the causes of warts on the body


  • Kandilomatoz - "genital warts", its etiology and pathogenesis
  • The clinic, diagnosis, differential diagnosis
  • Treatment, prognosis, complications

Kandilomatoz - a viral disease, which manifests itself in the formation of benign nature of the anogenital region. It occurs in women and men is very rare in children. Inheritance is not transmitted. The disease has many names: genital warts, genital warts (venereal, fligovye), human papillomavirus infection, simple vegetation. According to the Ministry of Health (Department of Medical Statistics), in Russia in 1993 were registered 26 231, in 1996 - 33 099 patients with genital warts.
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Kandilomatoz - "genital warts", its etiology and pathogenesis

Pathogen kandilomatoza - human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV only pathogenic to humans. Infection usually occurs during sexual intercourse.

The risk of infection kandilomatozom includes persons with high sexual activity.

Not excluded and household way of infection, infection during medical procedures (including health care workers). Risk factors include abortion, hormonal disorders, inflammation of the secretions from the vagina and urethra, maceration of the skin, breaking the rules of personal hygiene, immunodeficiency states.

 Diagnosis of genital warts

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The clinic, diagnosis, differential diagnosis


The incubation period lasts a few weeks / months. In men, the disease process is localized on the skin of the inguinal folds, the head of the penis, the outer and inner sheets of the foreskin from the external opening of the urethra, in the perianal region, on the skin of the scrotum. In women, genital warts often come in large and small labia, the clitoris, the skin of the external opening of the urethra, in the inguinal folds, in the perianal region.

First, there are small, pinhead, single nodules. Color grayish-pink or red. Over time, their number increases. Genital warts grow as buds, often merging among themselves. The resulting tumor-like growths resemble the cockscomb, cauliflower or raspberries. Overgrown genital warts often macerated and ulcerate. A characteristic feature - its lobed structure that can easily be checked with a spatula or a probe. Slices of soft consistency. As a rule, the surrounding skin intact, but non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene or when exposed to permanent mechanical irritation of the skin becomes bright red, there is a sensation of itching and burning. Also, there are giant condyloma Buschke-Lowenstein.


Diagnosis is based on clinical examination and the patient. At the site of the defeat - the size of nodules from 1 mm to 1-2 cm. The nodules are not soldered to the underlying tissues, soft consistency, pale pink, lobed structure. Laboratory Methods used only for the differential diagnosis. The differential diagnosis is carried out with secondary recurrent syphilis (condylomata lata) and pyogenic granuloma. Unlike genital, warts have a wide plotnoelastichnuyu consistency and no lobular structure. Syphilis, moreover, there are often other characteristic features of the disease. In laboratory studies, the broad warts in scrapings from the surface are pale treponema. If the biopsy found koylotsitarnye cells, it is characteristic of genital warts anogenital region.

 laser removal of warts
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Treatment, prognosis, complications

The main goal of treatment of men and women is the destruction of the warts. It is advisable to conduct the treatment of several methods at the same time as when only one method of therapeutic effect can not always be achieved. Methods of destruction:

  1. Chemicals: a) the application and processing kondillinom foci Solkoderm 80% trichloroacetic acid, 1 ferezolom every 6 days; b) cytostatic agents - 0, 5% solution of podophyllotoxin and 10% podophyllin solution (contraindicated in pregnancy), 5-ftorurratsilovaya ointment 5%.
  2. Physical: a) cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, using a laser excision, electrosurgical excision, diathermocoagulation; b) optionally pre-anesthesia after scraping.

The forecast for both men and women is favorable, but with timely and adequate treatment. Otherwise relapses.

In men, genital warts on the outer or inner layer of the foreskin can lead to phimosis or paraphimosis. Men and women in the localization of warts in the area of ​​the external opening of the urethra can be straining to urinate, while their destruction may have scars that lead to urethral strictures. When mechanical damage perianal warts in men and women stool can cause bleeding. The most severe complication of both men and women is a degeneration of genital warts to cancer.

 Genital warts in men and women

 Internal causes of acne


  • The most common causes of boils
  • Treatment of acne under the skin
  • What kind of folk remedies can help get rid of acne?
  • Herbal lotions and prevention

Internal pimple appear on the face and other parts of the body, it is one of the worst problems. Subcutaneous called pimples boils and boils the disease itself.

This category of dangerous spots and gives the difficulties in removing. Acne is not only to deliver a terrible pain, spoil the aesthetics of the skin, but also require a great deal of patience, to cure them.

But from any disease can be eliminated, the main thing - to find out the causes of, the methods of disposal and prevention of disease.

 ozone therapy for the prevention of boils
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The most common causes of boils

The current pharmacy can offer you a huge amount of cosmetics that help fight acne "outside". But do not rush to apply them, most funds simply dried and disinfected skin and acne will appear again and again, because the disease is treated from the "inside." Elucidation of the causes of acne - the main task for those who are faced with the disease. After removing the cause, we will be able to protect themselves from re-manifestation of the disease. The main causes of acne - malfunction of the sebaceous glands, namely:

  • Blockage of these glands ducts;
  • Violation of sebum;
  • Inflammation in the glands resulting metabolic disorders;
  • Activation of skin bacteria;
  • Malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Disorders of the endocrine system (defined by the presence of internal acne on the chin);
  • Hyperkeratinization (excessive growth of hair follicles);

In principle, determine the causes of boils can be yourself.

