how to tune in to work after the Christmas holidays

  • The more dangerous long holidays?
  • How to tune in to work after the Christmas holidays?

Christmas tree, champagne, tangerines, Olivier - all this is a symbol of the New Year holiday. Every time we make a list of future plans and vowed themselves to meet them. Government of the Russian Federation in the middle of the last decade has made us all a "gift", announcing the general ten-day New Year holidays. On the one hand, it certainly was joyful news, because we all have finally had the opportunity to qualitatively relax after a long year. But on the other hand, after a couple of holidays it became clear that to go to work in the middle of January, do not want anyone, and needed two weeks to recover from the holidays. In this article, we will tell you how to speed up the process and make it as easy and comfortable for you.

The more dangerous long holidays?

It would seem, rejoice: you have been given the opportunity to relax by the employer! And a long rest like as much more useful, because the body has time to adapt to it. However, all is not so simple, and extended New Year holidays bring joy with sorrow. The first thing that comes to mind - it's their immediate health hazard. It just so happened that in Russia any celebration decided to celebrate in a big way, that is with alcohol and abundant food. Accordingly, for some of us, the New Year holidays are converted into ten-drinking party, and it is absolutely not good for the body! Of course, most people do not "celebrate" from morning till night, but still-used amount of alcohol and food many times more than ordinary days.

Another important reason why the New Year holidays are able to spoil the mood - is boredom. Yes, do not be surprised, quite banal boredom! In the modern world it made a lot of work and little rest, but to concentrate, and we get used to it. And when faced with a situation where we were given as much as ten days to rest, we do not know how to fill them. Okay, first of January to sleep off. Second went to the cinema, shopping center, bowling alley and a swimming pool. And then what to do? You just do not know what else to do, miss, and it is tiring.

The situation is complicated by the fact that our body is arranged as follows: a real holiday for us is a change of activity. During the work week, you are constantly changing activity: work, home, leisure, work, home, leisure and so on. On New Year's holidays you do not get to do this, as all your time is filled with idleness. And as we said above, any normal person vacation ideas end up somewhere in the middle of the holidays.

And it is fine if these holidays we were given in the summer (though like how our government promised to consider this question)! We could come up with so many wonderful activities: walks, outings, barbecues, beach - all that we love so much to do during the warmer months. However, twenty below poke his nose into the street rather problematic for most of us.

Although out of this situation is: you can choose one of the winter sports and to devote all the days of the New Year holidays. But in this way you have a trap, which underlies all of our articles. Most likely, ten days you are so much used to this way of life when you will not have to go and you can spend time in the pleasure that the idea of ​​leaving a job will cause you a nervous tic and a desire to escape to Goa. Accordingly, all in any case come to the main issue - namely, how to recover from the holidays?

 how to tune in to work after the Christmas holidays

How to tune in to work after the Christmas holidays?

Here we come to the fun part - the answer to the question of how to tune in to work in the office after the Christmas holidays. Immediately I want to say that miracles do not happen, and mild discomfort after the start of working days is possible. However, we will tell you how to make it less severe. So set to work!


In fact, the first step towards to tune in to work after the holidays, you need to do before them - namely, to bring order to your desktop and in business. We all know that the time before the New Year - an emergency, and on the head of each worker dumped a lot of cases. So, to return to work after a long vacation in a good mood, these cases it is necessary to finish, and it is better to try not to accumulate them (otherwise the eve you'll look like a downtrodden horse).

Try to fulfill the orders of superiors immediately, without putting them in the closet that you have not accumulated a lot of cases nerazgrebaemaya. In addition, it is not recommended to leave the most difficult in charge of the case "for later" as a clash with them after the holidays, you certainly will not be happy. Before the holidays certainly put things in order on the desktop and in the computer, it is much nicer to return to the purity than in the mess. And the force in the future it will save, because you do not have to think about what and where is.

Relax really

As we have mentioned above, many people take a long New Year holidays not as a long-awaited vacation, but as torture laziness and doing nothing. Naturally, when you are after that, tortured and tired, you go to work, you just want to hide under the table and see no one. Therefore, the simplest and most obvious thing you can do to work double hard labor did not seem - it's good to spend a vacation.

If you have not enough time for family (and we know that the modern working woman it is always there), you can fill this gap. Put it all together in the living room and spend great time! Play board games, crafts create, communicate, watch family movies - in general, do all that, what you did not have enough time in the past year. Go somewhere together, because the long winter holidays - a great opportunity to establish family relationships.

But she was not the only one. If you do not like winter and cold outside, go somewhere warm countries. Let's expensive, but perhaps not for the entire year, you worked hard as a curse? In addition, after the New Year departures significant fall in value, and you can ask your agent to pick a tour that matches your abilities. If you go abroad does not work, you can relax here. Just so you need to plan a vacation to make you bored! And then a good impression of winter recreation are essential to you in moments of fatigue and adaptation to work.

Make a plan

Another option, which helps to reduce "harmful effects" from work - a plan. You can do this on the first working day or even the day before - as a warm-up before entering the business rhythm. The most important thing - to sort things in order of importance, as well as in content. Note that all organizations have different schedule of employees to work, so some joint meetings or projects you will be difficult to hold at the beginning and the middle of January.

Do not immediately after the holidays to expect rapid burst of activity and plan a whole bunch of things. Try as much as possible smoothly enter into the working channel - so you can reduce the stress load on it. It is normal if a few days you will go to the buildup, so the first week schedule no more than one day in the case of an important and dilute your schedule just busy, does not require much involvement.

