Internal causes of acne


  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • Medical causes of acne
  • Other reasons that you need to know
  • Treatment of internal acne
  • Prevention of internal acne

Internal pimples - a small inflamed bumps on the skin. Our skin is covered by the sebaceous glands that secrete oily secretion needed to protect and moisturize the skin. But when allocated a lot of fat secretion, sebaceous glands become clogged and inflamed, thus creating a favorable environment for bacteria. These spots are called subcutaneous boils.

Internal pimples really spoil the appearance of the face and not only physical pain, but also cause a number of complexes. But do not be discouraged, because every situation there is a way.

And if you take care of your skin all the time, know how to take care of it, be prepared for prevention and treatment, it is the internal acne is quite possible to cope.

To get rid of the internal acne, you first need to find out the cause of their appearance, and then start the appropriate treatment. All causes can be divided into hormonal, medical and others.
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Hormonal changes in the body

The most common cause of acne is hormonal surges, always accompanied by age-related changes of the body. These spots are called steroid hormones, and they appear in adolescence due to increased levels of androgens. But we should take into account the genetic heritage of hormonal background. Therefore, one of the many causes of acne in adolescence is considered a hereditary factor.

Hormonal acne appear in connection with violation of sexual hormones. It should be fully examined the body, if the pimples appear after age 30, as they provoked likely, hormonal disorders. Women pimples appear after an abortion, pregnancy, a week before the start of the menstrual cycle as well as after the termination of the use of contraceptive pills.

Stress and depression are closely related to hormones and contribute to the deterioration of the disease, and hormones are known to cause the occurrence of various rashes and inflammation of the skin.

 care for your skin every day
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Medical causes of acne

Associated with any internal diseases of the body, due to which there are internal and pimples. These diseases include:

  • hyperkeratosis - occurs when a lack of vitamin A, long-term toxicity, pressure and friction of the skin. There is an increase in the upper layer of the skin. Hyperkeratosis may appear under the influence of hormones.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - lead to violations of the intestinal microflora and reduce immunity. Wrong diet leads to excess sebum and acne.
  • Failure of lipid metabolism.
  • Immunocompromised.

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Other reasons that you need to know

One of the main causes of acne is bad microflora of the human skin. Our skin is constantly exposed to various influences, and under certain conditions, the bacteria cause inflammation of the skin.

The cause of acne can be cosmetics containing sulfur, lanolin, red pigments D and C, so when buying cosmetic products for problem skin should scrutinize their constituent components.

Those whose professional activity is associated with toxic substances such as oil, dioxin, lubricating oils, can suffer from the appearance of the skin of various inflammations.

As strange as it sounds, but the appearance of the internal causes of acne frequent washing. If the wash two more times per day, the facial skin is dried, and thus decreasing its protective properties, resulting in inflammation and redness appears. But hands should always be clean, because the touch of dirty hands to face the inflammatory process is only getting worse.

You can not squeeze pimples yourself, this gets them even more, because the infection gets to clean skin and inflamed them. Do not use a scrub if there is inflammation of the skin. To get rid of acne it is best to contact the experts.

For the rest of the reasons include the heat and humid climate, so in the summer of this problem appears in an even greater number of people.

 Internal treatment of acne
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Treatment of internal acne

After an examination to determine the cause of acne, you can proceed to treatment. There are various methods of treatment aimed at getting rid of the problem. The most modern method of treatment is ozone therapy.

Internal pimples afraid conventional oxygen. The mechanism of action of ozone therapy is very simple, and the result is like any patient. Ozone actively resists germs, reduces swelling, redness of the skin and pain, restores the body's production of collagen and elastin. And most importantly, after this procedure, the skin does not leave any spots or scars, maturing domestic pimple occurs in just a few hours.

Treatment with Elos-technology is the most effective and painless metodom.Ono is exposed to intense pulses of blue light in the subcutaneous inflammation. As a result of the impact of skin cells updated fade scars, red spots seal narrow enlarged pores. After this cosmetic procedure is no sensation of dryness, irritation, flaking skin.

