causes of genital warts


  • The causes of genital warts
  • What are the most prominent symptoms of the disease?
  • Effective treatment of genital warts

Genital warts are a type of viral disease, which is accompanied by lesions of the skin and mucous membranes and is characterized by the growth of epithelial tissue.

Often genital warts or warts affect a person at a young age when sexual relations are common. Of course, in this disease need to see a specialist in time to cure the ailment.
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The causes of genital warts

Genital warts or genital warts appears when the body of human papilloma virus. The cells of the skin and mucous changes begin to occur, causing tissue grow and appear on the surface of the neoplasm. Effective treatment should be to identify the causes.

The most common reason is the transmission of the virus during sexual intercourse or during the passage of the newborn through the birth canal ailing mother. Getting on the open skin and mucous membranes, the virus is gradually expanding into new cells, which leads to infection. If a person pronounced the symptoms, it is a danger to surrounding people. But the danger and complexity of the disease lies in the fact that genital warts fairly long period of time can not be completely himself. Many people have the virus within the body that is in a latent state.

Of course, there are other reasons. As a rule, in good health and high immune defense of the body like disease strikes are rare. Therefore, to treat genital warts or genital warts, pre-should boost immunity, as local removal of tumors will have no effect. The reproduction of the virus within the body will lead to in the near future warts reappear.

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What are the most prominent symptoms of the disease?

The easiest form of a favorable outcome is a situation where a person is a carrier of the virus. The very same disease does not manifest itself. In this case, to treat genital warts is not required, because the body is able to produce their own antibodies to the active propagation of the virus.

A more severe form of the disease is unpleasant symptoms in the form of specific lesions. Common places of defeat are sex organs in men - the foreskin (bridle), the head of the penis, scrotum, in women - clitoris, labia, vagina itself, cervix, urethra. Quite often a person affects the perineum, anus, rectum, oral cavity. This is due to the fact that the disease can be transmitted not only to the classical sex. Distributed oral and anal sex that lead to infection.

In itself, the rash can vary in appearance. Typically, this bespolostnoy education on a thin stalk that appear above the surface of the skin. Size can range from a match head to the large nut. When pumping several entities into a single appearance of the disease resembles cauliflower, differing only in a pinkish or reddish shade.

Very dangerous genital warts during pregnancy, since the infection extends to the unborn child. When a child into the world is a high risk of skin lesions. Therefore, upon detection of any neoplastic advisable to treat warts.

Removing genital warts is only necessary when determining the precise diagnosis. To identify the need not only externally to identify the symptoms, but also to pass the corresponding tests. First of all it's blood and smear, the results of which determine the presence of a particular infection, sexually transmitted. For a thorough examination required cytology material.

 laser removal of genital warts
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Effective treatment of genital warts

After identifying the causes of growths on the genitals warts should begin to heal. Of course, it is impossible to completely eliminate genital warts in the weakened immunity. Surface removal of lesions does not work, because after a certain time, the warts will appear again and again. The method of treatment is largely determined by the nature and development of the disease.

Genital warts are effectively removed by a chemical method, which is the formation of special processing chemicals. But this treatment is applied only when the unit and a few rashes. And in any case can not be applied preparations on their own, as in the absence of experience and knowledge of such treatment would lead to scarring of the skin and mucous membranes.

The second method is considered to be surgical excision, where the warts are excised with a scalpel or urethroscope (in the case of growths in the urethra). When volume rashes and appropriate to apply the physical treatment of warts, which should include the use of a laser or electric current.

It should be noted that the warts are treated comprehensively. And in the period of treatment is necessary to completely eliminate sex. This allows you to more quickly heal wounds and appeared to get rid of the disease.

If the wart is not treated in time, then the situation may be complicated by unpleasant events. For example, this festering warts injury when washing or wearing. In some cases, these tumors are transformed into cancer.

For genital warts in the treatment disappeared and reappeared, it is advisable to avoid sex with untested partners who may be carriers of the human papilloma virus, to use means of protection (condoms, specialty chemical solutions or candles) are regularly observed at the gynecologist or urologist, and to be tested for check.

