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  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Protect yourself from stress
  • Now you can go on vitamins

What do I need to change in my life, to have good health? Everyone at least once asked this question.
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Strengthening the immune system

So now we will focus on how to boost immunity in adults using drugs and folk methods. Let's start with the most simple, with power. Diet should be correct, because a healthy diet is beneficial to your body. In order for the body to maintain its capacity, he just need the right amount of vitamins, minerals and calories, which can also be found in a special preparation for Immunity.

All these factors contribute to the synthesis of new antibodies and immune bodies. In your diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products origin, meat and cereals. In order to boost immunity in adults, the emphasis should be put on products with a high content of vitamin C. The most famous of them - it's a lemon, garlic and onion.

The use of these products dramatically reduces the possibility of infection and viral colds.

Strengthening the immune system and helps the people taking the drug multivitamin. These drugs are divided into two types, containing the individual elements and complexes. But do not forget that an overdose of these drugs is unacceptable, as this may occur poisoning of the body. Therefore, improving the immunity in the adult regular intake of these vitamins is assigned to strictly check the doctor after a few tests. Also do not forget about regular physical activity. We need to move more. It is necessary to keep yourself in the right shape.

You can do in the gym, go swimming in the pool, if possible. If not, then just try to do exercises in the morning. Vigorous and active people are not afraid of viruses. Walking in the fresh air will be very useful. Daily pedestrian promenade on 30 minutes enrich your blood with oxygen, relieve stress and strengthen the nervous system, it also helps you resist the disease.

 to enhance immunity should get rid of bad habits
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Protect yourself from stress

How to boost immunity in adults? Add to your spiritual diet of the maximum number of positive emotions, which are so necessary to man, because the nervous state is bad for the work of the bodies. From the faint of stress and the immune system. After an exhausting day you must pay from 20 to 40 minutes the case that you will be a pleasure to pick up. It is necessary to ventilate the room at least once a day, opening windows for 5-10 minutes, both at home and at work. Oxygen is needed for optimal brain and all body systems.

In addition, you do not give the opportunity to assemble viruses in the room. Sleep plays a significant role in strengthening the body. It's important to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep, especially if it is chronic, can greatly undermine your immunity. Sleep should be 7-8 hours per day. Benefit and herbal medicine. Echinacea - is a wonderful tool that helps the immune system.

It is recommended that the infusion, which is taken within a month in the amount of 1-2 hours. L. before a meal three times a day. Another option - a hike in the bath, but this method is suitable only for those who do not have heart problems and pressures. This procedure causes the blood vessels to expand, accelerate blood circulation, which contributes to the rapid removal of toxins and improve the immune system. Welcomed foot massage in the form of a daily walk barefoot on the mat, you can easily find in pharmacies. The fact that the foot-points has many features, the impact which causes the body to function properly. It is worth the reception contrast shower. Water Treatments strengthen the immune system, promote better blood circulation and help keep your blood vessels in shape, but do not forget that the high blood pressure, abnormalities in the heart and blood are contraindicated.

Daily to stand in the shower 10 to 15 seconds under warm water, then the same amount of time under cold. Repeat the sequence from 3 up to 5 times. After the procedure, a good rub the skin with a towel. You can take drugs against viruses that you can easily buy in a drugstore, but remember that it is permitted to do strictly following the doctor's recommendations. During the epidemic in the use of these drugs the risk of colds and viral infections is reduced by 6-9 times.

 to promote health take vitamin complexes
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Now you can go on vitamins

  1. Vitamin A is responsible for the action of the immune response that should occur immediately when ingested foreign agent. To some extent it is involved in protecting the body from cancer. It is widely distributed in foods red and orange colors, namely, carrot, pepper, tomato and pumpkin.
  2. Vitamin B is found in sunflower seeds, walnuts, buckwheat and cheese. In addition, nuts and seeds contain a lot of Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, thus protecting cells from damage. Still, this vitamin is present in the vegetable oil.
  3. Vitamin C, which is essential for immunity adult found in black currants, rose hips, parsley, sea buckthorn, and, of course, in a lemon. Lack of this vitamin in the body entails a reduction in the rate of antibody formation. Therefore, the regular use of the above products - the key to your health.

Minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, iodine is also necessary for the immune system. The seafood contains many fatty acids that enhance the immune system and the body's resistance to the alien virus. Do not forget that in the thermal processing of the nutrients are lost. It would therefore be useful to use squid and seaweed. Also, there are special preparations that act analogue of the above products.

Potassium is necessary for the body's immunity is contained in large quantities in baked potatoes, buckwheat and oatmeal. Milk and milk products with the bacteria, namely yogurts and Biokefir will result in the order of composition of intestinal microflora, will contribute to the emergence of interferon. They can be drinking, so use as a salad dressing. Drink more green tea is recommended that for its antioxidant properties is higher than black. This category can be attributed, and fresh juices. You can also make tea from herbs, but you can use special preparations on the recommendation of a doctor.