Pamper yourself

It would seem that in this deal? You, as usual, go to work, you get paid for it wages - which still need bonuses? You are wrong! Immediately after the holidays is not easy to engage in business, so Treat yourself with understanding and do not force yourself. If you have something does not work - aside and try it the next day. For every completed deal Reward yourself with something sweet and pleasant - chocolate, a warm bath, and maybe even a pleasant shopping. At some time it will add you to the positive, and when you come to, just the gradual abolition of these small pleasures.

In general, treat yourself with patience and understanding. If something does not get done quickly and well, then allow yourself to spend a little bit stupid and slow in this difficult period of his life. Do not ask too much, because at the same time be a better worker, a mother, a wife, a friend, a housewife and a woman at the same time is impossible - most likely somewhere in the image of "black holes". And it's not scary - just right to prioritize and to focus on really important things.

Find a balance in life

It is very important and useful is the balance. This means that in your life equally represented its most important spheres: family, work, friends, and your desires and needs. If some of these parties happen skewed, you feel sad and depressed because something from this list in your life will be missed.

Of course, the list of areas may vary, because each is important in the life of their belongings. Do not forget that all this attention needs to be given daily, and especially in the first days after the Christmas holidays, so when you need strength and good mood. All this will help you cope with the stress of transition from one lifestyle to another.

Observe the mode of the day

It is an island of stability in the ocean of changes to your body. Yes, you have to be reconstructed from a holiday job, and that's why you can not afford to sit watching TV until late at night and sleep till noon on weekends. Well, if even during the holidays, you keep a semblance of modes - for then you will not have the added stress of his appearance after the holiday.

Keep in mind that the regime should be as physiological. Find out what your rate of sleep, and be sure to allow yourself to sleep as much as you need. If you are a night owl, you should keep your morning routine to a minimum and try to do everything possible in the evening: wash your hair, clothing cook, assemble - to the morning you could only wash, get dressed and go to work. Well, and, of course, no excessive loads and works after the New Year - Save your strength!

Communicate with colleagues

It sounds a bit strange, but it's a fact: communication with colleagues - a great way to quickly get involved in the working environment. Ask them about how they spent the New Year holidays, and tell us about yourself. Gradually, from the informal communication can go on to discuss work plans and any projects. You agree that decide things together - easier and more fun, because in this case, the problem does not seem so global, and many heads are better than one. It is likely that some of my colleagues can also tell you anything specific about any problem your job. In addition, you will become clear whether the set of your team members to work, and you can recharge your enthusiasm from someone who feels pobodree.

Think positively

In the end, the beginning of the working week - it's not so bad, especially for those who are engaged in favorite business. Over the long New Year holidays you probably already managed to miss on the favorite work: to achieve professional goals, to communicate with colleagues, the walls of native office, after all. Think about what is familiar to you and familiar: a desktop computer, a color folders spread out on your desktop - all your habitual and stable reference points in space where you spend most of the day.

Positive thinking helps not only to work but also for life. You can even try a special psychological exercise - find ten advantages that you leave for work. Already in the third paragraph, you realize that the world is not so bad, and it can afford to work a little. For example, you may want to think about the upcoming weekend, and tell yourself that in order to earn the right to rest, to do all the important things to do this week. The most useful thing you can take - is to add interest to work. Try to diversify the usual monotonous lessons as a child, when we got bored, we just come up with some kind of game, and doing it, and it is fundamentally changing the business.

Learn to leave work at work

It sounds simple, but many of us are not able to do so. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons that we are hard to go to work after the holidays, when business and personal space merged. Therefore, if you do not want to go sluggish in January, learning to leave work problems at the office.

You can use a couple just invented rituals whose purpose would be out of the role of the "I'm a worker," and entering into the role, "I'm home." Examples of such actions could be part bath or shower, dressing in work clothes, some light and a traditional snack, or any other activity that will symbolize to you such a transition. You'll see, it's sure to bear fruit!

Motivate yourself

Psychologists have noted that after the holidays more than eighty percent of employees observed a general decline in motivation and desire to work. And it was the motivation is the source of energy, so necessary for our ability to live! Therefore, if you want to enter the work routine, you need to motivate yourself.

It should be understood that each person has his own list of motivators: for some it is money for someone's prestige, as someone who works solely on praise from the boss. In any case, try to create an environment around him that would include these factors. Very useful in this case is reading a motivational literature: it is built in such a way that the middle of the book, you start to feel an internal lift and a burst of energy. But they want you to return to the rhythm of work after the weekend!

Do not forget about yourself

We already wrote about this above, but the repetition - the mother of learning. Your health and the condition of the body - is the most important factor, in what state you come to work and how quickly enter into a rhythm. Therefore, during the New Year holidays are not recommended to abuse alcohol, fatty foods, as well as lying on the couch (but you probably and so all know it).

Remember how useful hiking in the fresh frosty air? Be sure to include them in your schedule - in addition to the beneficial effects on the body, they will give you the opportunity to be alone with yourself and regain inner composure. If possible, go in for sports: it helps us to keep in shape and promotes the development of so-called "happiness hormones" - endorphins - that will not be redundant in the cold winter.

Naturally, if after the New Year holidays have some time to dominate the inner desire to stay longer in the holiday state. But very soon you accept the need to go to work and reconcile with her, but these tips will help you do this as efficiently and painlessly.

 How to tune in to work after the Christmas holidays: survival guide