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  • Intrigue genital infections
  • Dangers of oral and anal sex
  • This common gonorrhea ...
  • A few words about thrush
  • What are the trichomoniasis and chlamydia
  • How is dangerous syphilis
  • Trouble herpes
  • How to get rid of sexually transmitted diseases

The relations between men and women sex plays an important role. This pleasant experience not only indulge in love. Often, for the sake of a few minutes of bliss in bed yesterday are not familiar with each other people. Many of them in a fit of passion did not think about the safety means, forgetting what the consequences may cause occasional connection.

Because recklessly spent together the night life lovers may have a lot of trouble related to health - STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). STDs are subject to both sexes, but more often they are infected still women. What are called sexually transmitted diseases, what is their risk of what the symptoms in women, and how you can get rid of these sores?
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Intrigue genital infections

The most dangerous sexually transmitted diseases include gonorrhea (or gonorrhea), trichomoniasis, chlamydia urogenital, syphilis, candidiasis, or thrush and genital herpes.

Once the disease is not cured by eating the affected people inside them. In the second half of the 20th century. appeared miraculous medicines, by which patients can completely get rid of them struck sores as a result of sexual contact.

The more dangerous venereal disease in women? First of all, they hit a very important for the female body genitourinary system. STD insidious that infected person does not immediately know about befallen him trouble, because these diseases have a long incubation period, and only then, there are signs of infection, which is typical for the acute form of the disease. However, quite often caused after the incubation period may be hardly detectable symptoms - which means that infections can occur obliterated. As a result, the woman is not even aware of the presence of her disease and can infect new sexual contacts with the other partners.

The second risk of STDs is their ability to spread in the body from one body to another and becomes chronic. Its consequences - the formation of inflammatory or worse malignant processes in the female reproductive organs. Consequently, sterility may develop to be incurable. If a woman is at the time of infection was pregnant, the fetus may appear severe pathology.

The third treachery of sexually transmitted diseases is that they often attract one another. That is, a woman who was infected with gonorrhea can more easily acquire and candidiasis. If separately from these diseases rid sufficiently easy, in a bouquet they can complicate treatment and cause the aforementioned trouble.

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Dangers of oral and anal sex

Most people think that because of unprotected sex of species considered to be the safest oral and anal sex. In fact, this is the wrong stereotype. The oral cavity is lined with a mucous membrane of a person, which is very delicate and easily damaged. In a small wound or crack a sexually transmitted disease (gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis) can easily penetrate into the body and develop it according to the laws of genital infections.

As for unprotected anal sex, in most cases it is only effective for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. The rest of this sex even harmful for women. Because of the frequent penetrations of the penis into the anus of the latter, as well as the rectum can be damaged. Arisen as a result of bleeding contribute to the penetration into the body through the blood of sexually transmitted infections. Incurable viral infection also easily enter the body in this way. Another annoyance unprotected anal sex may be the E. coli, which, penetrating into the genitourinary tract, can cause urethritis hard treatable. Thus, it is highly desirable to use a condom during sex unconventional - this is a guarantee of protection against STDs.
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This common gonorrhea ...

There is a comic expression that says that gonorrhea at least once in his life shall recover every self-respecting man. In fact, this expression far from the truth, because gonorrhea is one of the first places in the ranking of STDs. Among women, the disease is also widespread. But unlike men, who a few days after infection already know what happened to them, women are not so lucky. Gonorrhea relates to the type of diseases, which occur almost symptomless, and may further acquire chronic, leading to infertility.

This disease can get into the woman's body, not only during the traditional or non-traditional sex, but also during normal petting. If a woman is at the time of infection is pregnant, the child can get the disease from her at birth, passing through the birth canal. Period of the incubation period of the disease in women is from one week to three weeks. The most noticeable symptoms, which are nevertheless representative of the fairer sex can not give values ​​are slight burning during urination or vaginal itching and a thick white discharge.

If a woman is not just addressed to the gynecologist, the disease enters a new stage. Gonokokki penetrate into the fallopian tubes, resulting in a woman may fail menstrual cycle, there will be pain in the abdomen, the body temperature will rise. When the disease spill over in the form of chronic, its symptoms disappear, lulling the vigilance diseased. If the illness is very started, the defeat may have been exposed not only urinary organs, and heart, liver, brain, skin and the joints.

