the causes of the oil lamp on the head


  • Wen: causes
  • How to get rid Wen
  • Treatment Wen traditional methods

Wen suddenly appeared on his head, no one can bring joy. Firstly, to do packing, but just comb is not so convenient, you'll always hurt him. Secondly, if it appeared on the visible part of the head, and the hair to hide it does not work, then it can cause complexes. Just be your desire as soon as possible to get rid of.

Lipoma, exactly wen called scientifically, is a subcutaneous education, in form resembling a tumor.

Based on conventional wisdom names - wen - you can make the correct conclusion that it is formed at the site of accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Most often, lipomas are small (up to 3 cm in diameter), but there are times that they reach 8 cm, but it is rare (in most cases running) option.

Wen soft enough, if it is directly under the skin, it's easy to roll with your finger. In this case, treatment is simple. If it is located deeper or, even worse, has affected the blood vessels, it will be thicker. And the treatment will be more difficult.

 Wen removal laser
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Wen: causes

Wen appears discreetly, a place that he will choose, no pain, no itching. The reasons for its occurrence in the scientific world and domestic disputes. Some argue that the hereditary factor plays a role, others say it's all about predisposition. But all agree that the explicit premise of education Wen is a metabolic disorder in the body.

Thus, if you have a lipoma, the reasons you need to look deeper. Note the digestive system. Take full inspection, identify where the failure occurred, and go through treatment.

Cleaning the body also does not hurt because the slagging of the body in general and the pathology of fat cells - is also the cause of lipomas.
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How to get rid Wen

Lipoma brings discomfort, it does not hurt (if it has not touched the nerve endings) does not cause irritation, but you must remove it. The fact that such a seemingly harmless deposition of adipose tissue can develop into a malignant tumor.

Earlier on Wen could only get rid of one way - to go under the knife surgeon. Now this method of long forgotten, there were other, modern.

First, you need a complete examination. The wen make a small incision and take a tissue for research. In some cases it is necessary to conduct an ultrasound. About the results of the survey is assigned to treatment can get rid of intruders forever.

  • The first option is the most harmless. Using a syringe with a thin needle inserted into the fatty tumor medicine, and within two months it is completely absorbed. Such treatment is quick, very simple, but is only suitable for those who have very little lipoma.
  • The second option - the removal of the oil lamp on the laser head. From him no trace remains, the incision needs to be done, and there is no need to shave the hair. No anesthesia, no pain. Just come, you wen removed and you leave. Within two weeks, you need to be monitored, and then you forget about it forever.
  • The third method - Endoscopy. It is applicable in most cases where fatty tumor becomes large. The principle of the method lies in the fact that near the lipoma is small incision, inserted the endoscope, which completely removes the tumor. At the end of the endoscope is a small camera that displays the image on the monitor surgeon. It controls the entire process, including the following, wen to be removed completely.

 Wen Treatment folk remedies
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Treatment Wen traditional methods

If for any reason you are not in a hurry to resort to doctors and want to remove the lipoma yourself, there are many ways in folk medicine. It is worth noting that there is no scientific basis they do not have, and the responsibility for the negative consequences that can arise if you treat yourself wen rests solely with you.

Much attention is paid to various plants. Traditional medicine says that the removal of Wen on his head - it is simple, it is only necessary to put on a sheet of mother and stepmother. As the drying of the sheet, replace it before the complete disappearance of the oil lamp. In a similar way we can derive wen, putting him gruel from the leaves of the golden whiskers. This treatment should last no more than two weeks.

It is believed that helps remove wen onions. Bake onion, made her mush, mush, add the grated soap and make the resulting mass compress on the night. You can apply and grated raw onion. After a few nights with such compresses, the assurances of traditional healers, Wen will reveal, and treatment can be stopped. But the head smell like onions will be long.

In folk medicine to get rid of lipomas are invited to wrap it plenochkoj from chicken eggs, lubricated daily with hydrogen peroxide, spread with a mixture of yogurt, salt and red clay, it is also considered that the talc can be cured if you every day to eat a tablespoon cinnamon.

I believe these methods or not, so treat wen or not - your private affair. Important note - lipoma can not pierce. There is a very great risk of infection. And not to take risks, refer to the help of professionals and they will help you quickly get rid of lipomas.

 Why do I get a lipoma and how to get rid of it

 the causes of the oil lamp on the hand


  • The reasons for the emergence and formation of the tumors in people of different ages
  • The main symptoms of benign tumor on the body
  • The main hazards associated with the emergence of this disease
  • Correct and current treatment wen
  • Methods for self-treatment of the above diseases

Wen, a lipoma, or whether he is on your leg or arm is a type of benign tumor, which is expressed in excessively overgrown fat. Do not forget that a tumor can develop into a malignant cell, and though such cases can be considered extremely rare. Generally, the detection of such tumors as talc, should consult a specialist and take all measures to remove the tumor.

Tumors of this type is not limited, which implies a spread of the disease to any gender or age of a person.

Most often wen can be found in women, whose age has passed for 60 years, but it does not mean that this disease can not get sick and the child. Described build-up often occurs in the plural, indicating that the uncontrolled spread of the disease in different people. It is therefore important to know the ways of dealing with this benign tumor.
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The reasons for the emergence and formation of the tumors in people of different ages

It is worth mentioning that the world experts in the field of medicine still can not name the exact reasons that portend the appearance of this tumor in humans. In our time, the disease is given much time to research and identify possible causes and symptoms.

