pickled ginger


  • From the history of the product
  • Benefits and harms of pickled root
  • Can I buy pickled root in the store?

Ginger became famous when Japanese cuisine has gained popularity. It was used as a seasoning for rolls and sushi. Later it turned out that the properties of the root phenomenal.

How did this plant? It takes its origin in Northern India. With the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit ginger word interpreted as "horned root." And then this plant became interested in the Phoenicians. Initially it was used as money, and then decided to taste. After this plant has become an expensive spice, which could afford only wealthy citizens.

In China, with the help of ginger rid of nausea and heal wounds, and also used it as an aphrodisiac.
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From the history of the product

Ginger is valued in Europe. With it carried the plague and prevent seasickness. Now, this plant is easy to find, it is sold in almost all countries of the world.

In total there are 2 types of ginger: white (refined) and black (untreated). This product contains a number of trace elements: calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and many others. The ginger large number of amino acids: Leysin, valine and tryptophan. Taste largely determines which is part of the essential oil and starch, which in as much as 5% ginger. Note that in this plant there are nutrients like zingiberen and gingerol. It is thanks to ginegrolu at the sharp taste of ginger.

 proper use of pickled ginger
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Benefits and harms of pickled root

Useful pickled ginger or whether he might harm? This root painkillers heals, tones, strengthens the immune system and relieves some illnesses. Scientists have yet to be solved before the end of the advantages of this product. But most of all it is appreciated for the fact that this plant can be used as a sedative.

I would like to open a number of useful properties of this plant. It turns out that if you use it regularly, along with the usual food, it will improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger can be used for gastric and colic. He quickly cope with a cough or the flu. Use ogromna.On pickled ginger is an indispensable tool for rheumatism and arthritis. And very importantly, pickled root lowers cholesterol in the blood. It is highly recommended to use it in the mental fatigue. This product improves memory and brain activity. And the most important feature - it can prevent cancer.

Of course, despite all the healing properties of ginger, it can cause the body and harm. It is not allowed to use a lot of ginger people with gastritis. Pregnant women from drinking ginger, too, is to abstain, because it may be harmful to an unborn baby.

 the useful properties of pickled ginger

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Can I buy pickled root in the store?

Of course you can. It is only necessary to own a piece of information when purchasing this product. It is worth paying attention to the color of pickled ginger. Sometimes manufacturers specifically added to the beet juice. But this is a deception.   No one will be pickled ginger with natural juice . It is strongly recommended to view photos of pickled ginger. Often you can not even have a quality pickled ginger, and it is expensive.

Many eating sushi. And, as a rule, they are used with ginger. It should be noted that the pickled ginger better than at home, because of the quality of the product prepared in the cafe, you will not be able to vouch. Fans of Japanese cuisine are increasingly trying to marinate his house, so he turned and tasty and useful. The recipe is simple. It is necessary to take 200-300 g of plant, slice it thin - 3 mm - slices. Then follows a shift deep root in a cup.

Then you pour the vinegar and add salt to taste. After this shift all the ingredients in a small saucepan over low heat and bring to a boil. The finished product is removed from the heat and keep in a cool place for 2-3 hours until cool, then Marinovka stored in the refrigerator. you will save money, help your body, and finally learn to cook yourself pickled ginger.

 Do you have useful properties of pickled ginger?

 Proper sleep


  • Tips traditional medicine
  • Sleep properly and correctly go to bed
  • Interesting advice from feng shui experts and psychics

If you think that a man spends almost a third of the dream life is scary. What time is the right time to spend with his eyes closed. And it is impossible to avoid this!

Sleep helps to restore the ability to work, gives strength and energy.

In order to get enough sleep on a regular basis, you need to know how to sleep.

This is especially important for women to know. For them, the dream - the restoration of not only strength, but also beauty. Inconvenient posture during sleep or improper bed - a sure sign that in the morning wake up broken, bruised face and a sore head.

Recommendations, how to sleep, so that in the morning there was scary to see yourself in the mirror, give not only physicians, but also experts of feng shui, and psychics.

 experts advise not to sleep on your stomach
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Tips traditional medicine

Traditional medicine recommends to sleep so as to avoid an uncomfortable situation. When we sleep, we relax completely, so it is advisable to bed follows every curve of the body. Otherwise, bad posture leads to an overload of some of its departments.

Therefore, the council that the mattress for sleeping only requires hard - not true. Soft bed allows the spine to give unnaturally bent position.

It should be something in between. Ideal - mattress.

