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Many of us received an invitation to take a position of leadership, I would gladly agreed. After all, whatever one may do, and to become the chief means excellent career, power and material wealth. Here are just a few people think that the director's chair brings not only some fun, that to be a leader - work hard and often thankless. This is known to those who for many years managed by a team, come up with a business strategy, resolve conflicts. And very often people are not prepared for such a post, simply can not cope with its mission.

Nevertheless, almost every one of us with a strong desire can achieve the long-awaited position and become truly competent managers. In the end, the heads are not born - they become. But in order to achieve the desired goal, it is necessary to know exactly how to become a leader, able to cope with any task. And not only know but also to develop the necessary qualities for the job.

 to become a leader

Qualities needed competent supervisor

Before the mark for the head, consider whether you have sufficient knowledge and skills needed for a successful career.

One hundred percent responsibility

As a slave, you can always deny the unsuccessful outcome of the transaction that simply execute the instructions of the authorities. Once you become a leader, this possibility will be no more. Here or pan, or missing. You will bear full responsibility not only for their own actions, but also for the performance of the whole team. Decisions taken by you, will determine the course of the future work, and only your deep knowledge, confidence, and sometimes intuition can help avoid mistakes. Putting the blame on subordinates - quality useless leader. Responsibility for all the trouble and error will have to assume.

The ability to make quick decisions

A good leader - a leader, and the leader is simply obliged to quickly and confidently make decisions. If you belong to the category of people who are in this situation constrains fear if you're afraid to make a mistake to death and "to sit in a puddle" - perhaps the post of head is not for you. A good leader is not only able to cope with their emotions and to make serious decisions, but also know that in the event of failure, the error can be corrected.


You'd be surprised, but the ability to own a masterly speech - not at the last place in the list of advantages that can help you become a boss. Even Napoleon said that the man who can not talk, never make a career. You really need to learn the proper, competent speech. To do this is to constantly replenish your vocabulary absorb techniques adjustment to his speech to the target audience. Believe me, the employee, who in conversation looks straight in the eye and clearly sets out its ideas, it's hard not to notice.


A good leader has time to redo a thousand urgent matters, deliver a myriad of reports on time and always knows exactly what work is to be the next day. Least. If you are not assembled and badly disorganized person, then stay at the helm will be very difficult. Imagine what stresses you expect if you do not have time to do, tangled up in unfinished reports and reprimands about eternal delays by senior management? To avoid such trouble, quickly accustom themselves to the order and organization. Keep a diary, schedule all future cases and events - it will not only keep up to perform all the work in time, but also find time to rest.

Stress resistance

Imagine the situation: your boss at the general meeting announced that sales have fallen sharply, the whole department is deprived of bonuses and suddenly starts sobbing, wiping his eyes with his hands. Incredible picture, is not it? And all because "these do not take into astronauts." Stress resistance - one of the main requirements for candidates for the position of director or senior manager. The very fact that the head constantly have to risk taking important decisions, resolve conflict, lay off workers and penalize them, says that wimps do not belong here. Only emotionally balanced person, able to be cool in any critical situation can win strong reputation manager.

If you think that does not possess some of these qualities, do not despair: they can and should be developed. In addition to the hard work on yourself, you are forbidden to attend special seminars to help people increase their own capacity. In addition, you can go to different trainings designed to improve your skills. Constant self-improvement will certainly help you to climb up the ladder, because the road is open stubborn and single-minded people.

 how to become a leader of the right

How to become a leader

What if you have all the qualities necessary for entry to a managerial position, but good luck for some reason does not want to turn to face you. What to do: continue to fight for promotion or give up? There is a famous saying: "Will you work hard for 8 hours a day, and you will be the boss. After that you will work hard for 12 hours a day. " Let's say you have been fulfilled the first part of this condition, but the leading position as far from you as in employment. You carefully follow all instructions manual, cope with crisis situations and significantly raised the level of the company's revenues. But for some reason, the authorities and does not occur to you to improve the position. In this case you should carefully consider: what, in fact, is the reason? Why management did not notice your efforts and the proposed increase?

In fact, there may be several reasons. Before you complain about the fact that you do not increase, ask: well accepted Does your company appoint to senior positions of their own workers? Perhaps your company's human resources policy is to such posts invited people from the outside? Recall, one of your surroundings in the last increased, find out how your boss got his position. After all, if a company does not practice "growing" their own frame, it is pointless to wait for miracles!

If you climb up the ladder in your company is quite possible, then think through its strategy, how to get the position of the head. And it does not matter what team you are working - in the women's or the men: there is always a chance! Of course, there are companies whose personnel policy does not imply the appointment of a woman as a leader. And even if the rules are violated, then her salary may be considerably lower than for what would qualify a man. At this point you decide whether to go to another company with a less chauvinistic views, or agree on a position in the workbook Zaim long-awaited recording of "Head." At least in this case, to get to another company for the position of boss will be much easier.

But if there are no obstacles not, where do you start your path "up"? Let's say you've been a professional in their field (not this, in fact, everything loses meaning), but the great results of your work activities not yet provide you with a smooth rise up the career ladder. It is important to develop their organizational skills, and the ability to plan and think strategically.

It is important to discard false modesty, and do everything to ensure that as many employees know about your successes and achievements. Surely in your environment, there are many "gray mice" who work from morning till night, without raising his head, but no one really notices the results of their labor. And not because their activities are ineffective, but because most of you have suspected, than this girl and what progress has been achieved. I do not want to repeat the sad experience - declare themselves as much as possible, be constantly in sight. However, with self-PR need to be careful: one never knows how you will write in and samohvalku zaznayku.

No less important for your image and style of playing in which you appear in the office. Remember this simple truth: if you want to be a leader, then dress like a leader. Maid in a short skirt with excessive makeup is unlikely anyone will take seriously, despite her working ability. So watch out for dress code and be impeccable.

Another good opportunity to show the leadership of the company that you have outgrown your position - interested in the work of his immediate superior. Ask questions, asking you to trust orders that are the responsibility of the head. If your boss is the person competent and visionary, he is sure to see your potential and try to open it. At least leaving on a business trip or going on vacation, he may have to leave his deputy. Well, who can raise the head of the vacancy, but his acting?

Well, in the end, just try to talk to your boss that you sat in office and it is able to take a higher position in the company. Of course, it is not necessary to hint to him that you do not mind to take his place. If a free vacancy for the position of head in the near future is not expected, then your boss is quite able to distinguish a group of employees of your department, appoint a new project and you trust his leadership.

If the decision to climb the career ladder - not momentary desire or dream is unreasonable, then you make some effort, you can easily achieve your goal. The main thing - it does not stop and move forward towards its conception, overcoming all difficulties and obstacles. Only a strong and determined woman can achieve this goal, and if you possess these precious qualities, nothing will be in your way. Good luck in building a career!

 How to become a leader: paving the way to the "bosses"

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