causes of snoring


  • The causes of snoring
  • How to get rid of the obsessive snoring?
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Mandatory sleep hygiene

Everyone knows that sleep is beneficial both to the physical condition, and the psychological. Sleep is necessary for as long as required by the body, but modern women sometimes just is not enough time for sleep. Work, family, I want to treat yourself to a spa treatment, take the time to her husband. When all things are made, worries behind and she begins to fall in the arms of Morpheus, suddenly begin to pull her arm with a request not to snore.

Snoring - is a common problem among the females. Every girl who is faced with this problem starts to think hard how to get rid of snoring. First you need to figure out because of what appeared snoring.
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The causes of snoring

Snoring - a very serious problem. From him suffer so many people.

In particular, those who have nasal congestion, overweight, a deviated septum. In most cases the victims are men, but women are no exception. Most often snoring occurs because of weak muscles of the sky, which are in constant motion. When she inhales and exhales, there snoring. Smoking can also cause snoring, it causes chronic inflammation of the trachea and throat. When menopause may experience hormonal fluctuations that reduce the muscle tone of the nasopharynx, there are problems with being overweight, hence there is snoring.

 Diagnosis of the disease by a doctor
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How to get rid of the obsessive snoring?

To get rid of snoring there are a lot of different ways. You can use as a folk medicine and traditional. Strengthen the respiratory tract tissues and muscles of the larynx can own at home using simple sentences. These exercises include singing. For those who love this occupation, this method like it. This exercise is not only a pleasure, but also strengthen the muscles of the larynx, to help stop snoring. For those who do not like to sing, there are many other exercises, such as:

  • Stick out your tongue as far as possible, as if you were at the doctor. Feel the tongue muscles tensed. This exercise should be repeated 30 times.
  • Now language pull in the opposite direction to the throat. Performed 30 times.
  • Movement back and forth jaw. Number 30 approaches again.
  • Within 5 minutes, squeeze as much as possible in the teeth of an object.

Here are a few exercises to get rid of snoring:

  • In the relaxed position horizontally moves the head back and forth.
  • Get rid of the snoring woman can help head turns from side to side.
  • In the upright position to do tilts his head.
  • Useful hot and cold packs, they will result in skin tone and strengthen muscles. It is necessary to lower the towel in cold water, squeeze out quickly and apply the bottom to the throat for a few seconds, and then the same needs to be done with hot water.
  • It is believed that snoring helps whistle. Breathing air intermittently, you need to straighten your shoulders and over the steps 6-8 to whistle any tune. Running this exercise 20 times.

 Traditional methods of treatment

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Traditional methods of treatment

Take a cabbage leaf, finely chop and mix it with honey, the result should be a homogeneous mass. This mixture should be taken for a month before going to bed. Cabbage leaves may be replaced by cabbage juice.

In just a few hours before bedtime drip sea buckthorn oil in the nose. If you're going to be doing this procedure every day, 20 days will be much easier to breathe during sleep. Instead of sea buckthorn oil can take the olive.

If you eat a carrot one hour before meals three times a day, eventually stop snoring bother. And after the meal, you can rinse your mouth with infusion of marigold and oak bark. It is necessary to make one spoon oak bark and flowers of 0, 5 liters of boiling water. The mixture should be insisted a couple of hours, then you need to drain.

You can even use this recipe: mix a spoonful of elderberry, spoon root cinquefoil, two tablespoons of burdock and a teaspoon of horsetail. Are ground and boiled water. The mixture was infused for hours, apply a spoonful 5 times a day.
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Mandatory sleep hygiene

  • Before going to bed, make sure that the nasopharynx net.
  • To cleanse nasal vasoconstrictor drops can be used or a solution of sea salt.
  • Lay down your head on the pillow and sleep on your side.
  • Do not drink alcohol later than 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.
  • When snoring helps high headboard. This prevents ceasing language. This position decreases swelling of nasal mucosa and pharynx.
  • Choosing the right pillow is also very important. It is not recommended to sleep on a pillow tightly packed. During sleep, the head should be in line with the torso. This can be achieved by using small special contoured pads.

Naturally, the recipes may be completely different. The anti snoring using many different methods. Determine the cause of snoring - a priority. That it affects how quickly and efficiently you will be able to get rid of this problem.

 Getting rid of snoring in many ways

 causes of bronchitis


  • What is bronchitis
  • Symptoms and diagnosis of disease
  • Treatment of bronchitis
  • Folk remedies to alleviate the condition

The state of health of people depends on various factors. Constant stress, lack of vitamins and exercise, poor environmental atmosphere - all this affects the development of many diseases. Bronchitis is a frequent companion of colds, runny nose and colds. A bad weather - gloomy autumn or slushy spring - only aggravate this condition. After a decrease in the body's defenses. Often the disease is accompanied by factors such as apathy or depression.