If the patient gonorrhea male ejaculation occurred in the face of a woman, especially in the area of ​​the eye, the symptoms of gonorrhea it will have the following: conjunctivitis, swelling or edema of the eyelids, purulent discharge from the corners of his eyes, photophobia. After oral sex can develop throat, inflamed tonsils, lymph nodes increase. The consequences of anal sex with a sick gonorrhea - a chair and painful cracks in the anus. These are clear signs - immediate reason to see a doctor. After all, the sooner a disease detected, the easier it is to get rid of.

 proper treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
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A few words about thrush

Called the yeast Candida disease is scientifically called candidiasis. Thrush is a disease named because its main features - thick cheesy discharge from the vagina. In addition, the yeast is accompanied by severe itching in the genital organs, pain during intercourse and when urinating. Candidiasis is not a serious disease, but in the form of neglect can lead to inflammation. The disease is considered typically female, although some of its symptoms occur in men who are carriers and thrush. It is believed that candidiasis ill once in a lifetime 70% of women on the planet. 50% of them fell ill again thrush.
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What are the trichomoniasis and chlamydia

With this disease I know both men and women. A characteristic feature of trichomoniasis are frothy discharge from the vagina or urinary canal, burning in these areas and in the anus. If time does not treat trichomoniasis in women they may be affected by their ovaries and fallopian tubes. In some cases, the symptoms cleared, making it difficult to identify.

Chlamydia in women is the most secretive disease. Only 20% of all cases to realize that something infected, feeling tingling or discomfort in the vagina or anus. The disease can cause erosion of the cervix. For oral infection can occur sore throat.

In 80% of cases of chlamydia insidious devoid of any symptoms and is detected by a doctor or a professional laboratory methods. The disease can live with impunity in the female body to a few years, causing him irreparable damage. Chlamydia is able to provoke a chronic disease of the pelvic organs, lead to infertility, can cause miscarriage in pregnant women. To cure this disease is very difficult.

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How is dangerous syphilis

One of the most dreaded sexually transmitted disease is syphilis. In addition to sex, he often passed way through domestic towel, washcloth, comb, toothbrush and utensils. It is terrible that the sick woman might accidentally this way infect other family members, including children.

The incubation period of syphilis lasts a month. Then there is his first feature - chancre. This is a small, painless sore with a brilliant bright red bottom. Located on the uterus or vaginal wall, it can go unnoticed woman. A few days after the appearance of the chancre have greatly increased infect the groin or neck lymph nodes. The chancre heals after a few days, but the disease does not pass, and entering a new phase.

At this time, pale treponema, which is the causative agent of syphilis, and multiplies through the lymph and blood spreading around the female body. In the second period of the development of the disease on the human body there are pink spots and dark red nodules with a shiny surface. The nodules may grow in size and combined with each other, causing the woman discomfort, especially if you are in mezhyagodichnoy crease. Appearing in the mouth, on the tongue and vocal cords, they interfere with talking. Yet there may be thinning hair and hair loss. Small white spots - leucoderma - appear on the woman's neck and disappear again. Thus, outbreaks of the disease is, at the time of unabated and emerging with new force.

In the Tertiary period of syphilis affecting the bone tissue, the nervous system and internal organs. At this time, there gumma - spherical inflammation that destroy the body in which are formed. In the past century, the most striking result of the gum, and the main sign of syphilis was, settling the nose (saddle nose). The last period of the disease is accompanied by incontinence and urine, severe pain in the spine. Develop paralysis, blindness, dementia, there are disorders of speech and memory. Currently, the disease can be detected in its early stages, facilitating its treatment.

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Trouble herpes

This relatively new venereal infection has managed to declare itself. In recent years, increased the number of victims of genital herpes. The symptoms - painful blisters on the external and internal genital organs, which subsequently become sores gradually heal. During the illness of the woman he feels bad. Herpes is accompanied by migraines and fever, affects the pregnant woman leads to pathologies of the fetus, or miscarriage, provokes the development of postnatal diseases.
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How to get rid of sexually transmitted diseases

Before treatment of STDs, it is necessary to know exactly what exactly is infected woman. The lack of symptoms - a dangerous thing, but if a woman leads a hectic life or had a sexual intercourse with a stranger, it is necessary to see a doctor and get tested. Many women are embarrassed to go to the clinic with such problems, but now there is not one treatment facility, where you can do it anonymously. Out of shame, patients begin to be treated independently, using antibiotics haphazardly and weakening of its organisms.

Only the professional treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is able to overcome them. It is the initial antibiotic therapy that destroys pathogens, local therapy (the use of anal or vaginal suppositories) and subsequent reduction of the body's immune stimulators, vitamins and herbal remedies. But the best prevention of STDs is the presence of a permanent partner and faithful allegiance to his own.

 What should you know about a woman sexually transmitted diseases