 What do I need to change in my life, to have good health

 the causes of asthma


  • The main types of asthma according to international classification
  • Some facts and legends
  • Different varieties of the disease
  • What methods are used in the treatment of this disease?
  • Other ways to control asthma

I want to be healthy all year, but in the autumn, winter and spring very often there are risks or worsening of various diseases, such as asthma. The disease can be infectious, allergic or other origin. In order to avoid further complications and hospitalization, it is important to monitor their own state of health and well-being of their relatives, loved ones. The first "bells" can be quite innocent and invisible against the background of the common cold or the first spring sun, flowers.

Perhaps in the world there are very few people (if they were), that with 100 percent certainty can say that is completely and totally healthy. If our environment is simply impossible. But the reason for it not only audio. This disease, like asthma, the occurrence of which was first described by Hippocrates, and which, of course, received the ancient Greek name, translated into modern Russian means "choking" or "heavy breathing". Now they are suffering (according to official statistics) in the United States about 10 million people in Russia - about 2 million less.

And it's only the registered cases of people sought medical help. Asthma is known for its cunning, and many people simply do not realize that they are actually sick, experiencing typical seasonal outbreak of severe discomfort or coughing during colds, or SARS.
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The main types of asthma according to international classification

Scientists still have not come to a consensus about the causes of illness from this disease, but the representatives of official medicine in unison claim that asthma is incurable. At the moment, it is classified as a disease of the respiratory system and is divided into these types:

  • Mixed
  • Atopic
  • Status asthmaticus
  • Non-allergic
  • Allergic

With the help of drugs can be removed bronchial spasms, and for some time it leads to a decrease in exacerbation of the disease. But a complete cure is not out of the question. Symptoms inherent asthma, such as coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and pressure, shortness of breath and fear of suffocation, after taking certain drugs retreat to eventually return. Unpleasant, complicating the life of asthma symptoms are observed in very young children, and people of mature and even elderly.

 signs of asthma
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Some facts and legends

Ancient physicians like Hippocrates, Aretha, Galen saw the causes of asthma are mainly in the impact of the cold and moist air on the body. But a doctor from Italy, Gerolamo Cardano, to diagnose the disease one of the bishops as asthma, allergic intuitively figured out its origin. After the diseased feather fountain was replaced a more modest and ascetic foundation cloth, according to the bishop began to eat the diet prescribed by your doctor and do some exercise, he has successfully recovered. It is a remarkable result of scientific and intuitive insight (or comparison of facts) of the mid-16th century.

Next, who came to the conclusion that the nature of allergic asthma, Belgian scientist was the mid-17th century Baptista van Helmont. He first came to the conclusion that there is bronchial asthma due to irritants such as dust in the house, the aroma of fried fish. This is a guess, after almost a century, was expressed by John Hunter, a surgeon from Scotland. The disease at one time attracted the brightest minds of famous scientists Andrew Rhodes and Sergey Petrovich Botkin, who called him allergic, catarrhal and reflex, seeing the primary cause of asthma in the malfunction of the nervous system, especially the autonomic. Nowadays, asthma, or rather one of the varieties of the disease, called atopic-response, which translated means "inappropriate, incomprehensible, strange."

Facts of our time

In our time, signs of the disease are the same as centuries ago: asthma, shortness of breath, severe bronchial cough and so on. Some doctors still think that asthma develops in the background of allergies, thus believe that prevention is enough in the offseason, ie the winter months in order to save the patient from all the hassles associated with asthma. But such a view - only a drop in the sea. Means against allergies, in fact, a lot of help, but in the opinion of the experts, this suggests that in fact patients do not suffer from asthma, and other diseases and the appropriate treatment is required. This disease is quite difficult to diagnose since the symptoms and especially for asthma symptoms are similar to other diseases.

The first manifestations of asthma, initial symptoms - a cough, wheezing and whistling inhalation / exhalation, sense of lung congestion, shortness of breath, squeezing the chest, palpitations, heavy and loud breathing. Asthma develops in three main stages: compensation subcompensation, hypoxemic coma. In the latter case, the complication of the disease can cause death, so the claim that Asthma - disease is not fatal, it is debatable.

 the causes of asthma attacks
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Different varieties of the disease

Basic versions - Aspirin, night, bronchial virus-induced, professional. The signs of these types are standard, common symptoms for asthma all possible. But the cause of this disease is different. In the latter case, asthma develops in the background of human activity, if it works in a "harmful" production. This may be industrial production, farm livestock or poultry farm, AgroFarm; any production where a person is faced with toxic, sensitizing and irritating ingredients for a considerable period of time.

These factors may be different aerosols and vapors, dust, wool, feathers, tobacco shreds and much more. The signs of this species differ from others in that it is the production of asthmatic gets a little easier, typical of asthma symptoms recede for a time, until the worker returns to his "bad" jobs.

Nocturnal asthma: symptoms

Symptoms of asthma nocturnal species has long been known. Manifested discomfort during the night's rest: from lack of oxygen and the fear of choking asthmatic often wakes up anxious, he jumps up and sits down on the bed. The definition of nocturnal asthma gets about a third of cases, since it is considered to be signs of bronchial spasm solely in the dark, at night or early in the morning. The causes of nocturnal asthma is not fully understood, but many doctors believe that there is any indication of the variety of the disease indicate a loss of control of the disease.