If for any reason there is no way to see a doctor for treatment, you can use folk remedies to get rid of internal acne. But at the first opportunity should still consult a doctor.
At home, you should use the following procedures:

  • on the inflamed area regularly apply compresses of saline infusion every two days for 5 minutes;
  • bath with sea salt;
  • internal pimple cauterize iodine;
  • wipe the affected skin inflammatory masks and lotions from natural ingredients, prepared with their own hands;
  • using herbal lotions.

Such procedures at home to help improve the skin, get rid of the swelling and redness, make acne less noticeable.
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Prevention of internal acne

To avoid internal acne prevention should be incurred.   It is necessary to monitor their skin constantly cleaned, moisturize. It is not necessary to open the boil yourself as possible the spread of infection and exacerbation of disease.

Should review your diet and eliminate out of it smoked and fatty foods, sweet, salty and spicy.

The skin must be a sufficient amount of oxygen, so you should take a walk every day in the fresh air.

If, after the appearance of internal acne immediately see a doctor and undergo their assigned examination and treatment at their disposal, as well as to monitor their skin problems, observe the preventive measures, the problem of internal acne will pass quickly and the skin becomes clean and healthy.

 Getting rid of acne Interior

 causes of snoring


  • Why do people snore?
  • How dangerous nocturnal snoring?
  • Medical methods against snoring
  • Folk remedies against snoring
  • Sleep hygiene against snoring

Those who once could not sleep because of the snoring person next understand how painful it is. These are the people, not the snoring, often think about how to stop snoring. After all, these "fabulous" sounds occur in the most peaceful time - at night, when the body wants to rest. Listening to these "roulade", there are different thoughts: gently pat on the back cover or a pillow and smother. These sounds can reach 70 to 85 dB. Snoring, in contrast to the quiet people often can not hear himself, and does not understand what the problem is.

If there is a problem in your home, you have to look for a solution to get rid of snoring.

In fact, on planet Earth are not so many people snoring, only 5-7%. The leading place is occupied by men. With them these metamorphoses, called "snoring" occurs after 30 years, when the body comes into maturity. Women are different. Because of age-related changes starting lady might suddenly start to snore after 50 years. Often babies snore, but it can not be called snoring rather sniff. With age, it passes.
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Why do people snore?

Although snoring man and irritating, in fact, need to understand that snoring - an indicator of disorders in humans. Before seeking ways of disposal, should find the cause.

The most common reason - physiological characteristics. These include:

  • deviated septum, a long tongue outside the soft palate.
  • frequent inflammation of the nasopharynx, adenoids, tonsils inflammation.
  • chronic bronchitis and tracheitis.
  • in people aged normally flabby muscles in the pharynx.
  • in people with overweight due to the accumulation of fat diaphragm rises and presses on the lungs.
  • snoring contributes to abdominal breathing. Most of it is peculiar to men.
  • drinking alcohol or condition of extreme fatigue can also cause snoring the night, but in these cases, do not worry, this phenomenon is passing.

To be completely sure of the cause of snoring, it is best to consult a specialist.

 medical examination
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How dangerous nocturnal snoring?

Though the snorer can not hear himself, in the morning he feels overwhelmed and not enough sleep. Throughout the day, he wants to sleep. The reason is that snoring is the cause of cerebral micro arousals during sleep. As a result: the human body for the night is not restored, chronic fatigue accumulates.

Snoring often causes respiratory failure. The medical name for this phenomenon: obstructive sleep apnea syndrome or simply sleep apnea. If you listen to the breathing of the snorer, you clearly hear these brief stop. But you have to understand that when these stops breathing heart rate also falling and reach 25 beats per minute. Blood pressure at the same time increases. After the next breath, the heart begins to work unacceptably fast to make up for the lack of oxygen and breath. In moments of short stops breathing in the organism builds up carbon dioxide, it irritates the respiratory center.

