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  • Characteristics of herpes infection
  • Herpes and its symptoms
  • Herpes and HIV-infected
  • Herpes and its prevention
  • The herpes virus on the lips
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment

Herpes - a viral disease that affects the skin and mucous membranes. In today's world herpes it is one of the first places in the list of diseases. With herpes virus has contact most people. In 70% of people in the world are found antibodies of the virus. Researchers found that older generation, aged 40 years and over, 80% are carriers of the herpes virus. Herpes infection has several sub-diseases: herpes simplex virus, varicella zoster viral infection, Epstein-Barr virus, and cytomegalovirus. But most herpes and its symptoms are expressed as herpes simplex and duration of such inflammation depends on how seriously its treatment.

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Characteristics of herpes infection

Herpes simplex viral infection exists first and second type. It should be noted that if a person is ill herpesvirus first type, then it does not have immunity against herpes virus produced second type. Virus first type mainly affects the oral mucosa and the skin, and the second type virus most commonly affects the genitals. But worst of all, that such viruses are rarely hit and cause inflammation of the brain membranes. Such a virus has the properties to die after 30 minutes at a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius, and stored at low temperatures. He is very sensitive to ultraviolet light and X-rays.

The herpes virus first type is usually transmitted during a kiss through saliva, but the second type of virus in the body can get during organ transplants, blood transfusions and sexual contact with a carrier of the virus. Herpes first type affects people 10 times more than the second type of herpes virus. Sometimes it is transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or during childbirth itself, when the baby passes through the birth canal. The source of the disease are virus carriers and people with acute and chronic forms.

It is worth noting that the virus lives in the body of a man all his life, and herpes infection lasts for a long time. Any disease, such as diabetes, may at any time to activate the sleep herpes virus in the body. Awaken the virus can and infectious diseases, and skin diseases. As clinical signs of herpes infection can be divided into two forms: the typical form of more frequent when the rashes appear on the skin in the form of small bubbles, and the atypical form, during which there are no rashes or very few of them and they are almost invisible.

Herpetic infection severity is mild, moderate and severe. The process of localization of species - a cutaneous herpes, herpetic eye disease, genital herpes, herpetic stomatitis and the most difficult - central nervous system herpes infection. This infection is the nature of the flow is divided into acute primary infection and chronic recurrent.

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Herpes and its symptoms

Before a person realizes that he contracted the herpes virus, or woke up in the body and made itself felt, it passes the incubation period, which lasts for 3-8 days. The first signs of infection can be identified by a small painful rash on the face and on the mucosal surface of the lips, nose and genitals. Startled bubbles skin swells and reddens. Most often in this period man feels satisfactory, there is less fever and weakness in the body. You need to know that there are occasionally infected with herpes recurrences due to overheating, hypothermia or any other condition that causes low immunity.

Also, the herpes virus is associated with the appearance of cancer.

Genital herpes is a proof of that. This is one of the factors that can cause cervical cancer. With the constant presence of mucosal herpes you could end up inflammation in the upper airways, and if herpes affects the throat, at the back of the throat sores appear. Symptoms of the disease in patients with genital herpes can be as follows: frequent urination, fever, pain in the lower abdomen and muscles, painful and enlarged inguinal lymph nodes. In some cases, herpes can infect the organs of vision. The manifestation of this type of virus can often be seen in men aged 20 to 40 years. In this case, the cornea is affected and there is a possibility of losing eyesight.

When herpetic lesions lining of the brain appear the following symptoms: headaches, joint and muscle pain and fever. If time does not pay attention to these symptoms, it occurs in 30% of death. In these patients, the disease is very hard, and they react to the strange light. It is extremely difficult to carry herpes infection to people receiving immunosuppressants, and those who pass hormonal therapy and chemotherapy. This reaction occurs due to the fact that such procedures themselves reduce immunity.
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Herpes and HIV-infected

No less difficult to carry the herpes virus and HIV-positive. The virus appears to have been a result of infection that spreads quickly in the body, its symptoms appear on the oral mucosa and then tested on the esophagus, bronchi. As a result, the lungs begin herpetic inflammation. An interesting fact that in HIV disease in some cases, passed without medication. If herpes is passed from mother to newborn child, it can be localized in nature, that is, its symptoms can be manifested in the form of rash on the nose, lips, facial skin and external genitalia. Also, there are cases of the emergence of generalized or widespread, herpes, in this case, it affects the brain entirely, and other organs of the body.

