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Asthma - a chronic disease of the bronchi, the main symptom is shortness of breath, accompanied by chest tightness, strong dry cough, and wheezing.

Depending on the form of the disease, asthma attacks can occur several times during the week or month. Between attacks symptoms often absent. In severe asthma attacks can torment people every day. The main reasons that can trigger asthma include allergens, strong stress, a viral disease, and physical activity.

An asthma attack - an ordeal not only for the patient but also for the people around him. The favorable outcome of the manifestations of the disease depends on how well will be provided first aid to the patient.

Asthmatics with experience in advance can feel the approach of suffocation. As a rule, before the attack, they have a feeling of tightness in the chest, allergic rhinitis, pruritus. But there are times when an asthmatic seizure occurs suddenly, without any precursors.
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Emergency care in asthma attack

Apart from the above main symptoms of an asthma attack, a person may experience symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, syncope, tachycardia, sweating, fear and panic. He was hard to breathe, to ease his condition, he is forced to sit, leaning forward. During the attack, the patient must take the position the driver: you sit on a chair, trying to keep your back perfectly straight and slightly sticking out his stomach to release the diaphragm. Hands and feet at the same time should be relaxed and loose hanging. Aperture is an important muscle of the respiratory system and freeing it, the patient will be able to slightly reduce choking.

At the first manifestations of asthma need to take medication for the relief of an attack, the prescribing physician. Asthmatics often prescribe steroids in inhalers (salbutamol, Ventolin, berotek), through which you can quickly remove the choking. It is important to observe the correct dosage of aerosol during use, through several spraying the drug should be at least 20 seconds. Inhalers have bronchodilator activity and help to move viscous mucus that during the attack the bronchial tubes overlap. As soon as the patient will be able to cough up phlegm, his condition improved.

It will help get rid of the accumulated phlegm in the airways poultice made from mustard powder. 15 g of powder to be diluted in 1 liter of water, the resulting liquid to moisten a piece of natural cloth, wring it thoroughly and put on the chest area. Top cover with hot poultice recommended using iron towel. The procedure helps to relieve tension from the muscles of the airways and facilitates expectoration. Duration - 30 minutes. It is also believed that organic coffee has the ability to make a bronchospasm weaker and, thus, reduces the manifestation of an asthma attack. In order to facilitate the patient's condition, he needs to drink at least two cups of the drink.

 Use of the inhaler is best helps with asthma attack
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Using the inhaler

To help from the inhaler has a maximum, it is important to learn how to use it properly. For the convenience of use of the medicinal aerosol placed in a special mouthpiece through which the drug is administered to the airways. Before each use of the inhaler should be how to shake and turn so that the bottom of the bottle turned out to be at the top. After a strong need to take the end of the exhalation mouthpiece in his mouth, holding his lips tightly, and with a deep breath sharply to press on the balloon with a drug. You need to inhale until entire dose not get into the respiratory tract. Head during inhalation should be slightly tilted down. After the procedure, you must be sure to rinse your mouth with water or drink.

It is important to ensure that when pressing on the bottom of the bottle from the mouth did not leave the smoke. The more it will come out, the smaller the drug gets into the respiratory tract. Improper conduct inhalation will bring relief to the patient. Those who have difficulty using inhalers should buy special spacers - additional devices for aerosol treatments that maximize the settling of drug particles in the bronchi. Stand spacers are not cheap, but because of them manage to reach the maximum efficiency from inhalation during asthma attacks.
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Health care

It should sound the alarm if the first aid is not brought asthmatic patients no improvement or if his condition worsened. Should urgently call an ambulance, and while the doctors in a way, to try to calm the most asthmatic, give him to drink a lot of water, and in any case does not allow to go, as in the supine position breathing even more difficult. If, during a prolonged suffocation human skin becomes pale bluish tinge, it appears pomrachnenie of consciousness, the patient lifts his chin high and shoulders hoping to breathe, then begin to fail in his respiratory system and attack can be fatal.

First aid, which will provide patients with asthma medical professionals, includes cropped attack preparations in the form of injections and inhalers, as well as a dropper. In severe attacks the person required to be hospitalized. In the case where an asthmatic attack lasted for a long time and difficult to treat, patients need more intensive drug exposure and oxygen masks. This condition indicates the presence of a person of status asthmaticus - a very life-threatening condition.

