how to get subordinates to work

  • How to improve the productivity of poor performers
  • How to enforce labor discipline

Impact on negligent workers is an unpleasant, but necessary part of the head. This, incidentally, is his duty to the development of professional and personal qualities of employees. But some leaders, unable to work effectively and efficiently, do not always understand how to inculcate members of the team entrusted to him the same qualities.

How to improve the productivity of poor performers

I must say that sometimes it is very difficult to deal with an employee who for any reason can not cope with their responsibilities. Some of his subordinates do not work well, but resist any advice and do not go to feedback. And some do not meet the requirements, but feel quite comfortable because not even realize that they have a problem. And there are those whose performance is constantly low, and they are aware of this, but it just did not care.

Whatever the cause of the poor performance from some of his subordinates, the head of the task is always the same - to find ways in which to get everyone to work as expected. What do you, as a leader, can take to improve productivity?

  • First you have to believe in yourself that everyone can change for the better. If you know up front that the staff can not reach a better result, you can not support them will not be able to focus on solving the problem and did not see any chance of maximizing their hidden powers and possibilities. And all because you will feel that everything is useless! Subconsciously we always act according to what we believe. So, if you are sure that your employees will be able to achieve the best results, then you will have a strong motivation to help them in this. In addition, thinking that your employees can be an excellent worker, you create an atmosphere of acceptance that will help them better solve their problems.
  • Learn to find the underlying problems. Without it, you will not be able to find the right solutions. If you are not sure how to find out the causes of poor performance of subordinates, start with that ask the following questions:
  1. "He (or she) realizes that part of his duties? "You have to ask this question in the first place because some employees do not cope with the tasks only because they do not clear the essence of their work. In this case, the task force does not work, and explain how and what to do.
  2. "He (she) knows about the standards of performance? "This question must also be given of the first, because some of your employees do not understand what kind of performance expected of them.
  3. "Is not the task is too simple and does not coincide with his (her) interests? "Because if there is no interest in the work, there will be no motivation to perform better.
  4. "Are there any difficulties in organizing or restricting the resources provided by the system to the task? "
  5. "Do not serve the cause of the improper performance of insufficient expertise? Whether the employee has received sufficient training or coaching? "
  6. "Do not you feel yourself worker unrecognized or inadequately reward for your work? "
  7. "Is the reason a personal problem employee? Or a health problem? Or a financial problem? "
  8. "Do not feel themselves insecure employee, taking on too complex for his duties? "
  9. "Is there a pressure or a negative impact on an employee from his colleagues? "

By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to quickly and efficiently find the cause of inefficient work of subordinates.

  • After finding the cause, try to find an effective method to solve the problem. For example, you find that the reason for the low performance of your slave became his incompetence. What to do in such a case? There are several options:
  1. The revision of official duties;
  2. Training;
  3. Transfer to another area of ​​work;
  4. Dismissal.

Of course, each case must be evaluated on an individual basis.

  • In some cases, to actually get someone of his subordinates to work as expected, you need to take disciplinary action.

But on the last - about how you can get subordinates to comply with the labor discipline - should talk more.

 how to make the work of subordinates

How to enforce labor discipline

Supervision of the other can be a very difficult task. A person who likes to keep everything went without incident, can especially feel uncomfortable in the role of leader. Quite often the leader of the team has to produce a disciplinary action for poor performance or misconduct. It is important to take disciplinary action professionally and competently. And, of course, justified. The first thing that the manager must do - is to get all the facts of the violation. To do this is to investigate in detail the problem, asking all the questions, which we have already spoken.

Once all the facts are examined, the head should be acquainted with the personal business employee to determine whether the latter has similar problems in the past. It is necessary to take into account the age of the slave, and his seniority. It is necessary to take into account also the personal characteristics: whether the violation was triggered deliberately or whether it declined to violations of other team members? If such a breach or behavior is unusual for this employee, you should consider external factors: not too increased pressure on him lately and have not been added to any new responsibilities?