 How to treat warts and warts?

 the causes of asthma


  • What is asthma?
  • Types of asthma medicines used to treat
  • Asthma treatment with essential oils
  • Helpful hints for asthma
  • Bronchial asthma at sanguine and choleric
  • Bronchial asthma in phlegmatic and melancholic

Translated from the Greek word "asthma" means "choking", else it is called "shortness of breath", coming from the bronchi. Bronchi and bronchioles resemble a tree with branches extending from the trachea. Bronchioles called vessels with a diameter reaching up to several tenths of a millimeter. How to cure asthma?

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What is asthma?

If the diagnosis "bronchial asthma" do not despair, because it can be cured, if we apply the complex treatment.

Bronchi and bronchioles are vozduhoprovodyaschih area. The respiratory bronchioles alveolar ducts are responsible for gas exchange. The blood is oxygenated by the air that moves through the bronchioles. The smallest bronchioles are pore filters for air, where it is heated and free of unnecessary particles. The inner surface of the bronchi is covered with cells with cilia, which together with mucus prevent harmful particles, do not allow them to penetrate into the internal filter of the bronchi and lungs, and send them to the throat, bronchi protected from chemical burns.

The presence of antimicrobial substances contributes to the protection of the bronchi against viruses, prevents the development of infection. Mucociliary mechanism mucosa cleans the air that a person can not breathe properly. The muscles (smooth muscle) control the flow of air. Reducing, muscles causes a spasm (contraction) of the bronchial tree, which prevents the lungs of different particles and reduce the pollution of air flow.

When asthma is reduced lumen of the bronchial tree, the air flow is reduced and difficult breath. Probably the smallest violation of patency of the bronchi and bronchioles. When an asthma attack the body begins to defend against aggressive factors. If a healthy person will enter the cold from a warm room, then immediately changes the temperature of the inhaled air. The bronchi will be narrowed to the reduction of the gap between the walls. If dust gets into the respiratory tract, released sputum swallow it and bring back without damaging the alveoli and avoiding contact with a foreign body.

Asthmatics body will react to external changes with greater force. Sputum will stand out much more. It is the composition of a more dense and contains more cells of epithelial tissue (eosinophil) that make mucus glassy. It is difficult to conclude it from the airways and prevent exhalation of air.

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Types of asthma medicines used to treat

Asthma is divided:

  • for atopic (allergy);
  • infectious-dependent (due to viral infections, chronic bronchitis, or recurrent pneumonia);
  • exercise-induced asthma (at occurrence of asthma attack after physical exertion);
  • dishormonal (in menopause);
  • psychogenic (due to a long psychoemotional overstrain or mental shock).

Asthma manifests paroxysmal cough and shortness of breath, even suffocation. This leaves glassy phlegm. Prior to this abundant mucus from the nose with sneezing and coughing. When asthma is characterized by a short breath and a long exhale. Attacks often occur at night or in the morning, the body temperature rises.

It should be examined to doctor prescribed a complex treatment, which can last for a long time. If the attack is delayed and is not stopped from asthma medications help only "ambulance".

Conveniently using dosage forms in the form of aerosols for inhalation. Stoped attacks Berodulom, ipratropium bromide (Atrovent) orciprenaline, salbutamol (salamol, Ventolin), fenoterol hydrobromide (berotek), formoterol (Foradilom).

With patience and the recommendations, taking only the medicine prescribed by a doctor that you can get rid of asthma permanently. In order to stop and prevent attacks, drugs are used only when necessary, or short courses.

Agents who take the time, do not remove the onset of seizures, but will reduce the willingness to spasm of the bronchi. These medications are prescribed for long-term or permanent use. Most often, the doctor prescribes hormones. Glucocorticoids in aerosols (Beklametazonrom, budesonide, fluticasone propionate, Flixotide) perform inhalation.

Alternative medicine believes that asthma may be due to a chronic reduction of energy potential. It is difficult to carry out a breath that lasts longer than a lighter breath. Asthmatic attack begins due to hyperventilation, oxidative stress and resulting spasm of small vessels of the extremities, the stagnation in the central venous system and blood plasma leakage through the porosity of the membrane of the alveolar capillaries.

