the causes of the oil lamp on the body


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Wen (lipoma) - a benign tumor that rarely becomes malignant form.

Skin tumors, which usually causes no symptoms or problems may be wen: the reasons for its formation is associated with metabolic disorders in the body. Dangerous if it life and health? If formed in a mass of lumps under the skin is set by a physician as talc, it is able to deliver a lot of trouble to the patient. Soft dome-shaped lumps under the skin are located next to the internal organs and compress blood vessels and nerves.

Causes of the appearance of the oil lamp, diverse and not fully studied medicine. The appearance on the face of various shapes and sizes Wen becomes significant cosmetic defect. Inside the body can also begin to develop wen; it appears in esophagus, mammary gland for even the brain. In most cases, it is impossible to determine whether the patient wen. Many types of Wen does not bother the patient, do not hurt, do not itch.

 Wen proper treatment at home
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What are the causes of cancer?

At any age, health care is very important. To understand what wen, you must understand the reasons for its occurrence. How else can one find out what treatment is necessary to choose to get rid of the disease? The appearance of the tumor is possible, under certain conditions, creating a metabolic disorder in the body. If the tumor is movable, no pain, no itching, maybe it was formed wen, the causes of which are manifold: plays an important role hereditary factor and decreased immune status. It is unsafe to injury of the skin, organs and tissues. A benign tumor, wen (lipoma), occurs with equal frequency in men and women.

Where most often appear lipoma?

The most vulnerable to the appearance of tumors such as talc, are parts of the body, which is not the greatest body fat. Statistically, one of the 1,000 patients have from one to several tumors on the skin. Education can occur on the head, breast, and in any other part of the human body. Most patients note the absence of any discomfort as a result of its appearance. Attention is drawn to the shape of the tumor: round or oval. Consistency soft tumors; it is not connected with the surrounding tissues, moderately mobile. If there is no feeling of pain.

Significantly saggy skin on the face or the body indicates that wen increased volumes, causes changes in the tissue due to edema, blood stagnation, necrosis. Swelling of the face a negative impact on the psyche of the patient, changing the shape of the face. If there was a group of lipomas, the state of discomfort is aggravated. Lipoma may be positioned in the esophagus; In this case, there are: a cough, nausea, difficulty swallowing. Wen, who is in the mediastinum, causing hoarseness; the patient's face becomes pale and puffy. Wen is especially dangerous in the brain: meningeal symptoms develop; It appears painful vomiting, not bringing relief to the patient. Wen breast cancer causes chest pain, limitation of movement on the affected side.
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Traditional methods of treatment tumor

Traditional treatments for lipomas are based on a powerful base of ancient knowledge. In the course of many years of research, scientists have found that about 20% of cases treated promptly wen is not necessary, it is enough to take advantage of the advice of traditional medicine. Known facts recovery of patients with lipoma. Folk remedy Wen contains in its composition of herbal extracts having thinning properties of fat.

In people who have normal or excess body weight, talc treated by non-drug exposure of biologically active liquids (BAL). Traditional methods are not a panacea for this tumor, but in many cases, get rid of it. Lipoma (wen) lends itself well to traditional treatments. If the treatment is planned to be held at home, accessible folk remedy Wen - the juice of celandine. It is used for lubrication of lipoma in a specific pattern.

Some people have to get rid of unsightly type of tumor, use other traditional methods of treatment. Talc treated with an antiseptic, lubrication, followed by the castor oil and 9% hydrogen peroxide. Processing is a gap of skin; the contents removed, and produced the primary wound treatment with the imposition of a sterile dressing.

There are certain traditional methods for getting rid of lipomas with iodine. Swelling after lubrication resolves, but the night before the procedure bandage with roasted onions. Wen can handle the dark soap and balm "asterisk". If symptoms persist, treatment is carried out during the month: the ointment is fully capable to pull fluid from the capsule. Curing can ointment of soap and onion, taken in equal parts. With these dressings, fatty tumor completely disappears.

Traditional recipes include the use of certain plants inside. Cinnamon is useful as an antiseptic, 1 tbsp. spoon several times per day. It is best if an expert wen will be removed. With proper conduct of operations exclude the possibility of wound infection. If wen is only a cosmetic defect, it is not dangerous.

 Wen treated surgically
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Drug treatment of lipomas

Tumors that exceed 5 cm in diameter, provides for medical intervention in their development. Treat wen is necessary if there is pain, redness, discomfort in the place of its location. When severe symptoms festering wen to be removed; Treatment Only prompt and speedy. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient and begin to treat a large wen after confirmation of the diagnosis by ultrasound.