Aspirin Asthma Symptoms

It develops as a kind of allergy to acetylsalicylic acid due to the effects of aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs some on the body. Often it is seen as an isolated form of the disease, and together with the air of asthma as atopic. It is accompanied by a whole bunch of diseases: conjunctivitis, rhinitis, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, skin rash with symptoms of urticaria. Asthma Aspirin differs from other species of this unpleasant disease that when it is necessary not just treatment, but often there is a necessity due to the resuscitation of status asthmaticus.

Virus-induced asthma: symptoms

It occurs due to infection of the respiratory system and its effect on respiratory infectious diseases. Arisen during the course of the disease lung hyperreactivity may regress after a while (1-1, 5 months) without any consequences for the person, especially if you choose the right treatment.

But in the case of unfavorable conditions for recovering (cold, dampness, drafts, etc.), asthma symptoms: cough and sore throat - are quite capable to develop into a full-fledged disease. Despite the fact that this kind of disease suppresses the immune system, it can create bacteria and infections diseases of a coil, which is hard enough to be amenable to treatment.

 Traditional methods of treatment
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What methods are used in the treatment of this disease?

So, with all the gravity and the uncertainty prevailing pattern of asthma is still amenable to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

What treatments are most popular, which ones lead to the best and fastest recovery? Traditionally, the treating and healing were divided into two camps: the supporters of the traditional (academic and government) and non-traditional (folk) medicine. His methods and secrets have both at one and the others. What are the most effective?

As always, for all the individual: one helps to placebo treatment, other herbal teas, the third - medication, the fourth - acupuncture sessions. But do not forget that prior to the treatment in any way you should check with a doctor (preferably with his), whether or not to use drugs, they will not do more harm than good.

Drug treatment of asthma

Drug treatment is a basic hormonal and nonhormonal taking drugs that inhibit its action inflammation of the bronchial tubes, preventing attacks hyperreactivity. Asthma is treated with non-hormonal drugs such as ketotifen, akolat, Inta, tayled and so on.

A greater impact on the body have a hormonal preparations for the treatment of asthma: benacort, fliksotid, ingakord, bekotid. It is inhaled glucocorticosteroid medications that prevent their exposure to asthma attacks of breathlessness. As a side effect occasionally observed slight hoarseness, candidiasis. What are the means to deal with these problems? In order not to interrupt the course of treatment should purchase antifungal agent, and thus a side effect is eliminated.

If there are signs of severe asthma occurrence appointed hormonal drugs: dexamethasone, methylprednisolone, prednisolone, triamcinolone. Contrary to popular belief in the non-medical circles, these drugs are not addictive. How can you deny such preconceived opinions? For short course of oral drugs above the body simply does not have time to get used to them. And the treatment of asthma such courses are not prolonged (with few exceptions), but are undoubted benefits for the patient, because otherwise his health would inevitably deteriorated.

Whatever the views of either asthma suffering people, often doctors prescribe an expectorant and helps to eliminate phlegm drugs. And used other than herbs, infusions, teas and tinctures, tablets drugs. What kind? Treatment not only asthma but also other diseases of the respiratory organs produce enough known drugs: ambrogeksal bromhexine, acetylcysteine, etc.

Non-traditional (folk) methods for the treatment of asthma

What are the methods which can be popular and innovative ways, if the patient needs immediate hospitalization and intensive care? Of course, in such cases, treatment should be carried out by qualified physicians, but the traditional treatments of asthma are designed precisely to avoid such extreme cases. Treatment is carried out through a variety of teas, fitosborov, tinctures and decoctions. What are they?

In the treatment of non-traditional methods are used many herbs: Thyme (creeping thyme), licorice, pine buds, mother and stepmother, nard (devyatsil) tall, medicinal angelica, marjoram, medicinal cowslip, common plantain. What are the positive properties of these plants have in fitosbory? Most have expectorant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, these teas are beneficial in the treatment period, not only in the respiratory system, but also on the whole body, causing the person calms down, and his immune system gets stronger. Furthermore, some of these herbs beneficial effects on the nervous system.

 traditional treatments
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Other ways to control asthma

What is the treatment of asthma is still there? Diet, physical exercises, voice exercises, with the exception of the living space of allergens, such as pet hair, household dust. If necessary, is to change the place of work - health is more important. Whatever the causes of the disease, its treatment approach is consciously and systematically, if a person wants to be healthy. The first step is to decide on a way of life, no matter how difficult it may seem a step.

Proper nutrition for asthmatics

Meals should be balanced, but moderate. Patients are advised to eliminate from the diet (or at least limit) the products that trigger the production of histamine, which in turn can provoke bronchospasm. What are these products? Meat and vegetables, canned fish, various meats, chocolate and fruits such as bananas and strawberries, nuts, shellfish dishes, eggs, broth of meat and fish products. For health needed products such as vegetables, fruits (except the above), legumes, whole grains, lean meat and fish.

With proper, responsible approach to the treatment and systematically follow the recommendations of doctors for many years with asthma lead full lives, healthy people, not paying virtually no attention to his insidious disease.

 Signs and causes of diseases of the respiratory organs