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Bronchial asthma - a severe chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs, which is a key element of bronchoconstriction due to specific or non-specific allergic mechanism. Symptoms of asthma are manifested in the form of wheezing, chest congestion, cough, and shortness of breath. The attack of bronchial asthma occurs suddenly from suffocation. If the pre-medical first aid in asthma during exacerbation will be provided out of time, there will be pulmonary edema, and spasm of the bronchial tubes. Develop severe complications such as asthma status.
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How to provide emergency assistance

What is the emergency treatment of bronchial asthma? It can be divided according to the method of rendering on pre-medical and medical assistance. The basic pre-medical help in an attack aimed at protecting the patient from contact with substances that provoke an aggravation.   First aid at asthma attack is in order.

First you have to help the patient to calm down, take a special body posture while sitting or standing, leaning on hand to turn the auxiliary respiratory muscles, if possible try to take him out of the state of stress. Then stop an attack inhaled asthma medication, to relieve spasm of the bronchi. Used drugs, such as alupent, salbutamol, and other astmopent usually use them sick. Also sympathomimetic bronchodilator actions have a stimulating effect on the heart, increase the excitability of the myocardium, causing rapid heartbeat - tachycardia. Next, you should call a doctor for medical care. It is also possible to stop an attack of a light foot or hand hot tub.

Further pre-medical assistance is provided in such a manner. It is necessary to ventilate the room to reduce the concentration of indoor allergens. Remove from the room and down feather pillows, clean pets. After airing the room to close the windows to reduce the penetration of pollen allergens from the street, and the remaining precipitate allergens in the room with water and a spray bottle, moisten the air.

If the patient has symptoms of a food allergy, you should reduce the intake to achieve food allergens agents having absorbent and protective actions such as Almagelum or cholestyramine. In household can use activated charcoal or starch. Give plenty of warm, better than alkaline, drinking. You need to drink small sips. Start doing a specially designed breathing exercises, deep breath and exhale very sharp. This exercise will help bring viscous mucus out of the lungs.

 proper help in asthma
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Medical Emergency

If the pre-medical aid has not helped, the attack did not manage to arrest and symptoms are, then comes the turn of medical emergency. Medical emergency aid for asthma attacks is in order.

First introduced into a solution of adrenaline, it relieves cramps, reduces the secretion of the mucous membrane and lung congestion. Usually need bronchodilators, relaxing light effect comes in 5-10 minutes. If an attack of severe, protracted and failed to stop, then re-injected epinephrine solution. After administration of epinephrine may experience side effects, tremor, headache, palpitations. With careful use of epinephrine solution patients with concomitant diseases, such as coronary insufficiency and hypertension, is contraindicated in cardiac asthma.

More acute asthma Ephedrine solution is used, it begins to act approximately 25-30 minutes. Effective ephedrine weaker than the adrenaline, but bronchodilator effect lasts longer. In protracted severe attack of ephedrine administration often does not give the desired effect, and the complete elimination of attack can not be achieved. In this case, use subcutaneous injection of atropine in combination with adrenaline or ephedrine. If therapy is not effective and the symptoms and remove fails, aminophylline is administered intravenously, the patient is hospitalized.

Emergency pre-medical first aid for asthma, does not allow the cure of the patient, it is only temporarily improves the mood. It should therefore be the first opportunity to see a doctor lung specialist who will prescribe the necessary tests, put the correct diagnosis and prescribe adequate qualified treatment.

 How have pre-medical first aid in asthma?

 papilloma oral


  • Causes of papilloma language
  • Types of oral papillomas
  • Alternative medicine against warts language
  • General treatment of papilloma

In rare cases, the tongue and oral papillomavirus may appear small, they are usually pointed, flat, on the leg, plural. Causes of warts in the mouth may be different. The most dangerous may be called papilloma leaf buds, which usually appear in women.

Papilloma mouth usually gives pain, it may bleed, and breaks often grows as exposed to injury during a meal. If there is inflammation, the warts begin to grow strongly, causing pain.

In children, papilloma soft, they rarely turn into ulcers often disappear themselves.

In addition, the following can develop neoplastic papilloma in the mouth, they are a lot of nodular elevations, are located either in isolation, or simply merge.
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Causes of papilloma language

The reasons that the language papiloma there may be different. Basic - a viral disease, so warts are caused by infection with human papilloma virus, or HPV. Today, there are about sixty species of papillomas, warts are due to infection of 1-3, 16, 18 types of papillomavirus. Needless to infection carried by such means:

  • through ordinary household items (rare, but possible);
  • by direct contact with carriers of this virus (quite rare, usually through saliva).

