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  • Where are why formed
  • The talc harmful to humans
  • How to get rid of the problem: expert advice
  • Folk remedies to get rid of Wen

Before the operation, any surgery will get acquainted with the history of the patient and to choose the optimal variant of the procedure. Likewise, caring for the skin and finding some defects, women need to understand why they are there. Quite often appear on the face of atypical education white - so-called "talc" or, in scientific terms, lipomas. Physicians are regarded as benign tumors. Do not immediately get down to business and, in the process, think about how to squeeze wen without complications.
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Where are why formed

The most common growths appear on the face, but you can see the talc and body. Looking at it, you will notice that the wen is a fairly dense formation that sits under the skin. It is mobile, the skin over it is normal, no prominent changes. To get rid of a sudden there was "decoration", remove the skin from the capsule.

This surface has a clearly limited tumor size, but its squeezing complicated by the fact that education should be the right to remove without damaging the skin, and without violating the integrity of the capsule Wen. When pressed person does not feel any discomfort, Wen average diameter ranges from 1 to 4 centimeters.

According to statistics, in the face of talc produced in women after age 30, but can occur much earlier.

The defect occurs due to clogging of the opening of the sebaceous gland, but why it is happening - neizvestno.Mnogie people believe that the main reason that the talc appear on the face, the body is clogging toxins.

 medical examination
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The talc harmful to humans

As mentioned earlier, this tumor appears painless, does not increase in size, and does not make a person any discomfort. That is why education Wen experts believe a purely cosmetic problem. If a woman decides to pierce the white bump, you should prepare for the fact that Wen behaves differently than a normal pimple.

There is no pus, almost white mass is extruded. In the face of such conduct domestic operations it is dangerous because you can easily leave a scar and put in the wound infection, no matter whether small or large tumor wen.
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How to get rid of the problem: expert advice

Returning to the main issue, I must say that the experts do not recommend getting rid of the oil lamp at home without special tools. Cosmetologists work with surgical spoon, in which there is a hole. Selecting an instrument the size of the oil lamp, they are easy to surround him and gently pierce the capsule, extract the contents.

The alternative - to squeeze out new growth at home - only a very careful approach to women who are able to work well with a needle. To work, you can take a special surgical instrument, it would avoid unnecessary injuries of the skin. Making a puncture, you must grab the base of the oil lamp and gently squeeze his heart - the whole capsule.

Through domestic operations on the face, it is important to exercise extreme sterility. All tools and accessories, which will be working woman, it is better to spread out on a napkin or rag paper prospirtovannoy. In some cases, carried out the removal of the oil lamp laser, it is much faster and is prescribed as a mandatory procedure in the event that a woman needs to remove the tumor around the eyes and other delicate, hard to reach places.

 Wen squeezing yourself
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Folk remedies to get rid of Wen

If a woman is afraid, do not want to squeeze your problem, you can always turn to popular wisdom and try some alternatives. As a preventive and active treatment is recommended to eat cinnamon. However, it is understood that the milled spice pretty aggressive for the stomach and the people who suffer from gastritis, have to take this method as much as possible carefully.

We can estimate the ancient way of getting rid of Wen - used egg film obtained from the eggs of chickens. For the first time in place of applying a film may appear redness, and even edema. If a person is allergic to eggs, you can continue the course of "treatment", after 3-4 sessions wen should disappear. Therefore, it does not have anything to squeeze out, but the option is time consuming, because not every case, the method allows to achieve one hundred percent positive effect.

Speaking about the procedure in the face, you should be careful. Even proven herbal formulations may detrimental impact on the color of the skin, making it too dry or vice versa, to promote acne.

Popularly known for its medicinal properties houseplant "Golden mustache" can also be used as a medicine. The sheet is cut along a juicy part is applied to the site of the oil lamp, fasten the gauze is left for 12 hours, then change the bandage. The course of treatment will be about 10-12 days, after which the tumor disappears.

You can "treat" others talc plant - aloe. The meaning remains the same - the sheet is applied to neoplastic and left for 8-10 hours. In addition, the plant sap reduces inflammation and improves skin condition.
One can argue about how best to proceed, squeeze wen or not, taking care of their beauty, should consult a specialist, or choose your own way of solving the problem, which does not require specific knowledge and skills.

 Terms extrusion Wen advice and folk remedies

 reasons and further removal of Wen


  • What is wen and what are its causes?
  • What to choose: drugs or surgery?
  • Alternative methods of influence: cold and radio
  • Can I remove the talc laser?

The causes of under the skin soft, benign tumor is not known. Some doctors believe that it is formed due to blockage of the sebaceous ducts. Others tend to blame metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, even liver disease. Tumor consists of connective tissue and fat, the movable touch size is in the range 1-1, 5 cm.

It has been observed that women are not as calm as men refer to this issue and prefer to delete Wen, despite the fact that this entity is not usually painful sensations and gives metastases. After a noticeable bump, which appeared on the body, especially the face, is an unpleasant cosmetic defect.
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What is wen and what are its causes?

Wen called the two kinds of tumors. This is the atheroma, which is a sebaceous cyst, lipoma and having no connections with other fabrics. These parameters remain unchanged for a long time. Sometimes, however, they can and quickly grow to 10 centimeters and. Then there is compression of tissues and even organs. Of course, this is very painful. Pain may appear in a small package, if wen has grown around the nerve or vascular units.

Another trouble that may arise from the presence of Wen - an inflammatory process. In unfavorable conditions, when not carefully observing hygiene, excessive sweating, as well as in infectious diseases - pathogenic microbes can cause abscess. The same result is obtained, and an attempt to self-puncturing the skin with the aim of squeezing the contents. Such actions only provoke the growth of education, since it is impossible to squeeze hands capsule.

