what to wear to a job interview


  • How to dress for an interview
  • Occupation and fashion style
  • Color is also important

The first impression that you make on a potential employer is the most important. And it is the very first impression is made up of how you look, what you are wearing, you combed any make-up. That is why in most cases it is important to dress for an interview in a business, even if you do not know what the dress code is adopted in a particular office or company.

And yet, what to wear to a job interview, the first impression of your appearance was just so on that you want?

How to dress for an interview

Your appearance says a lot about your interviewer, no less than your resume. You know that can not be equal treatment of the girl, who came to the interview in strict pantsuit and neatly pinned hair and reckless girl, ran in the same direction "torn" jeans and with hair falling down over his eyes. And if you compile expert advice on what should be the best clothes for a job interview, it can be said in one sentence: it is better to be modest than eccentric.

Forget purple nail polish earrings or nose - leave them to rest in a disco where they will be more appropriate. If you want to impress the interviewer, keep in mind that he was impressed by your sharp mind and good business qualities, but not in fishnet stockings! If you are dressed as if on the way ran to the dance, and the impression of you will be like, if you work at the second place after the holidays.

Many companies have their own dress code, write or unwritten, which provides for a certain style of footwear, clothing, makeup, jewelry and so on. Of course, one does not expect from you that you have managed to find out what kind of dress code specifically practiced here, and come in appropriate clothing. However, the employer will appreciate your willingness to follow the dress code, if you come in the clothes of classical or business style.

On the other hand, it would be very good if you really tried to learn in advance about what kind of style of practice to the company where you want to get a job. You can pay attention to how to dress most of the staff, even when you just have to sign up for an interview. You can even ask about the dress code at the hiring manager. And you can see the company's website, where there is certainly some photos that may give you an idea of ​​how to dress people working there. It will be very good if your style will fit the dress code of the company as soon as you enter the room where the interview is held, you would immediately file a recruiter signal - "We're the same blood! "

 clothing for interviews

Occupation and fashion style

The way you should ideally look like depends on what industry belongs to your profession. Let's look at the example of several branches:

  • Technical specialty

    If you want to get a job in this area, there is a suit is not required. You may well put on a sweater or blouse with trousers or a skirt. But if you're applying for a job a higher level or a managerial position, there will be appropriate and suit. Put the best that you have.

  • Finances

    If you are going for an interview to get a job in this area, remember that nothing is more precise than keeping the money. So you have to look very carefully and strictly: clothing business style, a minimum of makeup and jewelry, the hair is collected and pinned.

  • The State Service

    Here you face the challenge to show that you are responsible, reliable and honest. The clothes must be chosen in a classic style; white blouse here would be very welcome. Be conservative in the selection of jewelry, hair and makeup.

  • Work with people

    If you want to get a job in any field that involves dealing with people, then you should look professional and authoritative. Your view should talk about what you are able to cope with any crisis situation. So do not wear things with frivolous details: ruffles, frills, flowered with coloring and the like.

  • Trading

    Where you can choose clothes bolder designs and colors. You have to focus on one product or service that you offer. But in any case, the buyer more likely to acquire the goods from the beautiful and fashionably dressed seller, not from the invisible "gray mouse".

  • Hotels and tourist industry and others where required to demonstrate hospitality

    It would fit better suit, but not necessarily. The main thing - remember that you are representing your company, and you can be the first person sees a guest. So you have to look like that he immediately had a good impression of you and from the place in which he has fallen.

In any profession it is very important to make a good first impression, and it depends on many details. For example, your shoes should be in excellent condition, as well as bag and outerwear. Even the most expensive shoes or boots will scream about your negligence, if they are muddy or covered with a layer of old dust. A bad manicure tell that you are not different accuracy, and taste does not shine. By investing time and money in your flawless look, you will "invite" the potential employer is easy to invest in you.

 appropriate clothing for interviews

Color is also important

Have you ever thought about what is of great importance, and the color of clothing? It is just as important as the style and cut of the clothes that you wear. Psychologists believe that more than eighty-five percent of the information about each other people get during the non-verbal communication. A color preferences can tell a lot about each person. So what to wear to a job interview specifically chose you can be your psychological portrait.

