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Many more thousands of years ago, Tibetan monks learned about milk mushroom, which has a truly magical properties. According to legend, it was an accident, however, as all the discoveries and inventions of history. Tibetan monks to acidify milk in special clay pots. Once they saw that the milk in pots skvashivaetsya not the same everywhere. Pots that are washed in running water, give one color of milk, and pots that were washed in mountain ponds and crystal clean rivers - very different.

Those same monks noticed that the pots are washed into the ponds and mountain streams, the taste of milk was much nicer with some interesting acidity. It was further observed that if the yogurt will stand a few days, it begins to change, if the milk is collected in a pile and then clusters appear. So the monks of Tibet felt that this tool has useful properties for the body, it is possible to treat the heart, kidneys, liver, and indeed any body in the whole human body. A liquid that is formed around the bunches of milk, Tibetan monks called the elixir of youth.

Medicine Tibetan monks already (many years ago) was highly developed. It has been observed that people who drink the elixir of youth, at least once a week, almost no aging, feel young, do not complain of pain in the joints and the heart.

Fermenting milk Tibetan monks continued, but deliberately, in order to obtain exactly the elixir of youth. It is worth noting that for such manipulations use any milk - sheep, goat, horse and cow. Tibetan monks are always in the fermenting give the desired result. Again, people who drank the elixir, feel better, healthier and more energetic. Then Tibetans elixir of youth kept in strict confidence.

Nobody could know what Tibetan milk mushroom and how to do it. Only senior people in Tibet can access this drink of the gods. Himself elixir recipe handed down from generation to generation and has reached our days. Today, the Tibetan mushroom is familiar around the world, everyone can try to prepare a magic tool by yourself at home. You easily can provide proper care. And applied material can be obtained even in cosmetology.

 Tibetan milk mushroom
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Nature milk mushroom

By itself, the Tibetan milk mushroom in adulthood like a white bunch of grapes, its size is relatively small (only a few centimeters in diameter). And when it arrives he does is 5-6 mm, with the growth of the second stage of the fungus can reach 40-60 mm. The adult stage is determined by the size of 8-10 centimeters.

Tibetan milk mushroom - a natural pharmacy, where you can find a cure for all diseases in the world today. First of all, each of us wants to live a long time, we know that immortality can only dream of humanity, but it is actually prolong life for a few decades. And there are a number of diseases in which the use of milk mushroom is necessary.

  • Food

Modern medicine has long known that people poison your body inside the food that daily use. Digested food into the intestine and stay there for some time before the release of the body. All the while, it rots and emits toxic poisons that poison the human body and kill the cell by cell. Those same toxins are absorbed into the body through the capillaries and penetrates into all organs. Milk mushroom helps digested food out of the stomach more quickly, without letting it poison us from within. The resulting elixir helps to quickly and without harm to the body to solve the problem of toxins.

  • Ecology

In today's clean air and water are a luxury, every day we breathe and drink heavy metals, salts, toxins, everything is deposited on the walls of the lungs. Salts come in and form kidney stones, damage the liver and other organs. This often causes the growth of polyps and cysts. Tibetan mushroom, and then come to the rescue, it easily removes from the body metals, salts, prevents the formation of polyps. In its application the body's cells are updated, younger organs and the human body, too.

  • Allergies

Allergy has become a problem of the 21st century. Today, every second inhabitant of the planet suffers from some form of allergy. Pediatricians say that every newborn child in the womb can be such a problem. Tibetan mushroom is a natural anti-allergenic, it was proved by numerous experiments of scientists and physicians. It can be quite feasible to solve such global problems. But in this case the use of milk mushroom should be agreed with your health care doctor.

  • Excess body weight

Also important problem today is considered to be obese or overweight. Already, many countries have recognized the trouble of social challenge. Due to the fact that the Tibetan mushroom quickly frees the body from processed food and cleans the digestive tract, the body itself will lose weight (due to such exposure).

Milk mushroom does not bear any harm and side effects, because it can be eaten, even small children. Use of funds will strengthen the immune system. In addition, the fungus has insisted on milk. A milk, as is known, contains all the necessary nutrients for the growth of the desired, full development of the organism. Also worth noting is that in the process of fermentation obtained yogurt has twice properties. In other words, it speeds up and improves the effect of nutrients.

Kefir is made from Tibetan mushroom, it contains lactic acid, which helps the body fight disease-causing bacteria, thereby enhancing the immune system of the fair sex. In this case, the woman's body metabolizes well phosphorus and calcium, strengthening bones.

 Tibetan milk mushroom
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Care Tibetan milk mushroom at home

To have a milk mushroom at home is quite simple. You need to do the milk, medical gauze, bottle or three-liter jar, clean water, use distilled. It is necessary to wash the fungus between fermentation.

Remember that it is impossible to grow the fungus use metal utensils, with the exception of stainless steel. For a full understanding of the case it is recommended to purchase relevant literature in which the process of growing the fungus is painted in detail. The fungus can be purchased from people who bred him for years. They may tell you how to watch him, and to share some tips.

