Collection of things to rest

The famous phrase "If a woman going on vacation at sea, be reserved by several suitcases", in principle, truthfully. However, for a comfortable stay necessarily take a mountain of things, it is enough to do the most necessary. Pre-plan your vacation, calculate how long it will last, then, in accordance with this, choose the most necessary. It is important that the clothes were not only easy on the weight and comfortable to wear, but also practical: quickly dried up and myalas. The non-natural fabrics, it is hard to pass air, you will feel discomfort, so not to spoil the holiday, carefully loop through wardrobe.

In your purse should be: sunscreen, waterproof mascara, lip gloss, compact powder and a mini bottle of your favorite perfume .  Be sure to take a moisturizer, because the sun dries the skin .  From the standard: toothpaste, toothbrush, napkins, tampons, etc. . d .  As for the shampoo and soap, then buy them in small bottles or buy on the spot .  And do not forget about the hair dryer .  Despite the fact that we supply them to their hotels Zheleznovodsk and any other small towns, abroad you can often find very different standards .  If the selected place of residence does not provide towels, then pack your suitcase two large: for the beach and for shower .  To avoid sunstroke, take a hat: a hat or scarf .  Along with swimsuits, which are also desirable to take two, pack pareo - one of the most important attributes of the traveler .  To protect your eyes from sun exposure, take a sunglasses .

For excursions, choose lightweight tunics and sundresses. This is not only convenient, but also saves space in your suitcase. Couples summer dresses, T-shirts and shorts would be sufficient. Do not forget about the warm clothes in case of cool weather trousers or jeans, sweater, cardigan, sport suit, and you can be sure - socks. To visit the restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs, take a pair of bright evening dresses. Two or three pairs of shoes will be enough. It needs light for shale beach sandals to enter the city and any closed shoes.

Remember that only the larger hotels, such as orange tie duo, if necessary, offer medical care. Therefore, you have to be a first-aid kit with the necessary medicines: Funds from headaches, pain in the stomach, in the event of poisoning, fever and other individual drugs suitable for you, as well as plasters, bandages, hydrogen peroxide and ointment for wound healing. Finally, and most importantly, make sure to leave all your troubles and worries at home, relax the soul to return with renewed vigor and unforgettable bright impressions.

 What to take with you to the sea?

 Attractions St. Petersburg

A warm welcome awaits all who come to see the beautiful and unusual Petersburg. This is the city of legends, and rightly so. It is woven from myths and songs. Each show this city something of their own than take any traveler in the heart of its rightful place.
For those who are going to come first, gets a substantial question of where to stay. The perfect solution would be to look in the direction of small, cozy hotel. For example, Hotel Aurora will be enjoyed if you have limited budget, but you are accustomed to rest in comfort.

This charming hotel has two branches, one on the other side of the river.

  • Central (business class) - is located near the metro station "area of ​​the Rebellion." It is near the main train station, just invaluable handy if you arrive by train after midnight when traffic is not something that does not go, bridges divorced. Guests are welcome at any time. Rooms are decorated in a classic style, while encouraging loyalty rates. On average, the number will cost you about 2-thousand.
  • Petrograd (economy class) - the famous island of St. Petersburg lived another hotel, hospitality is not inferior to his soratnitse. In the middle of the subway and Petrograd and Moscow region weary traveler will find vremennyyi home. Here you can find room for 1000 rubles. By the way, it is very close to the cruiser, which is the name of this nice hotel.

The staff of both hotels will be only too happy to suggest things to see in St. Petersburg is necessary if you do not clear the journey. Not only museums and exhibitions are significant in this city. Locals prompt you where to taste our specialty northern delicacy. This, of course, talking about donuts, which are prepared according to an old recipe almost from imperial times.

And yet, there are many mysterious places, about which little is written, where make wishes always come true. For example, the famous Rotunda. Simply put, this is an interesting structure of the front, which is located in the yard on the street Gorokhovaya. According to legend, if you wish to write on the wall - it is true. Not surprisingly, the living space is almost gone. But how interesting to read. In general, it is also worth trying to hotel staff.
You can talk a lot about this city, but surely will be the main thing - it is worth a visit in every life, at least once. This trip you will never forget.

