proper diet for asthma


  • Number of useful elements in the diet
  • Harm spices and preservatives

Asthma is a pretty serious disease that is caused by non-specific mechanisms or allergies. When asthma is necessary to observe a special diet, it is important to exclude from the diet all the elements that can cause allergies.

If according to the analysis of food allergies has not been established, in any case, is to comply with such a diet is hypoallergenic. It is necessary to distinguish those products which are potential allergens. There are a number of options, including fish, seafood, goose and duck meat, eggs, nuts, citrus, honey, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes. It is important to limit the use of them in the special period of exacerbation of asthma.

Be sure to limit the costs and substances such as milk, wheat groats, semolina, cream, fatty chicken, pork and beef. However, the diet with asthma should take into account the characteristics of patients. After all, everyone should get the proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

 Oatmeal has a shielding effect against allergens
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Number of useful elements in the diet

For the full development of the organism should provide themselves with all the necessary elements. To do this is to replace those products that are allergens. Everyone knows that every day people should receive 300 g carbohydrates, 70 g protein, and at least 50 grams of fat. However, people who need a diet should limit the intake of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate - is sugar and honey. It is necessary to limit the amount of salt in the dishes.

There are a number of vegetables and other dishes that have been recognized by nutritionists as hypoallergenic. It is products such as buckwheat, rice, barley and oats.

Among the meat can be identified lean rabbit meat and chicken and vegetables - cabbage, potatoes, squash, cucumbers. Vegetable oil is suitable for such a diet as hypoallergenic as olive and corn. You can eat and butter. From dairy options can be included in the diet of yogurt, yogurt. Perfectly suited compotes and teas from the hips. The list of products is quite large and you can make a safe and healthy menu, based on it.

Be sure to pay attention to the content of the products of elements such as histamine and tyramine, they cause allergies in many people. Typically, these elements are contained in foods such as canned food, alcohol, cheese, sauerkraut. Products that are made with a variety of enzymes, should also be excluded, sausages because of histamine content can not be used in such a diet as hypoallergenic.

 bronchial asthma can be consumed sunflower oil
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Harm spices and preservatives

People who suffer from asthma, it is important to eliminate from the diet of a variety of spices such as pepper, mustard and even onions. These products accelerate the process of assimilation of allergens that may cause undesirable problems. It is best not to drink coffee, cocoa and other products that enhance the action of allergens. The fact that people who need to eliminate allergens best to use products that have shielding effect and can slow down the action of allergens.

These products include cereals, such as oats and barley. Diet for asthma does not allow hidden allergens . This is primarily products such as canned meat and fish, which may not be listed in the composition the allergens, but nevertheless they are present there.

 Diet for asthma sufferers

 causes of cystitis


  • Action on detection of the disease
  • Basic drugs against cystitis
  • Aids against cystitis

Cystitis - very annoying, painful disease, which is common in women frequently.

If you are on the eve of overcooled and suddenly felt pain while urinating, frequent urge to him, this is one of the main and the first signs of cystitis.

In this case, it is not necessary to self-medicate, trying to bring down the inflammation and stop the symptoms. Independently selecting medicines in pharmacies or on the recommendations of friends, you risk transfer disease into a chronic form, which will be extremely difficult to cure.

Here are the signs of acute cystitis during inflammation:

  • itching during urination;
  • night desires;
  • frequent urination with minimal urine output;
  • raising the temperature to 38 ° C;
  • nausea, vomiting, chills;
  • general weakness;
  • there is blood in the urine;
  • burning sensation when urinating.

A serious complication of cystitis in women may be pyelonephritis - an inflammatory disease of the kidneys, which can easily be transferred to a chronic process. If we take into account that this can be expected for each woman colds, which can not always be avoided, a disease should be treated immediately, as soon as it arose for the first time, and folk remedies and modern, designed to treat this unpleasant disease. Without drugs such as antibiotics, are not enough.

If you start treatment on time and correctly, the symptoms of cystitis have been held for 7-14 days, and relieved the state - in 2-3 days.

 take the analysis to identify the causes of cystitis
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Action on detection of the disease

Of course, to see a specialist. It will pick you urologist treated with antibiotics, the most suitable for you in this case. For professional antibiotics can only choose a specialist. Sometimes the cause of the disease may be a violation of vaginal microflora, so the study will take place in the complex: and a urologist and a gynecologist (smear to study the flora of the vagina - for women).