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Asthma treatment with essential oils

The complex treatment includes drugs from medicinal herbs and essential oils. To say "no" to asthma, we recommend taking up to 3 drops of pure essential oil into during the month. Treatment of essential oils should be supervised by a physician. You can add them to any vegetable oil (1 tbsp. L.) Or honey, a piece of bread to moisturize and put it into mashed bread, and drink water to swallow.

Get a tasty tea for asthma, if you mix in a teapot 200 ml essential oil (8-10 drops) and dry tea leaves. The mixture should insist 3-5 days, and then pour boiling water into the teapot. The effect of the drug is beneficial to the bronchi and the general condition of the patient.

Asthma essential oils are: cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, peppermint and rosemary, pine and bergamot. You must first make a test for allergies. This can only be done by the doctor. These oils are added to the baths (up to 12 drops) was used for grinding breast added to massage oil. It is useful to perform a massage and use the acupressure points.

Breathing becomes easier, asthma is treatable by using incenses or oil burner and add essential oil, 2 drops of 5 m³. Perfuming linen fingers blurred essential oil. It helps with attacks flavored wrap wet sheets. Top lodge dry blankets, put on a shirt or robe and relax for about an hour.

It is useful to take a course of respiratory exercises method KP Buteyko course paradoxical respiratory system AN Strelnikova, learn how to perform an economical breathing. Budget breathing need to relax the muscles of the body and to breathe air without noise, without straining, making thin stream through the nose, slowly expanding the chest and abdomen. Exhale arbitrary without pause, spent the same time, as in the breath. Breathing should be quiet, peaceful and focused.

 Treatment of asthma with essential oils

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Helpful hints for asthma

In order to avoid allergies - "provocateur" asthma attack, your doctor can advise to stay away from the dust collectors: fur coats, carpets, canopies, curtains. All kinds of soft toys, figurines and books must be kept in the glassed-in shelves. Excluded pets, pillows and mattresses of down and feathers, wool and cotton blankets, it is recommended to use synthetic. They have a high air humidity, and support the regime.

Linens should be made of a natural material that does not cause allergies, does not attract dust and no odor. Linens need to be washed frequently to prevent the collection of bed tick. The five-minute wash in water whose temperature is + 25 ° C - the most effective and easiest way to deal with allergens.

Treatment of asthma will be successful if dry linen in direct sunlight in the summer and promorazhivat him on the street in the winter. No asthma in those who are engaged daily wet cleaning using a vacuum cleaner to clean the presence of a dust collector having a thick wall and a valve system, or with the presence of aqua and HEPA filters. For washing vacuum cleaners use special anti-allergic agents.

Win asthma can use a three-phase rate of breathing. It trains the breathing apparatus and develops control over the muscles that are in the process of respiration.

  Breath is based on the use of three-phase resistance of the jet, which breathe through the mouth while the pronunciation sizzling combinations of sounds. It is necessary to fix the attention on the pause after exhaling before inhaling.

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Bronchial asthma at sanguine and choleric

Treatment of asthma is conducted in accordance with the temperament of the patient. In choleric ("bile") constantly feels dryness in the nose and bronchi are sinusitis and acute frontal sinusitis. Therefore choleric can not wash the nose, even if the doctor advises. Washing may cause allergies or bleeding through the nose, the temperature will be.

Choleric is recommended that treatment of folk methods. Before taking the medicine, clean the colon decoction of the bark of buckthorn. We must say 'yes' girudoterapii and blood purification broth burdock root or dandelion, and "no" - hot and spicy dishes, salty and fatty foods, citrus fruits, sour fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and fermented foods.

The treatment is performed on clay compresses the chest and delicious cure powder or licorice root elecampane, mixed with honey. It is necessary to take into his mouth means (1 tbsp. L.), And for a long time to make sucking movements. For choleric asthma is curable if they become worn therapeutic minerals. Medallions of tiger's eye, solar stone, lapis lazuli, carnelian will remove the irritation in the throat and nose. In medical medallions no bores. Leather lace vdevayut glued to the ring.

