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  • Causes of postcoital cystitis
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The organism is a girl is pretty complicated system. Cold, wound infection, infection threatens the emergence of one of the types of diseases that require special treatment. Female reproductive system are more susceptible to various diseases. One of the common problems of the female body is the post-coital cystitis.
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Causes of cystitis

Cystitis is an inflammation of the urinary system, it may be every woman and has the following symptoms symptoms: pain, burning sensation, cramps during urination, discomfort in the abdomen, feeling of fullness in the bladder and frequent desire for emptying. This disease is an unpleasant character and appears often after intercourse.

Most often, the disease manifests itself in females than in males. This is explained by the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the body. In female urogenital system penetrate microorganisms and start their reproduction much easier, because the bladder in women is much smaller and wider compared to the male.

What is the post-coital cystitis, what its symptoms are manifestations of what treatment and prevention?

 on examination, the gynecologist
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The main symptoms of cystitis

Symptoms of inflammation are not specific notice is not possible, because they manifest themselves immediately after the close or the day after. During treatment, you need to drink a short course of antibiotics to help a woman get rid of pain. Such cases are not uncommon and that the disease manifests itself every time after intercourse.

Eventually the pain leads to the fact that the woman starts to refuse intimacy and tries to avoid it by any number of ways and excuses.

As you know, sex life should be constant to keep the human body in good shape and good condition. What does a woman do if she can not afford to keep their sex life as not to offend your partner failures? The best option would be, of course, treatment. So when the first symptoms need to seek medical help, and at the end of the treatment, to avoid a relapse, it is necessary to take preventive measures.
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Causes of postcoital cystitis

It identifies several causes of postcoital cystitis in women.

  1. A common, yet problematic is urogenital anomaly. It manifests itself in a shift of the opening of the urethra or the increased mobility. In this case, during intercourse the urethra is irritated, injured her mucous, bacteria get inside, and there is inflammation.
  2. Another reason for cystitis after affinity is bacteria. This is due to the lack of necessary care, but because of the alternation of the anal and vaginal sex, in this case the drive becomes E. coli.
  3. The reason may be a long sexual intercourse, lack of sufficient lubrication. Dry time of contact may result in minor injury, which may be enough for bacteria.
  4. Mixing with mucosal bacterial microflora of the penis into the vagina, followed by penetration into the urethra may cause cystitis. It is necessary to take into account the fact that when using spermidy and aperture as a means of contraception condition of mucus may vary and violated.
  5. Also do not forget that the diseases that are sexually transmitted, also can be a cause of cystitis, because the infection could easily penetrate and urethra.

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Symptoms of post-coital cystitis

As manifested postcoital cystitis?

Cystitis has the following symptoms:

  1. Sharp, sudden, and, most importantly, frequent urination after intimacy. This symptom can occur within days after sex.
  2. Stinging pain and a burning sensation during urination.
  3. Constant feeling that the bladder is full.
  4. Discomfort or pain in the abdomen.
  5. Increased body temperature, which is accompanied by an inflammation in the body.

The agents of this disease are the various bacteria (staphylococcus, E. coli, streptococci, enterococci), viruses (herpes simplex). The culprits may be specific pathogens (mycoplasma, ureaplasma, gonococcus, chlamydia, etc.). Very often, cystitis accompanied by sexually transmitted diseases, which is why in the survey does not hurt to check for the presence of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.
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How is the treatment of cystitis

Treatment of cystitis is as follows: in the crotch area, you can make a heating pad for short period of time the heat will help get rid of unpleasant sensations. Treatment with antibiotics bacteria occurs. It is important to note that even if the clear all disease symptoms, it can go back again.

If the treatment of cystitis is missing or not fully completed, the disease may progress to a chronic level, then the symptoms begin to manifest themselves even stronger and more active, and the pain becomes unbearable. Treatment of such a stage is more complex and requires more time.

Acute cystitis cure with antibiotics common action. The duration of treatment and dosage appoint a doctor. It is important to know that herbs can not cure the disease, they can be used only as an additional tool in the treatment. Diuretic effect have the following herbs: mint, bearberry leaves, buds, oregano and others. Cystitis is very useful cranberry, this berry is considered a good antibacterial agent. If you have an infection are advised to drink as much liquid, so a good idea to not drink the water, and a variety of herbal teas or, for example, cranberry juice.