As a rule, experts in plastic surgery or treatment practitioners are divided into three stages: therapeutic, surgical and folk. Big wen is impossible not to be treated: it causes a lot of inconvenience to the patient, sometimes causing sudden sharp pain. A careful study under a microscope formed lipomas can be sure that the best remedy for Wen - removing them surgically. The surgeon focuses on fast-growing lipomas. There is a malfunction of near lipoma. Treatment should be general weakness, fatigue, depression. At the time appointed therapy promotes a favorable outcome unpleasant disease.

 baked onions for the treatment of Wen national method
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Surgical treatment of benign lipoma

Wen removed during the operation, which is the most radical way of getting rid of the tumor.   The doctor makes a puncture lipoma and defines its contents: most often it is a yellow liquid. If wen blushed and felt pain, medical intervention is necessary in order to avoid complications. Perhaps his infection and abscess. Wen on his face removed with a laser system: it pulls the tumor capsule. Drug therapy after the onset of a lipoma is the use of absorbable preparations. It is important to remember that any remedy Wen can only be used after consultation with the oncologist.

Obstruction of the sebaceous ducts leading to the formation of tumors - lipoma. It may disappear on their own. If the tumor does not bother the patient is assigned to a special medication in the form of applications that resolves the tumor.

Surgery to remove the tumor necessary if the lipoma (wen) compresses the organs. Very often, these operations are performed in the clinics of plastic surgery. If necessary, you can remove yourself wen at home. This method is noteworthy, although there may be negative consequences after its application. At home, it is difficult to comply with the sterility of instruments and materials, and therefore possible wound infection.

To remove a fatty tumor, his salve of hemlock. At home, good to use herbal teas: elder, plantain, nettle. The swelling resulting from insufficient liver function, requires the use of herbs that enhance the work of this body. Reduce the fat concentration in the tumor concoctions of herbs, such as calamus, ginger, wormwood. Wen home treated not only drugs. The patient must be patient and careful execution of all manipulations.

 Where are benign lipomas?

 causes of red spots on the tongue


  • Display language, please
  • We will be attentive to their health

Everyone knows that our health - a "zone of our personal responsibility," and therefore we are willing to maintain a high quality of life, need to track changes in your body.

This does not mean that seeing a pimple, willfully "stranded" on the face, immediately rush to the lab for analysis and delivery of all kinds anxiously expect results. But can cause our concern morning red dots on the language?

 Language examination by a doctor
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Display language, please

We woke up, stretched, slipped her feet into slippers and went to brush his teeth. Rinse mouth with water, with a feeling of freshness and vivacity with a smile, looked in the mirror and provocatively showed his tongue, the form of which unpleasantly surprised with small red spots. From the perspective of traditional and alternative medicine human language is the main body of the analyzer of taste, he is considered a strong muscles responsible for chewing, swallowing, articulation of sound.

Outwardly healthy human tongue painted in pink, with clearly emerges velvety buds on the surface and any discrepancies that description, including red spots on the tongue, we need to guard. The red dot on the tongue, small spots may appear further itching or a mild burning tongue. But the color change, and the presence of plaque, and the appearance of bright spots can be symptoms of various diseases, so it is right to visit a doctor and clarify the diagnosis from him.

 the appearance of red spots on the tongue should be the same address to the dentist
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We will be attentive to their health

In the absence of pain and a red dot in the language it does not bother, it is possible a day or watch the language, to make sure that small spots are not the result of irritation after taking a hot or very spicy food. If, alas, little dots on the tongue and the next morning there, the different variants of the glossitis, stomatitis, herpes to diseases of the stomach and intestines. You should not hesitate to go to the doctor, to pass the necessary examination and diagnosis and receive quality and effective treatment.

Remember that the red dot on the language - is a signal of distress and need to visit a dentist, physician or gastroenterologist.   It happens that small red dots in certain circumstances may be considered as a variant of the norm, such as pregnancy.

Before visiting a specialist just brush your teeth, but do not attempt to clean the language irritating red dot on the tongue, with a toothbrush, a teaspoon or rinsing solution of manganese, because you have "greased" picture of the painful symptoms and the doctor will be harder to accurately assume or put diagnosis.

Our contemporaries are busy working, raising children, household chores and do not always find the time for a careful and serious attitude to their own health and even avoid routine inspections as a result of which you can quickly identify and cure disease at the very beginning. There is nothing more beautiful than a full sense of the daily state of health of the organism, is not it?

 The appearance of small red dots on tongue