Once the head is satisfied that disciplinary action is necessary, the next step is to determine what it will be for the measures. It can be verbal suggestion, written warning, fines, demotion or even dismissal. In the application of disciplinary sanctions is best to capture these measures are documented. How to report punishing subordinates who for some reason has become a bad run? It is best to direct supervisor summoned a slave, just saying what caused the need to talk with him. Employees must be allowed to express their views on the incident.

Do not let the situation develops in such a way that the guilty worker became "belligerent" with your party. If at any point you feel that you may not know all the facts, we should not continue to insist on a subordinate in charge of negligence. You can tell him that you are going deeper into the problem and return later to this conversation. It is advisable to call the slave exact date when you're ready to continue to address the issue - two hours, for example, two days or one week. Depending on how much time you need for a complete review of all the facts.

No matter what the punishment provided for the worker, he must have at least verbally given, so to speak, of his behavior intervention plan. He must have an idea of ​​exactly what to expect in the future, if the violation is recorded repeatedly, and how he must change his attitude. Make sure that the slave is clear, and allow it to ask any questions relating to his "plan of correction."

If the head of the right will select the measures of influence on subordinates, and will then be confident in its decision, the employee will conscientiously respect the measures provided for it, and the future will always remember that it must fully carry out their duties and to follow the policy of the government.

What do you, as a leader, should always remember to carry out procedures of punishment subordinates? Do not forget that:

  • All decisions must be taken in accordance with legal regulations;
  • All disciplinary measures should be documented. Including the reasons for violations of labor discipline, the previous incidents, checking that the employee was informed of the possible consequences of poor performance. Documentation required as evidence in the case will be made any legal action;
  • Make sure that the problem arose really the fault of the employee. And do not punish the slave, if the factors that prevented him from working fully, not under his control.

Ensuring discipline and high productivity is a necessary part of the head, his professional duty, and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action that will be applied already to him.

 How to get subordinates to work and forget about laziness

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 interview for employment


  • Methods of interviewing
  • Interview Competency
  • Testing
  • Stress - interview
  • Group interview

With the situation the search for a new job in the last ten years across, probably everyone. What we just did not have to endure: financial crises, stock market crash, political reform - all of this somehow affects the work. Accordingly, an integral part of our life is an interview for employment - a sort of mini-exam on the topic of whether you come to the position you are interested or not.

The most important thing that you have to do - is to make a good impression on the interviewer. It depends on your future employment. Therefore it is very important to show interest in this work and to think in advance, you can be useful to the organization.

Methods of interviewing

There are many ways to organize an interview. HR manager selects the one that is most suitable for the purpose. In such a decision, first of all, affect the nature of the position: as it is responsible, what qualities should have the right candidate, etc ... Accordingly, the following methods of interviewing:

  • Interview Competency;
  • Testing;
  • Stress interview;
  • Group interviews;

Interview Competency

One of the most common variants of the interview for a job. This is logical, because at such a meeting was tested your knowledge and skills, not related to the president or religious views (although it happens sometimes, but fortunately rare). Recruiter evaluates how you expressed those qualities that are necessary to work effectively in the discussion posts. In advance, a list of competencies, and selected questions with the tasks aimed at their validation. The basic idea is that, as information about the past behavior, and in this it may be concluded that any person is an employee. And, you see, it is not without reason.

Typically, during an interview, aimed at verifying the competence, discussed the real situations that people faced in the past. As a rule, such a conversation begins with a discussion of one or more of the key achievements of the applicant in a previous job. Chances are good that during a conversation float several competencies, because they need to succeed. Then the recruiter asks the applicant to give examples of what other similar situations, he showed important for future work knowledge and skills. But it should be noted that such a scheme is typically used to interview candidates, have passed the preliminary selection.

