it is possible to achieve positive dynamics of treatment of bronchial asthma.

 What medicines can help with asthma?