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  • Reasons for weight loss
  • How should I eat
  • Choose healthy foods
  • Physical exercise
  • Folk wisdom

Is it possible to find a person who is completely satisfied with her figure? Someone gaining weight too fast and trying hard to lose weight. Others, conversely, dream a little bit of getting fat. And the conversation is not about purely aesthetic preferences, in the foreground there is a question about a healthy and strong body.

If a person leads a normal life, and the weight is reduced, it is necessary to think seriously about health problems.

The body - a perfect system, and if there is a failure in his work, he loudly "says" about it. Permanent weight loss without apparent reason is often the cause of serious diseases. The man who has decided to change its shape and recover to be ready to work hard on yourself.
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Reasons for weight loss

You lead a measured and active lifestyle, you have a fine appetite, but on balance there is no change? In this case, you need to identify the cause of thinness. The more precisely you define the root of the problem and its features, the easier it will be to choose the way to fix it and put on weight.

Loss of appetite, feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating, bloating or heartburn, problems with a chair - all these factors indicate problems with the gastrointestinal tract. And may eventually develop into a weight problem. Too experience is not necessary, but to ignore the disease and do not need to run. To improve your health, contact the person and he will prescribe an effective treatment, the right diet.

Many people suffer from various degrees of curvature of the spine, which leads to a problem with typesetting or weight reduction. Especially if the spine is bent in the region of the skeleton where it adheres to the human digestive system. A course of massage and special exercise will help you cope with this situation. It's a long process, and recovery depends on the degree of curvature, and the length of your illness.

Those who dream to dial extra kilos, refuse to believe that they have psychological problems. But it is the inner attitude and perception of the surrounding world and ourselves shape our consciousness. Negative thinking can make the body completely healthy physically stop taking food or completely lose your appetite. The specialist will help you understand yourself and get back to a normal weight.

With some reason why a person get better, you can cope on their own. These include:

  • smoking and alcohol;
  • poor nutrition and undernutrition;
  • Passive way of life;
  • a large intake of caffeine.

Aspiring to their cherished goal, try to eliminate all the bad habits. Actively recover people who adhere to the regime in power and consume healthy foods. Change your lifestyle, you start to play sports, do not forget the rest and be sure to get enough sleep. Avoid negative emotions and stress, think positive and believe in its success.

 proper diet for weight gain
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How should I eat

One of the major components in the restoration of his health and body weight is the food. Choose a healthy and natural products and include them in your daily diet. Remember that your eating habits need not be high-calorie. Value products that give you the power to: carbohydrates will release energy and protein to help in the formation of muscle mass. Stick to a diet in which you eat four times a day. Even if portions are small, but nutritious.

Listen to your body, between the main meals, try to find time for healthy and high-calorie snacks. Eat, but in any case do not try to overeat. It will only slow down the digestive process and lead to metabolic disorders.

Try to eat at one and the same time. This helps the body to develop a reflex, and it will allocate sufficient enzymes to digest food. As a result, the body will function properly and absorb all useful elements of food. Not fast, you do not need to know this feeling. Some believe that you can gain a lot by a food fast food (fast food), and high-calorie drinks, but it is a profound mistake. This will only aggravate the severe food problems with the stomach and intestines.
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Choose healthy foods

Pay attention to what you eat. Prefer high-calorie food, which a lot of complex carbohydrates and proteins. But to completely abandon the healthy fats you should not. After all, they are involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body. Eat chicken, eggs. Such food perfectly assimilated, providing you with useful amino acids and proteins. Potatoes and legumes replenish your body with the necessary starch. Very important when typesetting kilograms of cereals. They will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals and their nutritional value is quite high. Eat fish, especially herring. It enhances the protein production and chromium, which is indispensable for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Recruit a lot great help to pasta and white bread. They contain many useful carbohydrates that releasing, will give a lot of energy. Do not forget about dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, butter - these products are provided with not only protein, but also useful in animal fats. Eating fruits and vegetables is very important to the daily diet of people who are gaining weight. Fiber helps the intestines to work more actively and release harmful wastes, and vitamins support the body. Treat yourself to delicious chocolates or homemade cakes - these products are quite high in calories, but also help to cope with stress.

 physical exercise
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Physical exercise

Recruit a lot to be correct, and this will help you exercise and sport. If you decide to eat a calorie in the body accumulates excess fat. And adding the power load, you'll get a beautiful and relief figure. In the new diet will prevail proteins that nourish the muscles and help to create a beautiful body. Excellent training will be swimming. It will allow you to use all the muscle groups.

