cause of the smell from the nose


  • What is the smell from the nose?
  • Causes of putrid odor from the nose
  • What factors provoke odor from the nose?
  • Özen - one of the causes of the unpleasant aroma
  • Symptoms of the nasal cavity
  • How to treat and where to start?

Many people today do not pay attention to the fact that the smell from the nose can be unpleasant, taking it for granted. But this phenomenon should cause a natural question: why and how can appear strange smell?

There are a number of clear challenges that the emergence and causes bad smell from the nose. It's not just the usual cold, but many purulent diseases, infection, disturbance of smell and foreign objects in the nose, which is quite often the case in children. So if you start to feel bad smell, harassing you, or your child complains of a phenomenon, be sure to consult a doctor for examination.

It should be the appointment of treatment, which in the initial stages to quickly and easily cope with the problem. Remember: bad "flavor" of the nose may not be normal, it is a sign that there is some disorder or disease that requires attention.
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What is the smell from the nose?

Unpleasant "flavor" of the nose is different, much depends on its cause. In addition, it is not necessarily permanent, a bad smell can occur sporadically, for example, only in the morning or several times a day. But in any case, the appearance of these symptoms should take care to eliminate the causes. There are these types of unpleasant odors from the nose:

  • putrid - usually occurs either sporadically or continuously;
  • the smell of burning - appears sporadically;
  • the smell of pus - appears in infectious diseases, can be observed constantly.

 symptom may serve as nasal congestion

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Causes of putrid odor from the nose

So why an unpleasant smell from the nose? Consider the causes of this unpleasant phenomenon:

  • ozena so-called stinking cold. The causes of this disease today until the end and not found out, but experts believe that it is hereditary. With this disease inflamed nasal mucosa, bone tissue, which leads to the fact that in the nasal cavity dry crust formed in large amounts, which become a source that produces an unpleasant "flavor" of the nose.
  • bacterial infections. Often, the body begins to actively respond to a variety of infections, including allergic stimuli. Such a phenomenon is the reason that there is a rather unpleasant odor, but the phenomenon is episodic, it may not bother a long time;
  • acute rhinitis can cause what appears strange smell. In this disease, the nasal mucosa begins quite seriously inflamed and pus from the nose. It was he who causes unpleasant "flavors" of the nose. After treatment, this phenomenon takes place completely and do not bother;
  • sinusitis - a disease in which inflamed sinuses, it is accompanied by purulent runny nose, headache, malaise. Unpleasant "aromas" appear occasionally, but they can cause discomfort. In any case, sinusitis requires treatment, as it can cause other serious diseases quite;
  • parosmiya, or violation of smell - is a disease in which there are a variety of disorders, often a person feels persistent non-existent odors including the smell of rot. This disease is associated with the state of the upper respiratory tract. If you experience phantom malodours should immediately consult your doctor, since in some cases it may be associated with disorders of the brain, that is, requires urgent diagnosis and determine the most appropriate treatment;
  • foreign body. Young children often unpleasant smell from the nose caused by hitting into the cavity of the nose wide variety of subjects. Sweetpea, pieces of foam or paper can lead to inflammation of the mucosa and painful sensations, the child begins to complain of discomfort, the first sign of a bad smell. Therefore, you must not try on their own to remove this sign, and immediately contact a doctor.

The same applies to the appearance of bad smell from the nose in adults - do not attempt to self-medicate, as unqualified treatment often becomes a cause of deterioration.

 treatment of odor from the nose washing herbal solution
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What factors provoke odor from the nose?

On the appearance of wrong "flavor" of the nasal cavity can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the need to allocate such as:

  • recent surgery or disease of the nose;
  • adverse ecological and environment;
  • poor housing conditions, a permanent allergen;
  • misuse, poor nutrition, a weakened immune system.

If the survey was not found reasons why there was an unpleasant smell from the nose, it is possible. you need to start strengthened, balanced nutrition, spend more time in the fresh air, ventilate the room.
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Özen - one of the causes of the unpleasant aroma

Özen - a stinking cold, or atrophic rhinitis. The disease is of unknown etiology is characterized by a loss of sense of smell, smelly aroma from the nasal cavity, progressive atrophy of the turbinates, nasal mucosa, degenerative changes in the cartilage, bones.

Experts believe that this disease has an infectious nature, others are convinced that you can get sick because of the penetration of the mucosal infection. But ozena can be caused by factors such as:

  • heredity - that is, if one of the parents was observed atrophic rhinitis, it is very likely he could be a child, if you do not comply with the measures of prevention;
  • purulent rhinitis - appears frequently in low power, when the body lacks vitamin A, B, D, C. If you are at risk, you should include in your diet foods that contain all the essential trace elements. It is advisable to see a doctor who can give necessary recommendations for preventive nutrition;
  • poor sanitary conditions - often the cause of what appears putrid stinking cold.

 administration of drugs for the treatment of odor from the nose

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Symptoms of the nasal cavity

Onset of the disease is manifested as a rule, at the age of seven to eight years, while often in girls. There is a constant stuffiness, fetid smell from the nose, can cause discharge of pus. Furthermore, there is a constant tiredness, and headaches. Parents generally believe that it is the common cold, and appropriate treatment is provided. This leads to the fact that the disease goes into a different phase.

In adolescence, there is no heavy discharge of pus, there is a pronounced dryness in the nose appear multiple crust, which eventually become more dense, cover the whole of the nasal cavity of the nasopharynx to the trachea. Over time, an increasing number of crusts, while reducing their odor from nose disappears. But in any case it is quite clearly seen by others. If you do not start treatment, the sense of smell decreases rapidly until his loss.

At the same time there are severe headaches in the parietal and frontal area, which is very difficult to remove, the constant dryness in the throat, breathing is difficult, the voice becomes hoarse. This suggests that the trachea and larynx is severely impaired.

If you do not start emergency treatment, the disease enters a chronic atrophic rhinitis.
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How to treat and how to start?

To stop the discharge of pus and the emergence of bad "flavor" is used several types of treatment:

  • conservative, aimed at the elimination of crusts, fight infection;
  • Local drug, including washing the nose, laying turundy with a proteolytic enzyme to soften the crusts and their disposal. Locally administered a drug, as streptomycin, ksantinola nicotinate;
  • general medical treatment includes the use of antibiotics;
  • physiotherapy in the form of potassium iodide electrophoresis, UHF diathermy;
  • herbal medicine for rinsing the nasal cavity;
  • surgery for narrowing the nasal cavity (appointed extremely rare).

Odor from the nose can be caused by various reasons, including rhinitis, foreign bodies, sinusitis. Often, the treatment cost physiotherapy, nasal lavage in the home.

In any case such symptoms to delay treatment to a specialist is highly undesirable, especially when the bad smell and discomfort the child starts complaining.

 Scents of the nasal cavity: what is the reason?