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  • Types of warts
  • Why do I get warts?
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Flat warts - a benign skin that occur on the body, is a flat bundle of up to 5 mm, slightly raised above the surface of the skin, similar to what are called flat warts. Warts on hands and other body parts appear in groups, single flat formation almost never occur.

Diagnosis is based on visual inspection, sometimes requires histological examination. Treatment of flat warts on the body can be very different: the use of poultices, ointments, liquid nitrogen removal, radio waves, electrocoagulation, using a laser.

Flat warts are rarely (almost never) do not become malignant form, but their treatment requires specialist dermatologist supervision. It occurs rarely, about four percent of cases. It occurs mainly in children or young people, so they are called "juvenile".

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Types of warts

Flat warts - are small papules, nodules that is, that rise above the skin on the face, hands and other areas. Characterized by a knot in that it has a smooth surface with no keratinized areas. The color varies from pink to light brown. Species warts on the hands or the face of a lot. This plantar, genital, simple and youthful, and other senile warts. All formations on the skin can be divided into:

  • genital, warts that is in the form of pink buds. They appear under the arms, in the groin, on the hands and other exposed parts of the body almost never occur;
  • common warts rounded shape. They can merge with each other, usually occur in groups. Is on the hands, soles of the feet, for the treatment of applied ointment on the feet is usually recommended removal because they impede walking;
  • Warts in the form of small nodules on the face, hands, chest, very small, smooth and bright. The surface is quite dense, they can be scattered all over the body. Treat Warts are usually difficult because the virus enters the nervous tissue, nodules are usually removed from the skin surface using a wide variety of methods.

 removing flat warts doctor

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Why do I get warts?

The causes of flat warts on the body can be called human papilloma virus infection. This infection is transmitted by contact with the handshake, through kissing, railings, handrails, books, elevator buttons. Therefore it is necessary to begin to teach children from childhood that the hands should be washed after walking, and this applies to adults too. So it may be noted that the causes of flat warts - is a violation of personal hygiene.

Infection occurs through scratches and cuts, small wounds. The virus from the skin gets inside, persist in the tissues of the nervous system, and then stays there almost forever, that is hardly to be treated. Remove possible external nodules on the body, the skin of the hands, feet, face, but the virus remains in the body.

For a long time, this contamination can not occur, flat warts on the skin occur when Invoke the virus, it begins to grow locally in some areas of the skin. The reasons for this lie in the activation of immune system is lowered, with a strong emotional tension, stress, fear.

But if such formations on the skin appear very often, you should consult a dermatologist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

In order for treatment to be effective, it is necessary to conduct a competent diagnosis from a specialist dermatologist. Diagnosis is carried out by visual inspection. To clarify the histological examination carried out; to identify whether there is HPV infection is necessary for PCR.

Flat warts are different from others in that they are very easy to identify without a lot of research, their diagnosis is the most simple. In order to get rid of the nodules, usually sufficient holding cryonics, i.e. burning liquid nitrogen.

Diagnosis is necessary in order to accurately determine the type of warts, and the treatment was conducted not only effective, but also safe.

 laser wart removal

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Methods of treatment of warts

Treat the wart, or rather their symptoms, sometimes very simple, often seen their self-extinction. Warts have absolutely no influence on the life, this is just a cosmetic defect, which appears on the face or other body parts.

Today, in order to get rid of warts, apply a variety of methods. Dermatologists usually prescribe a course of antiviral treatment of HPV to remove the causes of skin formations. Too frequently they appear on the face are usually recommended surgical removal. It may be such methods as conventional excision with a scalpel, electrocautery (ie burning), but these methods leave behind small scars, that is, they fit, if necessary, to get rid of warts on the body, but not on the face. Cryosurgery may also leave scars, there is a danger too deep tissue freezing.

The best cosmetic effect is obtained if to get rid of warts using radio wave removal or removal by laser. This achieves the necessary depth of operation, vessels immediately cauterized, and the spread of the virus is blocked. Removal of flat warts by this method most effective.

To remove the ointment can be used, which allow fast, simple and effective to get rid of warts.

Can I remove the flat wart on their own?

Treatment of flat warts and possibly at home using fairly effective methods of traditional medicine. But before starting this treatment, it is recommended to visit your doctor for advice, because when surgical intervention is required, such methods can only domestic harm.