Treatment postcoital cystitis includes a detailed diagnosis of the urogenital system. During the examination will have to take some tests (urine, crop, smear), to make US and to be examined by a gynecologist. Only after a full examination the doctor can prescribe the right treatment, taking into account all the signs of disease manifestations. Moreover, we should not forget that during treatment with antibiotics will be needed that can not be independently choose.

After all, incorrect use can lead to complications, and not everyone is able to hold of the drugs is a struggle with the bacterium, which has become the agent of cystitis. Medications are selected individually, taking into account the symptomatic picture of the patient. It is worth noting that the universal anti postcoital cystitis women have not yet invented.

As a result of the disease because of anatomical abnormalities, treatment will involve surgery. If mild abnormalities often resort to the use of a course of antibiotics in small doses after intimacy.

 antibiotic treatment of cystitis

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Limitations in the treatment of cystitis

Any treatment includes a number of limitations. Treatment in this case is not the cause. The list of limitations in the first part of the sexual life of a diseased woman. This is necessary in order to prevent further irritation and increased symptoms. Sex in this case, may significantly delay the process of recovery. Do not forget that received antibiotics contribute to disruption of microflora, contributing to the development of bacteria.

If the occurrence of cystitis was not caused by sexually transmitted diseases, it is inherently sex may be admitted. It is not a contagious disease and the partner will not be able to catch them sexually.

Most often during cystitis do not prohibit sex life, and lay on the period until the symptoms manifest themselves most acutely, often sex is contraindicated in the beginning of treatment. When the treatment is beginning to show results and symptoms recede, partners can return to an active sexual life, they do not forget about sexual health, prevention at this time is needed most.
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How to avoid recontamination

If the process of treatment, all fell into place, it may be surgery or antibiotics, what to do to avoid reinfestation? Prevention postcoital cystitis includes the observance of simple but very important rules:

  1. The main thing is to prevent the occurrence of inflammation in the genitourinary system - in the first place is to make sure that there are no diseases that are sexually transmitted. It is important to remember that your health is more expensive and in the conduct of all sexually active with different partners is constantly monitored. It's better this test is unnecessary. In the event of such a disease should undergo specific treatment, and it is worth remembering that the treatment must take place both at the same sexual partner.
  2. It should be very vigilant in the intimate hygiene of the genitals. It is necessary to carefully wash their hands and, of course, the genitals, both before sex, and after it.
  3. It is advisable to try to avoid altering different kinds of sex, in particular anal vaginal. Almost 90% of the data interleaving turn cystitis.
  4. Do not get involved in such sexual poses, provoking the urethra women, for example, such a posture is a missionary.
  5. You must try to avoid various kinds of irritation. Contraindicated use of condoms without lubrication, vaginal dryness because excess contributes to the emergence of microcracks and micro traumas.
  6. Experts strongly recommend to release the bladder immediately before and after sex intimacy. It is believed that this approach greatly reduces the risk of inflammation, thereby reducing the concentration of harmful microorganisms.
  7. It will not be superfluous to consult with your doctor and may be asked to prescribe immune-boosting drugs to strengthen the immune system and increase resistance to the mucous urethra various bacteria.

It is for that reason that the female body is exposed to a greater likelihood of occurrence of post-coital cystitis, little girls need to teach in advance the correct personal hygiene. Mothers need to explain what is washed away at least twice a day (morning and evening). For cleaning the genitals undesirable use scouring pads or sponges, wash simply hand, and do not use soap. Better if it will be a special means for intimate hygiene with a neutral pH. The habit to change underwear every day, too, mothers should be vaccinated since childhood. Wear cotton panties best, synthetics contraindicated. Undesirable leggings and skinny jeans, at least for everyday wear, they just do not fit.

It is important to note that one of the main roles played by the timely emptying of the bladder.

Often it is necessary to observe the fact that girls tend to avoid public toilets. Often they suffer and go to the toilet only at home. An interesting fact is that even a seemingly innocent habit can cause infections in the urinary tract. Can not be tolerated in any case.

The emergence of post-coital cystitis can be triggered by the start of the intimate sexual life. Quite often sexual intercourse can result in the appearance of cystitis. This is another fact in favor of safe sex.

 Causes of cystitis after sex