the causes of the oil lamp on the back


  • Why the body appeared a lipoma?
  • Harmful Is wen on the body?
  • How can I get rid of lipomas?
  • Traditional methods of dealing with lipoma

Often, when people notice at wen on the back or other parts of the body, they just scared that sick oncology. However, in most cases it is not cancer, but quite harmless benign tumor, also known as lipoma.

In view of the lipoma - a soft, mobile education, bump, which is located under the skin. Wen does not affect the human organs.

The swelling under the skin as it were in a special capsule, which separates it from the surrounding tissue. Sam Wen soft, painless, physiological pale pink. In size it can be anything. There talc size of a pea, and there are quite tiny, which can be detected only by palpation.

Typically, on the back wen enlarges gradually. It grows slowly, accumulating fat. There are times when wen starts to grow rapidly, for example, is greatly increased in size by one or two months. Then it is necessary as soon as possible to apply to the Oncology Center to doctors examined lipoma, and reached a verdict: it becomes the beginning of a malignant tumor or not. Worse, if the image of inflammation. How would lipoma under the skin may look, it is necessary to withdraw anyway.

 lipoma examination by a doctor
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Why the body appeared a lipoma?

What are the causes of the oil lamp? Scientists believe that this contributes to a metabolic disorder that leads to blockage of sebaceous ducts, causing inflammation. Wen may be formed in a completely anywhere on the human body. Most often, lipomas occur in women aged 30 to 50 years. Swelling may occur at the back, chest, shoulder blades, torso and arms. Men lipoma may appear on the face or in the retroperitoneal fat. However, most often wen formed on the back (spine or lumbar region).

Discover it in this part of the body a person can accidentally, when a back massage or a feeling. Occasionally the appearance of a tumor to notice the people around. It is important to know wen in no case be picks open and attempts to open, as this may damage the capsule and bring an infection. Producing a lipoma should be treated, even if it hurts.
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Harmful Is wen on the body?

Treat wen necessary medication is not possible, so you can not run to the pharmacy in search of miracle cure. It is best to remove the lipoma, since in itself it is not dangerous. Of course, Wen does not threaten human life, but, gradually adding to the size, will be able to bring some inconvenience. For example, it would represent a significant cosmetic defect. Besides spending removal in the initial stages it is much easier than to treat a huge tumor.

It may be a situation where the contents Wen infected and start nagnivat. In this case, the lipoma is greatly increased in size, it starts to hurt, the skin over it is red, there is a temperature. If it is inflamed, then you need to run to the surgeon, and the sooner the better. The physician should prescribe treatment to the inflammation does not spread further.

From the point of view of conventional medicine to remove the lipoma a must. Wen outpatient spine removed. The operation lasts 15-20 minutes and takes place under local anesthesia.

 Wen removal laser
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How can I get rid of lipomas?

How to remove a lipoma? A surgeon with a scalpel, laser or radiowave knife cuts the skin over wen, and then deletes the contents of curdled lipoma, pulls a capsule in which living tumor, and sews up the incision special suture material. In place of Wen left a small scar that will eventually necessarily disappear. Also prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to avoid complications. If after surgery lipoma sore and you feel the tumor under the skin, you should re-apply to the clinic.

Tumor can be removed in another way, via liposuction. In place of a lipoma surgeon makes a few incisions, the size of which varies from 0, 3 and 0, 5 cm. Next, the doctor sucking the fat by means of vacuum. After such an intervention on the human body leave no trace. It is believed that remove wen easiest way. And re-treatment is needed. After surgery, the tumor is sent for examination to determine the cause of its occurrence.

After surgery, the patient's temperature may rise to 37-37, 5 degrees. If the thermometer shows a higher temperature, so the operating wound is infected . In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor. He may prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Remove wen so that is hassle-free, can only be in remission if the infection has not yet begun and festering tumor. However, most people go to the doctor only when very sick, and then the surgeon essentially limited. Remember that to access the doctors do not need a good reason. No need to suffer if the tumor does not hurt, but delivers little discomfort.

