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  • Proper nutrition
  • Physical exercise
  • Experiences and stress
  • Bad habits
  • Forward - to the goal!

While most of the female audience you'll ever need under the influence of the prevailing notions of beauty in search engines drives phrases like "How to lose weight quickly," often very important for the fairer sex becomes the opposite question - how to gain weight. In some cases, it becomes really necessary? First, not everyone likes anorexic thin persons. A woman should not be a walking exhibit, where you can teach anatomy for medical students. Secondly, the lack of weight can be a consequence of an illness or medication for weight loss. The obsession with the idea of ​​reducing its own weight can lead to serious illness or even death. Third, the weight gain often recommend breast-feeding women.

Of course, also need to gain weight properly - without negative consequences for their health and beauty. Therefore, speaking of how to gain weight a woman, we will adhere to the advice given by dietitians and other professionals, these councils have repeatedly been tested in practice. So, first we need to understand that the issue of the reduction or weight gain - it is a complex issue that must be addressed on several levels, including diet, exercise, and psychological state of relaxation, the adequate stress and nutrition.

 proper diet for weight gain
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Proper nutrition

First of all, if you want to get better quickly, you should change the diet to include those foods that contribute to weight gain. Eating should be at least four times a day and between meals provide some "snacks" - for example, nuts, dried fruits, sweet fruits, muesli with yogurt and so on. D. In this case it is not necessary to load up to satiety, as some believe. On the contrary, it is necessary beforehand to think through the menu before each meal.

Another misconception that need tackling, connected with the fact that the rapid weight gain need a lot of carbohydrates.

In fact, nutritionists recommend for this purpose eat meat, fish, seafood, fat cottage cheese and eggs with vegetables.

There is even a special procedure for admission of certain foods that are recommended for rapid weight gain. It includes the following tips:

  • it is advisable to swap the first and second courses, that is, first, you need to eat the second and only then - the first;
  • first of all need to eat the largest meal in scope;
  • learn to eat a lot, use spices and savory snacks to whet the appetite.

Be sure to tightly breakfast, for example, cereals with milk. If you want to quickly gain weight, your portions when eating should be large. There is a possibility that the habit for the first time, you will feel some discomfort after eating, but it is natural for weight gain. The fact is that people who want weight gain, used to eat small portions. You need to gradually learn to eat so much that your weight has gathered to the required level. Most drink milk, eat dairy products, yogurt with high fat content, and so on. D.
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Physical exercise

Usually, exercise tips for those who want to lose weight, however, and in order to gain weight without compromising health and beauty, you need to play sports. Otherwise, you run the risk of gaining weight around the waist and the hips that can ruin your figure. To New kilograms distributed in the right places, you need to gain muscle mass (and not fat) with the strength exercises. Your exercise equipment should be dumbbells, barbells, and special exercise equipment. Develop a program for doing this inventory, or at least supporting the right direction should be a fitness coach. It should determine the level of stress to your classes have been no injuries and health problems.

Professionals advise to do basic exercises: squats, bench presses and standing thrust in the slope, barbell curls and so on. D. Do not lean heavily on the training of its press, but just abandon this exercise is not necessary. If you are doing aerobics, then from it worth the time to give up or to carry out these activities for ten minutes as a warm-up before the main workout. It is not necessary to do those exercises that burn calories, for example, it refers to training on the treadmill, because you thereby negate their efforts to gain weight.

Spur the process may be due to the special sports nutrition, in particular instant dry cocktails with varied tastes. They are designed just for women and men who want to increase your weight, gaining muscle mass. These cocktails are perfectly balanced, it contains all the necessary substances - fiber, protein, vitamins and so on. D. Your coach or sales consultants in specialized stores will help you decide and make the right choice.

 exercise for weight set
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Experiences and stress

It is not uncommon that women lose their appetite and weight because of strong emotions and stress. This problem needs to be solved necessarily as drastic weight loss can lead to serious health problems, including disorders of the immune system. To return to a healthy appetite and optimal weight, you must get rid of the causes of anxiety: turn to a psychologist, read books on personal growth, often doing things you love, or find yourself a hobby. If stress has arisen because of specific personal reasons, such as a husband or departed loved one, it is no reason to despair. Can not themselves deal with the problem - contact a professional. In any case, you need to solve the problem and ways to do this, there are many.

Perhaps you yourself can not understand the reasons for his irritability and feelings on any occasion. Analyze your state, try to find out what takes you out of yourself. Maybe the reason is not in others, and in you, and you do not like the lifestyle that you lead. A change of scenery, work or even lifestyle - not too serious price for your health.

Tiredness, problems at work, lack of time for rest - and possible reasons for loss of appetite and weight. You need to learn to relax, to alternate the active and passive recreation. Do not think that the work week for the lost time to be able to catch up on sleep on the weekends. Properly plan your vacation, try to sleep at least 9 hours per day. If there is an opportunity for an afternoon nap - definitely use it. Make a night of relaxing or simple stretching exercises. Try to practice meditation. If it helps you relax, it will only have a positive impact on your health.

 the result of weight gain
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Bad habits

There are factors that prevent a woman to gain weight as bad habits. The fact that alcohol and smoking are very negative effect on the metabolism. If you are trying to gain weight fast, eat well and often, but addicting calories if somewhere "fail", the problem may be in violation of metabolic processes in the body. In this case, excessive drinking or smoking makes frequent normalization of metabolism is very problematic, and the weight is typed very slowly. Here you need to make informed choices. And avoiding harmful habits should be your first step towards the implementation of goals.

How to do it? Remember that there is a weak will, there is a lack of motivation. Do not wait until the right circumstances you create the conditions for you to quit smoking. Create the conditions for yourself, stay away from those people who suffer from the same bad habits as you. Always remember the purpose of: you do not just want to prove something to others, or to change himself, to regain health and appetite. Tired of being harassed and skinny bitch, constantly disappears in the "smoking room"? Proceed train your self-control. Excuses such as "it's stronger than me" - the usual manifestations of laziness. You do not have the habit to control you, and you - habits.
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Forward - to the goal!

To summarize all of the above. Eat right, observing the regime of meal. Physical activity need not burn the calories eaten and increase your muscle mass. Try to be balanced and calm, avoid stress, and if your work is connected with emotions, then learn how to cope with them. Do not be afraid to ask a psychologist, not all problems can be solved alone. Most of rest, because while resting calories expended more slowly. By getting rid of bad habits, you will not only be partakers of a healthy lifestyle, but also help your body establish proper metabolism.

By following these simple rules, you already after two or three weeks will feel an increase in their weight. Do not stop there, otherwise then you have to start all over again. This does not mean that weight gain must constantly choose for themselves a comfortable weight and stick to it. If you believe in yourself, becoming more loose clothing than usual. She need you, you will gain weight. Slacks and skirts, loose t-shirts will become the best one. Recovering properly, for the benefit of their own health and beauty!

 How quickly gain weight?