The question of how to cure bronchitis care as a specialist in this field, as well as ordinary people. There are different views and assumptions about the proper healing. Someone believes that eradicating the disease should be traditional folk remedies. Others think that bronchitis is treated only with antibiotics. In order to properly understand the difficult situation, it is necessary to know what the bronchitis and why it occurs.
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What is bronchitis

Respiratory diseases enter the body through the respiratory tract. All viruses and bacteria pass your way through the bronchi (the branched tubes with different diameters). Infectious agents affects their walls. After that, in the body there is a process of inflammation. This phenomenon is referred to as a medicine, and bronchitis.

Inflammation of the bronchi accompanied by the appearance of mucus, which makes it difficult to breath.

She provokes a cough as bronchial muscles are beginning to decline. This spasm difficult expectoration. Swelling can lead to complications of the disease. If you do not provide timely assistance to start treatment, then these symptoms may develop into chronic. Often, the initial stage is complicated and progresses. Develops asthma, pneumonia, pneumonia.

Sometimes the appearance of the disease may be associated with smoking, work in production areas, hypothermia.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Symptoms and diagnosis of disease

Embarrassing breathing, coughing, turning into a "barking", or whooping cough is the main symptom of the disease. Typically, symptoms occur at night, but in the chronic stage can be detected and in the afternoon. At the initial stage may appear fever, weakness in the muscles of the body, wheezing, chest pain, fatigue or apathy.

When the first symptoms should consult a doctor. After all, the wrong treatment can aggravate the disease.

Diagnosis of bronchitis does not cause particular difficulties for the specialist. With phonendoscope therapist listens, whether there is in the interior rattles. If you suspect bronchitis recommended blood tests and urine tests to determine the extent of the inflammatory process. If the disease has taken the form of a protracted nature, or went into a severe stage, the doctor may x-ray. Also appoint sputum analysis, a sample of mucus from the nasal passages.
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Treatment of bronchitis

First of all, at the first sign of the disease, it is recommended to comply with bed rest, drink plenty of liquids. To sputum quick exit, you need to maintain optimum room temperature, make frequent wet cleaning.

Often, many people are faced with this disease, try to recover on their own. However, only a doctor can accurately determine with certainty the type of cough. Thus, when dry cough expectorants are recommended to increase the sputum. This may be syrups, tablets, emulsions. For younger children commonly prescribed drugs in the form of drops or syrups.

Cold preparations are able to quickly eliminate the symptoms of the disease. However, their use does not remove the source of the disease. Doctors prescribe these medications, combining them with other drugs. They are necessary in some cases to relieve the condition.

For children and adults, an additional course of treatment prescribed inhaled. Adults can be used decoctions of medicinal herbs (licorice, marshmallow, mother and stepmother, and plantain, etc..) About 3 times a day. For children it is recommended to do the procedure with the help of special devices, nebulizers. Most of the clinics are equipped physiotherapy, where do these procedures. You can purchase a nebulizer for home use. The therapist will assign the appropriate treatment program. Usually for inhalation using the apparatus prescribed drugs such as Ambrobene, Flomax, and others.

In the chronic form of the disease are appointed by antiviral drugs, antibiotics. They fight inflammation, infection with the pathogen.

 Bronchitis Treatment folk remedies
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Folk remedies to alleviate the condition

Effective treatment of bronchitis are folk remedies. Very often they do not only facilitate the patient's condition, but also contribute to the disappearance of the disease. The advantage also lies in the fact that traditional methods can be used as a separate and distinct procedure, and to combine funds from drugs.

Ever since ancient times, an effective method is considered to cough milk. Hot drink contributes to a better discharge of phlegm. And if it add the butter, ginger and sage grass, the disease will disappear quickly. Take milk is recommended for the night, and about 4 times per day.

Various fruit drink fruit drinks and enhances immunity. So, will be invaluable as adjunctive therapy to the basic treatment.

Warming compresses well facilitate the patient's condition. They are not recommended at. To use heated compresses vodka, flour, honey, dry mustard, or lard. You can use ready-made mustard from the pharmacy. Young children as warming agents put the dry mustard in socks or smear the breast or legs warming up children with special creams.

Compresses of cooked potatoes warm, herbal teas, warming foot bath, a mixture of onion and honey, gargling soda, black radish juice - all these agents have long been known for its healing qualities. You can use them during bronchitis. They are able to significantly improve the condition.

With early diagnosis and proper treatment, the disease can be cured as soon as possible. A premature prevention of sinusitis and other common cold symptoms will not allow the disease to progress. Great influence on the prevention of bronchitis affects healthy lifestyle. Hardening, moderate exercise, good nutrition help to strengthen the immune system.

In any case, treatment of bronchitis should not be postponed to a later date. Consultation with a specialist is needed already at the first sign of the disease.   Only the correct and timely treatment is able to eliminate the pain.

 Methods for the treatment of bronchitis