Calculate such a carrier of the virus is almost impossible, warts may not appear for decades. Factors to "force" a wake papilloma warts are the following:

  • failure to comply with hygiene rules (usually young children who tend to pull in my mouth all that they will fall);
  • improper nutrition (lack of vitamins, nutrients, many trace elements, vegetable protein);
  • Frequent stress, fatigue - all that leads to decreased immunity;
  • oral sex with a carrier of HPV;
  • the presence of micro traumas in the language.

Therefore, with an eye on possible reasons you must follow the rules of prevention that will protect themselves from infection with papilloma, further long-term treatment.

 the causes of warts under the tongue
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Types of oral papillomas

Papilloma affecting language can be of two types:

  1. Pointed. These warts look like small, very sharp papillae, with a pale pink color. They are thin, small, usually quite badly hampered, as always cling to the teeth, cheeks. They are quite dangerous because they break easily, can grow strongly, in appearance resembling a cauliflower. Most often, this kind of language appears under strongly interfering with the conversation, making food. Treatment of long-term, we must be careful, because there are a number of veins.
  2. Flat papillomas formed as a flattened papules, which are rounded, clear boundaries. These warts are a little above the surface of the skin, they are more bright colors. Usually the big problems such papilloma does not deliver, and there is pain. If it is not growing, the need for an urgent surgical removal is not, is usually given symptomatic treatment.

Symptoms papilloma mouth pretty simple: on the surface of the mucous produced elevation that can cause discomfort, embarrassment if swallowed. If the location on the back of the tongue, the observed phenomena such as the appearance of lumpy tumors ranging in size from 2, 5 cm. Most often it is education, similar to small leaf buds that are easy to break down, forming a bleeding ulcers.

In this case, treatment prescribed by a doctor. There are "folk" methods of dealing with the virus, but usually, they can only remove the external manifestation, but the virus remains in the body.
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Alternative medicine against warts language

Removal of papillomas is recommended only under the supervision of a doctor, but there are a few people's methods of combating the warts, many of which are quite effective. What do you do in this case?

One such method is considered to be the potato juice, which is recommended to take two glasses a day for about thirty to sixty minutes before a meal. To taste the juice was not so unpleasant, it is possible to add an apple. But there is a reservation, you must first try a small amount of apple juice, papilloma can strongly react to this stimulus.

Prepare juice from the potatoes as follows: red varieties are cleaned, rubbed on a fine grater, squeeze through two layers of clean cheesecloth.   Drink the juice should be two months, passing it helps in diseases such as gastritis, ulcers, adenomas, and many others.

Potato sprouts help in the case where the papilloma was accidentally torn during meals. For this sprouts were washed and filled into bottles of 40-degree vodka or spirit. Rank lubricated twice a day, morning and evening. Irritation takes about two days, with the proliferation of papilloma was observed. Because germs and can make a tincture, which produces an excellent therapeutic effect, removing papillomas with the cheeks.

In any case, before you start using the methods of traditional medicine, it is necessary to consult with the attending doctor who clearly write out a treatment regimen will tell you what you can use, and what is not recommended. You also can not replace a doctor scheme completely alone traditional methods, it could lead to a significant deterioration, inflammation, proliferation of warts on the surface of the tongue.

 treatment of warts
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General treatment of papilloma

Papilloma under the tongue or on the surface of the treated fairly difficult, due to their location. But the mere disposal can not bring the virus from the body, so you need a comprehensive treatment. Furthermore, the possibility of recurrence of the disease is approximately 30%, which makes prevention observe, observe the exact regimen.

The treatment itself is quite complex, due to the location of papillomas. There excluded methods such as moxibustion, although they are pretty well established in other parts of the body. In the treatment required a constant readjustment of the oral cavity.

Please use the most secure methods, though not as effective, it takes more time, but finding the build-up in the mouth makes its own demands. More aggressive methods are used only when the progress in treating not. When you assign actions to remove warts in the mouth is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • independent resolution of papillomas;
  • very high risk of relapse;
  • location warts in the mouth.

Reasonable to consider such solutions:

  • treated warts symptomatic, ie when there is discomfort when eating, painful sensations, growth of warts;
  • papilloma requires constant monitoring.

Doctors often prescribe antiviral drugs to remove the cause of the formation of papillomas; take them internally and externally, using a constant readjustment of the mouth. When severe pain, growth of need to use invasive removal under general anesthesia.

In the language of the warts are rare. This is good, because it is in the mouth papilloma undergo the most intense effects when eating, warts may burst, much to grow, delivering pain when eating, talking.

Furthermore, it is in the mouth they are affected by a large number of stimuli in the form of food, saliva. Treatment of warts that have emerged in the mouth, it is difficult, it is usually longer than normal. You can not use cautery, we do not recommend tearing warts on the face, apply a treatment that is not prescribed by the doctor. If you papilloma observed in the language, it is recommended to immediately contact your doctor, who will appoint an adequate, proper treatment of the disease.

 Papilloma in the mouth: what measures to take?