If there is inflammation of the oil lamp, it would take not one, but two operations. During the first doctor should reveal the lesion, remove the pus to drain the wound, prescribe antibiotics. When all heal completely, it is possible to carry out a second operation, namely, the complete removal of the oil lamp.
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Traditional methods of dealing with lipoma

Many people are deathly afraid of surgeons and prefer to get rid of Wen using traditional medicine. Recipes miraculous masks and decoctions - more than enough. But remember that it is impossible for self-treatment without visiting a doctor before that. you do not know the causes of tumors, so can greatly hurt yourself.

The first tool - a honey-sour cream mask. Prior to its implementation the person, the body which has a lipoma should warm up in the sauna or hot tub and then spread wen special mixture of sour cream, honey and salt in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. The mask should be kept on the body about 15-20 minutes. Do you need it every day, as long as wen disappears. Typically, lipoma can be treated in this manner for 10 days. This is perhaps the most accessible treatment of tumors.

Second sure remedy - it Vishnevsky ointment. With it you have to make a compress and apply it to Wen. Eight hours later, the old compress should be replaced by a new one. With this ointment wen will reveal pretty quickly and healed. You can also use ichthyol ointment, but the effect of its actions will be a little weaker, respectively, you will need to do more compression.

There is another great way to treat lipomas at home. Before going to bed to take a warm shower at night to grease and talc, which is under the skin balm "asterisk", which is well known to people who lived in the Soviet Union. Top wen be covered with a thin layer of soap, glue the small piece of polyethylene and fix the plaster. Usually, by the morning of lipoma burst and more in its place nothing will.

Cure talc on the back can help a plant, as the golden mustache. From its leaves, which have broken recently, it is necessary to make slurry, and then attach it to a lipoma. All this is necessary to cover the film, it is possible to use a conventional food. Wen need to wrap a folded cotton cloth, and then fix the plaster. Change is necessary to compress every 12 hours. Knowledgeable people say that the duration of treatment, usually is 12 days.

In addition, to help alcohol-pepper packs. We need to take one teaspoon of black pepper, put it on a linen napkin and soak it all alcohol. After that, the napkin must be applied to the oil lamp and fix the plaster. The compress should be removed after 15 minutes. If you repeat this procedure twice a day, you can get rid of the oil lamp in three weeks.

Wen can be removed with a poultice of wheat grains. They need to be chewed in the mouth to produce a slurry, and then put it in cheesecloth and apply to the lipoma. Top cover it with plastic wrap, secure the tape. This compress should be worn for several days. After a while, Wen will appear in the hole from which the liquid will flow. But do not stop to put compresses to completely remove the tumor, or treatment will not bring benefits.

As the prevention of Wen worth mentioning a balanced diet, there is no place where the fatty food. We need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to regularly clean the skin with a variety of cosmetics, especially if the skin is oily or problem. Wash your face and body with hot soapy water, make steam baths and peelings.

 What is wen and how to get rid of it?

 causes of cardiac asthma


  • Cardiac asthma. Etiology. Predisposing factors
  • Basic principles of treatment of asthma: a decrease in blood volume
  • Basic principles of treatment of asthma: lowering blood pressure
  • Conclusion. Conclusions. References

Currently around the world is developing at a rapid pace this branch of science such as medicine. Every year is a lot of new discoveries, modern methods of treatment and diagnosis of diseases. And the result of all this is to reduce morbidity, mortality and improving living standards. But in spite of such scientific and technical progress, every year thousands of people die.

In the first place ranking leading cause of death and disease is a pathology of the cardiovascular system. Easy - in second place. Especially dangerous is the disease, such as cardiac asthma. Emergency care in cardiac asthma requires one quick error-free, so you need to know exactly what you're dealing with.

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Cardiac asthma. Etiology. Predisposing factors

It is a common pathology cardiac asthma. Try to understand what it is.

Thus, cardiac asthma - an island there are attacks of breathlessness or suffocation due to circulatory disorders developing in the pulmonary vessels.