Method of cases - it is welcome, actively used by recruiters during the interview. Here, for the evaluation of competencies Jobseekers used specific problematic situation, the decision which it has to offer for a limited time. They are always close to the workers or even taken from actual practice. In general cases can be divided into several groups:

  • exploring the values ​​and views of the applicant;
  • inspectors needed for the position of knowledge and skills;
  • demonstrating individual behaviors and personal qualities;

Now widely used method for cases when checking candidates for any vacancies: a lawyer, an accountant, sales manager, marketing manager napravleiya, psychologist, etc. ... In any case, the main thing - is to propose concrete actions and not to explain them and to describe in detail. Your ideas should be constructive and effective, then this step is you performed brilliantly!

 job interview


The tests are widely used in conducting all kinds of qualifying events and interviews. Agree, it is very convenient for the employer: the applicant gave the test, the result looked and decided the question of proficiency. A poor candidate for worries, experiences and tries in every way to cheat the test! It sounds funny, but it's really happening. Therefore, it is important not overworked in solving test values: on the one hand, it will not be superfluous, not to make stupid mistakes, and on the other, a technique consists of experienced psychologists and are inside the complex scale lies to deceive that is almost impossible. So try to be fair to the maximum in response to questions.

In order to prepare for the test procedure, it is useful to know what are the techniques:

  1. Aimed at assessing the abilities

    The most commonly used technique for determining the level of intelligence, memory and attention span. You can prepare for them with special benefits - they are sold in any bookstore. A memory and attention can be trained, for example, writing a shopping list, but just memorizing it

  2. Aimed at a comprehensive description of the type of personality and

      Tests are full of questions about your life and your habits, the answers to which allow us to make some conclusion about you. As we have said, we do not try to draw the image of the ideal employee - good HR-manager immediately catch you in a lie. Be honest, but not over-emphasize its shortcomings.

  3. Aimed at assessing the level of skills required for the operation and

      Depending on the job you have to offer tests for marketers, IT-specialists, accountants, lawyers and any other specialties. In order to pass such a test well, you just need a good understanding of the subject. It's like a normal exam, and yet you know how to prepare for this!

When passing the test is not "cheat" themselves - from one test in any case does not depend on your fate, and even future career. Treat it as a normal work: Take a deep breath and exhale, calm down - and do all the tasks. Do not hesitate to test to clarify the details that remain unclear to you, but do not bother the interviewer questions in the testing process. And remember that usually test only weeds out those who are not suitable for the position, and with more or less suitable candidates will talk further.

One kind of test is a projective interview. It differs from conventional in that instead of your figure you discuss with the recruiter, or people in general any character. This type of interview is based on what psychologists call projection, namely the tendency to attribute to others their thoughts, feelings, traits, and other elements of the inner world of the individual. Examples include the following questions: "What motivates people to work effectively? "" Why do people want to make a career? " etc. ... Specifically, here it is estimated motivational sphere of the candidate. You understand that the best answer to these questions in a positive way.

Sometimes recruiters use the technique of projective tests. As a rule, it is picturesque and half drawing techniques that a person must describe retell or come up with their interpretation. In this case, to prepare for such a test is much more difficult, because the subtleties of interpretation known only to the skilled person, and you remember all of them simply can not afford. Therefore, in this situation, you just have to be honest and hope that you are really fit for the position.

Stress - interview

You've probably heard that in some cases, recruiters behave absolutely correctly: cursing, name-calling, are late and do other nasty things. But this is not from a lack of education! Rather, it is a well thought out move - so-called stress interview. The task of the personnel manager at such a meeting - to try to bring the candidate of yourself and see how it will behave. After all, the only way you can really check the stress, and not to believe the words written in the summary.

What methods are used recruiters to plunge into stressful candidates for the position?