Here are some simple ways on how you can remove warts on the hands and feet with the help of affordable, easy resources:

  • the simplest and most commonly used way to remove warts is to use the juice of sour green apple. It is necessary to lubricate the daily places where there are warts juice of the apple. The treatment usually takes only 10 days, after which the warts simply disappear. Instead, you can use apple juice and fresh onions, which also smeared the affected area;
  • help and compresses of onion, which are carried out as follows: onion, cut into thin slices, filled with ordinary vinegar for a few hours. Then you can begin treatment: plaster plates glued to the places where there are warts, for 2 hours. In some cases it is advisable to keep a compress on the night;
  • and you can use a tool such as an ointment of blue cosmetic clay, sea salt, pulp from fresh onion. From the resulting mixture, roll small balls that zaleplivayutsya and warts on the face, hands, feet, other areas.   The beads are attached pieces of plaster bandages are changed so little two or three times a day until the warts begin to take place;
  • applicable exotic recipes such as the use of banana peels. To do this cleanse one banana, we take away the peel and cut its squares. On the damaged area on the hand, face, foot fastened to the skin of the inside of the body, from top to add the paste of garlic, cover with a bandage. Compress should be changed two or three times a day;
  • well help exerted gruel made from fresh flowers of rose hips, it is possible to grease a wart on the face of ammonia.

Home treatment varied, but it generally involves compresses and bandages. Surgically remove warts on the body (face, legs, arms, chest) is only necessary in a medical hospital. If you have warts on the skin of this kind, then, before you take action, you must seem to the dermatologist, who will appoint the appropriate treatment. Flat warts - are benign, are not prone to malignant transformation. Outwardly, this wart - a small flat ledge on the skin that can appear on any part of the body: the face, legs, arms, abdomen and chest.

Flat warts - This is a rare phenomenon, its amount - about 4% of all warts in humans, its treatment is to impose compresses, in some cases warts easily removed by cryotherapy. Before starting any treatment, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist, who will determine the stage of disease, make recommendations.

 How to get rid of warts on the hands, face and legs?

 causes of allergy on the face


  • What is an allergy?
  • Symptoms of allergic reactions
  • Practical tips from the experts: medical treatment
  • How to cope with allergic rashes?
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of

Allergy to face - is a manifestation of the body's reaction to a variety of stimuli. Signs of allergy may also be different, ranging from rashes and swelling finishing dangerous and toxic shock. Treatment of allergy may include medication, many funds are so-called folk - it masks, ointments, tinctures.
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What is an allergy?

All allergic rashes on the skin can be caused by several factors. This is due to the fact that allergy - a reaction to stimuli, external or internal environment. As a result, there are skin rash - hives, dermatitis, edema, and so on. The reaction in the form of a rash and swelling can be instantaneous or appear gradually gaining strength.

The main causes of allergies:

  • house plants, animal dander, poplar fluff;
  • household chemical products (powders, insecticide, oil paints, solvents);
  • The reasons lie in the food, the rash can occur with honey, eggs, strawberries, coffee, chocolate and other things. Often the right to determine, from which it emerged pimples on the skin is very hard, but it affects the treatment;
  • essential oils (flavors, perfumes and other substances which are included in shampoos, soaps, cosmetics);
  • spots often appear after having been discharged to receive various drugs (antibiotics, iodine preparations, analgesics, bromide). When there are skin rash, doctors immediately recommended to be screened in order to determine which drugs have such an impact;
  • creams and many drugs which contain the composition of vitamin A, aloe vera, hops, honey.

When an allergy on the face, we must decide what to do based on its causes. However, allergic reactions are different, means for their successful treatment may also differ.

 injections of antihistamines
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Symptoms of allergic reactions

The manifestation of allergic reactions can be very different:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • allergic conjunctivitis;
  • rash (acne, rashes, etc.);
  • edema (most dangerous is angioedema);
  • atopic dermatitis (itchy rash occurrence, manifested in different ways, but similar to the sting, often inflamed pimples, small spots, etc.);
  • contact dermatitis, allergic wherein the face is shown in contact with the allergen;
  • anaphylactic shock. This is the most dangerous condition in which there is loss of consciousness, pressure drop, and more. In this case, it requires special treatments, urgent hospitalization.

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Practical tips from the experts: medical treatment

Acne and rashes on the face is particularly troublesome because they are very visible. For many, redness and inflammation spots deliver great discomfort, such signs not only detracts from the appearance, but also cause itching. But the swelling and other dangerous - they can be a stern warning of what may develop angioedema - the most dangerous syndrome that requires immediate hospitalization, appropriate therapy.