Want to know what they say about a man common in the clothing colors? That's right, is not it, you can choose clothes that best accentuate your personality. Memorize!

  • Blue: if it's dark blue, it gives rise to associations with the military form

    The man in clothes of that color looks collected, thoughtful, able to keep everything under control. The blue color says about the ability to empathize, to rest and contentment with life. People who prefer blue, everyone loves to organize, they are quite conservative, but reliable and loyal.

  • Gray: after blue is the most popular color of clothing that is usually worn for a job interview

    People dressed in gray clothes, capable of hard work, they are calm, practical and able to compromise. Gray will not distract the interviewer, and this means that it will focus only on what and how you say it. Use the gray, and he will play in your favor!

  • Black: a "command" color, it is the embodiment of power

    Black is also associated with mourning, so be careful when choosing clothes for the interview. You can use it as an accent - for example, a black skirt or trousers, combined with a white blouse or a black scarf - but not as a primary color.

  • Red: it is a very strong color

    So strong that it is best used only as an accent color. Red is associated with energy, passion, strength and aggression. People who love red, usually very energetic, persistent and tenacious. But they are characterized and intolerance, cruelty, stubbornness and desire for destruction. Use the red color is very metered, or you can send the wrong "signal" to the interviewer.

  • White: white blouses are always a safe bet

    White sends a message of purity, goodness, reverie and desire to help the world. Connoisseurs of white confident and uncompromising.

If you carefully pick up the color scheme of his clothing, you can subconsciously give the potential employer even more information about yourself.

It is important that you are choosing what to wear for an interview, looked at himself as if through the eyes of others. People seeing the interviewer? Frivolous girl or young business woman? How your clothes convey your attitude towards the future work and to interview? If you place accents correctly, it could be just the factor that will help you get the job!

 What to wear to a job interview, to make the right impression

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 how to behave at the interview when applying for a job


  • Talk about appearance
  • How to behave - the simple rules that bring success
  • How not to behave at the interview

In our time, it is not uncommon, when still quite young girls and guys look for a job - this is high school students who want to earn some money during the holidays, and students who want to combine study and work. Yes, and young professionals who had just left the walls of his alma mater, do not always get a job in distribution. It is for young people and will be interested in our story about how to behave at the interview when applying for a job, a potential employer to see in you the green girl, a promising young business lady.

There are so many details that can affect the way you perceive the recruiter. And the way you carry yourself will become one of the most important indicators. It is important not only what you say but how you look and what manner will be able to shine. Recruiters often wonder not only how much you are qualified to work (he realizes that the experience - will come with time), but also what personal qualities have and how well you will fit into the team. As it is necessary to look and how to behave in order to make a good impression?

Talk about appearance

It is very important what kind of impression you make their appearance on the interviewer - and this too will affect the outcome of the interview. People get the impression of each other for a few seconds at a meeting, so the importance of your appearance is enormous. Only it does not mean you have to wear a sexy outfit and make an impressive makeover - clothes should emphasize not your physical and professional qualities.

Dress appropriately situation

If you go for an interview at the office, you'd better put on a business suit - simple, bright blouse, dark skirt classic. In cold weather, suit jacket or blazer complement classic cut. Shoes should not be too bright and extravagant. In addition, cosmetics and perfumes should be kept to a minimum. In no case can not wear shorts, tank tops, mini-skirts - it would be too unprofessional behavior.

If you go for an interview to get a job in a profession where business suits generally are not (eg, the media, or McDonald's), you can dress more casually. But - never wear jeans to a job interview, because they show you is precisely the very green tomboy, which so carefully trying to hide from the strict eye recruiter.