 The long-awaited trip to St. Petersburg

 Trip to Paris

The frantic pace of modern life, we often forget about the romance. Summer - a great opportunity to correct this mistake by going alone with your loved one in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The romantic journey can go as a couple, and a respectable married couple, have been married for more than one year. The most important thing - is to choose a place of rest so that it has become the best memories in your life. Here are five best places in the world for a romantic trip.

Paris. There is a famous expression - see Paris and die. However, if you go to the city on a honeymoon (first or second), you probably will live happily side by side for many years. Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, quiet Kafa and chic restaurants, and lovely hotel - such as hibiscus Paris hotel offer you all facilities for an unforgettable holiday.

 Activities on the islands

Islands. Maldives, Bali, Seychelles - all these names immediately evoke associations with the azure ocean, exotic palm trees and golden sand, which will allow you to immerse your head in an atmosphere of love and romance. Also, do not miss your chance to participate in a special ceremony for lovers, which will offer you almost every island hotel.

Tallinn. If your family budget does not allow you to go to the Maldives - do not lose heart. The capital of Estonia is considered one of the most romantic cities in the USSR, and you may well see this yourself. With that view in Tallinn, you just do not have any problems - this city on the Baltic Sea will offer you a wealth of ancient sights and romantic places.

Prague. The beauty of Prague is ranked first in Europe in the number of weddings. Newlyweds from around the world want to spend the most important day in their lives here, so Prague has long been known as the city of love. Narrow streets, which can endlessly walking, holding hands, quiet cafes and historic Charles Bridge - the city as if specially designed for walks and declarations of love.

 Romantic Venice

Venice. What could be more romantic than the old houses and bridges, ghost channels, flooded with light of the setting sun, and thoughtful gondoliers, silently gliding through the water in their boats. For a small fee, they even sing you the old Italian love song that will melt even the icy heart.

 Where to go on a romantic trip?

 Palace, Temple of Heaven


  • main square
  • The long wall of 10,000 Do
  • The legacy of ancient China
  • Where else is worth visiting?

China - a country that surprises its visitors. There mysterious story adjacent to vigorously develop modern. Tradition, accumulated over centuries, fascinated, as the generation of culture of our contemporaries sometimes staggering. Much of this "thing" - is the largest, oldest, most popular in the world. A showcase of China, you can call it the central city of Beijing, whose name literally translates as "northern capital."

Sightseeing in Beijing could not be better reflects the essence of modern China.

The very layout of Beijing, in spite of the numerous destruction and ruin, kept the shape of a rectangle, is strictly oriented to the cardinal, it arouses curiosity. Age settlements, which became the basis for the city, has more than 4 thousand years. It has survived some of the sights, built in the tenth century. And one of the best architectural works of the young tourist attraction is the Olympic complex, built for the competition in 2008.
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main square

Center and the heart of Beijing area can be called Heavenly Peace - Tiananmen. It is considered to be the largest area in the world. It was at her place all the important events for the country. And during national celebrations or political debate, it is not up to its name. Every day in the square takes place the solemn raising and lowering of the national flag. Surround the area important for the city facilities: Hall of People's Congress of China, Mao Zedong mausoleum, the National Museum of China. The latter is necessary to tell more. It is the largest and most visited museum in the world. There are more than 600 thousand exhibits that could tell the story of China's thousands of years old in 5.

Particularly famous are the tripod Dean - the largest ancient bronze ware age of 3000 years. Its weight is 833 kg. Another bronzes - square wine vessel with images of 4 sheep head, related in time to the Shang Dynasty. Museum Attraction, older than 2 million years old, is a jade burial suit made of processed gold braid. The time to significant events ticking clock on the facade of the museum.

 Great Wall of China
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The long wall of 10,000 Do

Having been in Beijing, it is impossible not to visit the Great Wall of China. This grand structure, the construction of which lasted for almost 2000 years. The wall was intended to defend the country from foreign enemies and safeguard against mixing with the neighbors of the Chinese nationals. Dimensions of this architectural attractions stagger the imagination: the length of it with all branches is 8850 km. Towers on it arranged a certain distance to any of them had seen two neighbors. Thus was created the notification system by which it was possible to quickly bring the approaching enemy.

Of course, much of the wall has not survived to our days in good condition. But some of its parts were restored and open to the public. The most well-preserved sections of the wall are located close to the city of Beijing. Around 60 km away from the most visited site - Badaling. Its length of 50 km, and it was built in 1505. Wall height of about 8 m, width - 5, 5 m. It is always very crowded. And most of the visitors are Chinese themselves. For most of them it is a kind of "sacred" duty. Badaling is located in Yanqing County. Its territory also has caves in which lived since ancient times, people. You can reach the attractions in the electric train from Beijing.