The causes of this disease varied. This is mainly heart disease: myocarditis, mitral valve insufficiency of the heart, malformations of the aorta, high blood pressure, heart attack. By violation of blood flow and stagnation may cause a change in body position on the horizontal, some physiological conditions, such as pregnancy, high physical activity, and others.

 consult a doctor for the treatment of cardiac asthma
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Basic principles of treatment of asthma: a decrease in blood volume

Help with cardiac asthma involves a range of activities, namely the reduction of circulating blood volume, blood pressure reduction, reducing the frequency and amplitude of heart rate, increased cardiac contractility, as well as increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to the authorities.

Most often the first medical assistance is beginning to have to reduce the volume of blood in the bloodstream. To apply this group of drugs such as diuretics. The main representative of it - is furosemide (Lasix). Furosemide is administered intravenously. Prior to this, it is recommended to give the patient a certain posture with drooping legs. Often used method of bloodletting that is slowly pumped 300-500 ml of blood, which reduces stress and improves the health of the patient. Furosemide works very quickly, while it dilates blood vessels and reduces blood volume. The load on the myocardium also decreases.

Among other drugs is very effective, morphine and its derivatives, such as fentanyl. This narcotic analgesics, so they should be used with extreme caution. They redistribute blood so that its quantity increases in the systemic circulation and reduced to small, thereby reducing venous return, cardiac load disappears. A side effect when used can be respiratory failure.

 diagnosis of the causes of cardiac asthma
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Basic principles of treatment of asthma: lowering blood pressure

Another important task is to reduce blood pressure. For this purpose, the droperidol. It is very popular now in the treatment of cardiac asthma and pulmonary edema are well known nitroglycerin. This device works in a few minutes, and rapidly reduces the pressure. Nitroglycerin - a drug of first choice for emergency patient care. Its advantage is also the fact that it can be used in myocardial infarction. The effect persists for long, for 15-20 minutes.

Another drug is phentolamine. It reduces the tone of arteries and arterioles, causing the pressure to normal. Injected, providing a more rapid absorption and effect. Another drug in acute care is pentamin or arfonad from the group ganglioblokatorov.

They both have a potent hypotensive activity, whereby it is very important when they are used to control the level of systolic blood pressure by continuously monitoring. An equally important task of the doctor - to increase the supply of tissues and organs of oxygen. This is achieved by administering to the nose catheter. This enters the mixture should be moistened and heat, to avoid irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages. All this is the basis of so-called oxygen therapy.

Other drugs to treat asthma

First Aid, and may include the use of cardiac glycosides. But it is very important to know the indications and contraindications. You can not assign them in the apparent heart attack, it can lead to a breach of heart rate and threat to the life of the patient. Secondly, digitalis preparations in very small quantities, as there is a high risk of overdose, which can often lead to death. It is advisable to use digitoxin, digoxin, or in cases where the patient has a latent cardiac insufficiency.

An important and very important stage in the treatment of cardiac asthma and pulmonary edema is to adjust the water and electrolyte balance.   To this solution was introduced sodium hydrogen carbonate, glucose-saline intravenous infusion. If there is a pronounced cardiogenic shock, it will be essential glucocorticoids and antihistamines. Rules of treatment and all activities directly dependent on the etiology of the disease, severity, speed of flow, the nature of the clinical manifestations of the patient, as well as the presence of certain contraindications. Forecast favorable in most cases, but when joining heavy pulmonary edema is often exacerbated by the state.

 treatment of cardiac asthma
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Conclusion. Conclusions. References

Very important and crucial point will be the speed of care, the professionalism of medical staff. If an asthma attack occurred in the home, the first thing you need to call an ambulance. Prior to her arrival, the patient should be given a sitting position with his head thrust forward and a few trunk - it's a bit reduce the workload on the heart and pulmonary vessels and reduce blood stasis. You can give pain medication or nitroglycerin.

Thus, on the basis of the foregoing, it can be concluded that cardiac asthma - this is a very serious disease dangerous its complications. One - pulmonary edema. Moreover, often there are cases of shock and collapse. All of this requires an urgent, emergency medical measures. Prevention of cardiac asthma involves the exclusion of provoking factors, early treatment of hypertension, the underlying disease, periodic medical examinations.

 First aid for cardiac asthma