  • Psychological davlenieK treated like some kind of interference for comfortable interaction and behavior of the recruiter. For example, the constant noise outside is quite able to bring a person to listen to him for an hour, to a white heat. Or the heat and humidity, which simply can not be. Your conversation may be delayed so that it starts to seriously annoy. Well, and, of course, rudeness, rudeness and arrogance of the interviewer - all this contributes to the creation of negative psychological atmosphere.
  • "Cross Examination" The recruiter may first ask questions about your family life, and then suddenly and unexpectedly move on to discuss work plans. And you simply difficult to switch from one to another! In addition, the conversation really starts to resemble an interrogation, because a recruiter interrogates you the most minute details, and draws attention to any inconsistencies, and it is very unpleasant.
  • "Good and bad cop" has already become a classic, but it is still an effective method of psychological pressure on people. An interview with a recruiter you spend two: one is a very friendly and correct, and the second is constantly "teasing" and "Stalking" for you. And certainly the first focuses on the fact that the second "best not to anger."

It is necessary to understand why HR-managers are actively using stress interview. First of all, it is necessary for the selection of personnel for positions related to ongoing emotional and psychological stress: sales managers, marketing executives, etc. ... At this meeting the candidate opens for real, and you can see how it is in reality, and not in words, behave in stressful situations. In addition, stress interview shows such great skills of the applicant, as the ability to think quickly, to allocate attention, make decisions and respond to conflict.

However, the interview is to be distinguished from the banal rudeness and aggression from a recruiter and employer. After this stress interview the interviewer must apologize and explain the situation to you, because otherwise you will have a bad feeling, and you change your mind or do to get a job in this company, or pre-configure itself to the aggression against the leadership. In the absence of explanation, you can ask yourself this question and think about the prospects of future employment, if you could not give him a clear answer.

 group interview at employment

Group interview

Do not immediately slam the door when you come in for an interview and were in the company of the same applicants. This does not necessarily mean any deception, rather, the employer prefers to save human and time resources in the selection of personnel, optimizing the process. In addition, the group interview is always seen as a man behaves in a team which decisions are made and how well he can control himself.

There are several scenarios in which to hold mass interview:

  1. SamoprezentatsiyaKazhdomu candidate offered the opportunity to speak, and within five minutes to talk about themselves. The task before them is difficult, because in those few minutes, the applicant should have a positive stand and convince the hiring manager is to hire him or her. Often this interview invite heads of directions, because it is them in the future to work with those who pass the selection procedure.
  2. Round stolOsnovnaya characteristic - in the process of interaction between the hiring manager and candidate is a discussion of the company. The interviewer says about the company, briefly describes the position and asks the candidates questions about their motivation and level of training.
  3. Business igraMenedzher staff creates a situation in which the candidates "are included in the role of" workers and demonstrate how they would cope with potential duties. Especially well it works with all kinds of salespeople: half of the group are buyers, half - staff, and the show begins! What incredible things just do not offer to sell to competitors - that's really where fantasy works to its fullest. Of course, the best of them are hired.

In a group interview has its advantages and disadvantages. The minus is the length of the interview and a limited amount of attention to the hiring manager. There is a possibility that he may simply have overlooked. Worse, when the candidate appears confident that he was not looking, and he relaxes, which of course comes into view recruiter.

On the other hand, in this format you can demonstrate good teamwork skills, quick orientation in information and creativity. It is not necessary to adjust itself in advance to failure, because you do not know what the criteria for selection of a particular manager. At first you may come a shock, but it will pass, and it is important to express your personality and skills.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that most employers are normally held in the format of the interview conversation and debate issues of mutual interest with small patches of stress, keysovogo and other methods. Mainly recruiters check candidate for honesty and openness, so do not hesitate to inform the interviewer that you are worried or allow setbacks in the past (not forgetting, however, tell us how you coped with them).

The main tool for this are the questions of the interview, which may cover the widest range of information about you: where they worked, why quit, how relations at the previous spot, what are your main strengths and weaknesses, who do you see yourself in five years, etc. ... Answer them honestly, but with a focus on your professionalism. And do not forget to check with the interviewer details discussed job - maybe it's not what you want?

A job - it is an important stage in the life of any adult. You will find the title and the thing that really be to your liking. Compared to this, the passage of any interviews - is much less significant problem. But it can help you decide, well prepared for the meeting with a potential employer.

 Interview at employment: there is to know?

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