A short distance from Beijing are areas Tszinshanlin and Symatay and Mutyanyuy. Last interested in the presence of both restored and pristine parts of the wall. Get to it already have a transplant. Maybe that's why he is not as popular as Badaling, but many visitors say that Mityanyuy much prettier. But Symatay Tszinshanlin and good for those who wish to fully plunge into history. They are the most removed from the capital and are not subjected to restoration. There are few tourists. Wherever you visited, no matter what area or climb the Great Wall of China, it will almost certainly be one of the strongest impressions of your travels.

 Palace Museum in Beijing
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The legacy of ancient China

Another great attraction in Beijing is the Forbidden City - the largest palace complex in the world. Created in the 15th century he was 5 centuries served the ceremonial and political center of the empire: it was the residence of 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing. The Chinese Palace has 2 names Tszytszinchen and NPM. Which translates as "The Forbidden City" and the "palace of the former rulers," respectively. The complex is located 980 buildings. Its walls form a rectangle, surrounded on all sides by a moat. You can get in through the 4 inputs, located on each side of the light. The moat in front of Gate bridge.

The palace is divided into inner and outer parts. The courtyard was used by the emperor and approximate as the home and outside for receptions and ceremonies. From the south to the north entrance of the main square to extend the "inner river with gold water", 6 palaces and imperial gardens.

In the south of Beijing it is still one of the attractions was built in ancient China. This is the Temple of Heaven. It is a complex of buildings surrounded by a double wall. Initially, everything in it was planned very carefully, and each element of the building serves a particular purpose. For example, the temple on the one hand round, while the other has a square shape. This is done in order to indicate the powers of the heavens and the earth element. The altar consists of a 9 marble slabs. Number 9 for the Chinese sacred, it brings good luck and is the symbol of unity of the forces of heaven and earth.

Arouse interest acoustic effects in some plants. For example, the quiet words of the prayer, which is pronounced by the emperors on the special site of the Altar of Heaven, amplified repeatedly. A triple echo can be heard while the stone, located on the way to the pavilion Firmament. Not all the rooms to tourists allowed to pass, but the uniqueness of the architecture of that time can be estimated well, looking only for the facades of buildings.

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Where else is worth visiting?

The name of the following attractions - Beihai Park, which translates as "northern lake / sea." The composition of the park ensemble includes many galleries, bridges, gardens, other than grace. Always worth a visit round the city on the observation platform: it offers a beautiful view of the park. There is also a statue of Buddha made of white jade. Instead Jade is an island surrounded by a pond. In the summer the surface of the pond is covered with lots of pink and white lotuses. The same colors decorated the bridge by which you can get to the island. Interestingly and Pavilion 5 and dragons. In the morning, in the park, you can watch the locals, conducting various trainings.

Of the attractions open to visitors, is known for its theater in the 3 floor of the former summer residence of the emperors of Summer Palace, the park worth visiting Yuanminyuan, where are the ruins of the summer palace of the same name. It is interesting to get acquainted with the Lama Temple - the home of Tibetan Buddhist monks, consider a set of tombs of 13 emperors - Shisanlin.

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient city, it's good to walk in the district Nanluogusyan. Some of the houses here are built in the 13th century. Significant monuments of the Old City are 2 towers - Drum and Bell Tower, once the locals which replaced their music chimes.

List the antiquities can be long. Each of them in their own interest and mysterious. But in addition to historical sites in Beijing, there are a lot of interesting places. For example, the Beijing Zoo. It is mostly represented a wild and rare animals in China. Including the big panda, the greatest interest of visitors. Lovers of modern art will surely attract the arts district, where the focus artists' studios and exhibition spaces.

Olympic Forest Park was built on the principles of Feng Shui, and the stadium has become another hallmark of modern Beijing. In China's capital and you can admire the Moscow Kremlin, and the Eiffel Tower, and nearly a hundred well-known objects. Their small copy of presented in a theme park in the world. Travel to Beijing will love even the pickiest traveler. It is a city of secrets, contrasts. The familiar and exotic at the same time, he must leave indelible impressions.

 Tour of Beijing