Of course, for teenagers who are organized on a part-time or summer part time, the rules are not so strict. Dress the girl should be, at least, neat and tidy, and even the choice of style is at the discretion soiskatelnitsy place.

Hair should be neatly combed

It looks like your hair can say a lot about your personality. It is therefore very important that the hair is not randomly hung over the shoulders or have not been filled styling products so that would seem artificial. And indeed, the excessive amount of gel or wax can make you look is not only unprofessional, but also quite serious. Especially do not abuse the gel with the effect of "wet hair" - is excusable only thirteen teenagers.

Hair should be neatly combed and stacked. If you have long hair, they should remove the back - it is better to pull into a ponytail or a bun. Pins and hoops, if you wear them, have to be very modest, almost imperceptible. Remember - you do not come to a beauty contest, and nothing should detract others from your personal and business qualities.

 how to behave at a job interview

How to behave - the simple rules that bring success

And here we come to the most important: how to behave and what to say to the impression from you was exactly on that you want?

Properly Greet the interviewer

Your greeting will be probably the first contact with the interviewer, so it is very important to show its best side with these very first seconds. Go into the room quietly - without delay, and without too much fuss. Say hello to clearly and precisely, looking into the eyes of recruiters (all eye contact is very important, so try to maintain it throughout the conversation). And be sure to introduce yourself.

Sit properly

You will almost certainly be offered a chair to sit on. You have to sit down so that you feel comfortable to sit for extended periods of time, but that you have positioned yourself as an attentive listener. Our advice: Sit on the edge of a chair, or close to his back. A common mistake is that almost all sit down in the middle of the chair; this will lead to the fact that you have a very fast zatekut tired legs and the back. You stooped, without even noticing, and it will completely destroy the image of a successful woman that you wanted so much to play.

Do not interrupt the interviewer

Always let the recruiter to finish until the end, before you start to talk herself. This is generally a basic rule of communication with people. Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer, and you will realize that to be interrupted in mid-sentence can be rude and very annoying, especially if you're going to say something very important.

In general, your haste may be unnecessary because it is possible that what you want to ask the interviewer, and so mention during a conversation with you. Be patient, listen carefully everything that recruiter says, and leave matters at that time, when he finished speaking. Also, remember that you can always ask what is left for you outstanding at the end of the interview when the interviewer asks if you have any questions. So take your time to talk, let speak recruiter. Show respect for others, and you call respect.

Show your confidence

It is not necessary to conduct a conversation with the defeatist position. No need to panic or be too sluggish or unresponsive. This will create an image not of a man with whom I would like to face at work every day. Be confident in your abilities, not showing thus daring or narcissism. You must show that you are - that's the girl who would have behaved in a friendly team, great while performing their duties. So tell us about your achievements in the field you are interested in both, while remaining modest.

Keep a positive attitude

You should try to smile and maintain a positive attitude during the entire interview. If what you hear, it sounds to you is not too good, does not frown or look unhappy. Just keep a small smile on her face, until it's time to say something. Thereby you show great self-control and strength of character that obviously will play in your favor.

Maintain eye contact

Once again I want to remind the importance of maintaining eye contact. If you translate a look at the items on the table, or drive around in the room, then you are unlikely to come across as a person interested in the topic of conversation. Here, try to imagine what the recruiter while you talk to him, leads the eye from side to side - you just decide to be that does not interest him as a companion, and that your interview for certain failure. After all, is not it?