Diagnosis includes a first analysis of the urine and swab.

To exclude the presence of a tumor or bladder stones, you must go through cystoscopy (bladder inspect the inside with a special tool inserted through the urethra) and cystography (X-rays), ultrasound. The procedures are not difficult, but would help to see the full picture of the disease and prescribe treatment correctly. Also, the doctor will select the most suitable form of preparation, be it pills or injections. After treatment pills are sometimes more long-term, and must take into account the impact of drugs on the gastrointestinal tract.

If the pathogen is a violation of the microflora and bacteria are found during the examination, you must also survey the sexual partner. Often this disease have to be treated to both, or possible re-inflammation. Physiological characteristics of women - a short urethra, so cystitis in women occurs in several times more frequently than men, because infection quickly gets into the bladder.

In the treatment of cystitis in pregnant women to consider features of preparation and concentration. When antibiotic treatment caution.

Form inflammation is divided into:

  • acute or chronic;
  • primary or secondary;
  • focal, diffuse;
  • infectious, allergic, radiation;
  • catarrhal, ulcerative, hemorrhagic, gangrenous, etc.

In addition to these causes of disease in women, it is worth noting factors such as sedentary lifestyle, in which deteriorates the mobility of the pelvic diaphragm, shifts occur location of the bladder, leading to disruption of its work; physical exhaustion, malnutrition; delays in emptying the bladder - not recommended tolerated and did not respond to the desires; violation of personal hygiene, stagnant processes pelvis.

The first thing you should take into account a woman who became ill cystitis - a mandatory bed rest, diet (spicy and salty dishes, spices, alcohol excluded), drinking plenty of fluids, limiting sexual contact. From drinking a very good remedy is cranberry juice. Cranberry - a great anti-inflammatory agent.

There is no such thing as a "remedy for cystitis." Treatment includes a set of measures, which should contain:

  • antimicrobial agents (antibiotics, etc., at the discretion of the physician);
  • Physiotherapy (bath), and heat to the lower abdomen;
  • auxiliary exposure of folk remedies (infusions and decoctions of herbs, berries, fruits);
  • immunomodulatory drugs.

With regard to medical treatment, the modern pharmacy offers a wide selection. Some drugs will be discussed below.

 drugs for the treatment of cystitis
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Basic drugs against cystitis

  • Monural (powder) - a high-performance anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory drug. Preparations based fosfomycin trometamol excellent job with infectious agents are concentrated in the bladder, and, because of this, have a long-term effect.
  • Phytolysinum (ointment) - preparation made of plant-based (birch leaves, parsley, oil of sage, mint, orange and pine trees, peel onions and so on.). It is a diuretic, antispasmodic drug that removes the painful symptoms of cystitis.
  • Faspik (tablets) - anti-inflammatory drug that relieves pain very quickly and carefully related to the stomach.
  • Monurel Previtsist (tablets) - the active anti-inflammatory drug, is aimed at the treatment of urological diseases of inflammatory nature. Fights infectious agent process of destruction of the cell wall. Its advantage is also the fact that it increases the immunity and sufficiently well tolerated.
  • Furazolidone (tablet) - wide antimicrobial spectrum.

Immunomodulatory drugs also appointed at the discretion of the attending physician.

 folk remedies treatment of cystitis
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Aids against cystitis

From supporting traditional medicine can select one of the following options.

  • Cranberry. On it we have already mentioned, and put it in first place in its effect. It contains acid, which makes it unsuitable for the bacterial flora of the urinary system.
  • Flax seeds. A decoction of the seeds relieves symptoms.
  • Rowan. The berries are preparing a decoction that fairly quickly eliminate discomfort. More than three days to drink the broth is not necessary.
  • Linden honey. Is the healing of the varieties of honey, removes inflammation and has antibacterial effect.
  • Celandine. Because it is preparing the infusion. Only need to use it with caution, in small doses, as celandine is quite poisonous plant.

And once again I repeat: the selection of drugs in cystitis only a doctor can do to include the treatment of a health center in order to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

After treatment do not forget that the absence of hypothermia and hygiene will not give unpleasant disease longer bother you!

 Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cystitis in women