And who gets to particular risk?

  • Sure, teenagers at puberty: the guys from 14 to 19 years, and girls from 11 to 17-18 years; young men in the process is a more severe form. In addition, adolescents are trying to quickly squeeze a pimple appeared, that he passed quickly. but squeeze a pimple means complicate the situation a few times!
  • People who have a chronic hereditary disease - abrasions.
  • People are constantly taking oral contraceptives, medications containing corticosteroids, phenytoin and lithium.
  • The workers, whose profession is associated with harmful chemicals: oil, lubricating oil, dioxin and others.

As you can see, the reason may be a lot, the main thing - the right to determine what is the cause of it is in your case.

 Potato mask treatment
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Treatment of acne under the skin

If you are determined to struggle with internal acne to begin with must-see a doctor. After a complete examination and determine the cause, you can begin treatment, after hearing all the recommendations of the doctor.
One of the most effective methods - ozone therapy.

Did you find it strange, but in fact all the usual painful pimples afraid of oxygen. The mechanism of action of such a procedure is quite simple, and the results will surpass your expectations:

  • Ozone actively kills all microbes;
  • This treatment will help to relieve pain;
  • Relieve swelling and redness;
  • Restore the natural collagen and elastin;
  • Do not leave scars and spots on the skin;
  • The effect is noticeable after the procedure a few hours.

A similar method of influence - Elos-technology.
The method consists in exposing the subcutaneous pimples by using pulses of blue light. The effect of the procedure is as follows:

  • Fade scars, blemishes and other imperfections on the skin that appear after the normal aging spots.
  • Enlarged pores are narrowed, it helps to limit penetration of the sebum;
  • Actively the process of cell renewal;
  • After the procedure, there are no problems with the skin (fat, irritation, peeling, dryness, and so on. D.).

If for some reason you can not visit a doctor, try to cure acne just appeared with the help of folk remedies and in any case do not try to squeeze.

 lemon lotion treatment
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What kind of folk remedies can help get rid of acne?

Baths with sea salt - an excellent prevention and treatment of acne.
To get rid of acne, you can burn them with iodine (except eels are on the lips and other sensitive parts of the body).

Also, get rid of acne will help a variety of herbal and saline infusions (lotion).

How to prepare the infusion of saline for the treatment of acne

It is warm 1 cup of water on a plate, cover with two tablespoons fine salt, stir well and bring to a boil. Once the infusion has cooled slightly, soak a cotton pad and make a hot compress on the affected area of ​​the skin. To quickly get rid of pimples, apply this remedy 2-3 times a day.

How to make herbal lotion

It has long been known that the running water to wash not only useless but also harmful. It is much better to use a special tool - lotion made with their own hands. It will keep your skin toned and helps to treat acne subcutaneous. To prepare the lotion, you will need to mix dry nettle leaves, mint, succession, chamomile flowers, celandine, calendula. All this mixture to pour a large amount of boiling water and let it brew. Once the solution has cooled, it should be thoroughly drain and pour in a convenient container. Use it 2 times a day during washing, it will help cure acne and accelerate their maturation.

How to make lemon losn

Lemon Lotion perfectly helps heal internal acne. And to make this facility a snap: the juice of half a lemon dilute a glass of boiled water - the solution ready! Wipe the face and other problem areas 2 times a day, soaking a cotton pad in the vehicle. With regard to the volume, it is better to reduce by half (a quarter of a lemon a glass of water). The fact that the means of natural ingredients are kept sufficiently small. And the best time of 3-4 days to prepare a new solution.

How to make a mask of talc

For the preparation you will need 3 teaspoons of white clay, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 30 ml of tincture of marigold. Mix all the ingredients and put on face for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

How to make a potato mask

Peeled potatoes rubbed on a coarse grater, mix with beaten egg whites. Adding salt to the tip of a knife and a teaspoon of oatmeal. We give infuse for 15-20 minutes. We put on the problem areas for 20-30 minutes - so that you can cure acne in a few days.

How to aspirin mask

Funds on the basis of aspirin great help to disinfect the skin and have anti-inflammatory action. Aspirin is the most accessible tool to help get rid of pimples under the skin. Rastolchem ​​couple of aspirins and dissolve with warm water until mushy state - the mask is ready! Put on inflamed skin for 20 minutes.

How to make a mask from yeast

Yeast breed of warm boiled water to a mushy state, put on the problem areas and leave it to dry completely. Wash off with warm water. The mask helps dry up the skin and get rid of acne.

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Herbal lotions and prevention

A tablespoon of dried leaves and flowers of Hypericum (or fresh birch buds) of boiled water. We insist 15-20 minutes. Use as a lotion to the focus of inflammation or wipe the entire face.

Prevention - the best prevention of disease

Never try to squeeze a boil appeared. Your actions can lead to the spread of infection throughout the body, and then the treatment is complicated.

If squeeze pimple on the inner side of the lips or even the whole can get inflamed mucous membranes of the mouth.

Eat right! Avoid foods that increase the excretion of fat. They are sweet, smoked, spicy, fatty foods.

Long walks in the fresh air will help the skin to receive enough oxygen.

Timely access to a doctor - a guarantee that the treatment will be more successful. Perhaps you have a hidden disease, which can not diagnose yourself. Therefore, treatment under a doctor's care - the best solution in this case.

 How to get rid of boils?