The process of cultivation begins with the fact that you need a clean jar to pour half a liter of milk. Note: it must be fresh, not stale. Then do the calculations on the amount of fungus: approximately one tablespoon of bunches per family member. Such an amount is spread in the milk.

Bank should be covered with gauze and put in a dark, but not cold place. After a few days, usually 2-3 days, the fungus appears around the same Tibetan youth elixir. Through plastic colander is necessary to separate the clusters of the fungus from the resulting mixture. The liquid can be eaten. But the fungus is necessary to re-rinse well through a plastic colander and again dipped in fresh milk.

The whole process is repeated in a circle, each time the mushroom clusters increase in size, which means that the fungus grows. With the growth, he will fill the entire width of the banks, it can be divided into two parts, and grow again. Here you need to remember not to use a metal colander for washing fungus, it can die from it. In some cases, you should keep a jar of milk and mushrooms in the refrigerator, but the temperature of the cooling should be minimal. But remember that the process of allocating the elixir of youth there will be slower. Long periods of storage in such a place is not recommended.
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Recommendations for the use of the Tibetan milk mushroom

Despite all the benefits of the fungus, there are some simple guidelines that must be followed in the treatment of the body as an elixir of youth. To use did not bring harm to remember that:

  • should not drink perekisshy elixir that stood at the bank for more than 4 days;
  • should not drink more than 700 ml of elixir per day (based on an adult person), thus it is necessary to divide into portions elixir, for example, 200 ml in the morning, 200 ml and 150 ml of days in the evening;
  • Children norm is about 300 ml per day, and this amount must be divided into portions;
  • you should not drink the elixir right before you go to bed, do it at least one hour;
  • if you start to drink liquids for the first time, it also begins with a small dose, adults - no more than one plastic cup a day, and children up to 12 years of age - no more than one quarter. The dosage is gradually increased to 700 ml per day;
  • the first two weeks of the Tibetan milk mushroom can affect the body only laxative effect. You should not be scared of this: the body so cleansed of toxins. Then, after two weeks, when the fungus bring the body of all toxins and cleanse it fully to start the healing process of skin rejuvenation and other health effects that previously seemed irreversible;
  • you can not mix this medicinal drink alcohol.
  • in case of serious diseases, such as diabetes, should consult a doctor.

 Tibetan milk mushroom

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How to normalize weight through the Tibetan milk mushroom

As noted above, the problem of excess weight is by far the mass. Everyone who suffers from this disease, fighting with them differently. Someone sits down on a strict diet, visits the gym, someone refers to a dietitian. But, unfortunately, it does not always produce positive results.

Tibetan mushroom helps solve this problem. Scientists have proved that people who are overweight, less live an average of 7 years (compared to those with normal body weight). As you can see, the problem really is, and it needs to be addressed. But the poison pill itself or exhausting diets does not make sense, there is a simple and easy way.

Overweight inhibits the work of the organs and the whole body, the cells are not updated in time the toxins linger in the intestines, excess food is kept in the body longer than they are due, and poisons the body. Also, the fat affects the heart, blood vessels, brain, liver, kidneys and other organs. In this issue sooner or later the person will be difficult not only to walk and think, but even just to get up in the morning from the bed.

It's no secret that the dairy products are very quickly absorbed by the body, they almost instantly convey nutrients to the organs of the blood, thereby improving human health. For example, yogurt is absorbed in just 1 hour and milk - 3 of Tibetan milk mushroom is also a fermented milk product, but its beneficial properties doubled compared with conventional milk or cream. This means that the nutrients will be communicated to the blood and organs for only 20-30 minutes.

The secret to getting rid of excess weight with the help of Tibetan milk mushroom is simple - it does not break down fats into fatty acids, which in the future are deposited in the liver and to a more simple elements, which are not held in the body and are easily derived from it. To lose weight and bring your body back to normal, you need every day to drink half a cup of Tibetan youth elixir half an hour after eating, and twice a week to arrange for his body's fasting days.

Fasting days must also be with the Tibetan milk mushroom and vegetables. Sample menu:

  • kilo of apples and green elixir 700 ml.
  • kilogram of oranges and Elixir 700ml.
  • 400 grams of black bread and Elixir 700ml.
  • mead and Elixir 700ml.

This water you can drink unlimited.

The changes that will happen to you, it can be seen in the third week. When the body has to be cleaned up completely, you will feel the lightness of the body, emotional recovery and physical activity. Do not be afraid of strict diets unloading days as a youth elixir contains all the necessary nutrients for the daily requirement.

As a result, it should be noted that milk mushroom - a unique natural substance, which is able to literally heal the body and soul. Its unique properties of familiar people to more than a thousand years. And for that, for the time, they have not changed. If you want to clean your body of toxins, stones, lose weight, you can do it with the help of the famous Tibetan milk mushroom.

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