This is a good reason to find a way to stop snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea is detected using polysomnography. The patient's condition during sleep is fixed on the monitors and takes analysis of the respiratory system.

 snoring treatment
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Medical methods against snoring

CPAP therapy - a method of treating sleep apnea. CPAP - the device that creates the air supply flow and pressure in the lungs. It looks like the compressor pumps air through a flexible hose and a sealed mask in the patient's sinuses.

The body receives the necessary oxygen positive way. Using such a device, the person regains his strength, getting enough sleep. Disappears chronic fatigue, irritability, heaviness in the head. The level of required pressure selects the attending physician. Use of such a device at home can be 4-5 times a week or every night. But no one got rid of snoring in this way, as soon as the treatment is stopped, snoring comes back again.

There are different medications to combat this unpleasant phenomenon. These include antidepressants, diuretics, and various stimulants that affect the muscles of the soft palate and uvula, receptors throats and breathing. All these drugs can be prescribed only by the doctor.

Many drugs can ease the discomfort, but snoring they have no effect. These include various mouthwashes, aerosols, nasal drops and sprays. These tools can alleviate sore and dry throat, muscle tone of the respiratory tract, reduce irritation sky. Nasal drops of oil soften nasopharynx. But these tools can not be taken for a long time because of the negative impact on the oral mucosa.

Get a temporary effect, you can use "snoring pills" that are sold in pharmacies. They are usually used when a trip to visit with an overnight stay, an extended business trip or need to go to hospital. If you decide to use this tool, remember that the tablets should be taken a few days before the trip, as their action does not begin immediately. But take them more than a month is not recommended. Pregnant women are strictly contraindicated.

Sleeping pills do not relieve snoring and even strengthen it. Instead of sleeping pills at bedtime drink warm milk. In some cases, one can get rid of snoring by surgery. For example, to correct the nasal septum or remove the adenoids.

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Folk remedies against snoring

Traditional medicine knows how to stop snoring, and uses gentle methods. The use of sea buckthorn oil helps to get rid or relief in 2-3 weeks. Bury your nose in one drop of oil for 4 hours before bedtime. Drink within a month a glass of cabbage juice with the addition of one teaspoon of honey before bedtime. Or interpret cabbage leaf and the resulting slurry, add a spoonful of honey. It helps baked carrots. Eat one carrot, 3 times a day for an hour before a meal.

Buy at the pharmacy herb: the root of cinquefoil, berries of black elder, field horsetail, burdock ordinary. Mix 2 tbsp. spoon burdock and 1 tsp. all other ingredients. Mix thoroughly. 1 tbsp. spoon the resulting collection brew 200 ml of boiling water, after the infusion, take 1 tbsp. spoon 5 times a day for a month.

It is noticed that you can get rid of snoring with the help of an ordinary whistle. Taking a walk in the park, try whistling some tune. Try to whistle a little longer, for 6-8 steps. In this exercise the muscles of the larynx and palate. Do this every day for 25-30 minutes. It helps to get rid of snoring.

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Sleep hygiene against snoring

It is essential in what circumstances and in what position you sleep. Sometimes it is enough to change the position to get rid of snoring. you are used to sleep on their backs? Try sleeping on your side. If not, sew a pocket on the back of pajamas and put the ball in a game of tennis. It will take 3-4 weeks, and you have the habit of sleeping on your side.

Make high headboard. Raise the bed or enclose something under the mattress. Cushion plays an important role. Take a large pillow and try to sleep in a small flat.

Do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pharynx and soft palate:

  1. Stuck out his tongue as far as possible, straining muscles. Do this 25-30 times.
  2. Wrap tongue inside, straining muscles. Do 25-30 times.
  3. Move your jaw back and forth about 30 times.
  4. Hold your teeth any object and hold the power in the mouth for 5 minutes.
  5. Train your tongue and throat muscles, uttering the sound "And-and-and" straining muscles.

If you for six months does not help none of the proposed methods, consult a specialist.

 Different ways to get rid of snoring