Engage can be at home, doing sit-ups, push-ups and exercises with dumbbells. Work on problem areas of the body. If you are too thin arms or legs, do a load on them. But do not forget about the restorative exercises, run in the fresh air, or simply walk before bedtime. People who gain weight, should not forget about vitamins. They do not directly affect the increase in weight but have an important role in the metabolic processes of the body. They may receive them from products or special vitamin complexes.
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Folk wisdom

In folk medicine has its proven ways to effectively combat the painful thinness. For this 3 core chop walnuts and connect with a teaspoon of fresh honey, pour 200 ml of beer. Mix well and drink the entire dose at once. Treatment is carried out per month, during which 3 kg, you can add. Get well soon and from this ancient recipe: lively or dark beer (250 ml), mix with 2 tablespoons of homemade sour cream, stir. Drink a cocktail calorie need freshly prepared daily. It will recruit up to 2-3 kg per month.

Mix chamomile flowers (5 g), calendula (5 g) and mullein (10 g). Pour boiling water over herbs (200-250 ml), wrap cloth, allow to stand for (30 minutes). You can add sugar and take a tablespoon of infusion before the meal.

Typesetting body weight occurs in the use of a simple and useful drink: a glass of hot milk (preferably at home), add the butter (5-10 g), and a spoonful of honey. Drink a nutrient mixture daily at night.

Whichever method you choose to deal with thinness, remember that gaining weight and his health must be gradual and cause you harm.   If you embarked on this path, do not retreat, because the process is long and requires patience and perseverance.

 How to grow fat and to cope with the painful thinness



  • What is thrush?
  • Internal factors
  • Recipes for the treatment of thrush

The disease thrush, which in medicine is called candidiasis occurs during the activation of Candida fungi that cause inflammation which affects different human organs and urogenital system.
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What is thrush?

Mushrooms can be entered from the outside, or is at rest in the body since birth. When, for whatever reasons, there is a weakening immunity, reduced resistance, the body's defenses are violated, for example, after antibiotic treatment, occurring internal processes to facilitate a thrush infection. Here we will focus on the nature of the disease and the treatment of thrush by means of soda. Mushrooms Candida - this is a simple mold, and there it is, like any other, in areas of high humidity, which is not to observe cleanliness. This usually external causes.

 soda to treat thrush
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Internal factors

In turn, when the cells of the immune system to fight the fungus is stopped, the probability of occurrence of symptoms of yeast in the female body increases abruptly as a result of the fact that Candida has the ability to quickly increase their colonies. This microorganism produces not only a lot of new spores, but also of different toxins, is very detrimental to the human body. Toxins affect the genital mucosa, destroying its integrity, corroding cover epithelium. Such processes can be compared to physical damage of the genitourinary system. With these factors and associated symptoms of thrush, which is a result of the growth of colonies, each day appears more serious.

Statistics show that for the life of 80% of women at least once suffered from thrush.

Among the symptoms clearly distinguished burning and itching at the site of the labia, the formation of clumps of white color in secretions, pain when urinating and during sexual intercourse. More signs of the disease may be chronic cystitis, intestinal disorders, dandruff, breast disease. As a complication of thrush may occur oral candidiasis, digestive system, diseases of the lungs.

 baths with soda
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Recipes for the treatment of thrush

The most common way to treat thrush, which is recommended by both professionals and traditional medicine - treatment of soda. This method can also be used in the treatment of infants who are directly dependent on the mother's body. It goes without saying that the consultation of the doctor is necessary, but before the arrival of the physician must take action to alleviate the condition of the child. To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm boiled water, moisten it a piece of bandage and treat the baby mouth. This method is absolutely safe.

Douching and cleaning the solution of soda can help relieve itching and temporarily relieve the unpleasant discharge. Recommended douche soda (1 tsp 1 liter of water) twice a day to remove cake from the vagina. Average washing away nothing. After the treatment, an average of two days, it is necessary to apply the drug "Flucostat." There is a recipe that is preparing a solution of a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of tincture of iodine, which is stirred into boiling water (1 liter). The finished solution is poured into a bowl. We need to sit in it about 10-20 minutes. Thereafter, the solution must be emptied into a separate container for later use. The next day, pour the remainder into the pelvis, and the need to dilute a liter of boiling water, add a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of iodine and sit for 15 minutes.

Repeat procedure should be at least five times.

Some doctors assert that the treatment of thrush in this way can be successful for about half of the women who are affected by the fungus. This is based on the idea to provide a negative impact acidic (soda solution), wherein the Candida fungus can not survive. As fungus cells are destroyed, resulting in its dissolution microfibers. Less of this method - strictly maintain regularity and regularity of the procedure. Many doctors and traditional healers insist that you must douche every hour. It makes no sense to start treatment of thrush soda and stop it after the main symptoms disappear.

Treat thrush soda necessary vaginal douching. Do not forget, the treatment must take place both spouses at full refusal of sexual activity for the entire duration of treatment. Soda douche for thrush is more effective when the parallel is receiving special antifungal drugs. It must be remembered that in any form of thrush should be referred to a specialist, so as soon as the doctor can quickly cure and prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form.

 Recipes for the treatment of thrush