Golden rules to succeed

Firmly remember that you must do:

  • To know the exact time and place of the interview, so as not to get lost and not be late.
  • Coming in advance for at least 10 minutes before the start of the interview that it was time to look around and freshen up.
  • Treat all people working in the office, politely and with respect. Even if it's a security guard or worker. By the way, their opinion of you, too, can be taken into account when deciding whether to grant you a job.
  • Listen carefully to be sure that you properly understand everything that recruiter says.
  • Ask for clarification if you do not understand the question.
  • Answer the questions are not too lengthy and speak about their successes, possibly reinforcing words with concrete examples.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude. Interviewer evaluate you as a potential employee; so show the same as you are the person with whom to work comfortably together.
  • Try to talk about their business qualities, commensurate with their values ​​and priorities of the company.
  • Make sure you understand correctly what will continue to take steps against you; Find out when and from whom you will hear the results of the interview.
  • Immediately after the interview, make a mark for themselves, not to forget the next some important details of the conversation.

 how to behave at a job interview

How not to behave at the interview

You yourself need to understand how not to behave - just remember all that you taught your mom when you were little, and everything will be fine! And yet, we want to remind some of the rules:

Do not be late

You should meet with a man who is at work, and very busy, and it is likely scheduled interviews with other candidates. For you, it would be better if you had a few minutes before the meeting to collect his thoughts, and not fly into the room where you are assigned to a job interview, cursing himself and trying to gather thoughts "in a pile." If the delay is not your fault (because every life can happen!), Do not hesitate a minute to call the recruiter and tell him about his delay, briefly explaining the reason.

Do not be rude

This rule applies not only to the recruiter, but to all with whom you will meet in the organization, including a watchman, a man who will show you the right room, junior staff and other candidates for the vacant position. We are sure that they do not deserve such an attitude, and you do not know how their opinion will affect your future (remember, we talked about this?)

Do not forget names

For each person the sweetest sound - it is uttered aloud his name. Do not forget the name of one person talking, and when the opportunity to call his name. If you are invited for a second interview, make sure that whether the respondent would be to talk with you, and that for the first time.

Do not engage in confrontation

Your interviewer may ask you some tough questions and even provocative or challenge your answers. This is not a personal attack, so stay calm and, if necessary, insisted on his point of view - to show that you know how to keep cool under pressure. By the way, in order to see your reaction to the conflict, most of these questions and are given. Try not to lose face!

Do not lie

This is very important. If you have no experience, you do not say that you have worked. If you are asked about your personal attitude towards the policy of the company - do not talk about what you're not too sure. Do not give false information about themselves. Do not forget that your words may be tested.

Body language

You should be aware of some common mistakes that people make, talking to anyone. We will list only some of them, you should avoid coming to the interview:

  • Try not to fidget while talking. It shows a lack of confidence.
  • Do not sit, arms crossed, because it speaks about your lack of confidence and that you are talking about does not the whole truth.
  • Do not shrug their shoulders, if you asked a question that you find it difficult to respond to the move. Better not answer immediately, but think about the answer to a few seconds. Shrug of the shoulders will create the impression that you do not know the answer to a question.
  • Do not answer with a nod or a negative shake of the head. Use words when answering questions.

Several forbidden things

  • Do not make excuses, denying his mistake. Take responsibility for your decisions and actions.
  • Do not make negative comments about other places where you had to pass an interview.
  • Do not treat the interview casually, as if you just walked through the surrounding shops, and wandered down the road. It is insulting for the interviewer, and the organization he represents.
  • Do not allow to create the impression that you are interested only in the geographical location of the organization (close to your house, etc.).
  • Do not create the impression that the estimated salary interested you more than the actual work itself.
  • Do not show if you are desperate for employment and agreed to be absolutely any job.
  • Job search and passing the interview can be severe case, disappointing. Do not show your frustration or negative attitude during the interview.
  • Do not chew gum during the interview; also inadmissible to enter the room in a cloud of tobacco "flavor."
  • Do not let your cell phone calls during the interview. If that happened, apologize and quickly shut it off. You can not view or a text message, distracted by conversation. By doing this you have shown disrespect to the other party.
  • Do not take it with you to the interview the parents, spouse, fiance or girlfriend. If you are not independent, to attend an interview alone, then you seem mature enough for it to be adopted at work.

We hope that you will be able to cause a recruiter in their appearance and behavior of positive emotions. We wish you success!

 How to behave at the interview when applying for a job: rules for success

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