It is better to avoid home treatment Wen and go to the clinic, even for advice. After all, just look innocent at first and very serious cancers.

Determine whether immediate treatment, or you can leave everything as it is, will be able to only a qualified doctor. If a lipoma located inside the abdomen or chest, can be assigned to the hardware research: ultrasound or computed tomography. Sometimes, to study the cellular composition performed a needle biopsy.

 Consultation with a doctor to remove the oil lamp
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What to choose: drugs or surgery?

Now the media can meet a lot of home recipes for allegedly allowing to get rid of the oil lamp. Some of them offer applied externally, the other - inside. This brew of celandine, and the infusion of burdock root, and the mixture of vodka with sunflower oil. Recommend to a sore point put red clay, chewed wheat, mutton fat, onion with honey and lard with garlic. Harm from these alleged drugs would not be good, too, but no. By the way, the fat composition of the lipoma does not mean that it appears only on the background of overweight, so it is not necessary to exhaust yourself diets.

Typically, medications are used only in order to remove the inflammatory process. At the same time the radical means which would be completely eliminated tumor is not invented. Although gradually achieve its reduction is possible by introducing a medicine syringe directly into the body of education. This technique is used when its size is less than 3 cm, and the visible effect will have to wait about 2 months. Otherwise it requires surgery. However, do not be afraid. For now, surgery offers modern sparing techniques.

Just cut out the tumor under local anesthesia, of course, possible, but not on the face. Even a tiny scar in such a place can spoil if not appearance, the mood certainly. And post-surgical sutures removed no earlier than 8-10 days. Therefore, the operation on his face made only with the use of an endoscope - apparatus, allowing full control over all the manipulation. It is injected into the object, and an incision can be made for the introduction of and slightly to one side, at least an appreciable portion of, for example, under the hair. From under the skin wen remove the special tool.

Another way is to introduce a special needle having a lumen. After aspirating the contents of the needle occurs. The method is characterized by the absence of post-surgical stitches and does not require a long stay patient in a medical institution. The disadvantage is that sometimes part of the contents is under the skin and eventually relapse of the disease. In general, the success of this procedure depends on the skill level of the physician.

 analyzes to remove wen
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Alternative methods of influence: cold and radio

Naturally, the majority of women are concerned about how to clean wen without surgery. Now there are many alternative ways to eliminate it. The tumor can be destroyed by cryoablation. It is freezing with liquid nitrogen removed tissue. Is the destruction of cell membranes and the subsequent death of the affected area. However, this method is suitable only for small entities, not more than 0, 5 cm in diameter. Otherwise, the healing and rehabilitation period is a long stretch. Moreover, there is risk of on-site wound scar.

It has proved effective radio wave removal tool, which is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 20 minutes. You can hold it in tight places and mucous areas. Stitches after the procedure is not necessary as it is bloodless. Recovery after it occurs within 3 days. Since lipoma removed together with the capsule does not arise any suppuration or infiltration. The thermal effect removes all the centers, due to which the infection may start. It instantly solder vessels, stopping bleeding, and cauterize the surrounding tissue.

Thinnest electrode generates RF waves, which cause intense heat in the surrounding tissues. Under the influence of heat cells in the direction of the waves literally evaporate. In these circumstances it occurs razdvizheniya tissues in hand, making a conventional scalpel incision. But the width of this size is much smaller. Discharge current series, layers, remove undesired formation. Material removed in a manner suitable for the study. Histological examination should be carried out to prevent it from malignant nature.

Contraindications to RF exposure is the presence in the body of metal prostheses including tooth and pacemakers. Furthermore, it is only suitable for husking wen diameter of not more than 5 cm. For larger lipomas, there are other means of disposal. If it is produced on the face, it is necessary to exclude the presence of virus in active form. Procedure is not performed and in the vicinity of malignant neoplasms.

 Wen removal laser
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Can I remove the talc laser?

Yes, it is the modern technique to minimize the negative consequences. The notion that laser removal Wen somehow affects the entire body, poisoning his or exposing radiation sickness, is deeply flawed. The laser beam works like a surgeon's scalpel, and is intended only for tissue dissection. But this effect has no direct contact with the body of the tool, therefore making any infection completely excluded.

The benefit of this technique is the fact that the specialists can remove talc laser in the case of splicing, and considerable size of the object. Under local anesthesia, the impact made completely painless and fast. Thin legs just the tumor is cut from the skin, and then there husking content. Thanks to high-tech equipment operation is carried out with great precision and eliminates the ingress of infection in the wound.

Especially difficult is the surgery, if the lipoma is located on the bay, under the eye or on the eyelid, near important blood vessels or nerve endings. After all, even the slightest inaccuracy and a lack of perfection of the tool can lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, in such cases, only removal Wen with the laser. It does not affect healthy tissues, it does not leave scars. The surface of the skin after this operation looks like a little scratch without edema which heals within several days.

Eliminate education or to leave it alone, decides the patient. Unambiguous intervention is required only in cases where the tumor is growing rapidly, it grows nervous tissue and begins to squeeze internal organs. It was then that, having tried all available means, people are turning to a specialist. And the sooner this happens the better. After all, sometimes reaching the size of an orange lipoma leave behind a large recess, which then has to take in.

Specialist after the necessary studies and analyzes to decide in what way and how to remove a fatty tumor. This takes into account the presence of contraindications, which are available even when the laser operation. However, the range of their very limited. This diabetes, cancer and certain blood diseases. This is due to the fact that the laser beam is repeatedly activates the regeneration of tissues, and cancer is contraindicated. In all other cases, progressive methods of treatment to be safe and well-proven.

 Why there are talc and how they are removed?