Choosing a pillow is also very important. In the dream, the head should not be higher than shoulder level, then from a large, tightly packed pillows have to give. A small flat pillow does not take the shape of the head. Select the desired medium variant - not stuffed with hypoallergenic orthopedic pillow stuffing, or - it is not surprising - a little down pillows.

Despite the many stories about the benefits of the new packs, if not allergic to feathers, feather pillows are best. They instantly repeat the outlines of the head and neck, and they are comfortable to sleep on. The only thing - to clean the cushions are required at least once a year.

Incidentally, pillows stuffed Fiber annually need to be changed.

 Tips for proper sleep
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Sleep properly and correctly go to bed

Medical advice also concern postures in which to sleep better, to keep healthy. Of course, no one comes to mind to relearn how to fill an adult, but why not just correct sleeping position to relax as much as possible?

The most unsuitable for sleep is considered to pose, when the transition to sleep is carried on the back. If another position is impossible to sleep, the bedding is to add a special roller. If you place it under the knees, the spine will be easier at night.

The optimal sleep posture is considered to be lying on his stomach. Spine in this position as comfortable as possible. Here are just sleeping on the stomach is better on an empty stomach. That is the last meal, it is desirable to make not later than 3 hours before bedtime. When you sleep on your stomach, the pillow is better to completely abandon or choose bedding thinner.

Most people sleep on their sides. If during such a dream to take the fetal position, the internal organs are too squeezed. With this information, it is necessary to try to give yourself some discharge - straighten the leg from below. This addition will help to relieve the spine.

European medicine is of the opinion that the best, falling asleep, lie on your left side, and the east - on the right night and left in the afternoon. The first believes that we can not unduly burden the heart area, the second - only the closed area of ​​the heart promises longevity.

Research on the subject on which side slept most of centenarians, has not yet been carried out.

Perhaps this study interfere with the habits of most - during sleep several times people change their posture.

It is important to not only know how to sleep. Right to go to bed is also very important.

First on the bed needed to sit down gently, and then gradually lowering the upper body, lift her legs. Sharp fall on the mattress is not necessary - the vessels can not keep up with changes in body position.

It is also required, and gradually get out of bed.

If the recommendation is to go to bed, for the people are older, some advice - do not jump abruptly out of bed - and it is desirable to follow the young. If you suddenly get out of bed after sleeping, can dizzy.

 Choose the right pillow for a good night's sleep
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Interesting advice from feng shui experts and psychics

His contribution to the training proper sleep have psychics and experts of feng shui. Their tips are more about the correct choice of a place to sleep, and the bedroom environment.

Not everyone can take advantage of advice that you need to choose for the bedroom room located as far as possible from the entrance to the gym with her neighbors and the office, and make a night out of the room all the appliances.

But listen to what under the bed is not necessary to shift from the extension cord or put a bedside unit with magnetic radiation - good for health.

Know that the bed should only be made of those materials that do not emit harmful substances, it is also useful.

It is only in extreme conditions instantly fall asleep in a haystack or on the bare ground. In his bed to sleep can prevent some strange bump on the mattress or the slightest skvoznyachok.

There are interesting recommendations. Use them or not - everyone chooses their own.

  • It is best to sleep completely naked. Resting the body. This possibility has not at all.
  • You can not go to bed with his feet toward the exit. This allows energy to flow away. It is best to have the bed so that the head looking to the east, if you sleep alone, and to the north, if possible with someone to share this nice moment.
  • The bed is required to put near the wall. In his own home, as the proverb says, the walls provide protection.
  • The temperature in the bedroom should be about 27 degrees, but the Traditional medicine does not recommend sleeping in temperatures above 20 degrees C.
  • Linen is better to choose from natural silk or bright - it is best to protect the energy field.
  • Besides traditional medical advice on the choice of linen - cotton and linen.

In order not to suffer from insomnia, do not overexcited before bedtime. Light music, evening walk - all contribute to the transition to sleep. Take a shower or not - everyone decides for themselves. It also happens that the bath with warm water may cheer.

It recommended to go to bed about the same time, and preferably before midnight. It was then that the stem cells have time to recover as much as possible, and in fact they are responsible for the condition of the skin.

The most important rule that deals with sleep: whatever the position was not for him to choose and how would not have stood a bed with respect to the sides of the world - in the morning you need to wake up alert and fresh, without stiff limbs and facial bruising. To maintain health and mental alertness of the body sleep is more important than even food.

 Are we asleep?