 Consultation with a doctor
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Allergens in the life of the patient's asthma

Almost always, asthma attacks are caused by the action of certain pathogens. To reduce the number of asthma symptoms to a minimum, you must identify the allergens that interfere with a person. The most aggressive pathogens of asthma include house dust, fungus, mites, pollen, flowers, plants and trees, feathers and animal dander, cockroaches, some foods. Find out how affects asthmatic or that an allergen may using allergy tests conducted in laboratories.

Experience shows that the vast majority of people with asthma are allergic to dust. It is clear that to get rid of it and create asthmatic sterile living conditions is impossible, but to significantly reduce the level of dust in the house is quite real. Remove all rugs from the walls and floors regularly Vacuum upholstered furniture and do wet cleaning. Keep the air in the room, ventilate the apartment in any weather.

If it turns out that the cause of asthma attacks in some of the family members began to coat four-legged pet, then it will have to find a new host. It is sad, but our smaller brothers often do not get along under the same roof with asthmatics. Fans vases should know that some of them are in the flowering period can aggravate asthma. By-products of allergens that are asthmatic you want to exclude from your diet are fish, seafood, citrus, all brightly colored berries and fruits, eggs, buckwheat, oatmeal. Some people have observed individual intolerance of cow's milk.

Additional factors that affect the frequency of asthma attacks are cigarette smoke, perfume, cologne, household chemicals, strong humidity, exhaust fumes, sudden changes in temperature, physical exertion, the smell of cooking (especially dangerous to breathe in the smell of fried fish). Aspirin is contraindicated in asthmatics, it can cause the strongest attack deaths. Any viral infection can cause exacerbation of asthma, so you need to ask your doctor, in addition to the treatment of the underlying disease, prescribe prophylactic treatment aimed at relief of asthma attacks.

Today, asthma can be successfully treated allergens. Such a method of combating the disease called ASIT (allergen immunotherapy). The essence of the treatment is an injection administered to a patient specific dose of allergens, so the person gradually comes to addictive pathogens attacks and it ceases to respond. In the treatment method of ASIT is important to identify all the allergens that adversely affect the person, or the long-awaited recovery will not follow.
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For more tips asthmatic

A person suffering from asthma, should have all the necessary preparations at hand. It is desirable that another member of the family knew how to provide first aid the asthmatic during an attack of breathlessness which medicines and what doses appointed him doctor. In no case the patient can not leave the house without an inhaler, because the attack can surprise him. Despite the fact that to get rid of asthma is almost unreal, it is possible to learn to control it, fulfilling all the requirements of the doctor.

Asthmatics will be useful during remission lead an active life, a lot of walks in the fresh air, walk, swim, do exercises in the morning, drink at least 1, 5 liters of fluid, which contributes to the discharge of phlegm. Very often, people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, it is possible to stabilize the state, spending 2-3 weeks each year in seaside resorts.

Good results show regular yoga classes, which teach a person to breathe. In addition, some yoga asanas can help a person during a seizure and save him from having to use inhalers. According to the yoga instructor, is an ancient Eastern doctrine could rid the human asthma.

 asthma in children
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Bronchial asthma in the child

The occurrence of asthma in childhood has its own characteristics. As a rule, if the disease occurs in a young child, then a lot of chances that a teenager he held completely or go into a lighter form. Asthma in children can manifest itself not only the attacks of breathlessness. Sometimes children tend easier course of the disease, which is called cough asthma. In this course of the disease the child has long been tormented by a dry cough that can not be cured by conventional means against cough. In such cases, only a special survey will help determine whether the child has asthma.

Parents, it is important to know what to do during an asthma attack in a child. First Aid during acute illness should be provided immediately and only drug that has been endorsed doctor. It is impossible to independently add or reduce the dosage of medications your child. If the state of the crumbs causes fear, then it is better to try as quickly as possible to show it to the doctor. Typically, young children easily suffer asthma attacks, as they tend not to listen to their own health. Mom and dad baby with asthma should try not to show concern during the acute manifestations of the disease, or condition of the child and the excitement will move will only worsen the condition.

Despite the fact that asthmatic children in the school free from physical education, it is not a sign that the sport they completely contraindicated. Moderate exercise or swimming in remission will be invaluable assistance to the growing body and will help strengthen the health of the child. I need to explain to the kid that can make him attack, and teach him to avoid pathogens. Parents should regularly consult with your doctor about the condition of your child and read additional literature that shed light on the particular disease. In spite of everything, it is necessary to look with optimism to the future and believe that a few years in a child outgrow asthma, and he will live a full life.

 Asthma: first aid and prevention