of which there are warts


  • The cause of warts
  • Ways of infection warts
  • How To Avoid Getting HPV
  • Types of warts: diagnose the problem
  • When should treatment
  • Ways to get rid of warts
  • Medical methods of dealing with warts

Warts on the body not only look unsightly, but are symptoms of various diseases. But, unfortunately, knows this only one. A lot of ladies believe in alternative medicine and try to get rid of them with the help of the red thread, apples and other things that do not really help.
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The cause of warts

According to statistics, one of the most common skin diseases in humans are considered to be warts. They are small horny growths on the skin, wearing non-inflammatory benign. As a rule, they are the most susceptible to this disease hands, neck and face, which is not just unpleasant, but also ugly.

The appearance of warts on the skin due to the fact that a person is infected with one of the papilloma virus (HPV), a species of which there are about 60. The person newly infected with papilloma once forever becomes a carrier and disseminator of the virus. It should be noted that not everyone is a carrier of HPV knows about his illness as warts often do not appear for a long time after infection with papilloma.

But it is worth just a little to catch a cold, to experience stress or something happens that can weaken the immune system, and this hardy virus will soon be felt. It is important to bear in mind also that this or that HPV infected almost everyone. The peculiarity of this virus is that it can be both active and passive state. A diagnosis of HPV in an inactive state is very difficult, because in this period, he contagious and does not harm its owner. However, it can manifest itself even at the smallest stress that test drive.

 why there are warts
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Ways of infection warts

Papilloma virus enters the body through the micro-cracks of the skin. Ways to "earn" a disease of great variety, so you need to know why the warts may appear:

  • Use personal items of the infected person warts, such as towels, bed linen, kitchen utensils and even a comb. A huge risk of contracting and people are exposed to papilloma, often related to common user items. Even an ordinary door handle button in the elevator, stair railing can cause;
  • walking shoes on his feet in places with large concentrations of people (bath, sauna, swimming pool, etc.) can contribute papilloma infection and subsequent development of plantar warts, which differ in the complexity of special treatment. That is why it is recommended to wear only his slippers in such institutions;
  • sexual contact with a person who is infected with papilloma, also contributes to the transmission of the virus from one person to another, especially if one of the partners is infected with genital warts that can progress rapidly.
  • work associated with cleaning crowded places, which is visited by a large number of people, because the virus is able to penetrate into the nervous system through the slightest damage to the skin.

Catch the virus can only people with weakened body, so you can safely conclude that the lack of sleep, poor diet, stress and rare sports are also causes warts infection. That is why a man who regularly involved in sports, chooses the appropriate physical activity, healthy eating and sleeping at least seven hours a day, papilloma infection is not threatened. What can be said about people who for the last time engaged in sports at school.
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How To Avoid Getting HPV

Everyone knows that it is easier to prevent disease than to long and tedious to him for treatment. Nothing extraordinary in this case do not have to do. In order not to be infected by papilloma and accordingly warts should observe a few simple rules:

  • It is necessary to constantly monitor the cleanliness of the hands, face and legs. However, abuse frequent showering is not necessary, since excessive contact of the skin and soap destroys the natural protection of the epidermis. A single water treatments per day, preferably in the evening. But should wash hands before every meal.
  • Before eating fruits, berries and vegetables should be thoroughly washed under running water to avoid infection papilloma through the mucosa.
  • Try the minimum contact with people who are infected with warts, it is best not to touch their personal items.
  • Less nervous and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • As often as possible to use vitamin complexes, which will help support the immune system in good shape and not let him get to a weakened state.

 why there are warts

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Types of warts: diagnose the problem

What papilloma can appear on any part of the body has already been explained. We must now deal with how they may look. Today, there are quite a large number of different types of warts:

  • Common warts are small growths of leather, reminiscent of a conventional corn. Usually, their resolution varies from 2 to 10 millimeters. Common warts are most susceptible to the toes and hands, neck, hands and face.
  • Flat warts (youth) and are not too large growths that are very different form. Most often flat warts exposed hands and, sadly, cheeks and forehead. These are called juvenile papillomas, because they are infected mostly young people, but also flat warts can be confusing and the more mature members of the fairer sex.
  • Warts (or genital warts) appear on the genitals of both women and men. Genital warts look like small pimples that "stand" on a thin stalk. Warts in any case can not crush or burn, as the site of one genital warts after a while there will be a few new ones. These warts are transmitted from one sexual partner to another, particularly if there is damage on the genitals. Warts require immediate treatment!
  • Plantar warts are extremely similar to conventional corn, helped by the fact that they are located just on foot. Appear plantar warts may if people would wear too tight shoes. As a rule, distinguished by a wart from corn that if you damage it, you bleed. Calluses are after a short time, and plantar warts will disturb his master a very long time.

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When should treatment

In some cases, the body itself can contribute to the resorption of the warts, but there are a number of signs, noting that it is necessary immediately to begin treatment:

  • wart heavily scratched or hurt;
  • wart begins to bleed or injury suffered;
  • wart is a non-uniform color or shape;
  • wart has an indefinite loop;
  • It appears more and more and more warts;
  • wart appeared in the intimate area.

Upon detection of at least one of these items, you should immediately consult a dermatologist who will choose the appropriate treatment. Search folk recipes still not worth it, because you could harm your health. And in any case, consult a professional doctor.

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Ways to get rid of warts

There are not only medical but also traditional remedies to get rid of warts, they should be considered separately. Should I try it? It all depends on what you expect. This treatment will not take a month, plus it will be difficult to predict the consequences.

The best-known and commonly used method of getting rid of warts - is the juice of celandine. We must act as follows: a few times a day, burn the wart juice just plucked the plant. It is important that it be cut off immediately before the procedure. Treat Warts in this manner should be in a few weeks, though, as assured "knowledgeable" people, the result will be noticeable almost immediately. But on top of that, you can earn burns.

Juices fresh vegetables, fruits or castor oil can also contribute to the disappearance of warts. We just need 2-3 times a day thoroughly cleaned wart cut potatoes, berries, onions, or castor oil. This method is more gentle than the first, however, and the results have to wait longer.

Dry ice will help to remove the so-called "fresh" warts. It is necessary to put a piece of dry ice in the tumor and keep it for a long time. It should act very carefully, because the dry ice can greatly burn the skin.

Before you use one or another folk remedy, you should check whether there is an allergic reaction to the means used or not. If the self you will only get worse, immediately call an ambulance or go to the clinic for an examination.
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Medical methods of dealing with warts

  • removal of warts with liquid nitrogen
  • wart removal by laser
  • getting rid of warts using an electric current
  • surgical removal of warts

The hospital will select the most appropriate method of treatment. During the necessary manipulations warts may respond to such an intervention differently. For example, to disappear in early treatments, and then re-appear at the same place, the amount of change (such as a greater and, respectively, to less) throughout the treatment period. Sometimes they may change color or even absolutely no way to respond to all the procedures carried out. Sometimes it also happens that the entire period of treatment was in vain, and the wart has resolved itself after a while.

Even getting rid of warts, there is a risk (he leaves 20-30%) once again become the victim of this skin disease, for various medical operations and procedures treat only the tip of the iceberg - remove papillomas. But if you lead a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce the risk of recurrence of warts to a minimum.

 Warts on the body of why they appeared and how to get rid of them?