Today, there are several formal theories that explain the emergence and development of the disease in the arm or leg. Among these theories pay attention to the following explanations:

  • The most popular theory is considered to be the cause of hereditary positivity to the formation of the oil lamp. Typically, this theory is supported by 70%, which means the appearance of tumors in these individuals in each generation;
  • Wen may appear on a man's hand because of the failure of the hormonal cycle of the organism. This explains the appearance of this tumor in women after menopause such as the passage of time. Those reasons appear in humans, reproductive function that has ceased to operate;
  • The appearance of this tumor in the hand or elsewhere may also be considered a consequence of atheroma. The disease is accompanied by blockage of the channels of the sebaceous glands which, in turn, leads to the appearance of tumors in the human body.

 Remove Wen on his arm

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The main symptoms of benign tumor on the body

Do not forget that wen does not manifest itself, thus disturbing the owner. As a rule, patients never complain of feeling unwell or anxiety caused by this type of disease. Notice a build-up can only be due to its isolation in the arm or leg.

Removing a tumor does not always happen at the very beginning of its development, because many people are not even aware of the development of this disease is extremely long time. The reason for this is the lack of stimulation and anxiety associated with the disease, and to help people begin to worry and seek professional help.

Wen himself - a certain accumulation of fat tissue types in one particular place in the hand or foot. This tumor has no adhesion to the skin, allowing it to move freely under the skin or on the finger.

Even in physical contact with a tumor no painful feelings and discomfort that makes many people nervous, having no idea about this disease.

Discomfort from Wen may occur when the dimensions are quite large, as it begins to hurt the nerves or other organs under wen. Wen a certain size do not exist - so the tumor can be completely invisible, or reach the size of a large walnut.

Despite the fact that this disease is quite rare is dangerous to human life, its removal is considered to be mandatory, because to have on hand or a foot build-up is not attractive to anyone.

It should be noted that the formation of such build-up does not have a specific location in the human body, which means any location of the tumor in places, where the fiber has a skin-oil type. Most often this disease amenable to arms, legs, neck and head of a man.
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The main hazards associated with the emergence of this disease

As mentioned above, the talc do not refer to tumors of poor quality, but there is a certain percentage of the risk of mutation of the build-up to a life-threatening human tumor. As a rule, such an opportunity arises in the case of the tumor below the habitat type of protective antibodies.

In this embodiment, the tumor becomes an acceptable environment for the development and growth of pathogenic microflora character. In such cases, removal of the tumor can be safely considered mandatory surgery.

Popular reasons for escalation of the tumor in a life-threatening element was self-medication, as well as when you try to remove wen extrusion. Do not forget that the traditional methods of treatment can cause irreparable harm to the body, because each treatment should be carried out by experts in the field of medicine.

All other means of self-medication can be safely discarded, if a person values ​​their health. It often happens that an independent intervention in the structure of the fat tissue leads to the widening of the procedure and in an uncertain direction.

 Wen treatment alone
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Correct and current treatment wen

All funds in which passes the correct and high-quality treatment Wen imply preliminary biopsy of the build-up to avoid escalating trifling Wen into a malignant tumor with serious consequences.

Remove the tumor safely only after all means and tests gave a negative answer oncological nature. Proper treatment Wen indispensable means of surgical intervention such as that would eliminate all the means and possibilities of proliferation build-up under the skin.

Thus, treatment of this type of disease is possible by the following methods:

  • Treatment with classical surgery. To do this, an outpatient actions performed by a specialist surgeon. All means of inpatient treatment are available only for those patients whose tumor has ceased to be of good quality, as well as in cases where its location on the border with the bodies that are important for the life of the organism. Operating funds involve local anesthesia and the incision type tumors, which allows you to completely remove the tumor and a place to clean up the build-up;
  • Surgical intervention puncture-aspiration type. Treatment of this type of true and only possible when wen has extremely small size. Typically, such an operation is to place a finger or hand. The sense operation is only Wen suction using a syringe with a needle general structure. Use these treatments alone is strictly prohibited, in order to avoid the effects of cancer, which is full of traditional methods of self-medication;
  • Operation Laser type - this is the most modern treatment Wen. As a rule, this type of surgical intervention can be considered as the safest and most accurate, because the laser does not leave cuts on the skin that later have to be treated.

It is necessary to inform that the treated areas of the body such as the hands or legs, preferably the latter method surgery. Such tumor removal described heals within 5-6 days, after which on-site operation virtually impossible to detect any traces of interference in skin integrity.
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Methods for self-treatment of the above diseases

Removal Wen at home can be considered safe and relevant only in cases when the tumor size is considered extremely small. As a rule, this is preparing a special poultice from fragrant Kallis.

Treat wen such a way that can be attributed to popular wisdom, is quite safe. Such traditional methods include a compress with a tight bandage in place for 12-14 hours Wen.

The most important factor, which should be accompanied by the removal of the oil lamp. It is considered to increase the function of blood circulation in the human body. To achieve this gain can be a simple garlic gruel, to which is added a few grams of vegetable oil type.

Quite a popular way of self-treatment of the disease is considered to be free of the desired area of ​​the skin contact with the juice of celandine.

To do this, remove the hair from the treatment site to sap smoothly gets on your skin and absorbed into it. The principle of this treatment lies in the toxicity of the plant described.

Thus, in contact with the skin thereon, and breakthrough occurs irritation of skin and adipose tissue, which becomes the cause of getting rid of unwanted tumor. As soon as the skin itself wen will break through, you can use any method to remove a tumor on their own.

It is worth mentioning that any self-interference in the fat tissue can backfire, implying caution and knowledge of some of the principles of treatment. Experts advise to deal with such problems to the doctors without risking health by using traditional methods of self-treatment.

 Wen Body: treatments