Doctors recommend treatments such as intramuscular and intravenous injections of antihistamines: Claritin, diphenhydramine, suprastin and others. But these methods can remove allergy, commonly used in exacerbations. All drugs are administered orally, ie, enough money to put a pill under the tongue to relieve symptoms. But if there is swelling of the face, eyelids, it is best to use this treatment as a subcutaneous injection of adrenaline solution or hydrocortisone hemisuccinate. It helps if the pimples and redness, simple cream with chamomile azulene, which has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant action.

Skin rash, acne can be treated not only drugs but also herbs. But we must remember that the treatment of allergy - a process long and very complicated to eliminate only one rash enough, often in order to completely remove all symptoms can take a few years.

 cleansing the face with sour milk
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How to cope with allergic rashes?

Allergy treatment purports to extinguish all of the symptoms, such a method called desensitization, it consists of a large complex of therapeutic measures aimed at reducing the response of the patient to the existing therein foreign substances, including toxins that are the cause of what appears skin rash, swelling, itching, inflammation and so on.

Such treatment often involves the introduction of tiny doses of the allergen. The body with the spending of the substances intended to combat the allergen, that is subsequently reaction becomes weaker, the number of such substances comes back to normal, skin rash, swelling and other symptoms of allergies and the symptoms gradually disappear and no longer bother.

But in addition to medicines, treatment and other possible methods. Here are some practical tips to help remove skin rashes, minor swelling, redness of the eyes, skin rash and pimples:

  • Clean your face with sour milk, which is moistened cotton swabs;
  • then it is necessary to wash with water, preferably filtered. Soap and other cleaning agents used in this case is not necessary;
  • Now the skin and all the areas where there is a rash, it is necessary to clean the prepared solution of boric acid with a small concentration of a rather weak infusion of succession, sage and chamomile. Soaked gauze is applied for 15 minutes to a place where there were spots.

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Folk remedies for the treatment of

Treat allergies can be different methods, often used in place of medical treatment of the popular ways to get rid of the disease and its manifestations. One of the most effective means is considered to be made with his own hands from the mint, horseradish, tar and sulfur. Here are some very effective recipes that help to get rid of allergy on the face with the help of available tools (before using consult your doctor!).

  1. How to treat allergies using tar and sulfur. To make an effective ointment which cause allergy symptoms retreat, taking 3 grams of conventional sulfur which is necessary to grind into a powder, 100 g of suet, which should melt in a water bath. Now, two table spoonfuls of tar (available at the pharmacy Birch) is poured into a mug, add the melted fat, sulfur powder and put the mug on the fire (so it is best to make money in a metal bowl or mug). Boil the mixture for about 3 minutes, then Let cool. Places where a rash, lubricates the proceeds to the night, in the morning portion of the skin on the face is washed thoroughly with plain water and soap. Continue this treatment is recommended about 3 months.
  2. Treat allergic rashes can be and with the help of horseradish. To obtain the means softening the affected skin on your face, rub the grated horseradish, squeeze juice tablespoon spoon, mix it with a spoonful of sour cream. Insist obtain funds necessary to a day or two, and then you can start to put on pre-washed face for the night. Repeat this procedure should be 2-3 times, after which allergy symptoms recede. It also means great, and for the treatment of severe acne at home.
  3. If you suspect an allergy, you can use a mask of mint for which two tablespoons of dried mint is necessary to pour the same amount of heated water. We obtain a slurry, which need to be heated before use. Apply paste to areas where there are signs of an allergy is left for 20 minutes, covered with a cloth or gauze.

When using traditional methods of allergy on the face should be remembered that it is only one cure external agents can not do, because they remove the outer symptoms without touching the internal causes of the defeat. Most allergy - a reaction to the accumulated toxic substances in the body, so at the same time compresses and masks should be used prescribed by the attending physician funds chelators, if necessary, to adhere to a hypoallergenic diet.

An allergy can result from a genetic predisposition, accumulation of toxic substances in the body, in response to any external stimuli. It is manifested in a variety of symptoms, but most often it is a rash, redness of the eye and eyelid edema, rhinitis, although in severe cases may be serious signs: swelling, requiring intervention of a doctor, hospital. Treat allergies can be a variety of methods including medication and folk (lotions, masks, etc.), but it is important to not only remove the rash on the face, but also the reasons why there were skin rashes.

 How to cope with allergic rashes on the face?