Herpes disease can be divided into four main stages of development, each of which present their symptoms. In the first stage, a slight tingling sensation. Just before the first signs will be felt tingling, itching, mild pain. After some time, the skin at the site of recurrence red. The second stage is characterized by inflammation. There is a small blister, gradually increasing in size. The liquid that is in it, first, transparent, then the color becomes turbid. On the third stage of the blister bursts and fluid flows, and this place is formed sore. After completing the fourth stage comes on the spot is formed sores scab dries crust damaged which causes pain and bleeding.

 Treatment of herpes

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Herpes and its prevention

During contact with a sick human herpes virus, it is recommended to wear masks - personal protective equipment. The room in which the patient should be carried out several times a day wet cleaning and thoroughly disinfected everyday objects used by the patient. To date, a vaccine against herpes simplex virus has not yet been developed. But among the medications have a number of specialized anti-viral drugs that effectively fight these viruses. If you notice any symptoms of the disease when affected mucosa of the nose and lips can handle local treatment using special ointments. The important role played by the timely treatment to the doctor, because the sooner recognize the symptoms early in the disease, the faster you can pay off the multiplication of viruses.

The main prevention against the virus is to strengthen the immune system. So do not neglect the rest and you should always respect the sleep mode, it does not forget about the hardening of the body. The risk zone, where you can easily pick up a virus - it crowded places, especially during the epidemic of SARS and influenza. In order to identify the form of herpes infection, it is not always enough symptoms of this disease, it is necessary to take the analysis of liquid bubbles at the mucosa. Also, the virus can be detected by a blood test.
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The herpes virus on the lips

Most often seen on the lips herpes, the symptoms of which will not be difficult to recognize. It called it a simple virus Herpes Simplex. In some people, cold sores on the lips appears to 8 times a year. It occurs only on the lips, cheeks, oral mucosa, and in rare cases even in the ears. To quickly and effectively cure it, at the first stage will be sufficient to apply special ointments, they can be used to prevent the appearance of bubbles on the skin. Ointment can be easily applied to the damaged area lips must apply it for 5 days, at least 5 times a day. It is not desirable to open the vials and remove the crust, because the infection can quickly spread to other areas of the skin. Such herpes can be treated at home, but with the appearance of a severe headache, fever, general malaise and lack of appetite is an urgent need to see a doctor.

Not completely cured cold sores or frequent its manifestations can lead to complications, and herpes will gradually move to other organs, so that the process may be viral in the lungs, bronchi, trachea, esophagus, liver, and brain. Such complications are referred to the specific category. There are still nonspecific complications in these cases to HSV infection joined by other viral or bacterial diseases.

 Herpes on the lips
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Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment

If the disease herpes virus passes in an easy manner, in this case, the treatment is carried out localized. The affected areas are treated or tebrofenovoy oxolinic ointment or compresses applied to them with interferon. Once the affected area can be treated fukortsinom or green paint. But if herpes occurs in severe or moderate form, the doctor prescribes drugs or antiherpethetical immunoglobulin. In the usual treatment of herpes antibiotics are not used, but their use is appropriate when in the company of herpes is detected bacterial infection.

Hospitalization is resorted to only in extreme cases where the disease is difficult and there is the threat of defeat herpes infection of eye or nervous system. But in case when infection is weakly expressed in hospitalization unnecessary. The main purpose of such patients - is bed rest. During his illness it is important to consume plenty of fluids and compliance with special nutrition.

If a rash occurs in the mouth, the patient will be very difficult to take ordinary food, and there is the probability of failure of the food. In this case it is necessary to prepare a special mild and unsalted food. If the patient is very hard to eat in any state, it is done by feeding the special probe.

 The herpes virus and its symptoms