The beneficial effect of treatment has herbal infusion. Mix flowers of calendula and chamomile, anise fruit, peppermint leaves, rosemary marsh, plantain, mother and stepmother, licorice root, Elecampane in equal proportions by weight. Collection (1 tbsp. L.) Steamed in a thermos (250 mL) boiling water. After infusion (2-3 hours) drinking after meals three times a day with 50 ml.

Sanguine ("Blood") constantly complain of congestion. The physician notes an increase in blood content of a site in the peripheral vascular system. Patients often reeling from the appearance of dryness in the mouth and throat, a burning sensation in the chest, a bitter taste in the mouth because of the outgoing phlegm with an unpleasant taste, he wants to drink, he was often sick with bronchitis and acute respiratory disease, so doctors prescribe treatment for the relief of symptoms.

There are no contraindications for such a composition of herbs to brew: mix in equal parts by weight of the fruits of anise, fennel, flax seed, thyme. To brew 1 tbsp. l. a mixture of hot water is needed (250 ml). After 15-20 minutes after the infusion was filtered under cover all warm infusion and taking three times a day with 50 ml. The treatment is performed by means of soothing and relaxing. Wearing medallions made of lapis lazuli.

 infusion of herbs for asthma

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Bronchial asthma in phlegmatic and melancholic

Phlegmatic ("slime"), there is no need to frequent the cold. The mucus becomes thick and is poorly excreted from the body. The disease manifests itself sticky saliva, swelling, heaviness in the head, irregular blood pressure, lethargy and loss of appetite, inflammation of the tonsils and frontal sinuses, the moisture content of the lungs, causing wheezing sounds, the appearance of clear or white phlegm. Shortness of breath, coughing, vomiting, turning blue face. The doctor prescribe treatment for strengthening the lymphatic system, and treat problems in the throat and frontal sinuses.

Treatment is carried out with the help of therapeutic vomiting, pursued every day (two weeks) in the morning. For this purpose, drink tea (3 tbsp.) Of licorice and wash down with water and sea salt (1 ch. L. To 0, 5 l). Filling the stomach mechanically induce vomiting. Contraindicated in hypertensive patients and gipotonikam, in the presence of diaphragmatic hernia, ulcers, cardiovascular diseases, the elderly and children. It is impossible to overeat and sleep a lot, so as not to trigger an asthma attack. It is necessary to purify the body, taking flaxseed oil (1 ch. L.), Up to 3 times a day, eat dry food, excluding cow's milk and cheese, starch, unripe and acidic fruits, sugar, cucumber, watermelon and wheat.

Often the doctor recommends to stop the attack and prevent passive breaths through the nose and exhaling with active effort. First, you need to breathe at a slow pace and then gradually increase the speed, making the 30 minute breaks and exhalations. It is useful to inhale the smoke sage and rub the chest by a rough glove, gently rubbing a bit of sea salt or baking soda.

It is necessary to wear a medallion from the tiger's eyes and put a warm compress on the breast with salt and marine clay (do not heat). It is useful to insist (3 hours), mullein flowers (in 1 tbsp. Boiling water - 5 pcs.) And drink warm for 1/3 Art. three times a day before meals.

Melancholic ("black bile") all the harder to endure asthma attacks. They always interfere external stimuli: traffic jams, harsh sounds, odors, lack of sleep. They are a little sweaty, excited and tired quickly. The disease manifests itself by wheezing and coughing. They often suffer from constipation, anxiety and the need for a warm drink from the constant thirst and dry mouth. Your doctor may prescribe treatment with cleaning mikroklizm (morning and night) with warm sesame oil or a decoction of sweet, fennel or ginger and sea salt (1 ch. L. To 1 liter of broth).

The medallion to be worn from the sun stone, tea or hot milk with mullein flowers. You can not eat raw food, peas, beans, legumes, foods that cause fermentation. You can eat warm, oily and wet food, acidic juices of lemon, dogwood, melons, squash and watermelon, goat's milk, grape juice mixed with aloe juice and sesame oil (1 ch. L.).

 Methods of treatment of bronchial asthma